Posted on August 31, 2011

Race Riots Hit Milwaukee

Russia Today, August 31, 2011


Bob Donovan is an alderman in Wisconsin who presides over a district that includes Milwaukee, WI. Earlier this month, a riot erupted at a nearby state fair in which blacks were pitted against whites as hundreds and as many as a thousand youths viciously attacked one another. Donovan told RT that Milwaukee may be a diverse community, it is also one that is grossly segregated.

Donovan says that while whites and blacks may keep to their own sides of the city, minorities in Milwaukee are facing a plague that is ravaging their community. Black male unemployment, said Donovan, is an epidemic. “Some are placing it as close to 50 percent,” he told RT. “That has its problems that unfortunately there are far too many individuals in Milwaukee can chose to ignore it.” And with that unemployment comes unrest aimed towards those who are getting by with jobs and money in cities just like his.


Inequality among races, now leading to violence, is something Donovan says can’t just be ignored. The community is in denial, he said, and cites that many lawmakers won’t admit that the incident at the state fair was racial.

“That’s absurd!” said Donovan.

Donovan says that it is the number one objective of the government to insure that its citizens are kept safe, and with incidents like this continuing (even if they aren’t reported), he says cities should start thinking outside the box for ways to combat unemployment and inequality before riots and revolts become more commonplace. {snip}