Posted on August 16, 2011

Police Chief in S.C. Resigns over Facebook Post

AZ Central, August 15, 2011

The police chief in Williamston has resigned after the mayor asked him to leave because of postings on his Facebook page.

Police Chief Richard Inman resigned Friday at the request of Mayor Carthel Crout, who said one post in particular showed poor taste and lacked judgment. He says that posting showed a photo of a portable toilet with handwriting that reads “Mexican spaceship.”

Inman told WSPA earlier this week that he thought the post was funny and not racially insensitive. He said he treats all citizens fairly.


14 responses to “Police Chief in S.C. Resigns over Facebook Post”

  1. Follow The Light says:

    At what point is everyone (let’s say 90-95%) going to realize you can not exercise poor judgment if you are in the public light. ANY minor reference to race is seen as what is rapidly becoming a thought-crime.

    Use sense, man! Stay off Facebook. Forget your ego, you don’t need it. If you are in business and are sure that is your best advertisment then Be Careful.

    If my thought-dreams could be seen

    They probably would put my head in guillotine.

    But it’s alright, Ma

    It’s life and life only.

    -Bob Dylan

  2. ice says:

    “He says that posting showed a photo of a portable toilet with handwriting that reads “Mexican spaceship.”

    God, that’s funny. LOL!

    In southern Calif there are still jokes going around that declare a rainstorm as a “Mexican Car Wash,” and balogna as “Mexican Steak.”

  3. anonymous says:

    of course, blacks and hispanics can yuck it up about whites but heaven forbid a white be insensitive.

    I suspect this came about by catering to everyone, beginning with our women in 1921 when we gave them the right to vote…….. things were better when property owners were the only ones given the right to vote…….

    and the toilet joke is funny…hahahahahahahaha


  4. Melinda Van Tijn says:

    Looks like the Facebook Gestapo has struck again. If I had been Inman, the mayor would have had a bit more of a challenge to oust me.

    When are people going to realize that Mexican is not a race? In the 90s, I sat in the audience of a televised game show in Mexico City while visting friends of mine who were in an exchange teacher program. I met so many real Mexicans in the audience who had naturally blonde and red hair, blue eyes and not all of the surnames on their name tags were Spanish. I met Mexican families who are happy and living well with no desire to emigrate anywhere. The Indian-looking ones who come to the United States are the poor and underemployed; they are just as much trouble in Mexico as they are here.

    This situation brings to mind Texans of Mexican descent, now six generations or more, who are very American, often wealthy, and are mindful of both their American and Mexican roots.

    If Inman lived where I live, a jurisdiction with a significant number of Russian immigrants, and he had referred to a toilet as a “Russian Spaceship,” I seriously doubt that the response would be the same.

  5. Todd says:

    and balogna as “Mexican Steak.”in Kentucky bologna is called “Kentucky round steak” it that “racist” as well??

  6. jewamongyou says:

    When is Eric Holder going to be forced to resign for being insensitive to whites?

  7. CDE says:

    A portable toilet is a Mexican gas chamber.

    A car horn is a Mexican doorbell.

    The Rio Grande is a Mexican washing machine.

    Then there was the Mexican law student who thought Roe v Wade were two ways to get across the Rio Grande.

  8. HH says:

    Who could have imagined a day would come when men, grown men would attack one another for being “insensitive?” We have fallen to such a degraded, decadent level, it is shocking!

  9. Mr Jones says:

    Belittling whites is considered hip and an act of ‘countering stereotypes’. There are very serious, however, when the lead us to believe white men are responsible for all bad happenings past and present. That’s not being ‘insensitive’, however, it’s considered enlightenment.

  10. Daniel says:

    Ring of fire (the morning after Mexican food). Of course it isn’t racist. What other reason could cause someone to imagine a Mexican toilet rising into orbit? Look at all the Mexican chili posts on Youtube! To ignore something that obvious and viral takes an extremely twisted imagination.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Where in our Founding documents, Ten Commandments or the Bill Of Rights does it say,

    Thou shall not offend,

    Thou shall not be offensive,

    Thou shall not be racist,

    Thou shall GLADLY invite all 3rd world people (other races) into your lands,

    Thou shall give up your land to these heathens,

    Thou shall become slaves and they (strangers, foreigners) the masters,

    I could go on forever but you get the message.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Anti-family culture is what started political correctness. No one cares when a man is fired who might have, or might start, a family. The state has replaced him and is defending its interests. They wouldn’t dare fire a family man if there were no socialist safety net to catch women.

    Yet attacking this offends the single moms and their illegitimate spawn, and they vote. Men either keep quiet or defend the whores, because sacrifice even to a fault is a masculine quirk, easily abused. Testosterone does funny things to a mind.

    Women are at the heart of the fall of the West, India, East Asia, South Africa, and increasingly these days the upper Middle East nations who have swallowed the PC pill. It’s killing all of the good civilizations of the world!

  13. ATBOTL says:

    I thought Southerners rejected PC?

  14. Anonymous says:

    “Then there was the Mexican law student who thought Roe v Wade were two ways to get across the Rio Grande.”

    I like it. That’s truly funny.