Posted on August 10, 2011

West Allis Police Release Timeline Detailing Incidents at State Fair

Fox 6 Now (Milwaukee), August 10, 2011

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department released 911 audio from the opening night of State Fair. These tapes display the graphic details of the attacks, some of which were racially motivated. We also spoke with someone who could put that part of the story in perspective.

Most callers tell dispatchers they see a racially motivated melee. One caller told dispatchers, “A whole bunch of black dudes f—– jumped on me. I’m bleeding all over.”

West Allis Police recently released a statement on what took place at State Fair on opening night. They say there are currently nine assaults, one robbery without a weapon and one attempted robbery with a weapon being investigated.

{snip} The suspects have been described as African Americans. The victims were either Caucasian or Hispanic.


Arno Michaels understands all too well the hate driven mob mentality as a former leader of Milwaukee’s white power movement more than 20 years ago. He says, “When I was that age I made these kids look like Boy Scouts. I routinely attacked people, because of the color of their skin.”


The West Allis Police Department released a timeline outlining the calls for support made that evening.

State Fair Calls For Support Timeline (time stamp is in military time)

22:48 ~ State Fair P.D. advised us that they shut the park down early because of a large amount of fights. They report large groups of people leaving the grounds.

22:49 ~ Walgreens reports lots of people in the area.

22:59 ~ 9-1-1 call received in regards to group of 25 black youths assaulting State Fair worker around 81/Greenfield.

23:00 ~ 9-1-1 call received in regards to fight at front entrance of State Fair. People are everywhere. Groups of people chasing white people.

23:01 ~ Call received indicating people are leaving State Fair and heading to 84/Greenfield.

23:08 ~ State Fair P.D. reports that people are walking on cars near 84/Schlinger.

23:10 ~ Groups jumping on cars at 84/Schlinger.

23:11 ~ Angry mob, fights, wrong way drivers, people running in traffic, at 84/Schlinger.

23:12 ~ Fight at 1000 S. 84 St.

23:14 ~ Kids obstructing traffic and hitting cars.

23:15 ~ Person assaulted and has a knot on the head at 84/Schlinger. Party going to hospital on own.

23:16 ~ Victim punched in face at 84/Walker by group. Medical denied.

23:17 ~ State Fair P.D. reports fights and people jumping on cars at 84/Greenfield.

23:18 ~ Mob pulled male and female from motorcycle at 84/Adler. Female was dragged and has fat lip.

23:18 ~ Mobs hitting cars at 84/Schlinger.

23:21 ~ Victim jumped and almost robbed at 87/McMyron.

23:24 ~ Group of guys have a gun in a car near 85/Walker.

23:25 ~ Group of guys jumping people near 85/Walker. One had a gun.

23:26 ~ People running through yards. One bike stolen.

23:30 ~ Kids hitting cars at 84/Walker.

23:30 ~ Police report large fight at 84/Greenfield.

23:30 ~ Group attack male at 88/Greenfield.

23:33 ~ Kid getting pummeled by a group at 84/Schlinger.

23:34 ~ Kids jump guy at 76/Washington.

23:34 ~ State Fair P.D. report fight at 84/Greenfield.

23:35 ~ Fight reported at 85/Greenfield.

23:37 ~ Riot at 84/Greenfield. Wife has black eye and bloody lip. Refuse to report incident.

23:37 ~ Possible beating and man with gun at 76/Walker.

23:38 ~ Fight and theft at 87/McMyron.

23:39 ~ Police requesting help at McDonald’s. Under control at 2340.

23:39 ~ Victim got hit by group of kids at 76/Walker.

23:40 ~ Teenagers assaulted male at 76/Walker.

23:43 ~ Fight at 76/Walker.

23:44 ~ Male assaulted by group. Bleeding, but medical refused.

23:51 ~ Homeless person beat up at 76/Greenfield.

23:51 ~ Caller got hit in face by group.

23:51 ~ Fight at 86/Greenfield.

23:51 ~ Fight at 76/Washington.

23:53 ~ 20-25 people ran in and out of gas station at 76/Greenfield at stole stuff.

23:55 ~ Mutual aid requested–MCSO. MCSO is responding.

23:57 ~ Male assaulted by group at 86/Greenfield.

23:57 ~ Caller was almost robbed by group at 87/McMyron.

00:01 ~ Police report fight at 76/Greenfield.

00:45 ~ Mutual aid canceled.