Posted on July 19, 2011

Sammy Blackwell, Casey Anthony Look-a-like Attacked

Jack Ryan, The Post Chronicle, July 15, 2011

In Oklahoma, A woman who looks like Casey Anthony has been attacked. Sammy Blackwell was driving home when a crazed lunatic crashed into her car causing it to flip with her inside it.

An African-American woman named Shireen Nalley came into the store Blackwell worked at around 10pm to buy gas. It was the end of Blackwell’s shift and she was going home. While Nalley was in the store she told Blackwell “you look like Casey Anthony.”

A half an hour passed by and Nalley was waiting outside for Blackwell. That’s when Blackwell noticed Nalley was watching her from her minivan as she got into her truck. After Blackwell left, Nalley followed her. Nalley rammed Blackwell’s car twice. The second collision flipped Blackwell’s truck almost three times.