Posted on August 10, 2011

West Allis Police Release Timeline Detailing Incidents at State Fair

Fox 6 Now (Milwaukee), August 10, 2011

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department released 911 audio from the opening night of State Fair. These tapes display the graphic details of the attacks, some of which were racially motivated. We also spoke with someone who could put that part of the story in perspective.

Most callers tell dispatchers they see a racially motivated melee. One caller told dispatchers, “A whole bunch of black dudes f—– jumped on me. I’m bleeding all over.”

West Allis Police recently released a statement on what took place at State Fair on opening night. They say there are currently nine assaults, one robbery without a weapon and one attempted robbery with a weapon being investigated.

{snip} The suspects have been described as African Americans. The victims were either Caucasian or Hispanic.


Arno Michaels understands all too well the hate driven mob mentality as a former leader of Milwaukee’s white power movement more than 20 years ago. He says, “When I was that age I made these kids look like Boy Scouts. I routinely attacked people, because of the color of their skin.”


The West Allis Police Department released a timeline outlining the calls for support made that evening.

State Fair Calls For Support Timeline (time stamp is in military time)

22:48 ~ State Fair P.D. advised us that they shut the park down early because of a large amount of fights. They report large groups of people leaving the grounds.

22:49 ~ Walgreens reports lots of people in the area.

22:59 ~ 9-1-1 call received in regards to group of 25 black youths assaulting State Fair worker around 81/Greenfield.

23:00 ~ 9-1-1 call received in regards to fight at front entrance of State Fair. People are everywhere. Groups of people chasing white people.

23:01 ~ Call received indicating people are leaving State Fair and heading to 84/Greenfield.

23:08 ~ State Fair P.D. reports that people are walking on cars near 84/Schlinger.

23:10 ~ Groups jumping on cars at 84/Schlinger.

23:11 ~ Angry mob, fights, wrong way drivers, people running in traffic, at 84/Schlinger.

23:12 ~ Fight at 1000 S. 84 St.

23:14 ~ Kids obstructing traffic and hitting cars.

23:15 ~ Person assaulted and has a knot on the head at 84/Schlinger. Party going to hospital on own.

23:16 ~ Victim punched in face at 84/Walker by group. Medical denied.

23:17 ~ State Fair P.D. reports fights and people jumping on cars at 84/Greenfield.

23:18 ~ Mob pulled male and female from motorcycle at 84/Adler. Female was dragged and has fat lip.

23:18 ~ Mobs hitting cars at 84/Schlinger.

23:21 ~ Victim jumped and almost robbed at 87/McMyron.

23:24 ~ Group of guys have a gun in a car near 85/Walker.

23:25 ~ Group of guys jumping people near 85/Walker. One had a gun.

23:26 ~ People running through yards. One bike stolen.

23:30 ~ Kids hitting cars at 84/Walker.

23:30 ~ Police report large fight at 84/Greenfield.

23:30 ~ Group attack male at 88/Greenfield.

23:33 ~ Kid getting pummeled by a group at 84/Schlinger.

23:34 ~ Kids jump guy at 76/Washington.

23:34 ~ State Fair P.D. report fight at 84/Greenfield.

23:35 ~ Fight reported at 85/Greenfield.

23:37 ~ Riot at 84/Greenfield. Wife has black eye and bloody lip. Refuse to report incident.

23:37 ~ Possible beating and man with gun at 76/Walker.

23:38 ~ Fight and theft at 87/McMyron.

23:39 ~ Police requesting help at McDonald’s. Under control at 2340.

23:39 ~ Victim got hit by group of kids at 76/Walker.

23:40 ~ Teenagers assaulted male at 76/Walker.

23:43 ~ Fight at 76/Walker.

23:44 ~ Male assaulted by group. Bleeding, but medical refused.

23:51 ~ Homeless person beat up at 76/Greenfield.

23:51 ~ Caller got hit in face by group.

23:51 ~ Fight at 86/Greenfield.

23:51 ~ Fight at 76/Washington.

23:53 ~ 20-25 people ran in and out of gas station at 76/Greenfield at stole stuff.

23:55 ~ Mutual aid requested–MCSO. MCSO is responding.

23:57 ~ Male assaulted by group at 86/Greenfield.

23:57 ~ Caller was almost robbed by group at 87/McMyron.

00:01 ~ Police report fight at 76/Greenfield.

00:45 ~ Mutual aid canceled.


27 responses to “West Allis Police Release Timeline Detailing Incidents at State Fair”

  1. Brian says:

    No doubt this article will draw incredulous responses from readers of this web site, just as it did from those visiting the Fox News site in Wisconsin. I’ve read so many “Oh, where are Al and Jesse now?” comments over the years that it has gone well beyond the point of agonizing cliche. The whites who post these sorts of things might as well save their keystrokes, because complaining is never going to change matters. In fact, it probably makes things worse. Nobody respects a whiner. And these days, nobody respects the White Man.

    What I don’t see is whites fighting back. There seems to be a healthy dose of cowardice bred into whites, because one never reads about whites banding together to stop the anti-white mob violence erupting all over the country. How many black mob attacks have there been over the past two years? And yet at each of these events whites witnessing the crimes cowered in fear, refusing to intercede on behalf of their racial brethren, and continuing to give in to every demand that violent blacks place upon them. The most sickening image I have seen in my life has to be that of that white English guy stripping naked because of a black rioter’s insistence that he do so. What has happened to the men of our race? Are we so emasculated that there is literally no black demand we would be willing to give our lives to resist?

    We need to face facts. The police are never going to label black-on-white violence as hate crimes (besides, don’t we fundamentally oppose such a classification anyway?) The media is never going to fairly report on black beatdowns of whites across the nation. The political class is never going to address this issue, no matter to which party they belong. It’s a huge double-standard, it’s incredibly unfair, it’s utterly infuriating, but it’s never going to change merely by pointing out the hypocrisy of deniers of racial reality.

    The only way this will change is through strong, assured, collective resistance and self defense. It is also imperative that we teach our children what it means to convey an image of confidence and self-respect. Blacks do what they do because they view whites as cowards unwilling to defend themselves. Can we really blame them? They know there will be no white response to black mob violence, and with each new battered white person who goes on national television to lick his wounds, criminal blacks as a group become even more emboldened. Whites come across as weak, feeble and cowardly. Sit down sometime at the mall or the airport and watch the fat, slovenly, multi-pierced, multi-tattooed freak shows that pass for today’s white race walking by. Would you respect them? Would you fear them?

    How many of you reading this are in good physical condition? How many have pot bellies or couldn’t run an 8-minute mile if your life depended on it? How many are teaching your sons and daughters the importance of physical conditioning and self-defense? And how many have really contemplated exactly how you would react if confronted directly with black mob violence? Surely there must be some whites somewhere who are willing to stand up for what is right, no matter the consequences.

    Hit the gym. Learn to defend yourself, both with a weapon and without. Make sure your family members do the same. Make sure your kids don’t leave your house without looking respectable. We have to raise a new generation of warriors. We all know what’s coming, and we should prepare for it. But griping on the internet will get us nowhere.

  2. WR the elder says:

    One caller told dispatchers, “A whole bunch of black dudes f——- jumped on me. I’m bleeding all over.”

    The victim should be grateful that at least it wasn’t a hate crime.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Any word on the young male who was described as being beaten then hit by a sign and finally thrown into bushes “like garbage”? Is he alive? Is a murder being covered up?

  4. Detroit WASP says:

    I have another comment. I just watched the news video. This is a black on white hate crime and the news does what?…..they interview a white power guy from 20 years ago to tell everyone how he did the same thing! Take that you white victims, what goes around comes around. LOL

    If I were a reporter, I would have gone to the local black church leader (I’m sure there is one) and asked him what the hell he planned to do to stop these hate crimes. I would not look up the local former white power dude for his 20 year od confessions.

    This all begins in the black church. They tell them that all their problems are the fault of others. Combine that with an IQ of 85, no job, raised on the welfare, no dad and this is what you get.

  5. Eric D says:

    What Brian says gets to the core of the matter of what needs to be done to change the status quo. Don’t wait for the police, politicians, or the media to point out or decry what’s going on. They won’t. Whites need to start acting like the strong, proud people they USED to be. Get in shape. Learn self-defense (and not karate or tai-quon do, those are just pretty to watch but not the best for self-defense. Learn street-fighting techniques.)

    Most of the current crop of American whites I pass on the street fill me with disgust and contempt, EXACTLY as Brian says.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What a ridiculous reporting of the news.

    They go get a self-proclaimed white criminal of 20 years ago to tell us we must respond with kindness. That white guy should not be dispensing advice to anyone. If he did the crimes he claims to have committed, he should be in jail along with the the black hate mongers.

    People have a right to be upset about this and rational anger will help change the situation. The media is operating in damage control. They obviously do not want whites to be awakened from their guilt-ridden stupor.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “former leader of Milwaukee’s white power movement”

    What is the name of this white power movement?

    How many members did it have?

    Sounds like the media is trying to conjure up some image of a white power movement in Milwaukee.

  8. rjf101 says:

    “Arno Michaels understands all too well the hate driven mob mentality as a former leader of Milwaukee’s white power movement more than 20 years ago. He says, “When I was that age I made these kids look like Boy Scouts. I routinely attacked people, because of the color of their skin.””

    Fox News just couldn’t publish a story about black-on-white crime without emphasizing the fact that whites have done these sorts of things to blacks in the past. I’m sorry, but the “white power” movement in the 90’s didn’t spawn massive riots all across America. What’s happening now is much worse. And no, Mr Michaels, you do not make these thugs look like “boy scouts.”

  9. Anonymous says:

    “Arno Michaels understands all too well the hate driven mob mentality as a former leader of Milwaukee’s white power movement more than 20 years ago. He says, “When I was that age I made these kids look like Boy Scouts. I routinely attacked people, because of the color of their skin.”

    Well there you are, a former white power guy says that whites are worse so there’s really nothing to complain about here. It’s just some black power dudes kidding around a little.

  10. Vick says:

    Kudos to the local area media for reporting the incident and not downplaying the racial aspect too much.

    Still though, does anyone doubt that if white mobs were attacking black families that this would be national news? Wouldn’t we be hearing about such an incident constantly? Wouldn’t such a mob attack be connected with other mob attacks of whites attacking blacks around the country? Wouldn’t the full weight of our legal system, our best minds in academia and the loudest voices of our politicians be brought to bear on such an incident, making a huge stink about it?

    But with black mobs attacking white families, the best whites can hope for for justice is some rinky dink local new coverage.

    Where’s the SPLC? Where’s the Justice Dept investigation into this “Summer of Interracial Mob Violence?”

    I hope the liberals in power who are reading this understand that sweeping these incidents under the rug only saps the legitimacy of the system. The truth might be unpleasant and politically incorrect – but we must face it head on. It’s not going away.

  11. KPD says:

    Brian, (comment 1) has and excellent point. If we are not prepared or willing to defend ourselves then we set ourselves up to be taken advantage of. The punks doing these crimes only see weakness and the inability to defend ourselves. Many of these incidents happen in a mostly black crowd. CCW is one solution. I’m 50 years old and partially disabled. Physically fighting back is not something I would be able to do effectively.But, I have been around guns since I was 6 years old. Im confident, ready and willing to protect myself and my family from thugs. I’m still waiting for the first report where a mob or a crazed gunman is stopped by a law-abiding concealed carry holder. Many people’s minds will change about that at the first report of people being saved by such a person. I’m all for being able to defend yourself in a fight. At this point in my life I would be unable to do so. But I’m a damn good shot. Right now Whites are seen as a helpless group of sheep. If your state has concealed carry law, get one and defend your family. If it doesn’t, then fight for legislation that allows self defence.

  12. Scott Wilson says:

    One caller told dispatchers, “A whole bunch of black dudes f——- jumped on me. I’m bleeding all over.”

    It’s a good thing he said “f—ing” after “dudes” and not before “black” or he might be the one arrested.

    And what’s with this Arno Michaels fellow? When a black is assaulted by a white guy do we get to hear from a black racist just to balance out the story? Of course not.

  13. notme says:

    I completely agree with Brian. What is wrong with people these days? That pic of the guy in the london riot stripping down because some thug told him to do so made me sick. I’d have rather put up a fight and taken a beatdown than kowtow to some miserable street thug. Nobody fights back and I don’t understand it. Fight back its your right and duty. Its the only way to save your country and culture and way of life from these types. As someone who studies Japanese martial arts I will tell you that the Japanese have centuries of martial culture called Budo. Its a way of life. In Japan when push comes to shove someone’s getting hurt. I for one am not going to sit back and be a victim and neither is my family. My kids are all schooled in self defense and situational awareness. All I can hope is that one day these thugs meet their match and find out what real resistance is all about. Until that day get yourself prepared.

  14. Scott of the Arctic says:

    Obviously, “white privilege” does not include control of the media. If it did, then the style of reporting would be different. It would be truthful, for starters. It would not have the clearly anti-white agenda that it now so obviously pushes.

    Nor does “white privilege” include getting actual justice for true crimes. If it did, then the justice system would arrest the perpetrators and put them on trial for the hate crimes that they committed. If “white privilege” were real, then blacks who commit hate crimes against whites would be charged with such crimes.

    “White privilege” does not even include selection of politicians who will make a stand for the rights of all of the people, including whites, whom they purport to represent.

    Add these facts to the growing list of evidence that there is no such thing as “white privilege.” Then, the next time you encounter someone who parrots the bilge about there being “white privilege,” then bring up these facts. Then observe their reaction, if any. At least educate them.

  15. mark says:

    Judging by the news story and references to white power one may think it’s the peaceful blacks defending themselves against racist whites. Unbelievable!!!

  16. patthemick says:

    This Arno guy is making a living atoning for his former “white supremacist” past. They just called him so he could tout the old canard and drive people to his website.

  17. Anonymous says:


    1 – Invisible Klansmen insult peaceful Black helping elderly across the road into the fair.

    2 – Ghost Nazis further inflame the situation by calling out slurs to Blacks who were assisting restore lost children to their parents.

    3 – A spontaneous Racist Anti-Immigrant march occurs which exacerbates the situation, interrupting otherwise docile Blacks who were at that moment turning in dropped wallets full of cash to the appropriate Lost & Found kiosks.

    4 – Poor innocent Blacks are finally forced to engage in the lowest level of passive resistance as the well-known and widely organized Wisconsin Nationalist Movement suddenly burst upon the scene with thousands of followers who all but batter dozens of hapless Black innocents.

    5 – Evil Whites on the internet use this event which was clearly thrust upon these put upon Blacks as a way to demonize those one or two Blacks caught up into the hands of cruel retro-60s Whites who are totally and wholly to blame for their injuries.

  18. sam says:

    Guys, I a an older white woman. When I was 13, a black constantly bothered me in gym class. I did nothing to provoke this behavior. We finally got into a real bad physical fight; she was taller than me so her reach was much longer. But I fought like a cat. Guess what? This person NEVER came near me again. So I have to ask…what has happened to us? We, the conquerors of the earth, actually cower in front of blacks. I didn’t back down and look at the result. I won because she went away.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Response to #1: “What I don’t see is whites fighting back. There seems to be a healthy dose of cowardice bred into whites, because one never reads about whites banding together to stop the anti-white mob violence erupting all over the country.”

    I can answer that. It’s not cowardice. What causes whites to hold back is that whites have a lot to lose. Whites have real estate, careers, and families to support. When you get into a fight, all of that can be lost due to legal bills, suits and (possible) criminal charges. Even if no charges are ever filed, the legal bills are ruinous and can cost a white man his savings, his home, his job, and puts his family at risk.

    Blacks, especially those who are involved in this mob violence, have absolutely nothing to lose. They know they’re not going to get jobs or own homes and they know they’re going to have criminal records sooner or later, so why not have some fun?

    Note that I’m not taking this to the liberal conclusion which is the idea that if we gave blacks something which they could lose they would behave better. Somehow that doesn’t work. People only defend stuff when they feel personally (emotionally, time, effort, money) committed to it. If you just hand blacks something, be it a “free” house or a business or anything, they will destroy it.

  20. Question Diversity says:

    16 patthemick:

    If the person who wrote this blog post is the person I think it is, then his knowledge here is really credible. In that case, then this Arno kook was basically a leader looking for a cause and a flock all along. He tried a “far right” record label, and when it flopped, he found out that there was more money to be made being against white “racism” than for it. So he set himself up as “repenting” of the “white supremacy” he never really advocated, and prostituted himself to the the big money pimps opposed to “white racism.”

  21. Anonymous says:

    I wish my daughter’s boyfriend, white, liberal, had been there and came out with two black eyes and a few teeth missing.

    If you go to something where there are numbers of people, take some precaution. (I did not see loads of blacks at the State Fair of my State when I went last year, so did those “kids” just show up to beat up whites, or were they Fair goers too)?

    Carry a pretty canvas bag and buy a heavy souveneir at the fair. Swing it around you full force and knock a few in the head with it, they will hear the angels sing. I carried a small cast iron skillet in my bag. A few cans of pop is better than nothing. And keep a can of wasp spray handy. Spray ’em in the face, it will blind them for a while. It beats not having a gun and being totally helpless. Grandma’s have fought off attackers with an umbrella on occasion. Indeed, that white guy pulling down his pants made me cry. Did you see the expression on that black’s face? He ought to have been sprayed with wasp spray.

  22. Brian says:

    Response to #19: Yes, we do have a lot to lose, but it is far more than our careers, our real estate or our money. We have our very civilization to lose, our children’s futures to lose, and we are collectively allowing that to happen without a fight. The white race on the whole carries itself as a defeated people, and that is a self-fulfilling outlook on life. It is precisely the fear of loss that guarantees we will eventually lose everything. Think of a day when there are no white havens, no place for white flight to expand to, and no place left for our children to live in peace. Is that a better choice than being sued?

    I know that quoting historical figures sometimes makes people’s eyes glaze over, but there is one quote in particular which I think about every day. The Patriot Thomas Paine wrote a series of pamphlets during the Revolution entitled “The American Crisis.” In one of those pamphlets, Paine wrote of overhearing a tavern owner who knew the inevitability of war with Britain, yet even with his child standing next to him pronounced “Well, give me peace in my day!” Paine thought that notion most unfitting of a father, and proposed the appropriate pronouncement should have been, “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.” That sentiment is the duty of today’s white parents. That is why we must fight back, consequences be damned. Every man who has ever entered conflict throughout history has had something to lose, and we are no different. We have to accept the possibility of personal loss and choose it over the inevitably of total civilizational loss if we fail to act now.

    I simply cannot stress enough the importance of changing our image of ourselves and of the image we convey to other races. If we have no self respect, if we allow our children to have no self respect, then how can we expect other races to respect us? Took a good look at other whites around you. Many are the epitome of sloth and weakness. If we want to do something about the state of things, if we want to change the existing dysfunctional racial order, we have to start with ourselves and our children. And if the day comes when we are personally faced with fight or flight, we must choose the former over the latter. It is our duty, and is the only way to give our posterity a chance at a decent life.

  23. The Bobster says:

    No matter how obvious it is, Afrovoodoos will never admit there is a racial element to their flash mobs. Check out this report from Philly:

  24. AmericaFirst says:

    Flicking through radio stations this morning, I came upon NPR, where two different (obviously black) reporters were being interviewed, one from England, about the riots over there, and one American, specifically regarding the Wisconsin riots. I listened as long as I could without getting sick to my stomach. Naturally, both reporters looked for solutions, neither of which was a change in the behavior or attitude of the perps or their “community.” The English black bemoaned the materialism of modern culture and how there is such a disparity between the haves and have-nots, and how these youths (never distinguishing them by race) needed to have a cultural stake in their country. In other words, they did this because they wanted things. (Never explained the interpersonal violence.) The American guy was worse. He first of all said that there needed to be more diverse interests at the State Fair. (Of course, that didn’t stop these rampaging people from attending, something the NPR commentator failed to question.) And he also said that the only reason this was publicized is because it got white people’s attention, when black-on-black violence is an everyday occurrence in the black areas of Milwaukee.

  25. Question Diversity says:

    24 AmericaFirst wrote:

    and how these youths (never distinguishing them by race) needed to have a cultural stake in their country

    Seems to me like these black youths already have a “cultural stake in their country.” Black is cool, don’t ya know?

    As for having a real stake in their country, assuming an 18-year old to keep this hypothetical discussion in the realm of legal adults, albeit the youngest ones possible, virtually no young person has a real stake in the United States. The only way you can be said to have a “real stake” is if you own or co-own either real estate or some sort of economic factor, and almost no young people do. If they have jobs at all, they’re like most people, being somebody’s employee. If they are living on their own at all, then they’re either renting an apartment or “renting” (quote-unquote) a dorm room from a college or university (with our help, might I add.) If they’re in the military, then they’re about as employee as employee can get. Plain words, almost all 18-year olds have no real stake in their country, yet most 18-year olds don’t riot.

  26. white is right, black is whack says:

    #21 and #22 are 100% correct!

    I am training myself to be ready. I educate whites about racial hatred other races have for us and to quit trying to pander to the ones that hate us and wish to displace us and harm us. I urge women to carry mace and a firearm (or at least have one in their car and home). Our men should workout, jog, eat right, take care of our bodies, don’t rely on the MSM for our news and don’t get scared with accusations of racism. “We might lose.” Big deal. It’s better to get destroyed in a fight than “get by” being a slave with no rights, correct? We also can’t keep running away from these thugs. Stand your ground. Fight them! Fight them physically if they threaten you or others. Fight them verbally and intellectually if they make anti-white and anti-western comments. Don’t just take it.

  27. Anonymous says:

    @ #19: The United States Concealed Carry Association now offers an “Insurenace policy” for any lawfull gun owner that uses his or her weapon in self-defense called “The Shield”. I suggest looking into this policy, which is good anywhere in the US, and its territories.