Posted on July 6, 2011

White Supremacist Stampede

Eve Conant, The Daily Beast, July 4, 2011

Add to the growing list of candidates considering a bid for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012 America’s most famous white-power advocate: David Duke.

A former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, member of the Louisiana House of Representatives and Republican executive-committee chairman in his district until 2000, Duke has a significant following online. His videos go viral. This month, he’s launching a tour of 25 states to explore how much support he can garner for a potential presidential bid. He hasn’t considered running for serious office since the early ’90s, when he won nearly 40 percent of the vote in his bid for Louisiana governor. But like many “white civil rights advocates,” as he describes himself to The Daily Beast, 2012 is already shaping up to be a pivotal year.

Former (and current) Neo Nazis, Ku Klux Klan members, neo-Confederates, and other representatives of the many wings of the “white nationalist” movement are starting to file paperwork and print campaign literature for offices large and small, pointing to rising unemployment, four years with an African-American president, and rampant illegal immigration as part of a growing mound of evidence that white people need to take a stand.


Potok’s group tracked 23 candidates in 2010 with radical right-wing views, nine of whom they described as white supremacists or white nationalists. (The others had extreme immigration and world-conspiracy views but did not specifically have links to white organizations.) One candidate, the neo-Confederate Loy Mauch, won a seat in the Arkansas House of Representatives, and another, James C. Russell, who has denounced interracial marriage, garnered 37 percent of the vote in his quest for the New York House of Representatives. Some candidates benefited from a new umbrella organization–the A3P, or American Third Position–which was launched in 2010 by a handful of wonkish-looking professors and corporate lawyers to, as they wrote in their mission statement, “represent the political interests of White Americans.” One of their political hopefuls, Atlee Yarrow, who has filed paperwork to run for Florida governor in 2014, says the Southern Poverty Law Center has listed A3P as a hate group “but it has open membership that mirrors the NAACP. They can have identity politics, but if white people do, it’s considered racist.”


A Duke candidacy could have a galvanizing effect. He has been living in Europe in recent years, but maintains a high profile–and stokes his fan base–online. Duke says there is nothing wrong with a white political bloc. “I have no hatred of anyone,” Duke says. “Just a love of my heritage and values.”

26 responses to “White Supremacist Stampede”

  1. OBSERVER says:

    I fear the left, the communists, the Democrats and the White hating Republicans will fund and secretly support such candidates. Why? This will take a lot of white voters out of the Republican party and thus insuring the Black candidate (no race here) wins again.

    When Perot split and formed his party, he guaranteed Clinton’s wins. The millions that supported Perot gave Clinton the lead even though he did NOT get the majority of votes. Had those who voted for Perot stayed in the Republican Party, Clinton would have lost.

    The left loves it when whites kill themselves. Whites should stay IN the Republican party and learn to use code words to get the more white conscious voters back in. We need a white party but we can’t call it that. Notice the Blacks never refer to the Democratic party as the Black Party. They are smarter than us whites.

    Whites are very gullible and child-like when it comes to POWER. Way to trusting. Blacks KNOW it is POWER and go for it. Whites think some GOD is going to fall out of the sky and save them.

    No way.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Daily Beast is a very biased newspaper against whites. Read the article(s) concerning the black maid hooker in the DSK case. They painted her as an innocent victim leaving out the reasons why the DA office is being forced to drop their prized case against DSK. The case is very similar to the Duke’s Lacrosse case. A lair black woman out to blackmail a wealthy white.

  3. nokangaroos says:

    Yes … I remember Duke promised to run.

    He´s slightly less decorative than the loose moose but easily five times smarter than The Obongo. Plus, he has been through the shark tank and forged himself anew; that´s something I can relate to (g).

    I am aware of none of his ideas I would disagree with – even his choice of vacation spot is sound.

    Of course he doesn´t have a snowball´s chance in hell, but it´s going to get interesting.

  4. NBJ says:

    Articles like these and the comments depress me so much at times, I feel utterly hopeless that other whites will EVER stand up for themselves. I worry so much for my kids future, and I am TERRIFIED for any future grandchildren. We are our own worst enemy, and right at this moment all I can see is gloom and doom. If anyone has a word of encouragement, I sure could use it right now.

  5. Question Diversity says:

    I don’t know why they’re bringing up Duke. First off, thanks to his “time away,” he won’t be able to get on the ballot in a lot of states. More practically speaking, his political career and legitimacy peaked in the 1990-91 time frame. Problem is, Louisiana isn’t the blackest state in terms of population, but because a lot of LA blacks are mulattoes who are in turn somewhat higher IQ than “purer” blacks, it has the highest percentage of black voters of any state. That means you must get a vast supermajority of white voters if you’re a Republican candidate, or at least you did pre-Katrina before a lot of blacks never returned to New Orleans. Duke got 55% and 60% of the white vote his two tries for statewide office, and that was not enough to for a win overall.

    Notwithstanding his felony convictions, for various reasons which I will not bring up, I think Duke in the post-’91 time frame ruined his legitimacy.

    Honestly, his best chance at exerting real political influence would have been if she stuck with his Louisiana State House seat. He won it in 1988, which means he could have kept on winning it every two years. He could have piled up enough seniority to rank on or run House committees, maybe even be Speaker of the House or House Minority Leader, depending on the partisan swing of the LA State House. All of that without the scrutiny and media proctological exam that inevitably comes when you run statewide. Plus it would be real political power — A lot more than what he has now or will ever have again. Then, and only then, if he would have worked up political capital in the Louisiana House, and worked up credibility most importantly, showing that “those days” were behind him (i.e. running around in funny uniforms, insulting a certain ethnicity), then he could have parlayed that into a run for Congress, or maybe something statewide.

    One more thing: Think twice before you send him any money. Duke has shown a keen ability through the years magically to convert campaign funds to cruises, vacations, plastic surgeries and “women.” Hence his felonies.

  6. Mike H. says:

    I can’t wait until the A3P starts running candidates in Texas. Finally, a party I can actually feel good about voting for!

  7. WR the elder says:

    Needless to say David Duke isn’t going to be our next President.

    A3P candidates might win a local race or two. Of course, if that happens it will be despite the best efforts of the mainstream media and the two main political parties. So I wouldn’t give this scenario good odds. The one race in America that is scared to death to vote in its own self interest is the white race.

  8. anonymous says:

    David Duke is a prime example of what the media and the left do to whites who speak their opinion about race.

    that is why our best candidates and politicians are women………..our men, us, have been neutered…… perhaps not our fault, but does that matter whose fault it is?………………… it is a fact, and life for most whites will get worse with their continuing cowardice…. when a white man stands up we need to stand beside him.

  9. Anonymous says:

    “The others had extreme immigration …. views”

    TRANSLATION: favoring any pre-1965 immigration laws.

  10. Stick says:

    23 out of a population of 310,000,000. Yep, a stampede. I think the brains of the writers at The Daily Beast have been affected by their penchant for auto eroticism.

  11. HH says:

    Mainstream Society: “Oh my God, ‘White Supremacists’ are running for elected office! What kind of sicko would promote White rights, or seek to preserve White culture, White creations, inventions, to protect White society, or to advance White concerns and issues?!

    Race-Realist: “Oh, I see. But it is perfectly fine for non-Whites to look out strictly for their own ethno-racial self-interests, to promote their non-White rights, to preserve and protect their non-White culture(s), to advance their non-White concerns and issues, etc?”

    Mainstream Society: “Of course, why do you ask?”

  12. Anonymous says:

    to #1 Observer

    I think Perot might have had a chance, but unfortunately he was a bit of a nut which wasn’t apparent until it looked liked he might win. I think he got into the presidential race for the fun of it and when it got serious he bailed.

    I doubt David Duke would bail, but he’s been away from the U.S. for a quite a while now. We’ll see. We certainly live in “interesting times.”

  13. Anonymous says:

    I am glad to learn about the A3P.

  14. C says:

    David Duke? No thanks. Unless Jared Taylor intends to run, I’ll just keep on voting Libertarian.

  15. Question Diversity says:

    1 Observer:

    The notion that Perot being in the race necessarily swung the election to Clinton is a really tempting conclusion to reach, and is in fact conventional wisdom on conservative talk radio. Clinton got 43%, Bush got 38% and Perot got 19%. Obviously it is thought most Perot voters would have voted Bush sans Perot. However, I don’t necessarily believe it, nor do I disbelieve it. It’s an untestable hypothesis.

    In the run-up to voting day in 1992, some of the credible polls also asked the hypothetical two-man race. I vividly remember that two polls that got the three way race close to the real result also said that Bush and Clinton in a straight up two way would have tied in the popular vote, and that probably would have meant Bush would have won the EC because so many Democrat votes for Clinton were clumped up in safe blue states. (The red-blue convention we now use today didn’t take hold until 2000 — Before then, it was just the opposite. For the life of me, I don’t understand why the media flip flopped on that.)

    However, you can’t take the hypothetical two-way poll taken in a real world of a three way race and conclude for sure that Clinton v Bush would have been a tie if Perot had never entered the race. Perot’s presence in the race both in the spring of ’92, when he seemed to be “in” but didn’t formally announce (“Waiting for Perot”), but led in the polls anyway in a three-way, (Jay Leno: “How do you pronounce the third party candidate? CLIN-ten.”), then formally announcing that fall after he refused to run early in the summer, changed the dynamic of the other two candidates. Both Clinton and Bush behaved differently, employed different strategies, pursued different issue bases and chased different voting blocs simply because Perot was then wasn’t then was again in the race. I do know that when Perot “dropped out” in the early summer, Clinton fed off the Perot momentum and took the lead in the polls he would not relenquish. If Perot had never run or toyed with running, Clinton and Bush would have behaved differently in general and toward each other.

    The only way you can know “for sure” how a Clinton v Bush only race would have turned out in a world where Perot never ran is to invent a wormhole generator and travel to alternate reality Earths and Americas where the only difference between our reality and those is Perot never speaks a word in 1992. Obviously that’s just a science fiction-y way of saying that it’s impossible to know. But if such a thing were possible, knowing what I know about Clinton, his team, his advisers, his personality, etc. and the same about Bush, I would edu-guess that for every ten such alternate universes there are in theory, Clinton would have won a two-way election in six of them.

  16. SKIP says:

    “4 — NBJ wrote at 6:54 PM on July 6: “If anyone has a word of encouragement, I sure could use it right now”

    How bout WEAPONS and AMMO! makes me feel all warm and secure and prepared for Civil War II which will surely be here if the Obamuslim (sacred N) is re-elected OR is NOT elected since the blacks will take it badly.

  17. Wild Bill says:

    When Perot split and formed his party, he guaranteed Clinton’s wins. The millions that supported Perot gave Clinton the lead even though he did NOT get the majority of votes. Had those who voted for Perot stayed in the Republican Party, Clinton would have lost.

    So what? Clinton is and has always been Bush’s business partner.

    If the whites had any political sense they would have voted for Perot, or better yet David Duke who got 7-15% of the primary vote in Texas. Buchanan was the establishment republican reaction to David Duke’s success.

    Perot was probably on his own though he may have been a shill. He had a terrific idea: THE ELECTRONIC TOWNHALL; a means to allow the concerned citizen to ratify or annul every law and program on the books. Few have heard of this as he had to stop talking about it in order to get any press.

  18. Anonymous says:

    During the October revolution, one of V. Lenin’s first orders to his communist butchers was to kill the beautiful children.

    Mark Potok seems to be on the same payroll.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Duke is a Jew hater and I could never support him.

  20. patthemick says:

    As far as I can see we need a pro-white political action committee just to scream about all the anti-white bias in the MSM. We are surely going to have to make a stand sooner rather than later and there’s no time better than now. We need to whip the NWO while we still have the chance and as far as I’ve seen the worst guy to corner is a scared white guy.

  21. Fritz says:

    I tend to agree with #19 in as much as Duke has put way too much emphasis on Jews as the main cause of our race problems. He should have stayed focused on the Black/Hispanic assault on White culture. Most Whites, whatever their ecconomic or intelligence level, can see and understand things like affirmative action, food stamps, Black caucus, Hispanic caucus, illegal imegration and all the rest of the race-based problems Whites deal with every day in this country. Whatever part Jews play in our dilema, they are not alone. Christians and Democrats and Republicans and a thousand other groups play their part in undermining our race and culture. There is a lot to admire about Duke, but his ship left the dock a long time ago and I hope he doesn’t distract too many people from putting their money, time and energy in places that can do us some good.

  22. Uniculturalist says:

    A neo-Confederate in one of our state legislatures? An opponent of interracial marriage running for office?

    Boy, we better get rid of these extremists while we can.

  23. White Power says:

    David Duke can save White America. He understands what needs to be done. We whites need to rally around a great man like David Duke. Stop bashing this holy white warrior who truly cares about the white race. He will do whatever it takes to protect our people.

    David Duke= White Warrior

    David Duke= 2012 President

  24. rjf101 says:

    Although, for the time being, a candidate like David Duke has no real chance of outright WINNING the presidency, I think he should run and get as much support as he possibly can, to build a support base that will grow in coming years to a possible victory later down the road. I turn 18 before November 2012, and with Donald Trump out of the equation, I would definitely cast my vote for him.

  25. Anonymous says:

    A3P should know better than to break so far to the right with candidates such as these that they cannot help but lose the center/center left who are finally waking up to the reality of racial socialism but have no sympathy for a guy who used to where the funny uniform with the bent legged spider on his arm.

    This is what makes politics a logic trap. The only way for anyone to get airtime is to be ‘sensational enough’ that their personality overruns their politics and everyone can make fun of the individual rather than his/her ideas.

    Nor can we expect this to change so long as the Media is in lockstep with FCC type policies on who can broadcast what kinds of truths. Working at the local level gives us the option to sabotage finances on a state by state level so that when the economic collapse happens, we can begin to stand up true secessionist movements whose politics are ‘so radical’ because they begin with simple things like the requirement to post your agenda as talking points, and then discuss those talking points, _exclusively_ (no angels on the head of a pin nonsense) through a fixed series of cofunded, government sponsored, debates with other (like) candidates.

    It then being up to an ‘Electronic Townhall’ type convocation of citizens to dictate what economic/racial/immigration/foreign policy subjects are worthy of debate. And how much rope to give a politician as referendum before recalling him _short_ of his four years.

    Will this ever happen in a Corporate America where candidacies are bought and paid for by the elites? No. We will get limbo shimmy speak, edging under the bar on the major issues while promising nothing.

    Until America realizes that the system is utterly corrupt and must be equally replaced from the ground up, there is no point in discussing politics.

  26. down the bayou says:

    As muchas I respect and admire Dr. Duke, I believe #5-question diversity- hit the nail on the head. He should try to get a house of representatives seat now rather than shooting for the presidency. If there is someone most people will get behind now, it is Ron Paul. The truth about u.s. elections; however; is that it is corrupt, only those who pay the media most will win. The electoral college votes how it is paid to vote.

    I think #20-patthemic- is right, we need to throw a fit about the bias in the media, the way blacks did: “always reporting black crime/ never paying attention to black crime” damned if you do/don’t. We need a well funded lobby, like all of our enemies have and use to get what they want.