Posted on August 31, 2011

SAfrica: Black Farmers Sell Farms Back to Whites

Forbes, August 31, 2011

South Africa’s minister of land reform says black farmers have resold nearly 30 percent of the white farmland bought for them by the government–often back to the previous white owners.

Minister Gugile Nkwinti announced the startling indicator of failure at Wednesday’s launch of a long-delayed government policy paper to revitalize plans to more equitably distribute agricultural land, redressing historical wrongs. Seventeen years after white minority rule ended, the vast majority of agricultural land remains in the hands of some 40,000 white commercial farmers.

Nkwinti said the government had bought 7 percent of the country’s commercial farmland since 1994. He said black farmers had resold about 2 percent.

Many black farmers have failed for lack of support.

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  1. Byron says:

    “Many black farmers have failed for lack of support.”

    Right, lack of support of the white farmers who know what they are doing.

    South Africa didn’t learn much from Haiti or Rhodesia, etc.

    I’m sure it’s scary when they realize that the white guy they threw under the bus was the bus driver.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This reminds me of those birds that Western tourists buy in the Orient to set free. After the merchant takes the money the birds fly back that night to be “bought” and then released again… File this under the rubric of “Fool me once…”

  3. Conrad says:

    Let me see now. The government took tax money from whites (and smaller amounts from others) bought the farms for the blacks, but now the white farmers have to take more money out of their pockets to buy the farms back. ???

    “Many black farmers have failed for lack of support.”

    Didn’t they get the farms for free?

  4. white is right, black is whack says:

    Well, well, well. What do we have here? Oh, what’s the matter, blacks and liberals? Couldn’t handle it after kicking out those “mean old white racists”? I seriously think these whites coming back should have strict demands. They get to be heavily armed, recieve tax breaks and get twice the original value of what their farms were before Mugabe and his co-horts took them.

    Blacks are unable to compete at the same level of whites. No amount of excuses, grievance, foreign aide, affirmative action or hand up will work.

  5. Peejay in Frisco says:

    I just think that every white farmer in South Africa and Zimbabwe should leave those countries and settle in the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand,Georgia, or any nation that will permit them in. And all decent nations should grant them asylum because of their race. Their presence in South Africa only accelerates more black population growth there.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Are the white farmers who purchase this land making a smart decision? What’s to stop the blacks from doing another redistribution of farmland 20 years down the road?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yet the black “farmers” here in the USA who couldn’t farm if their life depended on it, got to SUE us for billions and got away with their SCAM! This is going to be just another scam for the White S.A.

  8. Boondoggler says:

    Farming does require the knowledge of reading and mathematics. How much fertilizer to buy when each acre requires ‘x’ amount. You know, that algebra stuff that no person will ever use? Hey, farming successfully takes knowledge and work, work, work, work, work.

  9. Anonymous says:

    “I just think that every white farmer in South Africa and Zimbabwe should leave those countries and settle in the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand,Georgia, or any nation that will permit them in.”

    They are trying. Most cannot get in. Even if they do, these countries are developing the same problems as in South Africa, as whites are becoming a minority in most formally white countries.

  10. Anonymous says:

    “Are the white farmers who purchase this land making a smart decision? What’s to stop the blacks from doing another redistribution of farmland 20 years down the road?”

    More like next year.

  11. Anonymous says:

    There was a case in Natal where sugar cane farm was “sold” under pressure to “new farmers”. Hulett’s led them through the process for FIVE years, now you burn, now you harvest, now you plant new bits, now you fertilize, etc. After five years the farm was all theirs. The sixth year they “sat on their bums and did nothing” to quote a person who was there.

  12. Georgia Resident says:

    A more appropriate headline: “Whites pay for farms twice”.

  13. SKIP says:

    I have no compassion for these White farmerss that fall for this ploy and o back to farming for the blacks…they will deserve EXACTLY what they will get and I will call it NATURAL SELECTION and it is nature’s way of eliminating stOOpid people!

  14. Anonymous says:

    It seems the blacks who complained of Apartheid era SA allowing whites to own farmland just because of their race, have now redistributed farmland to blacks, just because of their race (with little to no consideration based on skills etc). If you let people who have little or no skills of farming to own a farm (regardless of race although blacks are least likely to be productive) of course you’re going to wind up with unproductive farms. They should only allow those with the skill (or those willing to and who can learn to own farms).

  15. s says:

    Despite the situation is really bad for the Afrikaners, it is actually so bad it is good for something. Because of the never ending violence against them, they are today blessed with a agreement on the issue of race, of which we can only dream of. Therefore they are the ones who are closest to being able to create a real nation, a State based upon nativity. They dont even have to create a system or policy which mentions race. They may instead create a foolproof immigration policy, which always should support THEIR cause.

    This condition is actually so attractive, that if they succeed in getting their state plans going, it will be attractive for very many. And seeing what trouble whites now in the western world have to fight, in order to be allowed to fight or just to rise up against the injustices, i believe many will go where they understand Heroes are appreciated.

  16. Laager says:

    Minister Nkwinti, Associated Press through Forbes are presenting some very carefully selected facts to their readers and omitting some equally important information.

    The true facts are:

    There is NO shortage of farmland in South Africa

    The white farmers operate on about 1% of the arable land in the country.

    There are thousands of suitable fallow acres owned by the government available for distribution to blacks who – dare I say it – want to farm.

    There is absolutely no need for successful white farms to be appropriated and re-distributed to black (farmers?) at the tax payers expense.

    When such a transaction takes place – the new black owners receive the profitable going concerns for free


    they get a handsome interest free grant (about R100,000) from the state as seed/working capital to get going.

    When a white man owned the land he had to borrow this money from the banks at commercial rates of interest.

    What then happens is this.

    The grant gets blown on western consumer trinkets – luxury 4x4s, TVs, hi-fi’s, flashy clothes and wining and dining in the city.

    When this money runs out they strip the existing assets on the farm – tractors, implements etc. and sell them.

    Anything of steel or aluminium – water pumps, irrigation pipework etc – gets sold to the scrap metal merchant.

    In the meantime the new “farmer” sits on the porch and gazes into space and wonders why nothing is happening.

    Also in African culture it is the women who tend the fields whilst the men sit around and ponder the issues of the day – e.g. the cost of beer and why the women are not working harder etc. etc.

    Finally there is nothing left to plunder – they even strip the doors, windows and roof materials off the existing homesteads and farm buildings to sell – and thus end up selling the farms; and as we now see back to the original owners.

    This process of destruction takes about 2 to 3 years.

    Many white farmers have engaged in this process on the willing buyer / willing seller principle.

    The Govt maintains that this method takes too long and claim that the white owners are setting their prices to high. The farmers retort that their prices are current market valuations.

    White farmers are not prepared to vacate their land – and life’s work – until the deal is concluded and the money is in their bank account.

    Do some lateral reading and you will discover the following.

    Julius Malema – president of the ANC Youth League – is lobbying for expropriation without compensation of property to speed up the process.

    One of the reasons for this is that the state Land Bank – which makes the payments has no funds ……….. because they have been looted by the new black “management”

    Additional reading on Censorbugbear and Mike Smith’s Political Commentary reveals that in the last month about 300 white farms have been burned to destruction in an effort to scare the owners off the land. This terror campaign is in addition to the nearly 4,000 farmers that have been murdered since 1994.

    The full saga of this disaster can be found through Google.


    The Great South African Land Scandal by Dr Philip Du Toit

    Readers may recall the African Fable – The Legend of the Ant and the Grasshopper – that I posted elsewhere on this site.

    It seems as if what goes around, comes around is coming true.

  17. Anonymous says:

    What they need to do is send some American peace corps young people there to teach them how to farm.

    I thought a lot of the farm workers were black? They never learned farming while working for white farmers and are able to run a farm on their own?

    The equivalent of the DOA in SA does not realize the mess they are creating?

    Of course I can understand that the wanna be farmers want to take over a nicely established farm, rather than get fallow land and get something going themselves, maybe even have to build a shed.

    Blacks every where seem to think that everything comes easy to whitey, we just reap the profits while they do all the work.

    Farming is not only hard work, it is intricate, requiring a lot of knowledge and many skills.

    If you bother to look up some homesteading forums you will find out how hard some white Americans work to buy some land, what frugality they practice to reach their goal, and how hard they work to develop a good homestead, with gardens, fruit trees, poultry, bees, etc.

    We have blacks down the road. Last year I was asked by one to give them some red raspberries because his mother in law wanted to bake a pie. We are in the country and they have as much land as we do. I gave him a bunch of plants at the proper time and explained how to plant them and what to do. I see no berry patch when I drive by.

    Farm work does not seem to be on blacks list of favorite things to do.

  18. Laager says:

    @ SKIP

    You really miss the point.

    The families of most of these white farmers have been in South Africa for as long, if not longer, than most white immigrants have been in the USA.

    This is their home, the land of their birth – just like you in the USA.

    Why should they quit?

    Where should they go to?

    The ANC Govt identifies their land/farms for transfer back to the “indigenous blacks from whom it was stolen” There are many spurious land claims within this process.

    Sound familiar doesn’t it?

    What are the whites in Florida going to do when the Cherokee demand their land back?

    So in the spirit of goodwill the white farmers engage in the willing seller / willing buyer process. The deal goes through. The land is transferred and the new owner embarks on the process of destruction as described above.

    Eventually the new black farmer is broke and sells the farmland – his last remaining asset – in order to survive.

    The white farmer – who knows no other life – and probably has enormous emotional ties with the property he built up and was forced to sell, buys it back knowing that within a short space of time he will be showing a profit.

    He is further motivated by the fact that food prices in South Africa are now higher than the UK because of this disasterous policy by the ANC Govt. For the first time in recorded history the country has become a net importer of food due to these poltically induced shortages.

    The solution lies in someone drumming some common sense into the heads of the idiotic Govt.

    Whites have more than demonstrated their goodwill to live in peace with their black neighbours.

    Leave the farmers alone.

    Let them do what they know best and that is farm the land.

    In the dark evil days of apartheid they were feeding most of Africa north of the SA border.

    By leaving the farmers alone peace and stability will return to the rural areas

    Farm labourer employment will be reinstated

    Food shortages will be avoided.

    The price of food will come down

    Foreign exchange will be earned through food exports

    A win-win situation for everyone

    The only problem is that black South Africans don’t have the capacity to see the big picture – or if they do they sacrifice prosperity for insane political agendas.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Laager: but once the white second-time owner/farmers have restored the farms to health and profitability, what will stop the Government from confiscating them again in yet another ‘redistribution’ scheme? surely this can end in only one way, with the utter impoverishment of the white farmers? am I mising something?

  20. Johnny Reb says:

    Destabilization has always been the real goal here. From our point of view such destructive policies do not make sense, but the globalist U.S. State Dept. loves dictators like Mugabee. It serves the globalists goal of using ignorant blacks to bring about massive starvation and depopulation upon themselves. A nation weakened by debt and starvation shall more easily be looted of natural resources.

  21. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    Laager writes:

    in the last month about 300 white farms have been burned to destruction in an effort to scare the owners off the land.


    Also this:

    Farmers in South Africa are being murdered at the rate of 313/100,000. That’s TWO farmers every week. 90% of farms that have been redistributed have failed and are NOT producing any food. Farm killings have increased since Julius Malema – leader of the ANC Youth League – has started singing the banned song ‘Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer.’

    I think it’s extremely important to report that Whites in SA are not just being murdered — but that they are being TORTURED, RAPED and MUTILATED in the most vile manner possible by black monsters, often for hours before they’re finally murdered. This includes babies, children, the elderly and disabled who are not spared from the torture/rape/murders.

    For example:

    Tortured smallholder Chris Bronkhorst, 67, has died. The disabled Afrikaner pensioner was beaten, whipped, tortured with melting plastic, and other tortures which were so horrid that they have never been described in the news media…The disabled Afrikaner was unable to defend himself… he was whipped repeatedly with a sjambok in his Walkerville smallholding home.

    What many Whites in the US do not realize is this IS a vision of OUR future in our homeland and the future of our children and grandchildren and elderly as we become minorities lorded over by nonwhites in the land we created.


  22. Pro-Magnum Man says:

    There are alot of excellent points on this thread and others in regards to the different mentalities of African people and European people. I’ll bet you a million dollars of Wall Street’$ earnings that the average black separatist anywhere in the world thinks that people like Mugabe and Malema are doing a great job because they are “sticking it to Whitey”. Well there is a price to be paid for that. If your redistribution program ends up in the hands of criminals and thugs who know nothing about agriculture, yo just cut off your nose to spite your face. But look at the situation in Somalia. More calling for the West to help those starving people out, right? But that part of the world will always be living and dying from famine, disease and war.

    Why isn’t Mugabe helping his “bruddas and sistahs” out over there? Because he is truly incapable of it. Saudi Arabia could help the famine-ravaged continent of Africa if it wanted to. Why don’t the Western governments demand this from Arab lands? Because they would tell us to get lost, or they would send more would be hijackers to attack us and we can’t have it. This goes to show our own government’s ineptitude when it comes to peace keeping missions. Now the global governments are broke and the situation is only going to get more heated.

    There is an old adage about showing a man how to fish is always better than giving him your catch. But that’s only part of it. You could show a man how to fish but he doesn’t have to want to do it. Or maybe, politically incorrect as it may sound, he will just never be able to do it on his own. That may be a microcosm of many African governments in the modern era.

  23. Laager says:

    @ Bon

    Thank you for your supporting information.

    For the benefit of American/International readers please take a look at the following blog for detailed information on what the white farmers in South Africa are enduring at the hands of black marauding gangs/hit squads.

    Go into the archives. There is plenty of information available.

    On this site you will find a link to:

    “From the Afrikaner Genocide Museum – horrific police-forensic photographs I am not allowed to publish on google:”


    You will be viewing horrific material.

    This will disturb western sensibilities to think that “humans” can do this to fellow humans.

    So far NOT ONE western government has made a public statement about these outrages.


    Another blog to follow is:

    This will give you an insight into non-PC articles which you will not find in the liberal main stream media in the west.

    There is an excellent series of articles here called;

    Lifting the the lid on Pandora’s Box – the truth about apartheid.


    Please refer as many people as you can to these blogs

    The distorted information spread by the main stream media must be countered


    @ Anon 10:26

    You are probably right, but peculiarly there are some moderate black people around who may want to put an end to this madness through utilising their vote.

    They pay the same for food as everyone else and they know that they are materially worse off today that they were during the “evil” apartheid era.

    How long this process will take is anyone’s guess.

    Also remember that the majority of Afrikaners are devout Calvinist Protestant Christians who place their faith in God. There is some serious praying going on in their communities beseeching God to deliver a peaceful solution to their suffering.

  24. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    Laager writes:

    @ Bon

    Thank you for your supporting information.


    Please refer as many people as you can to these blogs.

    The distorted information spread by the main stream media must be countered



    Yes, indeed the Western media spread distortions and lies about SA and Zim. I’ve always maintained the two most detrimental institutions to Whites are the media and the K-12 child brainwashing gulags, better known as public schools.

    I have been reading those sites you posted for years — including all of the HORRIFIC, gory details, including photos. I pass the links along as much as I possibly can, here on AmRen (although you seem to be doing a bang-up job) and elsewhere.

    It infuriates me to no end that the US government pays for and encourages refugee resettlement into White homelands for the most fecund, disease-ridden, low IQd dregs of humanity (if you can call it that) from the deepest depths of depraved Africa — yet throws up roadblocks to South African Whites who are facing murder, torture, mutilation and, indeed, genocide.

    But then the US government is NOT pro-White and in fact works hard for our dispossessing and demise — British government, same thing. We are fighting for White Civil Rights now and soon will be fighting for our very right to exist!! It sickens me.

    I also like this site:

    I miss the old blogspot, used to read it religiously and comment there occasionally. It is there that I learned what Whites in SA and Zim are up against.

    I was hoping to visit SA sometimes as a tourist, have seen photos and it is spectacular, but I believe it is far too dangerous now for White tourists.


  25. Clytemnestra says:

    “I just think that every white farmer in South Africa and Zimbabwe should leave those countries and settle in the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand,Georgia, or any nation that will permit them in.”

    “They are trying. Most cannot get in. Even if they do, these countries are developing the same problems as in South Africa, as whites are becoming a minority in most formally white countries.”

    The countries you have listed are all Anglo countries and sorry, but the whole Anglo system is completely worthless to White refugees. The best place for White Rhodesians and South Africans to immigrate to is Latin American countries who PREFER White European immigrants to all others.

    A lot of these countries are encouraging their Non-White citizens to emigrate to El Norte in hopes that they will stay in El Norte. In the meantime, they make it very easy for light-skinned, skilled, educated Caucasians to immigrate to their countries.

    Argentina has a sizeable White African population. In fact, I would highly recommend any racially conscious White American to look at Latin America as well. If you have to learn Spanish to get a crack at a decent job here in the USA nowadays, you might as well get fluent enough to go where you are NOT treated like a second class citizen with no rights to your own heritage.

    Yes, many Latinos whose bloodlines are not pure White are hoping that large populations composed of White European stock will allow these Latinos to intermarry with them, but they respect your boundaries and there is no active government policy to force people of color on White people. I get the feeling that our government will eventually legislate shot-gun marriages between blacks and Caucasians if we Caucasians don’t start getting with the program as soon as they would like it.

    I realize that many posters here are Anglo-Americans who treasure their heritage. My ancestors came from Europe and had to learn English which led to their descendants like me adopting the Anglo culture. However, AFAIC, Anglo culture has turned on and become extremely hostile to ALL WHITE PEOPLE while making a point of coddling and uplifting Non-White people at their expense.

    I have no problem whatsoever pulling up stakes and immersing myself in a new culture if that culture is friendly and welcoming to my race, because AFAIC, ORION (Our Race Is Our Nation). I think it is only a matter of time before Whites all over the world come to the same conclusion and Latin America is going to be the seat of a White Renaissance in two or three hundred years from now. I want my descendants to benefit from it.

    To me, where racially conscious Whites are concerned, Latin America is where it is at.

  26. Laager says:

    @ Bon

    I have been returning to South Africa every year since 2000

    The only problems I have had is cops extorting on the spot bribes for speeding transgressions

    However locals – especially up north – live in a world of carefully managed security strategies

    As a tourist provided you adhere to the security information your hotel will provide you should be OK