Posted on July 5, 2011

State to Fight Ruling Against Ban on Race in College Admissions

Jennifer Chambers et al., Detroit News, July 1, 2011

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette said today he will appeal a court ruling that overturned the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, which bans the use of race and gender preferences in college admissions and government hiring and contracting.


“MCRI embodies the fundamental premise of what America is all about: equal opportunity under the law,” Schuette said in a statement. “Entrance to our great universities must be based upon merit, and I will continue the fight for equality, fairness and rule of law.”

A federal appeals court today overturned Proposal 2, saying the voter-approved measure harms minorities and is unconstitutional.

The 2006 law forced the University of Michigan and other state schools to revise their admission policies. In a 2-1 decision, the judges ruled that the law violates the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment.