Posted on August 1, 2011

Mayor of Gould, Arkansas, ‘Pistol Whipped’ Following Heated Discussion with Councilmen

Daily Mail (London), August 1, 2011

The mayor of an Arkansas city claims to have been pistol whipped following a heated discussion with council members, it has been reported.

Earnest Nash, mayor of Gould, described the incident on Thursday evening as the culmination of months of abuse aimed at him and his family.

A witness said Mr Nash had been talking to council members Sonya Farley and Rosieanna Smith in a car when a member of the public joined in the heated discussion.

The witness, councilman Harry Hall, told KATV Mr Nash and the other man began shouting at each another before it got ‘physical.’

Mr Nash claims he was hit with a pistol and feared for his life.

‘I really did think I was going to die yesterday,’ he told the TV station. ‘They pulled up like gangsters to be honest with you.’

The mayor then said the man hit him in with the gun. ‘My wife and my daughter were both screaming,’ Mr Nash said.

So far no arrests have been made. Mr Nash said he has not heard back from the police.

‘It’s been almost 24 hours,’ Mr Nash said. ‘No arrests have been made. I haven’t heard from them. I’m disappointed. ‘

The tensions between Mr Nash and the council go back to January, when new members took office.

They passed an ordinance banning all public and private meetings discussing any city matters within city limits, aimed at Gould Citizens Advisory Council.

The Advisory Council last week filed a lawsuit against council members Mr Hall and Ms Smith challenging their eligibility to serve.

Mr Nash was then attacked.

During an interview with Fox 16 yesterday, councilwoman Ms Farley actually drove up and confronted Mr Nash.

Ms Farley had to be restrained.

Despite the threats Mr Nash said he has no plans to stand down.

‘I’m not leaving, I’m not going anywhere,’ he said. ‘I’m going to stay the mayor whether they like it or not. They’re not going to run me off.’