Posted on August 9, 2011

Forced to Strip Naked in the Street: Shocking Scenes as Rioters Steal Clothes and Rifle Through Bags as People Make Their Way Home

Daily Mail (London), August 9, 2011

This is the shocking moment a young man is apparently forced to hand over all of his clothes after appearing to be stripped naked during lawless riots overnight.

Internet rumours last night claimed that on top of the widespread destruction across London and Birmingham, people were having their clothes removed by looters as police attempted to contain the criminality.

Reports on Twitter claimed some people were being stripped, while another shocking video shows a bleeding teenager being robbed in broad daylight by lawless thugs who pretend to help him to his feet.

On Twitter, numerous posters claimed there had been incidents of people being stripped naked in Birmingham, although the reports are unsubstantiated.

A spokesperson for the Met Police could also not confirm reports of people being stripped in Deptford, south London.

Elsewhere, a shocking video showed an unnamed teenager being apparently assisted by kind-hearted passers-by after being spotted injured and bleeding on the ground.

But seconds after the vulnerable boy is helped up, callous looters instead start rifling through his rucksack.

With over a dozen thugs standing nearby, the teenager tries to stop the bleeding from his head as thieves continue the daylight robbery.

A man who is clearly seen picking items from the teenager’s bag then wanders off with his loot, before carelessly discarding the items on the floor.

81 responses to “Forced to Strip Naked in the Street: Shocking Scenes as Rioters Steal Clothes and Rifle Through Bags as People Make Their Way Home”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    This should be the iconic (and I don’t mean that in a positive way) photo of this year, a picture that speaks volumes without saying a word. As late as yesterday, I would have said that picture of Nina Tayloe in Memphis bowing down in front of that black man (See the AR story) would have served that purpose.

    BTW, I have seen even worse pictures from the London riots in this vein. And by “worse,” I mean white people who were made to give up all their clothing.

  2. Peejay in Frisco says:

    Here is a hate crime that I dare anyonee to top.Many many years ago, in 1968,an employee of a photography supply store was driving in his convertable on Geary, passing Fllmore in San Francisco.Two blacks carjacked and kidnaped him, driving to Hunters Point,San Franciscos most notorious Ghet-toe.They robbed him of everything that he had on him, then they stripped him naked and left him in a vacant lot. Real cute, arent they? Where he was kidnapped was the location of the Nation of Islam Mosque, the one that was implicated in the San Francisco Zebra Murders six years later.I would NOT be driving in an open vehicle in ANY part of town with blacks in it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    THANK GOD FOR BARTENDING… It gave me the will to overcome, and the desire to fight to hurt and hurt to win…

    On a related note… I remeber as a kid how amazed I would be when two men would fight to the death over 50 cents left on a pool table, picked up by someone else. Now I understand. It was a challenge, an affront to the dignity of the man who put it there and a hundred different other things. Someone needs to teach the White guy how to fight back, how to give as good as he gets and the joy in facing down a thug if not beating him down.

  4. Miss Whitey says:

    The above picture of the White man stripping for the Black man clearly shows how weakened White people have become.

    It appears that there is only ONE black man, not a mob, making this humiliating demand. Why doesn’t the White man fight back? Even as a WOMAN I would be sure to fight back as best as I could.

    The answer is political correctness. He probably has always been taught that Blacks are justified whenever they are angry(which seems to be all the time), whenever they riot, whenever they complain, etc. and White people must understand this and acquiesce to their incessant demands.

    Also, he might have been afraid that if he did not do as the Black man demanded, he might have been the victim of a physical assault by this Black and the White man might have been charged with assault instead!!

    This photograph sickened me and should be just one example of why Europeans need to fight multiracialism.

  5. Kenelm Digby says:

    Just think how unthinkable this scene would have been to the victim’s British Victorian forbears – the people who ran half the world and only saw the ancestors of that black as fit for cutting sugar cane.

    If Britain is to survive, if it to has any sort of future, the blacks must go.

    I state it categorically and unabashedly as that, the blacks must go.There cannot be any compromise on this.Where they go I do not care.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What an absolutely pathetic excuse for a race. The white one, I mean. Hopefully one day a good quality Russian stock will repopulate the UK.

  7. Old White Jim says:

    Seeing that kid handing over his clothes to an unarmed descendant of anthropaphagists makes me wonder what it would feel like to be born without a spine.

  8. Johann von Braun says:

    Take a good look at that picture. It is the future we have made for our children. Multiculturalism is the death of western civilization. I’m sure that there have been and will be rapes on whites both male and female. It is the way of the African to terrorize with sex.

  9. Anonymous says:

    From long experience I can tell you that anytime the authorities “cannot confirm” that something happened, then it DEFINITELY DID happen.

  10. Howard W. Campbell says:

    The New York Daily News has a story that Amazon UK has reported that baseball bat sales are up by approximately 5500%. How soon are the police going to be forced to go around and start mandating “bat control”?

  11. Allan says:

    Why don’t these Whites learn to fight back?

  12. JT says:

    I swear I almost have no pity for the white in this photo. Fight or flee, do not cower. And do not say “live to fight another day” because if this guy had any “fight” in him he would be using it.

  13. MrGJG says:

    Good God!

    From what I can see in this picture, it’s one guy, not a mob.

    Unless there’s more “youths” out of the frame or that guy has a weapon this kid is a coward.

    I wonder why we’re getting our asses kicked, we deserve it if this kid is representative of today’s white boys.

    This picture makes me want to beat both of them.

  14. BO_Bill says:

    Add the words “Never Again”, and this photograph would make a pretty cool poster.

  15. GetBackJack says:

    Looks like Enoch Powell was dead on. If you can’t control your guests, you kick them the hell out of your home.

    I don’t see a weapon. So, I am going to ASSUME, rightly or wrongly, that the guy doesn’t have the b’s to defend himself. In a mere 50 years, whites have been reduced to a race of groveling, pathetic cowards. Courtesy of other whites. And, we know who those other whites are.

  16. Anonymous says:

    That picture says a billion words, and should be on the cover of every major world newspaper.

  17. eugenicist says:

    I sometimes ask people, “Which are you more afraid of, being called a racist or being mugged?”

    or, “Would you rather be called a racist a million times or endanger [his/her kid]’s life once?” Very important to use the kid’s name; if they’re younger I use a beloved niece or nephew, or even a dog.

    Now I can show them this picture too. Sad, but necessary.

  18. CDE says:

    I hope this kid is the son of a Labour Party multiculturalist. Its the youger generation and those to come that will pay the price for the malfeasance of the Left in Europe. This picture sickens me. A native Briton being humiliated on the streets in his own country by some piece of garbage. Sickening!!

  19. Whiteman says:

    “In this country in 15 or 20 years’ time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man.”

    lol, I remember during the 1980’s, inner city girls would say, “you don’t have the whip” as a way to turn you down, or let you know before hand they were not interested in you. Generally it was used by girls, both black and white, towards white men.

  20. Timothy says:

    The BNP’s website has another photo of a middle aged woman who was forced to strip, who was talking to a police officer in the photo. According to the BNP website the photo was removed from the daily mail website by a top level editor for being too shocking.

    99% of the population can tell the media are patronizing them and treating them like they’re stupid to an extent like never before.

    I just finished reading Alan Greenspan’s autobiography in which he repeatedly stresses what he believes are the core, fundamental elements that save a nation from poverty: property rights and the rule of law. In a matter of a day or two the 6th largest economy in the world lost the rule of law and property rights due to being a multi-ethnic society. Notice the lack of rampaging “youths” in Iceland or Japan when their economies tanked.

  21. Anonymous says:

    While this is horrifying to witness, perhaps it can give you an idea of the same sort of humiliating, degrading behavior that millions of Blacks have had to had to endure at the hands of Whites throughout history.

  22. (AWG) Average White Guy says:

    Pictured is a black male recruiting a White man to the BNP.

  23. This Happened To Me ! says:

    I am Black and I will admit that this was very painful for me to see. It bought back memories of when I forced to strip down to my underwear by a group of older White boys in rural Alabama in 1954 when I was 14 years old.

    I was walking along a rural highway near Anniston I was 20 minutes away from my house and suddenly a car slowed up behind me and stopped. Out jumped five guys. Three looked to be in their early twenties. The other two looked to be a few years older than me.

    They made me take off all my clothes except my underwear. I was close to crying and begged them not to force me to do this. They ignored me and laughed at me yelling “hurry up N****r!” I remember that I thought about running but I knew that I would not be able to outrun a car and five boys, three of whom were adutls.

    Instead, I subjected myself to a humiliating, morally degrading experience. Once I had undressed, they took my clothes, laughed at me and jumped back in their car and took off down the road. I had to go through the woods in order to get home so that I would not be arrested for indecent exposure.

    It has been almost 60 years since that encounter. Hardly a day goes by that I do not think about the horrid injustice that was perpertrated upon me. In fact, I used to realy this story to my students in some of my sociology classes at Southern Illinois University. I retired in 2008.

    While my experience in no way justifies what happended to the young man in that picutre, what I am saying is that there are a number of Black people (especially older ones) who can attest to such identical experiences as well.

    How human beings can be so inhumane to one another is beyond me.

  24. Detroit WASP says:

    My dad, born and raised in the mountains of Kentucky, he would have literally beat the hell out of me had I handed over my clothes to ANYONE without a fight.

    If you can’t fight, can you at least RUN young skinny white kid? My god, what have we become?

    All is lost, we should just surrender and let the blacks put us in chains and work the men in the fields while they rape our women. Game over, the masses will not wake up until it is too late. Fifty years of PC brainwashig has done this. The poor Jews waited until it was too late and so will we. I’m disgusted with white people.

  25. Awakened says:

    “This picture calls to mind Enoch Powell’s prediction in 1968 that “In this country in 15 or 20 years’ time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man.”


    Enoch Powell was demonized and ridiculed for his views. Now, his predictions are coming true, and the deluded liberals can’t face the truth. Unfortunately, this is nothing compared to what awaits Whites down the road in England and elsewhere. What is it going to take for White people to face the facts?!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Great caption on the picture. Enoch Powell was right.

    Although I do not agree with his murdering tactics, isn’t this also what the “crazy guy” from Norway was talking about??? Just askin’

  27. Mark says:

    This picture does indeed symbolise what has happened to our society. However, white British who act and talk like me voted for it and allowed it to happen. In my case, I would die first rather than be subject to the humiliation this young white lad has been put through.

  28. Tolerance is Death says:

    Is any of this really a surprise? I was telling people a long time ago that an area deteriorates once there is a large number of blacks concentrated there. We have had instances like this in the U.S., but yet many countries don’t seem to learn from the past, and they keep importing these people.

    I think the main problem is people have known or seen some well-behaved blacks, so they feel guilty about casting negative judgment on blacks as a whole. I understand this reasoning, but the point is that exceptions do not make the rule. Furthermore, it’s a fact that these kinds of things would not be occurring if these people were not there to begin with. Why does Britain need these people there, anyway?

  29. O'malley says:

    This picture is the perfect example of what is happening in England. Why isn’t this a picture of some lowlife black guy either bleeding on the ground or at least severely messed up and taking the clothes off a white guy who is unconscious after putting up a good fight? They can take my clothes off my dead body.

  30. Dance says:

    The BNP has a flyer with a woman that rioters forced to strip:

  31. Jeddermann. says:

    If indeed this is so, this is not about money or robbery or greed or anything like that. it is about abject humiliation and the desire to dominate and abase in the worst way possible. A power trip of the worst possible sort. And make no mistake about it, that white boy would have been killed or beaten to within an inch of his life if he resisted. This action on the part of the assailant is the behavior of the savage and the barbarian and the ruthless and mindless but evil thug gone amuck.

  32. Deirdre says:

    Whites are really in a lot of trouble. Any white liberal idiots who don’t see the clear warnings for the future must really be insane. They have attempted to destroy us. We will have to be very vigilant around them and always fight them.

  33. Anonymous says:

    If this incident is true, that the white was intimidated into giving up the clothes off his back, then symbolically the English have nothing left to give but their lives.

  34. rockman says:

    Each victim of this crime wave is a new soldier in the ranks when the time comes for the pendulum to swing the other way. White folk have forget how to fight back is the problem. Learn

  35. white advocate - Canada says:

    In olden times the winning army would let its soldiers pillage through the conquered people. Take loot, carry away daughters, take revenge, humiliate the locals, and take over the land. It was a lot of fun for the winners and was the reward for fighting. Nowadays international conventions prohibit this abuse of the losing side. Besides, the newcomers to England were invited in so they are not like a winning army taking booty. Nope, there is no similarity between the riots and old fashioned losing to conquerors. None at all.

  36. James says:

    I really don’t think words can express just how utterly angry this picture makes me…

  37. James says:

    The invasion of Europe by hordes of African Blacks and Asians has led to the downfall of many areas of formerly prosperous and liveable European cities after having been converted into snake holes of hostility and utter depravity making existence there often foul and or approaching a never-ending nightmare.

    The festering neighbourhoods transformed by decades of migrants bringing their “culture” and way of life/death to the shores of the lands that have bestowed civilization upon much of the world has resulted in the vulgar outbursts witnessed today only made possible by the so-called leaders who incapable and inept or involved in betrayal of their own made this situation possible and now pervasive.

    Conveying Africa to Europe is guaranteed to devastate this beautiful continent. The devastation of Europe by means of uncontrolled migration practised not by chance but by design must be forestalled before it is too late.

  38. Jim says:

    Notice the size difference? this kids clothes won’t even fit this thug who happens to be black, and thanks to the liberals this poor kid can’t turn over his possession 230 grains at a time!!

  39. Sardonicus says:

    I have to admit that under those circumstances shown in the picture, “I’d not go gently into the night.” Even though my better days are far behind me, I’d rather go down fighting, rather than meekly dropping my pants. My ancestors, who fought for General Lee, would want it that way.

  40. Sel C. says:

    Actually, the picture is a pretty good metaphor for what the leftwing elites are inflicting on young white men throughout the West.

  41. Ron says:

    Of all the years coming to American Renaissance, this picture is right up there as one that disgusts me the most. The constant degradation of White males has led us to this; a White male humiliatingly removing his clothes in public to an unarmed black male without so much as a fight. My only wish is that the White male being humiliated is a groveling leftwinger, but even then it disgusts me because the image humiliates us all. Anyone that has the illusion that White men will stand up for themselves or their race in sufficient numbers need only look at this picture. We couldn’t assemble 10 White people to physically defend ourselves from attack, much less gather 100 or more and go on the offensive as blacks have proven capable of doing on numerous recent occasions. We may have superior numbers overall but we don’t have superior numbers of those willing to stand up and fight for ourselves and the dignity of our race, even when challenged by unarmed agitators. But I don’t blame blacks. I blame those that willingly empowered them while neutering Whites of any racial solidarity and pride. Their decades long anti-White male campaign have led us to the point where a White man would wimpishly allow an unarmed black male to publicly humiliate him rather than stand up for himself. Disgusting!

  42. B.G says:

    What a sad state of subservience and ineptitude the white man has fallen into. I knew deep down that the riots must have been racial at it’s heart. I’m sure other opportunistic groups jumped in to take the credit, but the real violence was racial. Now I have learned that it started because a black man was in a shootout (bullets fired both ways) with cops. I knew something was up when I saw not a single photo of the man that was shot. I knew it had to have been a minority.

  43. G-98/40 says:

    I would have to say the rioters learned from the best. How is this any different that what the TSA does at airports every day?

  44. MikeH says:

    Does anyone know of the context of this picture?

    As have been commented, the black, although larger than the

    white,doesn’t appear to have a weapon.

    Please also note that there are only two people in the picture.

    Where are all the rioters?

    I’ve never heard or seen a single black try to intimidate

    someone without a weapon.

  45. I Wonder says:

    I wonder how long it would take to find a whiteman who shot two of his attackers to death for trying to kill him, by the police and charged with a Hate Crime.

    If you must shoot someone like these demons never stick around to be interogated YOU WILL BECOME THE CRIMINAL, NOT THEM.

  46. Captain Jack Aubrey says:

    One wonders at the abject cowardice of this alleged man.

  47. Terese says:

    I agree with #41, a one on one black on white attack with no weapon would be very unusual indeed. Who took this picture?

  48. Anonymous says:

    Many applicable comments here. This photo could also be a symbol for illustrating the corner white males have been backed into. There appears to be no coercion other than the request from a larger black man, and the young man complies. This is the result of being a white citizen in a Christian, democratic, liberal society. He’s turning the other cheek, loving his enemy, blessing those who harm him, etc., while also rewarding or paying back the people he has been brainwashing into believing he is eternally historically responsible for. He is a member of a larger society in the West that is addicted to feeling virtuous. This is the same reason why white women often find political solace in paring with a black. Of course, the reality is that whites like him learn too late that it doesn’t liberate them and they either become masochists for more, or they become angry and hurt their own health and well being over time. It is a situation that cannot go on indefinitely.

  49. Miss Whitey says:

    To #18 Anonyous who said “While this is horrifying to witness, perhaps it can give you an idea of the same sort of humiliating, degrading behavior that millions of Blacks have had to had to endure at the hands of Whites throughout history.”

    I had nothing to do with the “same sort of humiliating, degrading behavior” towards Blacks that you refer to. You don’t know anything specifically about this Black man. Maybe he has lived on social welfare benefits all of his life and chooses to do so. Benefits, I might add, that are being paid for by White Britons.

    I take responsibility for my actions and I expect Blacks to take responsibility for theirs!!

    It is because of attitudes held by people like you and by Blacks that Blacks will never change their hateful, vengeful ways towards Whites.

  50. Dreams of days gone by says:

    Nowadays young White children are taught via teen media outlets (MTV etc.) that the blacks are superior in strength to them, not to mention the multitudes of rap albums and Hollywood film productions featuring a “mad face of a bad### black man” promoting the film or record.

    This culture has not only made the White kids believe this but it also has the blacks convinced as well. They really don’t have to prove their strength because the T.V. already tells them that they are the best at everything so all they have to do is keep up the front.

    Too bad youtube and the easy video camera access wasn’t available back in the 1970’s when I was a kid, those old videos would show today’s youth the truth about blacks who regularly started fights but when we stood up to them every last one would use the cop-out “lemme go git muh brutha” regardless of if they were bigger than their prey.

  51. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    Farmers:”We know how to plant and grow,we don`t know how to kill”

    Old Man: “Then learn or die!!”

    This message brought to you courtesy of Chris, Vin, Lee, Harry, Britt, Chico and Bernaldo…

  52. Kenelm Digby says:

    As I’ve said before there is only one author of this humilation and mayhem:


    The ‘secret’ Andrew Neather letters detail that it was the deliberate, intentional and planned objective to turn Britain into a non White state by a policy of massive, uncontrolled immigration.

    The salient fact is that the Labour Party never ever had the guts to delare this policy to the British electorate.Instead it was done secretly and stealthily – rather like the rotter who silent passes wind in the middle of a wedding party.

  53. The Rat Race says:

    Dance @ 31:

    The BNP has a flyer with a woman that rioters forced to strip

    Thanks for that very important link as to what the media is covering up, therefore aiding and abetting black rioters. This stripping down being used to further humiliate whites and let them know their government authorities won’t come to their aid, that THE blacks are in charge (as it seems they are).

    With that said:


  54. (AWG) Average White Guy says:

    What would Britain be like if there were no non-Whites?

    What would Britain be like if there were no blacks?

    What would Britain be like if there were no Arabs?

    It would be a sane, safe culture.

    Compare the racial tranquility of Iceland and Switzerland to that of Britain and France.

    Conclusion: The path to racial harmony is racial homogeneity.

  55. Anonymous says:

    In fairness to this Englishman we don’t KNOW there was only one black thug there. There may have been a couple dozen just off-camera. For instance SOMEBODY had to take that picture.

  56. noneknown says:

    @ 18: Cry me a river!! Whites have bent over backwards for decades to give blacks a fair shake throughout the Western world. Why don’t you work to rid Africa of modern -day slavery. Take your sniveling somewhere else. I’m not buying a syllable of it!

    Why don’t you go live with your own kind if it’s so tough for you here. And if you are one of those sniveling White liberals, go anyway!

  57. Anonymous says:

    The source of this picture is “Twitter” someone’s personal account this fact makes me very suspicious, not to mention the black male has NO weapon like a firearm or knife etc.(who took that picture could be photo shopped?)

  58. Anonymous says:

    The source of this picture is “Twitter” someone’s personal account this fact makes me very suspicious, not to mention the black male has NO weapon like a firearm or knife etc.(who took that picture could be photo shopped?)

  59. Question Diversity says:


    I’ll never say never, but I have a hard time believing your story, for two main reasons:

    1. Often, when AR has a story about a brutal, obnoxious or saddening black-on-white atrocity, we inevitably get a comment like yours that claims that the author of the comment is an older black man, and when he was a younger black man in the 1940s, ’50s or ’60s, white people committed the exact same atrocity on him or almost the same atrocity word for word. Such a commenter will say, just like you, that he is now either a teacher, retired teacher, professor, or professor emeritus.

    2. Yes, white people committed a lot of atrocities on blacks in the pre-CRA South (and some post-CRA), but it is my understanding that by and large, they weren’t a result of random ne’er-do-wells or thugs or drunks jerking around or having fun, they were almost always a vigilante form of “punishment” for a real crime or a real outside-the-bounds social transgression. In other words, the humiliation which you say happened to you was really way out of character for even the “worst, bigoted, southern white brutes.” (Quote-Unquote)

    If you’re not lying and not telling the truth, there is a third possiblity: Korsakoff’s Syndrome. Maybe something bad did happen to you, but you’re suffering from a vitamin or nutrient deficiency, which leads to “gaps” in your memory. Therefore, you’re using the text of this story to fill in those gaps. But that’s a rather far afield theory, even for someone like me that indulges myself in far afield theories.

    BTW, if the SIU of which you speak is Carbondale, and you retired in 2008, we missed perhaps rubbing each other’s shoulders regularly by a year. I lived in the Carbondale area for almost all of 2009, working for a private firm that did a lot of business with SIUC.

  60. Anonymous says:

    This morning Fox News showed a short clip of a (real) English man who was very angry and said he was out in the streets to protect his family. Then he said “they’re not English”. Wonder if the hate speech police will be searching for him. I’m going to try to find this and watch it again.

  61. Orion Blue says:

    While this is horrifying to witness, perhaps it can give you an idea of the same sort of humiliating, degrading behavior that millions of Blacks have had to had to endure at the hands of Whites throughout history.

    Here we go, the inevitable entitlements and grievances from History.

    Let’s face it, if the “victims” of racial grievance were still in Africa, they would be living only the life they are capable of creating for themselves. Also, tellingly, for a race that appears to be oblivious to the dimension of time (ie thinking ahead and considering future consequences), there seems to be a sudden awareness of History.

    This degrading image is the end-game of the white elite leftwing agenda. The whole basis of this suicidal ideology is based on the facts around WW2 atrocities, but the truth is that neither WW1 nor WW2 should have ever happened.If they had not, then Europe would never have been so emasculated as it currently is.

    There is hope however, for although we are required to parrot the dysfunctional multi-culti orthodoxies, we can still among ourselves, condemn these hyenas in a language that is palatable to the sedated masses.

  62. Question Diversity says:

    60 Anonymous:

    You didn’t see a gun, ergo there wasn’t a gun. Maybe he had it somewhere in his rather loose fitting clothing. Maybe he brandished it for a few seconds, put it back in his coat.

    Here is my state’s exact legal language on First Degree Robbery:


    Robbery in the first degree.

    569.020. 1. A person commits the crime of robbery in the first degree when he forcibly steals property and in the course thereof he, or another participant in the crime,

    (1) Causes serious physical injury to any person; or

    (2) Is armed with a deadly weapon; or

    (3) Uses or threatens the immediate use of a dangerous instrument against any person; or

    (4) Displays or threatens the use of what appears to be a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument.

    2. Robbery in the first degree is a class A felony.



    Pay close attention to (3) and (4). This means you don’t literally have to have a gun to commit “armed” robbery — You have to have a device which “seems” to a “reasonable person” to be a deadly weapon (even if it’s a hard plastic toy), or you have to state that you have a deadly weapon, in such a way that a reasonable person would believe that you actually have one. Maybe the black man didn’t have a gun but said he did, and said it in such a way to make the white man think he had a gun. Either way, in my state, that would be Robbery 1, and the most serious felony classification.

  63. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    In His/Her post Dreams of Days Gone By asserts that 40+ years of media conditioning has Whites and Blacks both convinced that blacks are superior in strength and not to be messed with. True enough. I have been meaning to catalog every instance on film where this is the case. One I remember is Revenge of the Nerds where The Soul Brother Fraternity subdues the evil Jocks in the Pep rally scene by their mere posturing alone. I watched it and thought the Jocks I know, love to fight for mere fightings sake alone.

    Another is one of the Magnificent Seven remakes where the crack shot but crippled Johhny Red is convinced by the rest of the Seven to back down after he makes an insulting joke in front of the Black member. I thought, true enough, he only has one arm but if that was me and I could shoot a hole in a quarter at 1000 yards I`d just pull my gun on the guy. He may be bigger but if I can outdraw him,and I`m armed, He`s mine! There must be about a million of these scenes out there. And one thing I have noticed. Almost all of them are geared toward the teen and post teen White audience. Coincidence? I don`t think so…

  64. A Comment from Australia says:

    One reply only and to Allan # 11 “Why don’t whites fight back?”

    Answer, If they try to do so they will feel the FULL FORCE of the law and then after they have spent their time in prison they will be forced to attend a diversity/cultual sensitivity training course. A white guy took the law into his own hand in the Moree aborinal riots some years ago ended up in jail. Whites who took part in the recent Cronulla Beach Anti-Muslim riots here in Sydney seemed to be punished quite severely including prison time compared with the muslim youths.

  65. Thaddeus Quay says:

    1968? More appropriate are his words from the 1981 riots.

    “In July a riot took place in Toxteth, Liverpool. On 16 July, Powell gave a speech in the Commons in which he said the riots could not be understood unless one takes into consideration the fact that in some large cities between a quarter and a half of those under 25 were immigrant or descended from immigrants. He read out a letter he had received from a member of the public about immigration which included the line: “As they continue to multiply and as we can’t retreat further there must be conflict”. A Labour MP Martin Flannery intervened, saying Powell was making “a National Front speech”. Powell predicted “inner London becoming ungovernable or violence which could only effectively be described as civil war” and Flannery intervened again to ask what Powell knew about inner cities. He replied: “I was a Member for Wolverhampton for a quarter of a century. What I saw in those early years of the development of this problem in Wolverhampton has made it impossible for me ever to dissociate myself from this gigantic and tragic problem”. He also criticised the view that the causes of the riots were economic: “Are we seriously saying that so long as there is poverty, unemployment and deprivation our cities will be torn to pieces, that the police in them will be the objects of attack and that we shall destroy our own environment? Of course not”. Dame Judith Hart attacked his speech as “an evil incitement to riot”. Powell replied: “I am within the judgment of the House, as I am within the judgment of the people of this country, and I am content to stand before either tribunal”.[128] After the Scarman Report on the riots was published, Powell gave a speech on 10 December in the Commons. Powell disagreed with Scarman when he said that the black community was alienated because it was economically disadvantaged: the black community was alienated because it was alien. He claimed tensions would worsen because the non-white population was growing: whereas in Lambeth it was 25%, of those of secondary school age it was 40%. Powell said that the government should be honest to the people by telling them in thirty years time the black population of Lambeth would have doubled in size.”

  66. Race Realist says:

    51 — Anonymous wrote at 1:46 PM on August 10:

    Where can I get a .jpg of this photo? I don’t want to print it off and then scan it in. It is already pretty grainey.

    Email if you know where I can get the pic.

    Point your mouse cursor over the picture and then right click. Then save it with a filename.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Its not all bad

    A search on Eltham and the riots produces much more info.

  68. zone says:

    Realize there is little, other than firearms, to equalize some situations. However, there are other factors a thug responds to. Example; As tradesman had experience with black thug drifting towards me waving arms tauntingly, as though getting ready to strike. What was going on in my mind? My mind was only trying to calculate whether latch on heavy toolbox would hold while cracking it over approaching goon’s head. He drifted off as though deflected by an invisible force field. They know! This is why Bernie Goetz scenario’s are so rare.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Long ago in Tennessee one of the kindest men I ever knew was kidnapped, robbed, beaten, stripped and left for dead. He died after his cries for help all night long were ignored. He was a black man, his kidnapper was black, and the neighborhood that left him to bleed to death in the streets was a black neighborhood.

    Seeing this photograph reminded me of my friend, missed these 30 years on.

  70. BannerRWB says:

    21-Anon: “While this is horrifying to witness, perhaps it can give you an idea of the same sort of humiliating, degrading behavior that millions of Blacks have had to had to endure at the hands of Whites throughout history.” – We don’t need to have yet another idea of how slavery, etc. was humiliating. We know this. We have learned this over and over and over and over again. Additionally, we have fought and died for the freedom of Blacks. (Maybe they didn’t teach you that part in school). We have poured our hearts, souls and money into programs to show our shame over the PAST treatment of Blacks. We have set aside jobs to ensure Blacks receive equal or even more than equal treatment in attempts to show you the WE, of this and recent generations are willing to see you as equals in the world. But whereas the WHITE world ENDED slavery, the Black world continues the practice. Even with the advantages they have been given in the White world, Blacks continue at the highest rates to commit crimes of humiliation (assault, rape, murder) against all other races and even among themselves. So who is it now that is to blame? For how many centuries will you blame the Whites of the 18th and early 19th centuries? Can we (Whites of the 21st century) now blame Blacks for their CURRENT worldwide abuse of all other races? Are we now justified in saying that Blacks treat us all so badly that we can take group action against the whole Black population? Given our current educational teachings, do you think Blacks will ever think they are “even” and turn into helpful, honest, upstanding citizens of the world? How about you? When do you think the races will be even? Next year? The year 2200? Never? If never, then why not segregate now and be done with it? If not, you condemn us all to the next dark age of constant warfare among the races. You say you want us all to get along, then fine, please start setting the example. Whites have done enough to pay the debts of the past. No you say? Then please answer the questions above and let us know how you feel, what is it that you see as the future of America? Do you want to see ANYWHERE on earth remain as a White homeland? If not, then you admit you wish our extermination, for which we have every right to resist. By the way, while you’re at it, please tell us what you think of the Buffalo soldiers who moved from a life of slavery to being free killers of the Indians. Are you proud of them for their actions? If not, then why do you not give all you have and own to an Indian tribe and return to Africa? If you are proud of them, then for what are you proud? Any and all comments are welcome – Thank you.

  71. Anonymous says:

    28 — Tolerance is Death wrote at 9:35 PM on August 9:

    I think the main problem is people have known or seen some well-behaved blacks, so they feel guilty about casting negative judgment on blacks as a whole. I understand this reasoning, but the point is that exceptions do not make the rule. Furthermore, it’s a fact that these kinds of things would not be occurring if these people were not there to begin with. Why does Britain need these people there, anyway?


    I believe you hit the nail on the head.

    Whites think of Cosby, Oprah, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, or of some black they know. I hear this all the time from local talk show hosts about how they have “friends” who are black, hispanic, etc.(and they work at their stations, to boot) so they will NEVER talk about the race problem or illegals in any meaningful way or ever tell the TRUTH about what is happening to our country and our race. They feel “guilty” if they say anything negative about nonwhites since they have “friends” who are nonwhite.

    They think there is just “good and bad” in all races. They will still “defend” nonwhites before they will any White.

  72. David says:

    I have seen this photo before. Is it a frame from a video camera, or is it a still photograph?

    There is the white kid, the black adult and a man or woman behind the camera.

    Was this photo staged? We know this photo will go around the world. It will never disappear in the mists of time. It will be in the history books.

    Just as we now know that the photo of Rosa Parks on the bus in Birmingham was staged, is this staged also? Every enemy of the white man around the world will see this and then not be afraid. They all will think we will not stand and fight. If I were a multi-cult pusher, THAT’S what I would want all of them to think!

  73. Duran Dahl says:

    The younger generation of white men have been scrupulously programmed to be afraid of blacks and to submit to them. Growing up in “Indian country,” we KNEW that one black could never beat one white and that “Five on one is n…er fun.” There were NO cases of Stockholm Syndrome in our neighborhood. The whites stuck together and fought together until we too were ethnically cleansed, but with our heads held high. No small number of blacks feared us and showed us “respe’t.” Teach your sons to fight…not this dojo ballerina stuff, down and dirty street fighting works fine. That boy in the photo was lucky that he was not raped and killed. He is the fruit (so to speak) of a liberal education and media propaganda. America’s ‘burbs are full of little mopes just like him. Cravens who abandon white women in the face of danger. The word “coward” is not used enough these days. In the difficult time to come, bravery and steadfastness will make a comeback. The powers that be will have other names for those virtues…and criminal penalties.

    Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.

    – Alexander Hamilton

  74. Anonymous says:

    Reply to TimMchugh at #65:

    I don’t think that blacks are stronger then whites at all. Look at any world’s strongest man competition. The field of contestants are usually all white. But I do think blacks are more violent than whites. And they resort to it more quickly and habitually then whites do. This makes them appear to be ‘tougher’ or ‘badder’ but it is a canard. Most whites try to reason or resolve their way out of a situation. Blacks just instinctively resort to violence. Hence the false impression they are ‘stronger’.

  75. Anonymous says:

    To 76 –

    Pound for pound you may be right. But blacks are certainly bigger, aren’t they? Look at heavyweight boxing or basketball. Aren’t whites at a disadvantage? It is true that whites dominate ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ events but I’m not sure there’s any money in that. Still, I agree about the short black fuse.

  76. Gary says:

    ………. the press over here (England) stopped printing the naked picture of a white women stripped by Blacks……………

    But millions saw it and the white of my country have had enough…. black = bad news, and they have done too much damage now to be able to integrate.. no matter how far our governemtn goes to make out whites are racists……..

    … they have stopped all whites from protecting their properties but if your black or asian then proptecting your property is classed as good.. if your white its classed as ‘being racist’

    But the tables are turning, multicutural experiment has failed, many avoid all blacks and muslims when buying good and its having a major effect on their ‘community’


    Great website by the way.

    To see picture th government crush….. visit this website,

  77. margaret says:

    23 — This Happened To Me ! wrote at 8:53 PM on August 9:

    I am Black and I will admit that this was very painful for me to see. It bought back memories of when I forced to strip down to my underwear by a group of older White boys in rural Alabama in 1954 when I was 14 years old.

    I don’t believe a word of this # 23 whoever you are. Had you claimed that 5 White guys gang raped you and left you wounded and bleeding in the woods I might have believed you.

    But like so many blacks and White traitors you have overstepped here. The exact same thing just happened to you?

    You were about 40 years old when affirmative action hit. If you were born in 1940 as you claim you were you are too old to really benefit from affirmative action unless you were a school teacher who was rapidly promoted to principal.Therefore you are not a prof at Carbondale.

    You are well educated though. You write very well. Your use of paragraphs is an example to all the internet commentators who don’t use them.

    Do you expect White women to feel any sympathy for you after all we have gone through from black men?

    Your story is pure fiction.

  78. Robert says:


    You are probably correct. Given the fact that affirmative action was engineered by President Richard Nixon (a Republican) in 1971. At the time it was called the Philadelphia Plan and really did not become full enforced until 1974, I would argue that any Black person who was born before 1948 would not have benefited from this policy.

    The poster in question is most likely an upper income, well educated Black person or very possibly not even Black at all.

  79. William says:

    margaret wrote

    You were about 40 years old when affirmative action hit. If you were born in 1940 as you claim you were you are too old to really benefit from affirmative action unless you were a school teacher who was rapidly promoted to principal.Therefore you are not a prof at Carbondale.

    Why would he have to be a beneficary of Affirmative Action to be a professor? There were a number Black professors before this policy was enacted. Although, like you, I am somewhat skeptical of the story.

  80. Christopher says:

    margaret wrote:

    I don’t believe a word of this # 23 whoever you are. Had you claimed that 5 White guys gang raped you and left you wounded and bleeding in the woods I might have believed you.

    Actually, this would have been worse and less believable to me unless you are under the impression that White men engaged in anal,gay and group sex with Black men in the south in the pre-1960s!