Posted on August 3, 2011

UN: More than $480 Million Needed for Zimbabwe Aid

Yahoo! News, August 2, 2011

The United Nations says the southern African country of Zimbabwe needs more than $480 million this year in food, health and humanitarian aid.

Alain Noudehou, the U.N. humanitarian coordinator in the capital, Harare, said Tuesday an estimated 1.4 million people still need food handouts because of crop failures, erratic rain and other economic pressures affecting daily incomes.


Critics blame longtime ruler President Robert Mugabe for years of political violence and economic ruin.

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  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    “Alain Noudehou, the U.N. humanitarian coordinator in the capital, Harare, said Tuesday an estimated 1.4 million people still need food handouts because of crop failures, erratic rain and other economic pressures affecting daily incomes.”

    Got to love that statement. Blames everything but the true cause. The taking of land from White farmers, who made Rhodesia the breadbasket of Africa, and giving it to “War Veterans” who don’t know anything about farming, let alone commercial farming. And they didn’t just take the farms either, they forcefully took them whilst raping, pillaging and murdering the White farmers and their families! Why not a peep about that, UN thugs?!

    If any Western Nation gives a dime towards this, they are truly demented. They should rather ask China or India to bail them out. Please, for the love of God, just let Africans fend for themselves and let Nature take its course.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So the UN is going to (make us pay) $480 million to a country that has systematically cleansed whites from its territory? This is a black apartheid nation, shouldn’t it garner the same sanctions are apartheid SA had in the past?

    Another reason for the extinction of the UN.

  3. Tim in Indiana says:

    Critics blame longtime ruler President Robert Mugabe for years of political violence and economic ruin.

    If you give aid to a drug addict you will only encourage the addiction. If you provide comfort to a criminal you will become an enabler. Only a fool would give a penny to that bloody government.

  4. Robert from Australia says:

    What this “humanitarian coordinator” really meant to say was this; “The white people have all been raped, humiliated, and massacred. All of the farms have now been successfully stolen while everything the whiteman has built has been destroyed. BLACK POWER!!!! As a result of this, there is now noone left to feed the teeming numbers of proud black Africans that will succumb to starvation.

  5. the Guru says:

    The bread basket of Africa just a few decades ago, what happened? Other than politicians getting rich in these countries, the UN workers are pocketting a lot of the money also, hardly any of the money goes to the needy. Chinese are building a 3 million$ palace, just imagine the same resources being spent on wells or whatever is needed in agriculture or food production.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Let nature take it’s course. Quit giving them food, medicine over and again. It is never ending!

    By now they should be on their own. THEY and their country cannot be FIXED! We throw our own money and resources down a rat hole every time we “help” Africans.

    Give that aid to America’s poorest seniors and disabled where it will do some good! But no, they want to cut their SSA and medicare, don’t they? Many seniors don’t have any money to even eat for the month after paying their rent, utilities and needed basics. But they will never get in the streets and protest or even say anything. They just continue to suffer silently waiting to die, I guess. I know a lot of them who really need help with the basics.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Seems to me that Zimbabwe/Rhodesia (dare I speak the name) used to do pretty well with agriculture. I would think that with the evil of apartheid eliminated, the industrious majority population of that country would not only have all the food it needs, but would be feeding its neighbors and growing wealthy from agricultural exports.

  8. E Pluribus Pluribus says:

    “an estimated 1.4 million people still need food handouts because of crop failures, erratic rain and other economic pressures affecting daily incomes.”


    Once a Breadbasket, Zimbabwe Today Can’t Feed Itself [EXCERPTS]



    Dec. 24, 2003


    “President Robert Mugabe, in the face of rising opposition, pushed a fast-track land reform that confiscated white-owned commercial farms and redistributed the property to loyal supporters of his Zanu-PF party. Many of the new owners were inexperienced in running large agribusinesses and food production has fallen dramatically. In Christmases past, as recently as four or five years ago, when Zimbabwe was a breadbasket of Africa, this was a time of communal feasting and Christian celebration. But now, most families don’t have enough for themselves, let alone for sharing. Rampant food shortages and an inflation rate soaring toward 700% have made goats and chickens too expensive to eat”; “Today only a couple of hundred of the 4,500 confiscated farms are still fully functioning. Harvests of food staples plummeted by as much as 90%, livestock herds dwindled and production of the main cash crop, tobacco, slumped badly.”


    “Throughout Zimbabwe, international humanitarian agencies are gearing up to feed more than six million people, which is more than half of the entire nation. That makes Zimbabwe, proportionally at least, the neediest recipient of food aid in the world.”


    “This puts the U.S. in the quandary of responding to a humanitarian crisis in a country led by a government it has stridently criticized, somewhat like the situation in North Korea. Even though the U.S. has pushed to isolate the Mugabe government, it has sent aid to the country. Since 2002, the U.S. has donated 437,000 metric tons of food to Zimbabwe. One group that hasn’t received much international aid so far are farmers on the resettled lands in Zimbabwe. International aid agencies say some large donors have been reluctant to have their money and food go to these farmers because the donors don’t want to support Mr. Mugabe’s land program.”

  9. Anonymous says:

    Mugabe is solely responsible for it’s poverty or course. Beings he’s black, he won’t be responsable though. Naturally Blacks are not responsible for anything.

    Zimbabwe will always be in poverty regardless if you send money (to the regime).

    Whites will be blamed of course, due to previous colonialism.

    Man, what would non-white people do/blame if there were no whites around?

  10. Vengador says:

    Don’t send a dime!! Let them starve. They kill the White people who along with SA fed the rest of that beautiful but God forsaken continent.

    Remember the images of the bodies of the raped, mutilated and murdered White women. If this isn’t enough to convince you then you’re beyond hope.

    Let the sleeping WHITE giant awaken and let us be filled with a `”terrible resolve”!

    Posthumous thanks to Admiral Isoruku Yamamoto

  11. Anonymous says:

    My vasectomy cost $500. For $480 million you could pay for 960,000 vasectomies. Wikipedia lists the population of Zimbabwe at 12,521,000 in 2009. For the record I am against forced vasectomies. But for those men who elect to get one, I can say they do bring peace of mind.

  12. fred says:

    UN commissioner for human rights, Navi Pillay, is from right next door in S Africa and has made a career out of demonizing whites. More recently she has been attacking western countries who don’t have an open borders immigration policy. And yet she has been strangely quiet about Mugabe’s antics in her own backyard. Gee, I wonder why? The UN can go pound sand. Not one red cent for the UN or Mugabe.

  13. Rhodesia-1 says:

    What AP garbage. For 90 years Rhodesia as a colony and later a country fed themselves during droughts and plagues and sanctions.

    The resourceful white farmers produced food for all with enough excess to export. And these farmers are the same ones that black rule killed off or ran out of the new “country”.

    The European communists and liberals who destroyed Rhodesia and South Africa learned nothing. They will come up with all kinds of explanations like that in the pitiful AP article to excuse black failure.

    I can see it now, there will be thousands of white do-gooders jumping for joy to help “feed the starving” Zimbabweans. Many will travel there to pay the dues their guilty white consciences demand, and return to gated communities feeling morally orgasmic and cleansed of evil.

    Of course the Black Caucus (Extortionists) in the US House of Representatives will demand that we send tons of food and additional “aid” to the starving Zimbabweans. Naturally our gutless RepubliCONs will buckle. And, more troubling, there will be pressure to increase immigration quotas of Zimbabweans to the US out of “humanitarian” concerns. Look out for this one.

    But, there is a silver lining here. Now that the Ogallala water aquifer is being exhausted, the famed Breadbasket of the World will be reduced to dry land production thus severely curtailing exports. Other countries like Argentina and Russia will not make up the difference simply because they are not as stupid as we are.

    This means that the African population will be forced back to subsistence levels with inevitable decline in population, maybe back to pre-colonial numbers.

    Funny there wasn’t a problem when Harare was Salisbury.

  14. B J Deller says:

    I lived in South Africa for 24 years and just to set the record straight, Apartheid was solely a South Africa system where the various tribes were given vast areas of land with their own governments and voted in leaders, but such as Mandela (the most successful terrorist ever) wanted everything without having to work for it over many decades. Rhodesia allowed race mixing if people wanted to (which they mostly did not, even the blacks, many of whom fought alongside the white Rhodesians to keep the terrorists such as Mugabe from grabbing power)), but the wishes of the Western governments especially the socialist (democrat?) British one, said NO and Rhodesia endured years of international sanctions under which they still succeeded with the same normal periodical droughts being overcome with good technology and hard work. Now “man-made” global warming is being used by the black Africans to justify the billions of Dollars expected in aid from the West etc.

    By giving aid even in Somalia, all that will happen is that there will be three times as many suffereres in 20 years, all demanding more aid.

    Let Nature take its course in Africa as the Africans want by their actions.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This is so tiresome. I’m in my late soxties and I can clearly remember my nother telling me when I was a child to eat eveything on my plate because “they were starving in Africa.” That’s a good 60 years ago and nothing has changed.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Do-gooder Whites have, in fact, contributed to this terrible situation. If it weren’t for misguided Whites thinking that Africans are just as capable as Whites, Nature would have taken its course many years ago and reduced the population to one-tenth the size it is today through famine, disease, and lack of sanitation.

    But no, egalitarian Whites, through their “aid” programs, have doubled the south Saharan African population in the last 30 years, despite the epidemic spread of AIDS and other diseases. Clearly, the current population is unsustainable, and if we continue to pour money into Africa to feed them today, we are only creating a much larger problem for tomorrow.

    Yes, this is a “humanitarian disaster” because so-called “humanitarians” created this disaster.

  17. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    The United Nations says the southern African country of Zimbabwe needs more than $480 million this year in food, health and humanitarian aid.

    What happened to the 73 million of our tax money 0bama has ALREADY forked over to to the sub-Saharan sinkhole in 2009??

    Or the FACT that 0bama stated the following about Thug for Life Mugabe?:

    I obviously have extraordinary admiration for the courage and tenacity that the prime minister has shown in navigating through some very difficult political times in Zimbabwe!

    Yes, like making sure Zimbabwe is White Free!!

    From the article:

    an estimated 1.4 million people still need food handouts because of crop failures, erratic rain and other economic pressures affecting daily incomes.

    Sorry no sympathy here for a miserable country that ethnically cleansed itself of productive Whites.

    Mugabe’s land seizures began in 2000. He booted white farmers from the property they owned and replaced them with political hacks. The results were disastrous. By 2002, the BBC was reporting that people in the southern were starving.

    Mugabe’s party, ZANU-PF, wields the food shortage as a weapon against the opposition. Only those with ZANU-PF membership cards are able to get rations… the army and the police regularly interfere with food distribution from USAID, UNICEF, and other international aid groups.

    Hard to feel sorry when Thug for Life Mugabe celebrates his birthday like this:

    Eight thousand lobsters and 4,000 portions of caviar were eaten last night at a birthday party for Mugabe which was broadcast live to a nation facing famine.The £330,000 televised feast to celebrate the Zimbabwe president’s birthday came as crop failure and drought raised the prospect of widespread hunger in the poverty-stricken country…Also on the menu were 200lb of prawns and 500 bottles of whisky.

    Yeah, let stupid Americans take care of starving blacks in Zim while Whites are driven out by force. And Soon! Coming to a White town near you in Idaho, Tennessee, New Hampshire and Indiana, starving refugees from Zimbabwe.

    And you can be sure they won’t be White Refugees.


    When are they going to prosecute Mugabe in the International World Court for Genocide, Murder, Fraud, Theft, Corruption, Vote Rigging, Sale of Blood Diamonds, Theft of thousands of White Farms, Murder of White Farmers, stealing the Countries resources, forcing his people to live in poverty?

    When are they going to prosecute him?

    –Snowy Smith

  18. Anonymous says:

    Back in 2010, the tobacco output of the country returned to normal.

  19. the Guru says:

    Historically everyone is to blame, the colonisers came for the raw wealth etc but that was a while ago, now that they have freedom??? Giving aid to these countries is really no different thangiving welfare here creating a class of newedy which may feel good at first but the reality strikes. Face the facts we now have well fed robust young mobs. Pray tell what the genesis of these are? I have been writing a little more than I have for a while and have been attacked, please reserve those for factual issues. I am no anti white, however, truth does matter me thinks!

  20. Jeddermann. says:

    “Blames everything but the true cause.”

    Exactly. Isn’t it always that way? Sure! And Robert and his cronies, as the situation gets worse and worse, make bigger and bigger hogs and gluttons of themselves and continue to dine on imported caviar, the finest of foods, plenty of liquor, etc. Robert the evil man wines and dines himself while the populace of Rhodesia just disappears into thin air so to speak. Evil old man.

  21. William says:

    In persusing South African blogs I note that there is pressure from South African Blacks to limit the maxium size of farms in that country. This may eventually lead them to subsistance agriculture policies similar to that which help cause regular famine in Ethiopia.

    Subsistance farms tend to be less efficient and to be unable produces the surpluses needed to accumulate financial reserves for use when there is a poor crop. Australians would be facing mass starvation every 5 years whenever there was drought if they ran their country the same way.

  22. Ian J. MacDonald says:

    So a few decades ago the country formerly known as Rhodesia was “the breadbasket of Africa,” but now “most families don’t have enough for themselves” and it is “the world’s neediest nation.”

    Gee whiz, what could have happened? What kind of calamity possibly could have transpired there?

    Legacy of racism? Hoarders and speculators? It simply boggles the mind. 😉

  23. Anonymous says:

    And in the meantime there are others starving in Africa, who this time almost must exhaust the propaganda machinery for getting some aid. But it will surely happen. That there are too few white people in the world who can care.

    I think i go buy Half Man Half biscuit`s album Achtung Bono.

  24. Anonymous says:

    There are about 53 African nations and over a billion although nobody counted so there could be 10 billion and probably are.

    With all these nations and peoples with massive fertile land and no shortage of seeds for crops to feed the world if needbe one would assume everyone was a fat as hogs like in America where Africans lay around in air conditioner on welfare slopping like hogs in the trough weighing upward of 300 lbs on the average and getting fatter not to mention 99% of their kids get free lunches in the public schools and weigh twice their normal weight.

    Maybe they can call Haiti since afterall they brag about being a free nation for 210 yrs killing off all the white French men women and children on formerly that side of Santa Domingo and probably eating them since voodoo juju requires it.

    The funny thing is how even Obamas Ag Dept admitted they hated white farmers in America denying them loans etc and all of these African appointees look like they weigh at least 275 or more and clearly have slopped like hogs of white farmers since birth.

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds? In Africa they eat the hand that feeds and everything else, but that is a well kept secret.

    They also defecate on the 20k of miles of pristine African beaches as opposed to building tourist cities with luxury hotels to proper and become rich although even elite wealth refuses to build anywhere in Africa coast or inland for fear of the obvious.

    Why are whites always called when there is need for food or freebies?

    Pat Roberson the attorney genius Regal University 700 Club originator called it 100% correct when the earthquake hit Haiti and was promptly called an old white man racist saying this African ex-slave nation was cursed for voodoo juju.

    Yea Roberson is just an old white racist even though he has taken 50 trips to Haiti, among other Africanized places, and his white man religion origanization has given billions in free aid over the past 50 yrs to that bottomless pit hellhole.

    Like they say, never do anybody a favor if you dont wan them to stab you in the back. Lincolnites should know better than anyone but “creator” whoever that is and he must be white, knows this better than all put together.

  25. Yorkshireman. says:

    “The United Nations says the southern African country of Zimbabwe needs more than $480 million this year in food, health and humanitarian aid.” US$489 million! Is that all? Good grief, the Mugabe family could come up with that amount in cash within a couple of days. Not as though they would (even for a single nanosecond) consider returning any of their plundered loot to assist any of their black African Zimbabwean nationals in this time of need. It’s much easier to await some foolish White organisation to show even more pictures of black babies with flies crawling around their eyes and mouths and beg once again for our money. Actually it’s all the fault of the dispossessed White farmers for abandoning their land and disappearing to other African nations (and Georgia.. not the state, the country) to use their expertise and develop huge areas of under-utilised land, just as they did several generations ago in Rhodesia. Lets hope they have learned their lesson, recognise the signs and make plans for a quick get-away this time around! There is no excuse whatsoever for Zimbabwe to starve, farms were well managed and survived drought many times in the past. Perhaps a few of those ‘Pigford’ farmers in USA could offer their vast experience and new-found compensation wealth and travel to Africa and show Mugabe how it’s really done, after all, they claim to be African-Americans and ‘brothers’!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Obama = Mugabe

    Obama = another UN thug

    watch out for your food supply, Americans!

    Keep your eyes on your food. Remember Holomodor!

  27. Bill Harzia says:

    Anonymous #20 hit it right out of the park. It took Stalin ten years to decimate the Ukrainians; with our factory farming and the fact that most Americans are concentrated in cities, Obama will probably be able to do it in one or two. Most American cities are only about a week away from food riots if the grocery trucks stop rolling.

  28. on the lam from the Thought Police says:

    No matter how poor those people become they continue to have large numbers of children. The more we feed during one famine, the more we will have to feed during the next famine.

    The main import of black countries is foreign aid. The main export is immigrants who cause social problems wherever they move.

  29. Shawn (the female) says:

    I am sick to death of the current featured story line on NBC about the ‘epic disaster in Somalia’. I’m sorry, but when every story begins, “After walking for two weeks through the desert with her 5 children, this Somalian mother hopes to find relief and food for her family.” It doesn’t take a Rhodes scholar to figure out what creates babies. When you and your family are starving to death, it’s pure stupidity – not lack of education – to create more mouths to feed. What kind of nitwit watches their infants and toddlers bloated and dying from hunger while pregnant with another? Decades of sending money, food and assistance hasn’t changed a THING there – and never will. If mandatory birth control isn’t a part of the aid package, there should BE no aid. Period.

    Americans are losing their jobs, their homes, their own health and their lives due to liberalism. Yet we continue to bring many of these people here and support them on our tax dollars. The ones we don’t bring here we send millions more dollars to in their home country. It’s pure insanity.

  30. Old White Jim says:

    I once stopped at a yard sale because I saw saws and ladders and man stuff aplenty.

    All that I ended up buying was two chest-high stacks of hardbound National Geographic Magazines. Each volume contained a full year of the monthly issues that dated as for back as 1918.

    Those old books are required reading for anybody that wants to know all there is to know about Africa. There were pictures of cannibals about to have a picnic that included a shot of the headless main course who was tied hand and foot to a small palm tree which was carried on the shoulders of two big, naked, Black cannibals. It was just like the old, now forbidden, cartoons that I watched as a child.

    There were also pictures of do-gooders handing out Lucky Strikes, Coca-Cola and clothing that appeared to be of the kind worn by humans.

    In the back of each monthly issue there were advertisements, just like there are in each and every issue of National Geographic Magazine right up to this month’s issue.

    Yeah, you already guessed where I’m going with this, didn’t you? You’re right, and it’s true. As far back as 1918, each and every issue of that magazine had ads soliciting money to feed the starving masses in Africa.

    Many of the ads included a picture of bony little wastrels with distended bellies. They were often shown holding empty bowls to drive the point home.

    The hungry four-year-old in the 1918 magazines was probably reproducing by 1928, thanks to that gruel and medicine that Whitey was handing out. That means that his great, great, great, great grandchild is the kid we are seeing in the ads today.

    Good work, White do-gooders. You keep feeding them so they can create more like them who will need to be fed. Job security. Good plan.

    There are now so many of them that they pose a serious threat to the environment.

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if this cycle of misery was ended by the White tree-hugging do-gooders by using some of the trees they’ve been saving to string up the White do-gooders who have been responsible for perpetuating generations of pointless lives on the Dark Continent?

  31. Cliff Yablonski says:

    How many times does this scenario have to be repeated before the world wakes up?

    1. Prosperous white run city/county/country gives up control to blacks. Blacks run roughshod over remaining whites and kill those foolish enough to stay.

    2. Once prosperous city/county/country becomes a starving crime ridden corrupt hellhole and needs white help to prevent all the blacks from dying of disease or starvation.

    3. Blacks blame their plight on previous white exploitation.

  32. Bantu Education says:

    “If your skin is black you can be forgiven for anything”

    Ian Douglas Smith (PM of Rhodesia 1964-79)

  33. Anonymous says:

    I lived in Rhodesia for a while in the sixties. I noticed how well the Africans looked back then. No lean bodies then. Africans had free healthcare, subsidised food and fuel. Even their beer was subsidised by the Government.

    As an Englishman, I thought that I had died and gone to heaven – it was a beautiful, well run country.

  34. Zach Sowers says:

    Bon, From the Land of Babble wrote

    Or the FACT that 0bama stated the following about Thug for Life Mugabe?:

    I obviously have extraordinary admiration for the courage and tenacity that the prime minister has shown in navigating through some very difficult political times in Zimbabwe!

    Isn’t Mugabe about overdue for a Nobel Peace prize?

  35. Anonymous says:

    30 — Old White Jim at 11:50 AM on August 4:

    Loved your whole comment, Old White Jim! I will wager we are from the old school. The good ole days. An American we were all proud to be.

    I remember what you are talking about. I grew up in a mostly White America and lived in a small town that was 98% White. I remember those starving African children back then and how the Churches tried to get us all to send money (now they want us to adopt them and bring them here)…they said we can stop the starvation within 5 short years…..seems they lied to us, right? Who would have thought that these do-gooder Christians would ever lie to us like that. Same ole same ole….

    They are still (2011) showing those starving African children and still begging for our $$$. They say we can end the starvation if only we will send our $$$, It will never end until we end this nonsense!

  36. Sureesh says:

    The future of Zimbabwe and South Africa is neither Black nor White; my prediction is that the Chinese will recolonize Africa for the natural resources. The Chinese will protect themselves from African violence by living in villages surrounded by electric fence. They will also have no mercy for “poor, starving Africans” and will let them starve to death.

  37. A. Windaus says:

    The top 50 countries with the highest birthrates are all receiving food aid. Something to think about.