Posted on August 29, 2011

Rot in Hell!: Elizabeth Wright–Calling Her a ‘Sellout’ Would Be Charitable

One People’s Project, August 27, 2011

[Editor’s Note: Hat tip to Alternative Right for bringing this example of liberal tolerance to our attention.]

How bad was Elizabeth Wright? She was a black woman, and we heard of her death via American Renaissance, complete with tribute to her written by Jared Taylor! Wright was one of those utterly despicable black conservatives that didn’t just cover for white racism, she was a total apologist for white supremacists. In 1985, she started publishing the newsletter Issues & Views, and although she had this mantra that it “was derived from the wisdom of earlier generations of American blacks, like Booker T. Washington, who attempted to steer their people towards greater economic self-reliance,” but to her that meant being conciliatory and a segregationist in many respects. She was no fan of multiculturalism, but that didn’t stop her from defending neo-Confederacy. She was also a supporter of Holocaust deniers David Irving and Ernst Zundel while they were in jail, railed against the Civil Rights Act as “forced integration”, supported the stunt being promoted by white supremacists that the Republican Party focus only on reaching out to white voters and not anyone else and also had time to cry about the American Renaissance Conference being shut down in Charlotte, NC this year (we didn’t even know she had written about that until we started writing this). {snip} As we write this, the news has spread, but only to other white supremacist blogs. Seriously, if your legacy as a person of color has people who downright despise black people mourning your death as a collegue [sic], it is probably pretty wise to hide your face. This woman will not be missed.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I did not read the article;

    I would not comment on the writing of idiots. They should be roundly ignored.

  2. Joey says:

    The instances of the left being hypocrites is endless. They either don’t have the ability to recognize their own blatant double standards or they just don’t care. I tend to think it’s the latter. I post on Huffington Post from time to time. Articles with the main topic of any black conservative (especially Clarence Thomas) are met with the most vile hateful comments against any blacks who think outside of the collective. They revere MLK and repeat his platitude about ‘content of one’s character’ but in reality believe the opposite. Minorities who don’t get in line with the leftist agenda are castigated as traitors and in many instances treated worse than whites who defend their own race.

    Jared Taylor is the master at creating logical truthful racial arguments without attacking any specific race or ethnicity with prejudiced arguments. They can’t stand that so they revert to the knee-jerk reaction of name calling. Keep up the good fight Mr. Taylor.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Darn those evil segregationists! Evil, evil monoculturalists like Marcus Garvey, the younger Malcolm X, Charles F. Mercer and the founders of Liberia, the founders of Haiti, Prince Hall, Martin Delany, Henry McNeal Turner, Frantz Fanon – darn them all to heck!

    One People’s Project goes on to say: “The sooner these scumbags shuffle off this mortal coil, the better for the rest of us!” I don’t always like or agree with what AmRen publishes, but I’ve never seen a call for the death of those they disagree with or dislike. No, it’s One People’s Project that thinks people “getting slapped around a bit” [cite] is jim dandy if they have Bad Thoughts, not AmRen. If this were a 100% segregated world I’d miss some of my friends. But it would be a more physically safe world than if One People’s Project came to power.

  4. (AWG) Average White Guy says:

    The person who wrote the above article for One People Project is either irrational, a poor writer, or both.

    The sentence, “She was no fan of multiculturalism, but that didn’t stop her from defending neo-Confederacy,” is nonsensical and contradictory.

    The sentence that begins, “She was also a supporter of . . . ” contains 82 words, if I counted correctly. I assume the writer dropped out of high school or slept through English Composition class.

    The cumbersome phrase, “Seriously, if your legacy as a person of color has people who downright despise black people mourning your death as a collegue . . .” is noted by the AmRen editor.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If she was supporting Nazi sympathizers, than she was indeed a “messed up” person.

  6. Fred from France says:

    The cog with two spinning electrons in it resembles a university logo of the Democratic Republic of Germany. It is therefore not difficult to recognize Trotskyites in “One people’s project”…

    You find Trotskyites in “antiracist” organizations, “green” political parties, and “gay-friendly” movements (only the most outrageous). But hardly in work unions unlike other communists. There are indeed (Stalinist) communists with a work moral, and (Trotskyite) communists with a mayhem “ethic”.

    Trotskyites care only about their proletarian internationalism and their worldwide revolution. In fact, they don’t like workers (Blacks or Whites) because workers want a stable environement and they do not support revolution. The only dream of Trotstyites is to foster the collapse of civilization in order to forward their nightmare society.

    In Europe, they have representatives and they run for president at every election.

  7. olewhitelady says:

    So Ms. Wright “downright despise[d] black people” simply because she was a race-realist? By such a measure, everyone, including liberals, would be adjudged to hate anyone who wasn’t as bright. Of course, liberals DO hate anyone they believe, or pretend to believe, is not as bright–such as Christians and Southerners.

    Liberals constantly show themselves to be vile and vengeful haters. Part of their creed is that all white people, including themselves, are racist. Thus, they are self-haters who purportedly want to turn all power over to non-whites. I wish they would tote out the sackcloth and ashes, then, and stop wearing designer clothes and living in ivory towers.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I was gonna comment but the only thing I can say is how well the indoctrination must be working in our schools and University`s…When I start my pre dawn leaflet campaign, I guess that`s where I`ll begin.

  9. GeorgeB says:

    Unfortunately this isn’t a surprise from the “tolerant” left wing, but it is utterly despicable.

  10. Kingoldby says:

    Stay classy lefties.

  11. Un-Indoctrinated says:

    As always the liberal rebuttal on any relevant topic is of this emotional drivel; ranting & raving that doesn’t make sense when it comes to the actual topic. I thought liberal ideology condones individuality. This woman was definitely a rare breed who saw that if the “black” perspective was truly about overcoming prejudices, then it’s an inside job. Even if limited in the intelligence department, hard work would be celebrated by other races. Instead today in 2011 we have sloth, gluttony, and downright criminality in the black community being defended by the headline-grabbing race baiters. No longer can I read an article and not wonder if the individuals involved are White or black.

  12. Anonymous says:

    This article, denouncing and celebrating the demise of an elderly black woman, is so mean it almost works as an advertisement for American Renaissance. Unfortunately, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

  13. Anonymous says:

    One Peoples Project is just another extension of the Communist Party. They poured into this country through our idiotic, evil immigration policies back in the early 1900’s and before.

    Isn’t it odd that we never hear nor talk about the Communist Party in the USA any longer and how they are responsible in large part to our downfall? We will never solve our problem without getting to the ROOT of that problem.

    …EVERY movement that is/was bad for White America came from these communist immigrants.. Civil Rights, AA and quotas, The Feminist Movement, racial DEsegregation, Gay Rights, 1965 Immigration Act, hate crime law, ACLU, SPLC, ADL, anti-Christian, etc. etc.

    According to wiki:

    The party apparatus was to a great extent underground. It re-emerged in the last days of 1921 as a legal political party called the Workers Party of America. As the red scare and deportations of the early 1920s ebbed, the party became bolder and more open. An element of the party, however, remained permanently underground and came to be known as the “CPUSA secret apparatus.”

    During this time Jews whose backgrounds derived from Eastern Europe are said to have played a very prominent and disproportionate role in the CPUSA.[8] A majority of the members of the Socialist Party were immigrants and that an “overwhelming” percentage of the CPUSA consisted of recent immigrants, a substantial percentage of whom were Jews.[9]

  14. Bernie says:

    Well, the guy who runs One People’s Party is an obese black man named Darryl Lamont Jenkins. Obese people tend to die young so perhaps he should ponder what his obituary will look like.

    By the way, look at his writing. Did this guy even graduate from high school?

  15. Anonymous says:

    If this were a 100% segregated world I’d miss some of my friends. But it would be a more physically safe world than if One People’s Project came to power.


    You can always go visit your friends. I have “acquaintances” of people of color but never call them my friends. My friends are of my racial family, my kindred, period. 100% segregation is necessary for our survival and always has been.

  16. Anonymous says:

    “She was no fan of multiculturalism”

    No one is a fan of multiculturalism except for liberal whites.

    Blacks are certainly not fans – witness their inability to stop fighting with Hispanics.

  17. Anonymous says:

    4 — Anonymous wrote at 3:22 AM on August 30:

    If she was supporting Nazi sympathizers, than she was indeed a “messed up” person.


    Why? Because of our “history” since WW1&11, as was told by the commie sympathizers in our nation? Don’t believe everything you read and watch as true history.

  18. Southron: says:

    To #4. She didn’t support Nazis. She supported their right to free speech. I believe that Daryl “the Barrel” Jenkins at the One Puke Project has the same right, though obviously I don’t support him.

  19. Anonymous says:

    “Elizabeth Wright—Calling Her a ‘Sellout’ Would Be Charitable”

    No, calling her a ‘Sellout’ would be wildly INACCURATE.

    “Sellout” implies that someone does what they do because they value money over principles. This was resolutely NOT the case with Elizabeth Wright. She didn’t get rich by “betraying” her own people to some wealthy organization or company who paid her to do so. Here on the race-realist side of the ideological spectrum know full well that no such wealthy org’s or companies exist. Even if some minority WANTED to make a quick buck denouncing their own kind, to whom would they turn? Who would give that money to them? The Ford Foundation, who created and continue to fund MALDEF, La Raza, etc? Hardly. The Ford Foundation is as ultra-liberal as they come.

    Who then? The K? They were bankrupted by lawsuits in the ’90s, they have no money to pay any writer no matter how much they might approve of that writer’s message.

    In fact, the late Ms. Wright was the precise OPPOSITE of a “sellout”. She was a highly principled individual who wrote what she believed to be correct, regardless of the virtually non-existent monetary rewards. She also apparently suffered social ostracization for her efforts — as evidenced by the fact that she was so (understandably) nervous about being “outed” or becomign some sort of recognizable public figure that she declined to meet even with sympathetic supporters such as AR’s own Jared Taylor.

    The One Peoples Project seems to think the Right is rife with rich racist think-tanks etc, which can “buy” people like Elizabeth Wright, and tempt them into doing the rich bigots’ evil bidding with piles of cash. Nothing could be further from the truth. That such rich right-wing org’s even exist is just another of the modern Left’s paranoid fantasies. The OPP is FAR more likely to receive a grant from the Ford Foundation than anybody like Elizabeth Wright or Jared Taylor.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Common. They do the same to any black students who try to be a non-thug in public schools and make better grades. They are called Uncle Toms by the older generation who have been doing it for ages and cracka barrel by the younger ones.

  21. Incognito says:

    she had this mantra that it ‘was derived from the wisdom of earlier generations of American blacks, like Booker T. Washington, who attempted to steer their people towards greater economic self-reliance.’

    Oh no, can’t have that, can we One People’s Reject?

    Black people MUST be steered AWAY from self-reliance and directed TOWARD life long government entitlement programs!! Obama will support you and give you anything you desire! Right? Ask Peggy ‘The Moocher’.

    The government’s purpose is to take care of blacks from cradle to grave, right, OPR?

    Those white slaveholders and plantation owners must pay for what they did to your people! There must be life-long restitution for Bull Connor’s water guns and dogs.

    Therefore, DO NOT even think of becoming self-reliant!

    And, remember to revel in self-pity, blame others for your problems, all of them, and use violence to get and take what you want. Keep whites scared, groveling and on the run.

    Don’t worry, the media’s got your back, will cover up your violence and the government too will mau-mau in your presence. The government will confiscate white earnings, their jobs and wealth and hand it over to you while demanding nothing in return.

    You’d better hope and pray that white America does not disappear or the government stops printing money. Any complaints to your fellow “oppressed minorities” when they take power will fall on deaf ears.

    Wish I could be around to watch the fall out. Maybe then you’ll realize that white America was the best friend blacks ever had. But, given your low average IQs, I doubt you’ll be able to make the connection.

  22. Alexandra says:

    #4, #17–I am no Holocaust denier myself, but I believe people do have the right to question things. They question, they get answers…why do they have to go to jail?

  23. white is right, black is whack says:

    Even conservative Jesse Lee Peterson talked about how hateful black liberals are when to comes to black conservatives. I can’t even imagine any of us pro-white conservative people (like Taylor) advocating genocide or hate or anything like this when it comes to white liberals. The black conservatives aren’t the ones doing drive bys and dropping out of school and dwelling on the past. Black conservatives aren’t the ones pushing racial hatred and racial division. That’s liberals that do that.

  24. GetBackJack says:

    Did you notice it is from “One People’s Project?” What people? People who all think alike, like the author. Elizabeth Wright was intelligent enough to see through the propaganda. For all these Marxists that love to hate whitey, they never stop to really absorb what’s going on around them. They are the real haters. But then again, the author is most likely white.

  25. Anonymous says:

    “If she was supporting Nazi sympathizers, than she was indeed a “messed up” person.”

    Do you mean by nazi sympathizer someone who noticed a 5 and 3/4 million discrepancy between the 1946 Red Cross/British goverment report endorsed by the very anti German Winston Churchill and the numbers cited by a certain United States welfare dependency

    in the Middle East?

  26. RegvlvsSeradly says:

    “She was also a supporter of Holocaust deniers David Irving and Ernst Zundel while they were in jail”

    I assume this means she supported their freedom of speech, not necessarily the content of their speech.

  27. Preparation H-Bomb says:

    Sounds to me like Elizabeth Wright was smarter than 99.9% of fellow blacks, and smarter than ALL the white liberals who hate themselves first and other whites immediately thereafter….

  28. jdavis says:

    Another example of restricted speech, no freedom of speech unless you say what “they” want to hear. If I agreed with them we would both be wrong.

    Let freedom ring, “remember”?

    Simple minded cretins will rule the next generations on ground level; the elitists’ will rule from bunkers.

  29. Justin says:

    All she demanded was excellence from her people. For that, she was ostracized…go figure.

  30. WR the elder says:

    One People’s Project, totalitarian to the core. I have no doubt that Wright’s support for Irving, Zundel, or the AR conference was solely due to her advocacy of free speech. It doesn’t mean she was a holocaust denier or agreed with many of the speakers at AR conferences. Today the left thinks it’s okay to throw people into prison if they say things the left doesn’t like. The left also thinks it’s a good thing for the government to tell us whom we have to hire, and to whom we must sell our houses. If you love your freedom never support the far left.

  31. Question Diversity says:

    19 Anonymous:

    Remember, even blacks that are lamestream or neo-conservatives are “sellouts,” much less Elizabeth Wright.

    Too, one can’t say she was a “sellout” because she semi-adopted WN/RR ideology in a Machiavellian sense because she thought black people would be better off living under it than other credible future ideologies.