Posted on August 12, 2011

Wisconsin State Fair Mob Attack: Police Seek Hate Crime Charges

Patrik Jonsson, Christian Science Monitor, August 12, 2011

Police in West Allis, Wis., say some attacks by black teenagers on white people outside the gates of the Wisconsin State Fair on Aug. 4 were racially motivated and should be prosecuted as hate crimes.

One African-American teenager arrested Wednesday confirmed witness statements suggesting that the large group of black teens, who had originally fought among themselves, specifically targeted white people as they spilled out of the large fairgrounds on the outskirts of Milwaukee at closing time. According to the West Allis Police, he said he personally picked out white people because they were “easy targets.” {snip}

The incident sparked a crackdown by Gov. Scott Walker (R) and widespread condemnation of the acts by leaders in Milwaukee’s black community. After the incident, Milwaukee joined Chicago and Philadelphia in efforts to combat a spate of recent attacks by groups of primarily African-American teens against strangers who are white.

Opportunistic thrill-seeking and resentment fueled by stark segregation and high unemployment among young black males (39 percent versus 23 percent for white teens) have been cited by sociologists as possible causes for the recent attacks. {snip}

While racial motivations have been suspected in several other mob attacks, the recommendations by the West Allis police department appears to be the first time that specific hate charges have been cited in relation to recent attacks. {snip}


Of a total of 36 race-related hate crime prosecutions in Wisconsin in 2009, 27 of the alleged crimes were antiblack, two were antiwhite, and the remainder were against other ethnicities or nationalities, according to the most recent statistics from the Wisconsin Office of Justice Assistance.


34 responses to “Wisconsin State Fair Mob Attack: Police Seek Hate Crime Charges”

  1. Detroit WASP says:

    They’re right, white are easy targets. Fifty years of political correctness has turned us into sheep, move to the center of the herd, don’t fight back or draw attention to yourself and hope for the best!

    We are too civilized for our good. It is November 9, 1938 in America.

    “The first explosion of major Nazi violence against the Jews was Kristallnacht—“the night of broken glass.” It happened on November 9, 1938. That night 191 synagogues were destroyed and 91 Jews were killed, many beaten to death.

    Afterwards some 30,000 Jews were arrested and fined a billion marks (equal to about 400 million dollars) for the damage that was caused by the Germans.”

  2. ice says:

    “Black teen said he targeted whites because they were “easy targets.”


    Blacks targeted whites, because they are told constantly that whites are the reason blacks can’t succeed in this society, and, being of low intellect, that kind of hate speech is believed by them, so blacks go looking to even the score with whitey every chance they get.

    As long as whites continue to deny the truth of the matter black on white violence will continue on and very likely accelerate as the economy continues its downward spiral.

    Case closed.

  3. Peejay in Frisco says:

    So 27 of the hate crimes in Wiosconsin were anti black, and two were anti white. I would like to know what the crimes were.The Knoxville horror was not classified as a hate crime,as was the Wichita Massacre.In San Francisco, someone gouged the face of cop killer Mumia out of a mural, the faces of other blacks and non blacks were left alone.This act was called a Hate Crime by the SFPD.

  4. Cid Campeador says:

    “Opportunistic thrill-seeking and resentment fueled by stark segregation and high unemployment among young black males (39 percent versus 23 percent for white teens) have been cited by sociologists as possible causes for the recent attacks. {snip}”

    It’s unfortunate that we don’t have a version of the old Soviet Gulags where we could banish all the “sociologists”. That is the biggest, phoniest field of study that has ever been perpetrated on young White people.

    “Stark Segregation? I wonder how many sociologists who are White would want to integrate with these people.

    “High Unemployment?” How about all the years before this economic downturn when Black attendees, pupils, students at schools (none of these is an appropriate noun because they simply WEREN’T any of the above) spent their time in school ( WHEN THEY WEREN’T CUTTING) roaming the hallways looking for drug transactions, opportunities to get laid or whatever other sexual acts struck their fancy. I spent 22 years in a public school!! I saw it all and it continues today in every school that has at least a 13% Black population.

    Channon & Christopher-NEVER AGAIN!

  5. GB says:

    Long ago, when hate crime legislation was being debated in my state and many others, I told some friends that blacks would rue the day they espoused these silly laws. As everyone knows, whether they admit it or not, is that blacks commit many more crimes against whites than vice versa. A perennial topic at Amren is the hypocrisy we see when police and others in authority offer lame excuses and say that black-on-white crime is not motivated by racial animus.

    At some point the intellectual dishonesty is just too great to ignore, and we may be close to that point now. Maybe hate crime laws are beginning to backfire.

  6. Dr. Samual Cartwright, RIP says:

    Any Whitey po-leece officers who participate in these hate crime charges will quickly learn that their careers are now imperiled.

    The Diversity will not allow Whiteys to have a stake in Social Progress for the Security of White Humanity, unless it is the progress of White Dispossession.

    If hate crime charges come down, all Whites on the police force will be put on a Watch List at Afro-Holder’s DOJ, and they will be monitored under a secret Sedition Act. They will mysteriously find that they can’t get raises or promotions. They will become under constant Internal Affairs harassment.

    The practical definition of Hate Crime will eventually become:

    Any Whitey who fights back when assaulted by “youths” is guilty of Hate. Not surrendering to a black mob who just wants to beat some of that evil White privilege out of you is obvious Hate. Resistance to Obama’s Social Justice Army is Hate.

    Any Whitey who “snitches” by calling the cops after a beating deserves another beating, pronto, for unatoned for Hate. African Americans who promote positive social change through direct action should not have their good works impeded by nosey White cops who come round with racist questions about “Where were you at 9 pm last night? Where did you get Mr. Whitey’s cell phone?”.

    Any Whitey who intentionally stays away from areas where large numbers of “teens” congregate for fear of a robbing, raping, or murdering are automatically guilty of Hate, especially blonde, blue-eyed, Nordic beauties who owe so much to the community of color for the contributions of Diversity. Protecting White wombs from Diversity for the sake of White Humanity’s future racial survival is obvious Hate.

    Not having framed pictures of Rosa Parks, MLK, and Obama in every room, except the bathroom, of your house is Hate.

    Not praying daily to the to Afro-Zuul Diversity that “Making White Babies Is A Hate Crime Against Global Dignity” is a Hate Crime of ommission.

  7. bitterly clinging to my white privilege says:

    Another white feminist deplores the racism of those who comment on the racially motivated attacks.

    You are allowed to complain of the crimes, but not from the grounds of racial grievance, because that would be racism.

    She actually uses the outrage of Whites over the hate crimes as an occasion to complain about her own White privilege. She’s marking herself with a “do not rescue” logo. We need to learn how to recognize those like her who should be handed over to the Diversity Curse when the day of reckoning comes. Some Whiteys aren’t worth saving. Let the Diversity cure them of their White privilege. Why risk ourselves in trying to save someone who hates themselves for being White? What would they ever do for us when racial solidarity means the difference between life and death? People like this are more of an internal danger than we can afford at times like these.


    What developed after the attacks, however, did leave me questioning and disappointed in those not involved with the occurrences that day. From monkey jokes on Facebook to slavery comments on various blogs, it became apparent to me that racism was not a left over residual remaining only with skin heads and red necks. Racism exists in most of us and permeates much deeper than I thought.


    As a white person, I need to recognize white privilege in our society. I have always known that white people simply have it easier. But I never before gave much thought or notice to the little details of this paradigm in every day life.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hate crimes are basically interpreted as “white on black”, not the other way around. Many decades ago tradition dictated that blacks were victims. All they are now are perpetrators of crime and hate.

    Non-blacks are the victims now, but tradition dies hard. Established groupthink seems to take a long time to change, and I believe that’s why many whites take a liberal view of it – esp. in mostly white states where they haven’t been victimized by packs of blacks yet.

  9. Al Not-So-Sharpton says:

    Ahh yes. The highly-esteemed sociologists claim “opportunistic thrill-seeking”& segregation? I wonder if I could use thrill seeking as an excuse if I wanted to go and rough up some blacks and steal their property. I kind of doubt it. And as far as segregation goes, isn’t that against the law now? How could anyone be practicing that in 2011?

    That is absolutely ridiculous! My brother Al will not stand for it! When I am thrill seeking I usually read or play golf with my friends, take my wife & daughter out, read or play computer games. Jumping people for the hell of it never crossed my mind.

  10. Stiv says:

    I thought they had decided against Hate Crime Charges. Was there an outcry from ordinary people finally?

  11. NBJ says:

    Opportunistic thrill-seeking and resentment fueled by stark segregation and high unemployment among young black males (39 percent versus 23 percent for white teens) have been cited by sociologists as possible causes for the recent attacks. {snip}

    Just STOP with these total nonsense analysis ! Stop pretending these black teen are thinking anything more complicated than sheer violence and in their own words, picking easy targets (whites) to get what they want. I’ve never heard these teens complain about jobs and neither have they. This “stark segregation” excuse is just as ridiculous. That has nothing to do with these flash mobs and they know it. Even some liberal loonies are not buying it any more, and that’s saying something.

  12. HH says:

    Peejay is right on! If a White person so much as looks sideways at a Black, a “hate-crime” is on the books – While a Black could slaughter an entire pre-school class in Maine while shouting “I hate Whitey…kill all the White people,” and Authorities would still demand the public not “rush to judgement,” and only ruluctantly, when all other excuses are exhausted, they might, MIGHT concede that race was a possible motivation in the bloodbath!

  13. AvgWhiteGuy says:

    I get so tired of hearing the ‘high unemployment amoung black males’ gripe as an excuse for this misbehavior. These people are unemployed because THEY WANT TO BE! Everyone knows that all they have to do is apply for a job and they will be hired over any more-qualified white person because of ‘diversity’ requirements.

  14. Bandmo says:

    As I have said many times “It time to make EVERY crime of one race against another race an automatic ‘Hate Crime”. Yes all crime is bad, but this may slow the high amount of black on White crime. Think Eric Holder, Al, Jesse and Rev. Wright would support that law? There would be no “gray” area to ponder over if it was race motivated.

  15. Old Goat says:

    According to the West Allis Police, he said he personally picked out white people because they were “easy targets.”

    It wasn’t that they were “easy targets”; it was that they were “white targets.” This was simply the only excuse he come up with to avoid being charged with a hate crime. And I’d bet good money it will work in court.

  16. Question Diversity says:

    Finally, Scott Walker has spoken out:

    Luckily, he stumbled on the right answer.

    Now all he and the Republican AG need to do is to team together and file hate crimes charges if the local D.A. won’t, and use the state highway patrol to investigate if the local P.D. won’t.

  17. Scott of the Arctic says:

    From #7 above:

    “Another white feminist deplores the racism of those who comment on the racially motivated attacks. You are allowed to complain of the crimes, but not from the grounds of racial grievance, because that would be racism.”

    Add this point to the growing list of facts that exposes the lie of “white privilege.” We’re not even supposed to be able to speak the truth. If “white privilege” existed, we could speak the truth about race, and about “hate crimes,” and speak it openly and without fear of retribution.

  18. Mike from not-Queens says:

    It is pretty obvious that refusal for local police nationwide to prosecute these incidents as hate crimes comes from the top (which top? Holder? State officials?). The cops know what they’re dealing with and every time the truth slips out the offending cop is dealt with swiftly, like that police spokeswoman after the Beat Whitey Night in Iowa. All she said was that there ‘might’ be a racial component and she was promptly demoted and reassigned.

    Another tactic used by the ‘top’ that I’ve noticed appeared in several accounts of these crimes nationwide. The police would ask the yoof “Why’d you do it?” and the kid would immediately say “robbery”. Problem solved, no race crime here. Apparently word got out in ‘Da Commyoonitee” that this is the rote answer they should give. What is infuriating is that any law enforcement anywhere would cooperate with this blatantly underhanded skirting of the law (and I’m against hate crime laws). I never until recently read in news reports that the police would publicly, in front of an eager reporter perhaps, ask a perp his motives.

    But this story is proof that the pressure is far too great and they dipped into that ‘no hate crime’ well one too many times. Good. Though I no longer live in NY (city OR state) I still count among my friends several NYPD officers as well as one childhood friend who is a NYS trooper. The ones I know are and have been rankled and frustrated for a long time by the current PC state of affairs. Until now, almost to a man they have been very tight-lipped about it with civilians. But they do express themselves among friends (although carefully, I noticed). They are not happy at being put out in front as the face of liberal hypocrisy.

    Which is why this story is encouraging. The PC walls are crumbling world-wide. Now the ‘top’ has to go into retreat and figure out another way. I wonder what they’ll come up with?

  19. white is right, black is whack says:

    Blacks target whites because they know whites won’t fight back. That’s why. If whites fought back and stood these blacks down, they would cease to do it. One of these days these black bigots are going to frog with the wrong white person. Remember Epic Beard Man? Go watch it on Youtube.

  20. ALEX says:

    HH @#12,

    I have hever heard about this. Can you post more details?

  21. Peejay in Frisco says:

    Whites just are not aware that self defense, when one is REALLY assaulted is not a crime, and you will NOT be prosecuted if you do it. Just make sure that what you do is within the law. How do you figure out what THAT is? Make note of incidents where it has happened, and know how far you can go, and how far you cannot go. And don’t worry about the welfare of your assailant.

  22. MAJ says:

    Once again, black behavior, stupidity, and lack of foresight come back to haunt them.

    After years of screaming for hate crime legislation now look at what is happening.

    They are the ones getting charged.

    It may be only a minuscule number at first. But now that the wall is breaking it is imperative that whites press for these charges after every criminal act perpetrated by blacks against whites. File civil charges. And have a support organization to back up whites so they have somewhere to turn for help.

    It’s a start.

  23. sheila says:

    I would view the statistics offered at the end of this article as most likely incorrect…were it known or made available I would imagine many more black on white crimes had been committeed but not prosecuted.

    Yes, I can imagine some blacks targeting whites as *easy* victims…and that is translated to *racially motivated*?

    Absolutely I see the connection…just as I see blacks going into white areas for the purpose of killing and robbing them…it’s easy…I live in a wealthy predominately white area and blacks from other areas come here in order to prey upon the unsuspecting whites…black attacks upon whites especially white women has reached a stage of what appears to be nothing less than a war on whites…interesting how the media assures us that is not the case…hmmmmmmm.

  24. Jack D.R. says:

    Can this type of activity fit the definition of a “pogrom”? European Americans/Europeans, certainly, receive the brunt of the black violent activity; there is very little police intervention on our behalf. We (European Americans/Europeans) are dealing with a government (whether local, state, or national) that supports and, even, encourages such behavior and actions (hate crime legislation that is suspect at the least, DOJ endorsing black antagonists at voting poles, affirmative action, political correctness, Duke Lacrosse Scandal-and all the anti-European American/European propaganda and actions that went with it, etc.). The anti-European police in London seem to be more concerned with the British National Party and the English Defense League than the black hooligans.

  25. (AWG) Average White Guy says:

    “easy targets”

    Translation: Behave themselves in a civil manner.

  26. Laager says:

    There is a solution to all of this.

    By now most of America must have seen the riots that took place in the UK last weekend.

    The media here is bending over backwards not to attach racial labels to the yobs that ran amok – despite the fact that TV images clearly show about 60% of them were black.

    Here is the solution

    160 years ago people on these islands were deported/transported to the continent of Australia for stealing as little as a loaf of bread because they were starving. They were left there never to return to the land of their birth. Today thanks to their foundation efforts Australia is a pretty switched on nation.

    All felons convicted of criminal acts in these riots should be loaded onto a ship and be sent to Somalia which is reportedly the most failed/dysfunctional state in the world. They should never be allowed to return to Europe and the UK. Maybe in 160 years time Somalia may emerge as a pretty switched on country.

    It is a win-win solution all round.

    You get rid of the lay-about criminal element from your country

    Somalia gains a sink or swim immigrant population

    The aid to Africa budget is drastically slashed and that money could be spent on inward development on these islands

    Perhaps US citizens would like to follow up on this idea with their senators and congressmen and apply the same solution to cities in their states that need a good spring clean

  27. sheila says:

    O yes, JACK…it is a pogrom! A more modern kind…the government is not protecting whites but *business*! If there were to be attacks upon white individuals in there homes there would be such a lack of interest from the government it would almost be amusing…but that is surely what is to come…the pogroms caused the mass immigration of Jews from Russia (to the US mainly I think)so it make me pause and wonder…where might I migrate? The future race riots for America will look very different from the past ones…I can imagine white people with certain views will be forced to live in ghettos and when *they* come for us there will be no mercy…better wake up!

  28. Dan says:

    I live in Milwaukee and I would certainly like to know what “segregation” these sociologists are talking about. If they mean that no non-black person would ever walk into an all-black bar on a hot night is segregation, then fine. If they are talking about anything or anywhere else then they are full of baloney.

    As to high unemployment, white unemployment here in Milwaukee is extremely high and I don’t see young white teenagers going on murderous rampages.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Some curfew violation in Philly resulted in a few arrests last night however one 18 year old was arrested for stabbing a younger girl who in the words of the PPD “resisted his romantic advances”, Translate that as ” He was trying to rape her. Neither the perp. nor the girls race were mentioned but I’d wager that the girl was White and you can take it to the bank that the “youth” was a Mayate as they say in “East Los”.

  30. sheila says:

    Things may be picking up…I hear the so-called *flash-mob* is still on the rise and now into D.C.

    Funny how things can keep getting better…

  31. Anonymous says:

    The flash mob thing will soon become the subject of a tv reality show. Just wait and see.

  32. Anonymous says:

    “the pogroms caused the mass immigration of Jews from Russia ”

    Actually they were escaping the draft, not progroms. Jews had been exempt from the draft for centuries but around 1870 they were subject to the draft as a result of extended civil liberties that made them equal to the Russians. They were still however, allowed to charge 133 percent interest rates.

    The draft was for 25 years which would make a lot of people want to evade it.

    I agree that the massive black on White crime in the 90 years since the blacks moved north is a progrom in every way. Look at Germany. FRom the mid 1920’s on groups of nazis attacked Jews. It was brushed off as hooliganism, just as black on White crime today is brushed off as hooliganism or even worse, just retribution for what happened 200 years ago.

    I have always thought that this massive black on White crime is a lot more than just ordinary criminality. California law enforcement knew full well that the 1970’s Zebra killings were directed from the main NOI nosque in Chicago. There were 271 murders of California Whites by black muslims in the early 1970’s

    But all you will ever read about is the ones killed in San Francisco in 74 and 75.

  33. Bill Harzia says:

    I just had a thought…remember those videos that showed “Obama Youth” marching around in blue T-shirts and camouflage pants? Has anyone compared those videos with flash mob footage, to see if they’re the same people? Were there “cells” were in the same cities now under siege?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Jack D.R. @24: If it is handled properly, this could be the best recruiting tool, and Campaign material, the BNP ever had.

    This could actually wake the Brits that are in denial out of their stupor.