Posted on August 22, 2011

Today’s “Believe it or Not”

Riverside County SELPA, August 22, 2011

[Editor’s Note: Please follow this link to a summary of the litigation that resulted in a finding, at least in California, that IQ tests are “racially and culturally” biased against blacks.]

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  1. Uniculturalist says:

    There you have it. Obscurantism 101.

    Is it still OK for blacks to try to qualify for membership in MENSA? If so, how will that be done?

  2. margaret says:

    I remember that early 1970’s ruling very well. Judges more than White gays, White feminazis, White environmentalists are the worst enemies of Whites.

    Before it became just another unregistered lobbyist for a small country, National Review had several articles about this ruling.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If a tree falls in the forest but no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

    If a Black has his IQ score removed from school records or is not allowed to be IQ tested, does his intelligence increase, does the median Black IQ improve, and does the Black educational gap vanish?

    Only in the lefty, progressive, multicultural, politically correct fantasy land!

  4. Awakened says:

    If Whites don’t start standing up soon, this insanity is eventually going to spread so far and so wide and be enhanced to the point that it will one day be legal to attack and kill White people. Even though this report has nothing to do with criminality, the same kind of insanity that enables the powers that be to put together something like this and make it viable, to actually make it illegal to give a Black an IQ test, will one day make it legal to attack and kill White people, most likely under some sort of legal guise, very much like this. Heck, we’re being killed and genocided right now.

  5. Linked to Whiteness says:

    It should be illegal to give White Humanity IQ tests.

    We’d score higher than blacks, which means we are still too invested in our residual White Privilege and have “more work to do.” Anything that gives our race enemies ammunition to use against us by demanding the Feds give White Humanity the “they must do more” treatment should be outlawed.

    We also risk suffer severe and irreparable damage to our psyches if we see that we have higher IQs than blacks but allow them to govern us and rule our culture. We may never recover from the shock of realizing that we not only volunteered for the Diversity Curse, and that we actually welcome its ruling over us and our White children. We will then decide that IQ tests are inaccurate and don’t reflect the debits against our scores for race masochism.

  6. olewhitelady says:

    IQ tests ARE racially biased against blacks. In America, the average is 85 for blacks and 100 for whites.

    I agree that the tests should not be given to blacks anymore. And let them have their own schools, if they wish.

  7. Former SoCA teacher says:

    YES I DID!!!! I was astounded to hear this during my first year of teaching. They have managed to prevent the truth of their basic intellectual inferiority from being uncovered. This is just ONE of the stupid education laws in this state that contributed to my losing my health and having to quit before I had planned to. I could not stomach the blatant lying, cheating, and unfair practices prevailing in SoCA schools. I have a friend, a brilliant white woman, excellent teacher, who got the degree to be an administrator. She became a principal. She lasted one year, and because her school’s test scores didn’t make the grade, she was promptly demoted to assistant principal UNDER one of the most vicious black women I’ve ever met. She quit admin and went back to teaching…. If you live in CA, don’t go into teaching. It’s insane.

  8. Anonymous says:

    How is Raven’s Progressive Matrices a bias IQ test? This test is exclusively a “patterns” that does test any language ability. Arguably it is the most reliable “cross-culture” IQ test available.

  9. neanderthalDNA says:

    Well, if the neolysenkoists don’t get their ideologically predetermined results…


    So over and over and over the poor shrinks and researchers dash back to the drawing board, redesign the hell out of the tests, administer them again, and POOF!

    Same-o lame-o results!

    So must be racist tests. Over and over and over…

    Brilliant move there to just ban them. Too much to continually explain. Gets rough after a few decades.

    I always found it hilarious in a way, when I taught. Eventually the lefty-lysenkoists went a direction similar to the “there is no such thing as race” cop out. They started yammering about “multiple intelligences”…

    Yeah, not getting what you want in terms of IQ tests, so…COMPLETELY DECONSTRUCT THE MEANING OF “INTELLIGENCE” and using the latest educapsychobabble sophistry, cleverly obfuscate and confuse the topic. Turns out, these guys cooked up all sorts of intelligence types – spatial, social, spiritual…

    Now not that there isn’t some validity, but as in the “there’s no such thing as race” assertion, this too served primarily to distract from the ugly truth.

    You know, maybe there’s such a thing as “stupid intelligence”…

    Maybe these black kids are actually possessed of great reservoirs of a racist overlooking of stupid intelligence, in which black folks seem to have a distinct advantage over both whites and east Asians. And even Hispanics. And Arabs. And mixed races.

    But Australian natives still score statistically higher on tests which measure one’s stupid intelligence, it seems.

    Brilliant stupidity! Down with intelligence! Long live excuse making psychobabble!

  10. keep it real says:

    So sad, and you want to know why this community is failing.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The California judicial issue is apparently one of disparate impact, that certain groups have lower (or higher) IQs. But shouldn’t it be whether the tests accurately show mental ability for the purposes of putting the kids in classes that optimize their education?

    What is it with equally? Its equality of legal rights, not equality of results. In all groups of animals there are different behaviors and innate attributes within clusters of populations. Why not for humans? We allow it for basketball players, Jazz musicians, but not for intellectual endeavors. Odd.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Why is it only blacks, among all people around the world, cannot find a test that accurately measures their abilities? Even they can’t devise a test that is appropriate for themselves.

    In reality it seems they don’t like the results, and other than the results support the flawed thesis of “disparate impact”. But perhaps the tests are correct. Question: are the tests good predictors of the other tests and later actual results? The US military thinks so and has been using them since before WWII to categorize its manpower for effective training and deployment. And its been a proven method of success.

  13. WASP Insurgent says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, How can a standardized test be racially discriminatory? I think what we have here is an embarrassed black community who is upset because they have a a larger number of their youth compared to other races classified as retards. Anger is the weathervane of truth.

  14. Brad says:

    Ever take an IQ test? It’s about as non cultural as it gets. Square roots, simple algrebra, complex algebra, simple right triangles and then area calculations of complex goemetric shapes. How is asking a student to identify a pattern of geometric shapes, identify vowels, verbs, prepositional phrases, or even the next pattern of dots in a sequence, racist? Honestly, these people are certifiable idiots, with IQ’s themselves very close to the range of the learning disabled they are supposedly trying to protect.

  15. Detroit WASP says:

    Then I guess all academic testing must be racist because it produces the same results as IQ tests.

    The ASVAB test the military uses must also be racist, same results again.

    The SAT and ACT are also racsit because they produce the same results.

    WHEN SOMEONE TELLS YOU A TEST IS RACSIST, ASK THEM WHICH QUESTIONS WERE RACIST. Ask, “is it 6×7 that is the racist question?” What about ….. “find the area of a triangle?”…it that the voo-doo of the blue-eyed devils which confounds black students? EXACTLY which questions are “racist”?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Unbelievabe. What stupidity is going on in our country today.

  17. Question Diversity says:

    A good, well-written IQ test is impossible to be culturally biased against anyone. It’s supposed to measure innate intelligence.

  18. SF Paul says:

    Blacks want equal treatment as every other race except when it is overwhelmingly obvious that they are mentally inferior. This is something that all liberals who want a colorblind society should be forced to read. Black activists demand better education for black children, yet this shows that many of these children cannot be educated by regular school cirriculum. This has to be one of the best things I have read on Amren.

  19. madison grant says:

    And since the poor dears need to be protected from IQ tests why shouldn’t they also be saved from school tests and college-entrance exams?

    After all, they might do poorly on those tests and that would hurt their feelings. Poor widdle babies…

  20. HH says:

    This is the next level in the race flim-flam. Namely, when in doubt, outlaw it! This is largely how it is done in much of Europe – all manner of laws against vague, undefined, and often positively bizarre interpretations of “racism” and “hate” are employed to completely stifle any non-compliance with PC ideology.

  21. diversity says:

    The implication of this incredibly foolish prohibition is that blacks are too different and not part of the rest of humanity, perhaps not even part of homo sapiens. Who needs racists when the soi-disant enlightened ones do all the heavy lifting in this regard?

  22. Anonymous says:

    I’d say this is some final admission of stark raving madness by this state once known as the USA, but it will get worse tomorrow…

  23. Anonymous says:

    A relevant case in federal court in the District of Corruption was HOBSON v. HANSEN in the late 60’s. The science informing these

    Cases reflects the general academic cowardice and duplicity surrounding the science of “g” (general mental ability) and measurement of “g” and the ramifications “g” along lines of gender, social class, and race. These cases are Neo-Lysenko manifestations and they’ve been dominant on campuses (excepting often colleges of engineering, vet med, maybe biz administration) , in “our” courts, and in “our” media so long that they aren’t even seen as such.

  24. juamongu2 says:

    HEY! Identify the phony item!

    1-In parts of India they build temples to

    and worship rats

    2- A Court in California ruled IQ tests to

    Blacks illegal

    3-Comedian Buddy Hackett was a trained neurosurgeon

    4-Osama Bin Laden collected Mad Magazines


  25. Anonymous says:

    Today’s “Believe it or Not”

    Church rules that research denying geocentrism is biblically biassed and creates a culture of insensitivity. Church fears continued research may result in the alienated and disaffected burning people at the stake by flash mobs.

  26. Anonymous says:

    My wife’s aunt is a teacher at a public elementary school in California–a very racially diverse school near Santa Barbara with many “at risk” kids.

    She recently admitted to me that, yes, IQ tests were, in fact, very accurate predictors of success in school.

    When I asked her if that’s why Blacks do so poorly in school, she said–with a perfectly straight face–“No. [Pause] IQ tests don’t apply to Blacks.”

    When I asked her why IQ tests worked on Whites, Hispanics, and Asians but not on Blacks, she squirmed a little–and then even more emphatically repeated herself, “Because they just don’t.” And then she quickly changed the subject.

  27. sedonaman says:

    “olewhitelady” wrote that the IQ for blacks in the U.S. is about 85. In fact, this was confirmed by none other than Dr. Thomas Sowell who observed that the average IQ of minority societies world-wide is 85. Of course the possibility exists that tests used to determine this are culturally biased.

    “Brad” wrote, “How is asking a student to identify a pattern of geometric shapes, identify vowels, verbs, prepositional phrases, or even the next pattern of dots in a sequence, racist?” The answer is that some cultures don’t have these concepts. I once saw an example of an optical illusion based on straight lines. The instructor said that people from cultures that lack straight lines don’t see the illusion, but that a test could be developed based on, perhaps, curved lines that they would see but we wouldn’t.

    If we accept their claim that IQ tests are culturally/racially biased, the real question that needs to be addressed is, WHY, especially when you see other races/cultures adapt to America successfully, like the immigrant Vietnamese Boat People.

  28. Anonymous says:

    #26 – thanks for that story! What the woman really meant was “Because they just do.”

  29. Allan says:

    Unfortunately, I would have to agree that most written IQ tests are not worth the paper they are printed on. Unfortunately, the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale does, in this case, give similar results.

  30. Education in America Today? Ha Ha Ha! says:

    To Former So Ca Teacher (#7)–

    Thanks for speaking up, for speaking the Truth. I am a native of So Cal, and I began teaching at a CA State U. twenty-some years ago. Today I teach in another state. I left California as it was purposefully destroyed by displacing the Native Whites.

    I, too, have worked under a “vicious black” woman. They don’t only hate us, the White educators; they especially hate our White children. Any White American who entrusts his daughter/son to the public shcool system in this nation must think little of his child. I saw, in a K-12 charter school, a black femaile principal (who, by the way, had NO degree or credential of any kind) pro-actively cover up the sexual abuse of White girls by non-White male teachers. In addition, it was 2008, and everyone–kids included–had to praise the hell out of Obama … or else.

    These folks aren’t capable of passing I.Q. tests, but they’re qualified to be school principals and U.S. presidents???

  31. Anonymous says:

    ” always found it hilarious in a way, when I taught. Eventually the lefty-lysenkoists went a direction similar to the “there is no such thing as race” cop out. They started yammering about “multiple intelligences”…”

    Ever heard of non-linear reasoning?

    There have been whole books written about that. Supposedly Whites have linear reasoning which is inherently evil. Blacks have non-linear reasoning which is so much better.

    Non-linear turned out to be more or less going round and round in a circle and never concluding anything.

    Those teaches ed books are hysterically funny in a way.

    I taught in a black school for the most horrible year of my entire life. The kids were bad, but the black women, from the Principal to the clerks were totally vicious and purely evil.

  32. Anonymous says:

    “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.” Will Durant

  33. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    In 1979, Judge Peckham prohibited the use of IQ tests for placing African-American students in classes for EMR after concluding that IQ tests were racially and culturally biased, and were responsible for the disproportionate placement of African-American students in “dead-end” classes.

    Dead-end classes are where they belong!! Most blacks don’t benefit much past the third grade, if then, special Ed students even less so. The kid leaves at 22 after costing the district millions of dollars and still reads at a 1st grade level. Special Ed students are approximately twice the cost of mainstreamed students –sometimes more, a lot more. The school district MUST also cover the costs of unfunded special Ed mandates with general fund monies.

    Many parents fight to keep the kid labeled special Ed, especially disabled, because of all the perks and money for which he is eligible, sometimes for life. He’s now got a bus that picks him up at his doorstep and delivers him home every day and he can stay in school until he is 22.

    Special Ed is breaking the backs of school districts and that is why they are fighting tooth and nail to get kids exited OUT of special Ed There are ungodly sums of money the school district is mandated to pay in transportation fees, services, compliance and regulation issues, extra highly paid staff such as psychologists, counselors, extra teachers, specialized aides and PE teachers that cater just to these students. Mandated smaller class sizes to accommodate these students and the staff that caters only to them means more space must be freed up.

    When it comes to special Ed kids, everything must be excruciatingly done, all the zillions of pages of the kid’s IEP (Individual Education Plan) must be in exact order because if they aren’t, a greedy lawyer/community activist magically appears, ready to sue the “deep pocketed” district if so much as ONE of the zillions of rules and regulations is violated. My own district has paid out large settlements for special Ed “rights violations.”

    I’ve heard anecdotally around my district that many IEP meetings are held with the kid’s lawyer/community activist present to make sure the kid and parent’s rights aren’t violated.

    All of this costs money, and a lot of it. The last superintendent of my district said that special Ed costs are breaking our district in two. He hinted that he was going to start fighting some of the regulations and consent decrees. Yeah, good luck with that!! Meanwhile, regular classes at our schools have ballooned to 40+ students!!

    Ask, ‘is it 6×7 that is the racist question?’ What about ….. ‘find the area of a triangle?’…it that the voo-doo of the blue-eyed devils which confounds black students? EXACTLY which questions are ‘racist?’

    They have a ready excuse to match each and every one of your questions!!

    1. The tests are inherently racist, therefore blacks scores are lower.

    2. Black schools and teachers are inferior, therefore black scores are lower.

    3. Poverty prevents learning, therefore black scores are lower.

    4. There is systemwide institutional racism, therefore black scores are lower.

    5. Legacy of slavery, therefore black scores are lower.

    6. No role models in the schools or textbooks, therefore black scores are lower.

    And, if those don’t shut you up, this one will for deigning to question why blacks score lower than Whites and Asians on IQ tests:



  34. neanderthalDNA says:

    No different in South Carolina. I understand you completely. Now a good friend of mine still in the profession, teaching at a black school, just found out the school could get shut down or the staff decimated because…

    officially – substandard school, administrators and teachers

    really – 90% black student body

    I never miss an opportunity to dissuade a bright young person or anyone else from going into education. Double bind, no win, and enjoy being the neo-lysenkoists (and hard core conservative hypocrite’s) scape goats for “all the problems with education”

    Know what I would consider a good school? One which sets reasonable standards, sticks to them, and fails whatever percentage of students who fail to achieve said standards, even if 70% fail/drop out/are expelled.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Post #29—The more carefully prepared and standardized written

    IQ tests have reliability and validity comparable to the Weshcler.

    Written tests to measure general mental ability such as those long in use in U.S. Army induction, the major university admissions tests used across the U.S. are all quite valuable.

  36. Michele says:

    Actually, it’s good that the IQ tests aren’t given to blacks. If they were, then most would end up in Special Ed, and the schools just can’t afford all the extra money that Special Ed entails.

    Also, the schools would become segregated (ok, that is good, but liberals would make laws to prevent segregation from happening) with all the low performers (mostly black) in Special Ed and the rest of the students in normal classes.

  37. Anonymous says:

    An aspect of this issue, given that court cases undergird these

    “antsy” policies re IQ testing, is the reluctance of judges to have psychologists testify to establish for the court what the professional consensus is about THIS or THAT aspect of psychology

    relevant to the case at hand. While, ironically, psychometrics has a lot of expert consensus, psychology broadly has been a sick joke among lawyers for its lack of coherence and wide reaching consensus. In the Hobson v. Hansen case, Judge Wright (and his aides? ) imposed a lot of lawyer analysis upon the psychometric issues. This has unfortunate results but is understandable in context. Measures of biological intelligence ( choice reaction time, IT testing, etc. ) would have been directly relevant to Judge Wright’s musings. Psychometrists need to collaborate with law professors to get informed retrospectives into current law journals regarding these cases –Larry P/ Hobson/ etc.–and the evidence now available , as well as the evidence then evaded.

  38. Michael C. Scott says:

    I completely agree with this policy. Moreover, it should be illegal to give black adults IQ tests, too.

    This way we won’t hear how Darnell the Serial Rapist and his Evil Brother Tyrone need a break from the court because they’ve been measured with low IQs.

    Speaking of IQs, at this point I must make public my revised suspicion that it is not a second-grade class that is the source of California’s public education policies, but a second-grade class’s pet gerbils that are making these policies.

  39. Question Diversity says:

    38 Michael C. Scott:

    You raise a good point. SCOTUS said a few years ago in all its “wisdom,” no execution of low IQ murderers. (Even though there’s supposed to be no such thing as IQ, much less any racial differences in IQ). For a murder convict to get out of the death penalty, there has to be a documented paper trail of his low IQ.

    What if one of the precious California blacks who can’t get an IQ test goes on a murderous rampage? Now CA rarely carries out executions, so they’d have to do some Federal crime in order to get the death penalty. Or maybe the school age black moves to a heavy death penalty use state and commits a murder there. All of a sudden, he has no IQ test on file in order to play the “mentally disabled” excuse card.

  40. Crystal says:

    There used to be the Black IQ test concerning black culture. I wonder what happened to that?