Posted on August 5, 2011

Terrifying Footage Shows Bus Gun Attack ‘After Man Dared to Complain About Mother Spanking Her Child’

Daniel Bates, Daily Mail (London), August 5, 2011

As he rode the bus late one afternoon, Lefenus Pickett suddenly realised he could not stand by any longer.

A mother was spanking her child for running in the aisles so the 37-year-old intervened and told her: ‘That’s child abuse’.

Soon he would regret trying to be the Good Samaritan.

The woman, Penny Chapman, 20, is said to have made a call on her cell phone and minutes later two thugs began firing at the bus with an assault rifle and a handgun.

In terrifying CCTV video from inside the vehicle, passengers dive for cover and run for the front before the driver hit the gas and sped off.

Chapman was arrested and is now facing trial along with three men prosecutors say helped her during the terrifying incident in Philadelphia.

He watched her young son run up and down the aisles then she spanked him. ‘I told her, that’s child abuse, that’s a little boy,’ Mr Pickett said, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The CCTV footage then shows Chapman making a phone call.

When the bus stopped she got off the back doors and allegedly pointed out Mr Pickett and told a friend who had got on and said: ‘I want you to shoot that (racial slur)’.

As they flee two other men standing on the sidewalk wearing white T-shirts then open fire–causing panic on the bus.

‘At first I froze for a minute as I stood up,’ Mr Pickett told the court, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

‘But when I saw them actually shooting, I was just trying to move toward the front of the bus’.

In the panic a mother grabbed her child and an 80-year-old woman dropped to the floor just moments before a bullet shattered the glass over her head.

The passengers all rushed for the front as driver Desmond Jones, an Army veteran, sped off and went straight to hospital.

The gunmen fired a total of 13 bullets and of those five went through the back door and several went through the side–but incredibly nobody was injured.

At the court hearing Mr Pickett recounted what happened to the judge as the CCTV was played on a big screen.

Prosecutors said that after the incident, which happened last month, came to light a police officer who patrols the neighbourhood was able to identify all the suspects and confirm they knew each other.

Judge James DeLeon ordered the four defendants to stand trial but dismissed charges against two others.

He said Lawrence Rahyle, 18, and Keith Bellamy, 23 did appear in the bus CCTV but were just spectators.

33 responses to “Terrifying Footage Shows Bus Gun Attack ‘After Man Dared to Complain About Mother Spanking Her Child’”

  1. Anonymous says:

    This behavior is the depths of human depravity. Even in war torn Iraq they don’t feud over society protecting children. Guns to randomly fire into a bus, and for what? Let’s see what happens, probation because its first offense?

  2. dying breed says:

    This happened some time last month?!?!

    It boggles the mind when one considers how many of these types of incidents are being covered up.

    Things are deteriorating quickly folks – be prepared.

  3. clinging to my white privilege says:

    Say hello to the your future. Yes, you were right to feel that dread apprehension.

    NEVER have any interaction with blacks whatsoever. The consequences can be fatal.

  4. NAVY says:

    America must be on the lookout in Philadelphia and all cities harboring racist Marxists.

    These land pirates will continue to surface and be imprisoned as America slowly returns to a constitutional government and Wall Street seizes to pillage the middle class.

    The most violent blacks are in their teens and quick to shoot.

    Beware of flash mobs, drive-by shootings, and mob attacks on buses, especially after school, and where high concentrations of blacks of varying economic strata merge with whites.

  5. Question Diversity says:

    The other story that is linked to below the video states this at the end:

    Defense lawyers argued that since no one was hit, no assault took place, according to

    While what I am about to say seems counter-intuitive because it’s not part of common definition of this term. But the very fact that nobody was hit or hurt actually *proves* assault. Because in legal terms, assault is the *threat* of bodily harm, battery is the actual bodily harm. When someone is shooting a gun in your direction, you are in reasonable fear of bodily harm.

  6. Wilm says:

    To be honest, this guy should have kept his mouth shut, she was doing the right thing by spanking him.

  7. Dwayne O. says:

    The passenger who objected to the spanking was obviously white, as can be seen from the video. He has been given a lesson about the psychopathic street culture of the inner city. I hope he has learned it well.

  8. Howard W. Campbell says:

    You might as well stick an uncovered hand in between two cats fighting as to get involved in this kind of a situation. Many years ago at my part time video store job, a black kid about 10 or 11 tried to shoplift a video game (this company put magnetic strips inside the video games and on the VCR tapes). Upon seeing this and with the assumption that we would call the police, momma asked dad (or the male with this family) for his belt. She beat the tar out of this kid.

    Also in the store that evening was a local TV personality who came running over and screaming “child abuse”. Momma threatened to turn the belt on this woman. Since I was the only male on duty that night, the TV host came over to me and started glowering because I didn’t get involved. My comment that really set this woman off was “I guess junior will think twice about shoplifting again.” She threatened never to come into the store again (as if I cared).

    It was probably just for the best that they departed without obtaining their order. Momma left all of the videos on the counter as she dragged junior to the car. Granted there weren’t cell phones and YouTube at that time. This was even before Rodney King. Even today, the police would be the last people I would involve. Not for the welfare of the child, but for the amount of tax dollars burned up by endless government agencies.

    The nice thing about these kinds of videos is that they tend to trip up those “We are all just the same” messages that the MSM likes to promote.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Actually, the guy who made the comment to that crazy mom was black. The incident happened on June 18th. That was about a month and a half ago… How come this only made the news recently…

  10. Anonymous says:

    We could learn a lot from this Black mother in how she disciplined her son. Whites don’t give Black mothers enough credit for understanding how best to punish a Black male child–we simply watch in horror as they smack them mercilessly.

    In dealing with Black males in general, we know one thing–they will respect only overwhelming force. If they perceive any weakness in their opponent, they will take advantage of him.

    Black mothers know this about their own children, so why haven’t our police forces figured it out yet?

    Perhaps one of the worthwhile government jobs that Black women would be actually good at would be advising our police departments on how best to keep Black males in line. I wouldn’t mind my tax dollars being spent of that–and I think we’d see some immediate and positive changes in Black male behavior.

  11. the Guru says:

    I think the guy was wrong because he endangered himself and other passengers. Know what there is a program providing free cell phones to welfare recipients. Check it out – no kidding black’ are saying thank you whitey. Please check this out before publishing.

  12. Soprano Fan says:

    To Dwayne O:

    Wrong. The guy who complained, Lefenus Pickett, is black. Look at the original article. I can understand why the man was concerned, but there’s no reasoning with a mad, black woman. They’re more dangerous than North Korea’s nuclear arsenal.

  13. BannerRWB says:

    The video shows the Mother barely tapping the boys rear end, and then only once. “Child abuse” by spanking is more of a continued beating type of action. In this case, the punishment was not only warranted and appropriate, but seems to have worked quite well. The second problem though is indeed with the Mother, in that she couldn’t take the simplest criticism or just ignore it. That she moves the situation from a simple complaint by a probably childless person to that of assault by gunfire shows a gross lack of common sense. It doesn’t make much sense either, in that the Mother seems competent enough to apply appropriate discipline, but then goes so far overboard in her response to the complaint. I don’t know, maybe the racial component pushed her to call for the fire support as compared to just a verbal retort. In any case, the fact the the gunfire assailants were Black is not surprising. That they unloaded on innocent bystanders is likewise unsurprising. We have imported Africa and encourage Africans to celebrate their “culture”; now we see in ever increasing incidents just what African culture brings to our once civilized society.

  14. MIke says:

    The fool who criticized her for spanking her kid was out of line. That has been the problem in that community, not enough discipline.

    Of course, he didn’t deserve to be almost murdered for it.

  15. Anonymous says:

    One thing blacks know how to do better than anybody is get down and take cover when they heard the familiar sound of rat a tat tat bang bang … Quick reflexes save lives.

    Maybe thats why so many dumb whites get shot and have such slow reflexes.

    Maybe whites need to take classes on how to act quicker and how to take cover. This could save white lives.

    Blame Rosa Parks for all this. With blacks in the back the bus driver could see them in his mirror.

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is what happens when you even mildly criticise blacks (even if you’re black yourself) A totally, wildly out of proportion retaliation, ranging from foul mouthed, loud verbal abuse, to an incident like this. A couple of incidents in the UK in the last few years, featured on the “Crimewatch” TV programme: on a train in London, a (White) man rebuked a loud, foul-mouthed black “woman”, who was doing what blacks do in public – befouling the air around her with curses, foul language and bad attitude. She made a phone call, and a couple of stops down the line, a black man got on, and beat the White man senseless with a baseball bat studded with nails. A few years ago, in my home town, a black female student was asked by her (White) male housemates if she taken a DVD player or some such trivial thing. The woman went ballistic, threatening all sorts, but the two boys thought nothing of it. In the early hours of the morning, their front door was kicked in by two black “yoots”, accompanied by the female housemate. The “yoots” tied up the two White guys, beat them and threatened them with knives, death and rape.

  17. jack in chicago says:

    Wilm wrote at 7:50 PM on August 5:

    To be honest, this guy should have kept his mouth shut, she was doing the right thing by spanking him.

    Jack replies:

    Agreed. Anytime any Black parent disciplines their children – that should be noticed and quiet support and respect should be given.

    Blacks tend to have explosive tempers that go off when they are disrespected, so always try to maintain an honorable adult to child manner. Think of most Blacks as children who need to be helped a bit and expect childish temper tantrums that translate in to their thug relatives shooting assault riffles in to buses.

  18. Harumphty Dumpty says:

    I suspect the shooter was just “signifying,” and wasn’t intending to actually shoot anyone. From his point of view he will be very unjustly taken in hand by the justice system.

    They live in a different mental world.

  19. Ciccio says:

    #9 The question is not so much as to why it only made the news recently, the question is why did these news have to come via England and not the local press.

  20. observant says:

    Did anyone notice that one of the armed men with the pistol dropped his firearm at 1.00 to 1.06 ??? did the police recover this firearm.

  21. Jon says:

    The problem with Blacks and corporal punishment, is that Black parents (I’m being generous with the plurality) always seem to discipline their children for the wrong things.

    I’ve worked in the retail industry for quite a while and I’ve seen Black kids run around wreaking havoc and their parents seem disinterested. Yet, let them ask if they can have something and their Mother is quick to smack him in the head.

    Maybe this Mother was right to spank her child in this instance, but based on her response after being chastised for doing so, it’s doubtful she was correcting his behavior, but rather hitting him for some other reason not seen in the footage shown.

  22. Anonymous says:

    What surprises me most was she was able to just make a phone call and have several companions drop whatever they were doing and come over and shoot a bus load of people. Like being possibly charged with attempted murder is worth it? And they had no idea what really happened, they only knew what she said.

  23. Question Diversity says:

    21 Jon:

    The main problems I think with the way black parents use corporeal punishment is not only what you say, they use it only as a matter of their own convenience, but also they passionately use it, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

    I would use corporeal punishment, but only after some semblance of what we would call due process. The child has to understand that you did your due diligence to find out for sure whether he or she really did something wrong. They have to understand that the spanking is punishment for some sort of transgression.

    The way blacks tend to use it is counterproductive, because it sends the message that passionate violence for personal convenience is okay.

  24. Eurobeing says:

    My guess is that some sort of rivalry existed between the black male who threatend to call child services and the woman’s alleged uncle and the two gunman.

  25. Anonymous says:

    What’s really outrageous is there was a total of 6 people involved in this. The two shooters, the woman who called everyone, her child’s uncle, and two others that stood by in reserve.

    The child’s uncle got on the bus first, then fled the scene with the woman. The two shooters sprayed the bus with gunfire. But two other guys are seen egging them on, then running off with the shooters when they flee. You can clearly see at least one of them gesturing at the bus during the shooting and running off with them at the end. There’s another person way in the back but all you can see is his legs.

    Everyone was identified and arrested but the charges against these last two were dismissed, claiming they were just spectators.

    Watch from :55 onward and tell me at least that one guy on the right isn’t obviously involved.

  26. white is right, black is whack says:

    I’m sure the liberals and neocons will get mad and say, “There’s good and bad in every race!” Right, because there are tons of white teenage boys that 1) go around carrying firearms and 2)would use those firearms and shoot at a bus full of regular citizens to punish one person in there.

  27. white is right, black is whack says:

    10 — Anonymous wrote at 12:11 AM on August 6:

    We could learn a lot from this Black mother in how she disciplined her son. Whites don’t give Black mothers enough credit for understanding how best to punish a Black male child—we simply watch in horror as they smack them mercilessly.

    Whites will somehow blame this on themselves with their typical, modern self-hating white guilt.

    In dealing with Black males in general, we know one thing—they will respect only overwhelming force. If they perceive any weakness in their opponent, they will take advantage of him.

    There was a time when white men were real men and understood this and acted accordingly. That is, until they let the marxists take over and intimidate them with lawsuits and the fear of being called “racist”

    Black mothers know this about their own children, so why haven’t our police forces figured it out yet?

    Oh, (white) cops understand this. They understand it well, too. However, they know there is a high price to pay for being aggressive in dealing with black and hispanic males (or any nonwhites for that matter). You can thank a (liberal) lawyer for that.

    Perhaps one of the worthwhile government jobs that Black women would be actually good at would be advising our police departments on how best to keep Black males in line. I wouldn’t mind my tax dollars being spent of that—and I think we’d see some immediate and positive changes in Black male behavior.

    Why do whites have to rely on blacks when dealing with bad behavior from other blacks? Why do we have to rely on the few black conservatives to say and do the thigns we’re scared of doing? How’s that been working out for us for the past 40 years?

  28. Up to my neck in CA. says:

    Call me crazy, but the only thing that will stop this violence is deadly force. Bring our troops home and put them on the border and inner city street corners with instructions to SHOOT TO KILL. These out of control “yoofs” only understand one thing and a greater showing of force is all they deserve. Look at their cowardly actions, they hose down a bus with bullets as they are running away. These “street pirates” deserve nothing more than than old fashioned sreet justice. I see attempted murder and assault with intent to cause bodily harm, what does our justice system see? Wayward youths who are the victims of discrimination and the legacy of slavery? This type of blatant thuggery needs to be put down as any nation would put down an insurrection. This may be a little harsh for some of you to swallow, but it is the only way to deal with it. I for one am sick of this and will use deadly force to protect my family.

  29. GetBackJack says:

    Look at house governments turn us against each other. What the heck is wrong with spanking anyway? We need more of it, not less of it!!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    So many black women spank their kids for the wrong reasons – for personal convenience, as someone mentioned. Black ghetto kids are already going to turn out to be black ghetto teens, but the spanking without rhyme or reason only fuels the senseless violence that will later emerge.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I agree completely with #16 (anonymous) about blacks having no ability to handle criticism. They are very easily offended. Blacks take offense to things most people wouldn’t even consider an act of disrespect or rudeness. And this offense often invites a very violent and aggressive response – out of all proportion to reality. Blacks themselves have a phrase for it – ‘going off on someone’. At my work as a quality control supervisor I would often have to make reports to upper management about errors and oversights. Whenever it involved blacks, I could always count on an angry confrontation the next day. Blacks were always the “victim” and being “picked on” even when I caught them red-handed making a glaring mistake or act of negligence. In contrast, with whites or Orientals, the typical response was a genuine inquiry as to what they had done wrong.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I honestly think blacks are just genetically programmed for violence.

  33. Salt says:

    After witnessing far too many black parents (this would be “mothers”) threaten to “beat the bright out of your eyes”, or “beat the black off of your a**”, and then proceed to do what most parents in my community would indeed see as child abuse for such infractions as asking for something to drink, or daring to interrupt their parent while they are getting their drink on/smoking a cigarette/talking to a potential lover … All I can think is “Am I glad I kept my mouth shut or not?”

    I spent a fair part of my youth visiting friends who lived in North St Louis during the 80’s, and it was an extremely rare exception to see a parent correcting a child in public in an appropriate way, with a sense of justice, or for truly appropriate reasons. Black women would literally beat their kids in public, without a second thought, make obscene threats, and then let them run wild in the community so long as they didn’t bother *them*. Occasionally this wrath was turned upon someone who corrected their child for them, and this incident brings those incidents to my mind. The few times I saw someone (usually older) correct a black youth verbally within earshot of a mother, the mothers frequently got up in the face of the person, screaming obscenities, and making threats. This type of thing was not unusual, and it made me never want to be a school administrator in a black school. So this response, while exceedingly extreme, does not surprise me; it is merely the action end of the same threats I heard black mothers make routinely in North St Louis (a predominantly black area of St Louis City).