Posted on July 8, 2011

Newark City Council Approves Ordinance Requiring Eateries That Stay Open Late Hire Armed Security

David Giambusso, Star-Ledger, July 7, 2011

The Newark City Council today approved legislation that calls for late-night eateries to post armed guards after 9 p.m. until they close.

The new ordinance, sponsored by South Ward Councilman Ras Baraka, comes roughly a month after South Ward resident and police officer William Johnson was shot and killed while waiting to buy a slice of pizza at Texas Fried Chicken and Pizza.


As of now, the ordinance would affect only those places that serve fewer than 20 people. Larger, sit-down restaurants would not be affected.

If the eateries cannot provide the guards, they will be forced to close during the night-time hours.

12 responses to “Newark City Council Approves Ordinance Requiring Eateries That Stay Open Late Hire Armed Security”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    What is the Newark City Council’s position on conceal carry? I doubt it’s favorable. Maybe they might grasp the irony?

    Honestly, I have seen the kinds of people that are armed security guards in big cities (i.e. semi-competent affirmative action black men who are 30+ pounds overweight), and even if these fast feeder choke n puke joints in Newark follow the law, it would not inspire much confidence in me.

  2. john says:

    The owners of these establishments should sue the city for failing to provide adequate police protection. Just what the hell do they pay municipal taxes for?

    This an outrage, one which could be largely solved if NJ became a right to carry state. Then the cops could go back to sleeping on the night shift in their squad cars.

  3. aj says:

    They are just trying to drive the fastfood restaurants out of business. What pizza parlor or wing joint can afford armed security at $30 or $40 an hour?

    They think if they can de facto outlaw fast food restaurants and force via lawsuits to make grocery stores move to the ghetto, that obese gigantic ghetto blacks will miraculously change their unhealthy lifestyles and become slender, fit and healthy.

  4. Madison Grant says:

    Democrats love to pose as protectors of “the people” against those evil giant corporations. Yet if you look at this insane law it forces small businesses and mom-and-pop stores who can’t afford armed guards to shut down at 9 pm while big chains (McDonald’s, Appleby’s, Friendly’s, etc.) can stay open.

    Unsurprisingly, Ras Baraka is the son of racist, anti-semitic lunatic Amiri Baraka.

  5. rjp says:

    Laughing at what Question Diversity wrote: … I have seen the kinds of people that are armed security guards in big cities (i.e. semi-competent affirmative action black men who are 30+ pounds overweight) …. … they have women now days too!!

    I was at Lasalle Bank the other day watching the most certainly not a quality female security guard that Question Diversity just about described play with a calculator on a check-signing island when I said to myself “I wonder if she if trying to figure out for value X if the square root of a tertiary derivative of the absolute value of X can have a higher value than X”.

    I am still chuckling.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This will make businesses close, pure and simple. Profit margins are very small for a pizza shop or small take out and the owners will have no choice but to shut down. Meaning a lower quality of life, unemployment and more vacant buildings. This law may cut down on crime because people will not go to the area if there is no reason to go there. Glad I don’t live in Newark, nothing like a hot slice of pizza at midnight after some beers.

  7. sbuffalonative says:

    Blacks complain there are no businesses or jobs in their neighborhoods. Whose fault it that? It’s their behavior that causes stores to close and businesses to leave.

    About a month ago, a white guard at one of those national dollar stores was shot by one of two Hispanic ‘youths’ at closing. He was interviewed when he was released from the hospital. He was angry and you could tell he had more to say than he could on local news.

    This is yet another backward admission that blacks are dangerous and can’t be trusted to behave like civilized, respectful people in public.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Back in the day before the 1967 riots I can remember going shopping with friends in Newark after work and going to a nice Ialian restaurant for dinner. Then I’d go wait for my bus at 9 or 10 at night to take me home. Never felt afraid, never had a need to.

    The way things are going we’re headed down the path to Lord of the Flies.

  9. Istvan says:

    Newark should have tons of money for more police. They rake in the bulk of the money generated by New Jersey’s “experiment” with red-light cameras. The red light cameras are placed in the downtown business district where a great many whites work at or commute through during the day, such as McCarter Highway. They shorten the yellow lights to make it even easier to be caught in the intersection when the light changes. Keep in mind that you are considered to have run the light even if only the tail-end of your trunk hasne’t cleared the intersection. Considering all the traffic it is very easy to be caught not clearing the intersection because you got stuck behind a car trying to make a turn. It has nothing to do with stopping people who really run stop lights and everything to do with raising money. Newark already is the biggest recipient of state aid (i.e. the suburban white tax payers money) and the red light cameras are just one more way to rip YT off. Although Corey Booker, Newark’s black mayor, seems like a decent fellow he is fighting an up hill battle to clean up Newark. Requiring guards at food establishments is just another nail in Newarks non-government economy. I feel most sorry for the Portuguese Ironbound section that depends on a large number of family owned restauarants for its livelyhood.

    And no one ever points out the real reason for the shootings in Newark: blacks.

  10. Zach Sowers says:

    The presence of black policemen in largely black neighborhoods does not give me the peace of mind that they will choose my side in any potential dispute with black citizenry. Quite the obverse, it frightens me that black cops are of the mindset that tribalism trumps law and order.

  11. Dagworthy says:

    The same pattern takes place in every American city where crime causes poverty: because of crime, business flees, taking jobs and economic choices with it. In this case, the choice lost for consumers will be all the small businesses which will close at 9.

    The story reminds me of two AmRen stories of Detroit grocery stores, “>”> A City Without Chain Grocery Stores

    and Grocery Closings Hit Detroit Hard

    In this case, expect headlines such as “No Small Carry Out Stores Open After 9.” Of course, it will be blamed on racist business proprietors.

  12. sedonaman says:

    If the city council meetings go beyond 9pm, do they bring in security guards?