Posted on August 16, 2011

Students in State Show Gains in English and Math Scores

Howard Blume, Los Angeles Times, August 15, 2011

California students showed moderate gains in English and math on standardized test scores released by the state Department of Education on Monday, continuing a long-term trend. But the results also reveal that the state has a long way to go to bring students up to grade level.

Overall, 54% of California students scored at the “proficient” level or higher in English-language arts, compared with 52% last year; and 50% scored proficient or better in math, compared with 48% last year. {snip}


The results for the Los Angeles Unified School District, the state’s largest school system, also mirrored past years: Growth was better than for the state overall, but scores still fell below the state average.

Students who were considered at grade level–or proficient–in English-language arts increased from 41% to 44%. In math, from 39% to 43%.


Across L.A. Unified, fewer than 20% of high school students scored proficient or better in general mathematics, algebra 1 and 2 and geometry. In fourth grade, by contrast, 67% of students tested as proficient or better in math.

Another persistent issue is the sharp achievement gap separating Asian and white students from Latino and black students, although the latter groups saw gains.

Statewide, 76% of Asian students and 71% of white students were proficient or better in English, for example, compared with 42% of Latinos and 41% of African Americans.

In math, the numbers are 76% for Asians, 61% for whites, 41% for Latinos and 34% for African Americans.