Posted on July 21, 2011

Police Seek Robbers in Baseball Bat Beatings

Alan Gathright, ABC 7 News (Denver), July 19, 2011

Police are trying to identify a gang of men who are beating couples with baseball bats and robbing them in downtown Denver.


Just before 2 a.m. on July 16, a couple was walking home from a restaurant-bar near East 10th Avenue and Pennsylvania Street when they were surrounded by a group of men, according to a police report.

Two men wielding baseball bats hit the man and woman in the head, “causing major bruising and swelling,” the report said. Then a robber grabbed the woman’s purse.


On June 26 near 1000 Broadway, a couple was in an alley near their vehicle when a group of men walked up and “assaulted them with a baseball bat and demanded money,” a police report said. The robbers grabbed the woman’s purse and ran to a waiting car, police said.


Police describe the attackers as four to five black men, ages 18 to 21 years.


10 responses to “Police Seek Robbers in Baseball Bat Beatings”

  1. Seek says:

    No matter what the city, black behavior is inevitably the same everywhere: maddened, boorish, toxic, loony and criminal. You can be sure that even “responsible” blacks in this case will refrain from denunciation because the victims are white.

    If I’m in Denver anytime soon, I might pack some heat with me.

  2. DeadinDenver says:

    Both locations are in Denver’s Capital Hill neighborhood. The 1000 Broadway location has several night clubs including a hip hop club. This is the same block where at a night club on New Years eve a couple of years back, a supposed disrespected gang members did a drive-by shooting that killed Denver Bronco Darrent Williams. Fathers you don’t want your White daughters and sons going near this location. The 10th & Pennsylvania location is nearby and has the higher density of a location near a downtown in mid to larger U.S. city, however it’s ostensibly it’s a White neighborhood. Any gathering of two or more young blacks in this area should set off the internal alarm bells.

  3. sbuffalonative says:

    The attackers were described as black. Good for ABC Denver.

    I wonder how long ABC Denver will be allowed to get away with identifying suspects by race before the black community demands the end to this racist practice.

    After all, the white public can’t be allowed to know the truth or have the information they need to protect themselves.

  4. WASP says:

    Nice not doing a victim interview in the news cast. The news USED to do that. They would have the victim on camera describing what happened. They also did not mention that the attackers were black.

    This is real “big brother” stuff and angers me even more than the attacks themselves. Showing a white victim with a black eye and then saying the attackers were black is not PC and no longer done. It’s 1984 folks.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Denver is a pure hellhole now. It has gotten worse at the speed of light. Yet Liberal fools still say they like Denver, because it’s got stuff going on. Yeah, like blood on the streets.

    I’m in Colorado Springs, and let me tell you, after the Mestizo tidal wave (which has not in fact even slowed down), we have this super fast deluge of the worst blacks now. This summer alone, I’ve seen an incredible increase of these dregs- every awful type you can imagine- roving the streets EVERYWHERE. It’s like we just became Oakland lite.

    And it LITERALLY gets worse by the week. This town is going to be split asunder by the African insanity, paired with the Mestizo mayhem.

    Just two years ago, I marveled at posters here who spoke of the black hell in places like Buffalo…I wondered how or why they would stay. Now I see how it happens.

    This was up until fairly recently (mid 1990s) easily one of the greatest towns in the USA to live in.

    In the last two years I have: seen a black thug empty his 9mm into an apartment building; been accosted by a black thug on my front lawn; seen a mestizo family of 20(?) people move in three doors down, found a meth pipe and two pairs of clothes in my back yard, seen ranting raving drunk crazy blacks rove up and down my street, seen straight -off the plane Somalis and Bantu walking around, seen straight -out of prison bloods and crips walking menacingly through grocery stores in previously 100% white parts of town…it is all gone now.

    It just HAPPENS. Somehow, a floodgate opens, and it pours in, and then you’re up to your neck in it. When you start planning for an escape, some few years in the future, it’s already too late. You have to endure it so you can get the funds up to get out. You get trapped.

    After nearly thirty years here, I’m getting out in the next three, hell or high water. To the mountains, and never looking back. This place is lost. Denver? it’s post apocalyptic, as far as I’m concerned!

  6. John Engelman says:

    As is typical of a story like this, there is no mention of the race of the criminals. News media think that by not telling the race, they are not reinforcing racial stereotypes. What is happening instead is that we always assume that the criminals are black. Every now and then whites are guilty of this kind of behavior, but not usually.

  7. rockman says:

    I was by accident in a bad area of Denver and thought I had been transported to a third world country some how. Single story flat roof dwellings made of adobe wall to wall one door one window each with 100% Hispanic population. It was eye opening and dangerous for a white male from the looks I was getting. It was also a wake up call that there folk are not eager to work and to become Americans integrated into our society I ignored the naked girl on the sidewalk and left the area fast.

  8. Marc B says:

    After the downtown was cleaned up in the early 1990’s, it was a mostly white city full of locals who enjoyed roaming all over downtown late at night. Now that things have taken a turn for the worse, the replacement populations full of sissified white liberals, many from California, are not equipped to deal with antagonistic minorities because they learned only white’s are racist.

    Here is another story about recent goings on in Denver.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I truly cannot understand why any law-abiding white adult in one of the 41 “Shall Issue” states does not routinely carry a firearm for self-defense.

    This example also illustrates the importance of heeding the 4-S Rule. Avoid: (1) being around Stupid people; (2) going to Stupid places; (3) doing Stupid things; and/or (4) being out at Stupid times (11:00pm until dawn).

  10. Anonymous says:

    I am surprised that the race of the perpetrators is given. Our local Gannett newspaper never gives the race of perpetrators.