Posted on August 19, 2011

Updated: Next First Fridays Art Walk Cancelled

Alix Bryan, Richmond, August 12, 2011

Members of Curated Culture, the group of individuals, businesses and galleries that hosts First Fridays Art Walk has elected to cancel the Labor Day weekend Art Walk.


The ten-year Art Walk that has helped to revitalize a section of Broad St. has faced its biggest obstacles this year–crowd management–and as a result the next First Fridays event might be canceled.


Although the number of young adults frequenting the Art Walk has steadily grown over the past year, there has been an escalation of teens and bouts of rowdiness at the June, July and August events.

Five arrests were made at Friday’s event. Police spokesman Gene Lepley said four of the suspects were charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct. One of the four also was charged with underage possession of alcohol and another with resisting arrest, Lepley said.

The fifth suspect faces three different charges involving possession of a concealed firearm, and a marijuana possession charge with intent to distribute.


An estimated 2,000 teens were in attendance at the most recent First Fridays Art Walk.


Despite City efforts, the teens still flooded the sidewalks of Broad St. in the heart of the Art Walk.

People commented that they had never seen anything like it, with a non-stop wave of kids flooding the sidewalks, medians and streets.

Comfort restaurant, situated in the middle of the Art Walk, at 200 W. Broad St., closed about three hours early because of the mayhem happening around the building.


“The people who were in our restaurant were staying there on purpose, waiting for it to die down outside,” [business owner Chris] Chandler added.

Chandler said teens were banging on the glass of the restaurant and rudely opening the front door and yelling inside–some tried to enter the back door also. He said there was some concern that the maybe the front door should be locked.

“I can’t say for certain if it was dangerous outside, but there was a feeling of apprehension,” he said.


“My opinion is that it’s cancelled itself, because each time there is an escalation,” Chandler said. “I can’t imagine people are coming down for this next month.”


“The real benefit was bringing life to this area and people coming downtown at night and walking on the sidewalk–and it felt like a real city,” he said. “It was good publicity because even if you didn’t dine here that night, people came back another night.”


“It’s a street festival now; it’s not suited for dining and buying art,” Chandler said.


35 responses to “Updated: Next First Fridays Art Walk Cancelled”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dumb white guy is starting to get fed up enough to join us but not quite there yet.

    I can’t believe any white people voluntarily live in Richmond let alone run a business there. I am scared to drive through it. All those white people should get medals from the city council.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is how nations die.

    As low-IQ Africans and other Third-World peoples replace the original European-derived population of America, this will be the inevitable result. Civilization will fall. Our people and our culture will disappear, to be replaced by Third-World people and their dysfunctional “cultures”. What will these new societies look like? One only needs to look at Zimbabwe or Mexico or Afghanistan to know.

  3. Justified Contempt says:

    I’m shocked, saddened, and disappointed at this unfortunate and regretful decision to cancel such a needed and vibrant showcase of diversity in Richmond. They should keep it going, and enforce a diversity mandate upon all the Whitey privileged teens who live in the White flight suburbs and attend Whitey private schools.

    Withhold their high school diplomas until they have earned enough credits by attending multicultural events such as this wonderful Artwalk. Assign the NAACP leaders and icons to monitor attendance and attitude. Any Whitey elite teens who demonstrate defiant attitudes will be administered anti racism Deep Therapy on the spot, and then be assigned an in home black monitor to keep track of their progress toward a more enlightened and tolerant mindset. Whites must be constantly monitored for racism.

    The Whitey Privileged Episcopalians at St. Paul’s Richmond have come far in their outliving a shameful past, so perhaps we should demand that they lead the way, with their Whitey daughters on the front lines of the protest march, to demand that the Artwalk reopen.

    “We must be a voice of Inclusion! If our daughter acts scared when surrounded by large groups of African American teens and youth, then we will take that as a sign that we need to enroll her in implicit racism analysis and anti racism therapy. She must understand the intersection of White privilege and the vulnerability of black youth to internalize racist oppression and act in ways that frighten her only because she doesn’t understand. She must be taught that she is only scared of blacks because her unconscious bias against people who don’t look like her, and she must atone for the sins of segregation by holding herself accountable to people of color for the unearned White privileges we’ve worked so hard to give her.”

    Hip Hop Comes to the Cathedral of the Confederacy

    Posted on: August 3, 2006

    A thumping bass filled the nave of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in downtown Richmond, Virginia, on Wednesday night. A choir offered a simple and hypnotic chant from rapper Kanye West’s song “Jesus Walks” as young African Americans danced down the center aisle behind a thurifer and other acolytes.

    As part of the Union of Black Episcopalians (UBE) 38th national conference, the Rev. Tim Holder of the South Bronx celebrated the Hip HopeMass that he and many hip hop artists created in 2004.

    The hip hop service was one of many liturgies during the five-day convention, but its symbolism was rich. St. Paul’s was once known as the “Cathedral of the Confederacy,” and as the dancers brought the choreography of the street into the church, they passed by pews once occupied by Confederate President Jefferson Davis and General Robert E. Lee.

  4. rising temps, hotter... says:

    Notice how neither the reporter, the Mayor, or the organizers called on the SPLC-ADL-NAACP to send crowd control monitors to help keep the blacks from causing mayhem and violence.

    Until Whiteys learn to put our Civil Rights groups into the discussion of black dysfunction, and force them to admit that they refuse to counter black crime (thus invalidating their authority on anything relating to race, that’s why), then all we do is get another white fail!

    Why are we more insistent in keeping our unbroken track record of white fails that blacks are at keeping their “youth” acting civilized?

    “They’re not vicious, they’re just out and get over excited, I think,” she said. (Given Richmond’s troubles with blacks from Gabriel Prosser until the recent beatings, who can anyone actually think they’re not vicious. She knows they are, but she must have an application for an arts grant submitted to some agency that “fosters Diversity,” so she must lie. We all are invested in the Lie.) God, sometimes it’s hard to care about the end of the White Humanity. What are we doing to justify to Christ that we actually deserve nature to offer us some legitimate reason to still exist?

    White once equaled genius and achievement, now White equals consent to total degradation. Maybe the Real of the Ideal is better off without us. Let our grave monument read “Undeserved Potential”.

    Anyway, given the tone of this AmRen website, I am greatly suspicious there might be some racists lurking around in the shadows who are afraid to speak their minds Don’t be shy! Tell us what you think! We are welcoming of all voices! Inclusion is our motto! We encourage a vibrant and healthy dialogue around the issues that affect us all.

  5. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    Whether they feel it or not, canceling The Art Walk is a slap in the face of those who put it on. you can`t tell me that someone didn`t put two and two together…

  6. Anonymous says:

    I noticed in the video, before the deluge, That the “art lovers” were watching a caproeira (Brazilian street fighting) demonstration. I wonder why they didn`t like the “unstructured” show later on…

  7. Bill R says:

    Teens again. And the pics show it’s all blacks. But they won’t say groups of blacks, will they? Blacks ruin everything they get involved in. But these recent mobs, gatherings and actions are different. They are specifically targeting predominantly WHITE venues, interests and events that blacks had historically avoided for lack of interest. They didn’t grow a sudden interest. They merely want to ruin ANY event whites have enjoyed in the past. It’s a form of insurrection. An insurrection condoned and encouraged by our black president and our black Attorney General by their absolute silence on these many, many outbreaks of black violent racism against Whites and White venues.

  8. Southern Hoosier says:

    Here in Greenville, SC at the Reedy Falls Park the city had the same problem with Black teens. But the city wouldn’t arrest the troublemakers out of fear of being called racist. Their solution was to slap a curfews on all kids 18 and younger. Problem solved. Of course it was hardly fair to those kids that weren’t causing trouble.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been to Richmond many times–the old downtown area is actually very nice. The Whites have done a great job renovating many of the old historic buildings into nice restaurants, bars, and commercial space.

    The problem is that downtown is surrounding on three sides by genuine southern-style ghettos, and I mean miles and miles of them. If you don’t get in and out of downtown by the interstates, you are going to go through these ghettos at some point–and believe me, even during broad daylight, if you are not tempted to roll your windows up and lock your doors, there’s something wrong with you. I’ve even been uncomfortable stopping at red lights at certain intersections during the day.

    I’m sure there are White locals who will claim it’s not that bad, but maybe they just instinctively know what to avoid–an outsider can’t figure it out that quickly.

    Richmond has potential “flash mob” written all over it–and they made the right decision to close down the art fair early.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m only 30 and have lived in the Richmond metropolitan area all my life but I’ve rarely been in the city (or at least downtown). I remember in the early 90s the murder rate was so high the city was right behind DC and Gary, Indiana. It has gotten better because whites have moved in and gentrified some old neighborhoods (that were once white anyways) and VCU has become big. Unfortunately, many of these people are liberal whites from New York and New Jersey.

  11. GermanShepherdTrainer says:

    There also seems to be a war on white cops – at least 8 executed past two years by blacks. A month ago here in Baltimore, a young black got caught after he shot a cop with a sniper gun, who was on a call on a porch.

  12. Ian J. MacDonald says:

    Large crowds of “young people” are a problem.

    Plan A: Broadcast classical music into the street. Guaranteed to drive them away.

    Plan B: I dare not say it here.

  13. Anonymous says:

    They showed the one white kid in cuffs twice.

  14. JT says:

    I can’t help but think there is some measure of karma at work here. Undoubtedly the same people that put on and conceived this event are the same people that enabled this poisonous culture.

  15. bobzeeger says:

    This sets a dangerous precedent. This lets the black mobs know they are in control not the police. When this really ramps up I think we will see a lot more of the Muslim and black Muslims being more visible. There have been at least 5 curfews set in five different major cities in the past month and that is going to be a flash point for riots.

  16. Harumphty Dumpty says:

    I was born in Richmond, Va. in 1941 and lived there until I was 12 and my family moved to Norfolk, Va.

    Except when they left their part of town to go to their jobs*, blacks stayed in their own part of town in Richmond, Va. There was NO black problem. I mean NONE.

    I lived just inside a working class area of town, and we kids were barely even aware of blacks’ existence, even though we traveled fairly far on our bikes.

    Integration is madness, and it can’t be any clearer than it is to someone old enough to have lived in both worlds.

    My grandmother, born in the mid 1880s, used to say, “Give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile.” In 1954 the Supreme Court gave them a lot more than an inch, and they’ve taken a lot more than a mile. If my grandmother were alive and could see the videos of these mobs she would wonder what in the world has happened to white people that we put up with such nonsense. It would be very plain to her that something this bizarre could not have just happened, that something very purposeful has been done to the white race in this country to leave us just looking on and wringing our hands.

    *The janitor in our apt. building was black, and the barbershop I got my hair cut at in the next block was staffed by black barbers, and my mother occasionally had a black cleaning lady come. That all seems odd to recall now, because blacks were just not part of our mental life or part of our life in any meaningful way. In today’s world, it’s hard to look back and recall how unobtrusive blacks were back then, and how little attention it was necessary to pay them.

  17. Periapsis says:

    That is exactly right BillR, blacks think they have a God given right to rape, rob, kill, steal from, and make the lives of whites miserable. What they are doing is a form of insurrection, which in mhy view needs to be put down the way any insurrection would be, namely the use of force or deadly force.

  18. Clairese says:

    Mark Holmberg is a good and decent gentleman, whose long career as a columnist, and now a TV reporter has frequently featured reports on the uncivilized behavior of the majority of blacks in Richmond.

    That White woman near the end of the video is a classic example of the liberal, White Southerner, who continues to be in denial about the reality of what is coming her way. Her, “… it’s only a few overly excited blacks…” is a common mantra.

    When blacks gather in mass, anywhere, there is a strong likelihood that there will be crime, including violent crime directed at both blacks and other races. There is some sort of herd mentality that takes over when there is a black mob. I have witnessed this with my own eyes, several times during my life, including twice when I was in high school, where I saw many blacks, who were classmates, suddenly bolt like wild horses and join in mob violence and vandalism.

  19. Brian says:

    In response to (2) – “Our people and our culture will disappear, to be replaced by Third-World people and their dysfunctional “cultures””

    Actually, if our culture disappears, the entire Central and Northern US will be almost devoid of people within a single generation.

    Below a certain IQ, people can’t plan ahead, period. African Blacks can only live in a land of plenty with all year round growing seasons, or in a land where food is freely provided for them by idiots. Like us. And they’re still managing to destroy the entire agricultural sector in Africa through their appalling farming techniques.

    Put low-IQ people in a land with 6 months a year of snow, requiring planning ahead and storing food for Winter, and they’ll die.

    Look at the maps of where Mexico briefly occupied the Southern US. They only touched the coastal and southern [warmer] areas. That’s the future population map of the US if Whites disappear.

  20. Istvan says:

    7 — Bill R wrote at 8:18 PM on August 19:

    Blacks ruin everything they get involved in.

    Your comment made me laugh because it made me remember something I hadn’t thought of in years. On the old TV show Lost in Space there was a character, an alien, called IDAK: Instant Destroyer and Killer. He walked around saying crush, kill, destroy. When we were little my brother and I walked around saying crush, kill, destroy. Now the US has an entire racial group that says the same thing. Maybe we should rename them IDAK-Americans.

  21. Angry Bird says:

    The ten-year Art Walk has faced its biggest obstacles this year—crowd management—and as a result the next First Fridays event might be canceled.

    AGAIN: Blacks are only doing what they are being allowed to do by government authorities. Yes, blacks must be blamed for their violent behavior but most of the blame must be put on those who ALLOW blacks to run riot at white events and attack whites at will.

    Those who run the Art Walk, Curated Culture, KNOW the police and government will not back them up if they try to keep out blacks or hire extra security that will thump any black that gets out of line. They will be called Nazis and Racists and will “suddenly” find their funding dried up and their backers scared away (lest they too be called Nazis). We live in an Orwellian world, remember.

    If the government were interested in protecting white lives and white events, they would send a STRONG message to the black community that any black that tries to riot or attack whites or their businesses will be stopped with deadly force if need be and send a warning to whites to arm themselves in case they are confronted with violent blacks.

    But, the government doesn’t care about white lives!

    Also, very good commentary from Mr. Humpty! It’s important for people to know how safe, sane and wonderful this country once was, when violent blacks were held in check by government authorities and armed whites protected their families and communities.

  22. Harumphty Dumpty says:

    I just posted this on the MSM site I frequent (Knoxville News Sentinel, Knoxville’s newspaper):

    jilly writes:

    One of the unrecognized “Obama boons” has been the sense of empowerment he’s given to black youth. It’s very encouraging to see them finally moving out of their inner city ghettoes and taking a more energetic and active part in the larger community.

    Ordinarily, I’d now reply to that post, with lots of links to flashmob violence, but today I’m low on both energy and on usernames to sacrifice in building the point on that thread. However, the site is open to everyone….

    I’ve long wanted to find a white nationalist site where posters like myself who post regularly in mainstream media keep in touch with each other during the day and help each other out on their mainstream threads that are running hot. I just came across this page at Bob Whitaker’s site where people seem to be doing that. I haven’t checked it out thoroughly yet, but maybe some other posters here will be interested in it:

    I think white nationalist sites themselves serve an excellent function, but we definitely need to also reach out more in MSM. For one thing, with enough people doing that, we could post links to Amren and to other white sites and have those links stay up a lot longer. I can think of a LOT of things that could have been done at my own MSM site if I hadn’t been the only white nationalist posting there for the past several years.

  23. HankBlank says:

    Although it sounds like we all agree that the prevalent minority cultures in the US are dysfunctional, isn’t it also true that the white culture must also be dysfunctional for letting this stuff happen? The question is: How do we cure the dysfunction in the white culture that is letting this happen? If whites, or more specifically, white males collectively showed the same passion about this as they do about, say, pro football, I don’t think there’d be a problem. However, there are so many “opiates of the masses” out there that most people would rather be distracted by meaningless, time-wasting pursuits than facing real problems.

  24. sheila says:

    This is such good news!

    This sort of thing was supposed to happen long ago, but the proper technology was not in place at the time!

    Think of this analogy:

    The cell phone is to anarchy what the radio was to Lenin.

    Only the reds and pinks are doubtful to win.

    What a perfect time for nationalism to emerge…oh, and it surely will.

  25. Lauren says:

    Brian (17), I hate to contradict you in your prediction. But when Whites disappear, we will be replaced with Asians. Blacks will be replaced with Hispanics. You’ve seen INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS? Just like that: person by person, niche by niche, position by position…individually replaced/filled by Asians and Hispanics (instead of Pod People).

    And actually, my “will be” is incorrect, since this process is ongoing…RIGHT NOW. Funny, considering that ‘Body Snatchers’ was set in San Francisco. Already, the West Coast is developing an Asian Elite/Hispanic Underclass stratification. The recent story of Panda Express being sued by the Feds, for mistreatment of Hispanic employees, is just the first chunk of ice presaging the whole giant Iceberg.

    Once Whites are out of the way, there will be no more Discrimination Suits. Hispanics will be more subjugated than they ever were by their Spanish/European masters. Under Asians, I imagine that Hispanics will be Slaves in all but name.

    And blacks under Asian Rule? I won’t get graphic, but think ‘Soylent Green’.

    Bill R (7) I agree that this is more about destroying a white venue than anything else. It reminds me of a Belgian Folk Festival (described by Phyllis Schlafly,in an article which mysteriously cannot be found, anymore, by using Google) which was attacked (coordinated via cellphone) by Algerian ‘Youths’. Violence; some Belgian attendees, including children and elderly, permanently maimed; antique instruments destroyed; media coverup: all the elements of today’s Flash Mobs, but a decade ago.

    And yes: this is about intimidation of Whites, and destruction of white institutions and social venues.

  26. olewhitelady says:

    Harumphty Dumpty #15:

    You are absolutely correct! The main difference between the 1950’s and now is that blacks were contained and constrained. Since the Civil War, they have comprised less than 13% of the American population, and, in some Southern areas, they were more than that–but they were controlled.

    I wonder sometimes how many Americans believe we are being overrun by blacks. Surveys have revealed that a significant number think they comprise anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of the population. In some cities, they do–but if this were 1950, they would not be running wild into business districts and white neighborhoods!

    Americans must hold accountable those politicians and authorities who give excuses and do little or nothing about black criminality. Pols and police administrators want, first of all, to keep their jobs. If people vote out officials who won’t act and who appoint weak police, they’ll soon change their tunes. Michael Nutter’s condemnations were no doubt a bid to keep white support.

    Blacks and Mexicans would have engaged in these rampages long ago if they were able. We have to keep lawless blacks in the ghettoes, lawless Hispanic-Americans in the barrios, and encourage Mexicans to go back to Mexico.

    For two centuries, white Americans have kept control in this country. We can do so again, by doing the same things we did before. Civil rights are not being violated when criminals are dealt with in a strong, decisive manner.

  27. Realistic says:

    Am I wrong, or hasn’t this trend been going on for a while and now starting to hit critical mass and can’t be ignored even by the main stream media? The descriptions are worded vaguely to avoid appearing to hit the truth of the matter, but it just seems like this has been a problem even before Obama.


  28. mobtown says:

    Because of the media blackout on black mobs and black criminality in general a lot of whites especially middle and upper middle class whites have no clue of the true nature of the ghetto blacks frequenting these art walks and fairs and don’t realize the danger they are in. Until you have lived in a black ghetto which i have you really don’t have a clue as to how they live. Where I lived every store had an entrance way totally blocked by bulletproof glass with a plastic carousel to put the money in and receive what you request from the Asian owner behind the glass. In one case the entire wall was brick with an 9 inch square plexiglass porthole to order Chinese food through then get the food handed to you. I commonly came home to see bodies stretched across the street with a group of blacks just looking at it and this was Baltimore 15 years ago. I think whites are in for a shock.

  29. ATBOTL says:

    This whole story must a be a fabrication. We all know that these kinds of disturbances only happen up north, because the Yankees don’t have guns.

  30. Ron says:

    @ JT #14 —

    You hit the nail on the head. Many of those in the artsy scene are hardcore progressives that will sell out a White person (especially White males) in a heartbeat in order to prove their leftwing credentials. When we mention here on AmRen the White people that are our own worst enemy, those in the art scene are high on that list. I have zero sympathy for them as long as they continue to support minorities at the expense of their own race. In fact, I hope blacks continue to provoke and harass these people and destroy their fun until these bleeding hearts have had their fill. These are EXACTLY the people we should want to experience unruly black behavior up close and personal. They’ve got a high level of tolerance when it comes to blacks but everyone has their breaking point.

  31. je suis paganisme says:

    Art is a great thing. I love it.

    But I also love the martial arts.

    When combat is made into an art, it attracts the artsy types.

    When race-realism is made into a coherent system, it also attracts the artsy types.

    Richmond is ripe for both; great things happen when art meets reality.

  32. Ben says:

    @ 24


    More stuff like this should happen!

    Nationalism can only give rise when situations are dire.

    The more Left assumes power and the more this behavior becomes the norm the weaker they ultimately become!

    Our rise will be inevitable!

  33. JoeBatters says:

    Listen to the liberal at the five minute mark on the video. She says that the teens dont intend to be violent they just get over-excited. This is a great example of liberals reaping what they sow. These “artsy” and “progressive” types who live in a alter reality are about to get a taste of their own medicine in the coming years

  34. MidAtlantic says:

    Riots? Crime? Retarded school scores? Nothing new under the sun. Wake Up America.

  35. Rebelcelt says:

    My favorite part of the news clip is when they say “just because the event is cancelled does not mean the party is over blah blah blah blah”.

    Yes it does stupid it means just that, actually means it never is going to start.

    Thank you blacks another white institution you destroyed because you are who you are.Now, no one can enjoy it…not you not us nobody..but that suits you fine doesn’t it.