Posted on July 7, 2011

Microsoft Steps Up to Support Immigration Reform Legislation

LGBT Weekly, July 5, 2011

Microsoft Corporation announced support today for the Uniting American Families Act, a measure authored by Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy (D) and designed to create immigration law reform for same-sex couples in the United States.

Leahy’s legislation aims to promote greater equality by allowing LGBT Americans to sponsor permanent, same-sex partners in their bid for U.S. citizenship.


Leahy applauded “innovative leaders” like Microsoft Corporation, and championed a philosophy that maintains the strength of the American workforce by making it easier for employees to balance jobs with family.


17 responses to “Microsoft Steps Up to Support Immigration Reform Legislation”

  1. Bernie says:

    Microsoft gave millions to stop an initiative aimed at ending affirmative action in Washington state.

    Typical left-wing corporations against the little person.

  2. Question Diversity says:

    Leahy applauded “innovative leaders” like Microsoft Corporation, and championed a philosophy that maintains the strength of the American workforce by making it easier for employees to balance jobs with family.

    Really? If you work for MSFT or any other tech firm, and you have a family, you better forget you have a family if you expect to keep your job. Especially when MSFT is getting ready for a major new product release, e.g. Windows and Office — I have read about MSFT “death marches” where employees worked 25 hour days and didn’t even break for lunch — Their meals were “flat food” — Vending machine snack packets thin enough to slide under their doors. Maybe MSFT has a bit of a “human rights” or “human resources” or “diversity enforcement” bureaucracy where the hours are your typical 8-5, but no way that applies to the developers.

  3. Peejay in Frisco says:

    Bill Gates is a money hungry Pigg who will never have enough money to give to his favorite cause, namely his APGAP program,it stands for the African Population Growth Acceleration Program.

  4. Uptown says:

    Microsoft also likes HB-1 visas. Is Apple this bad on immigration?

  5. sbuffalonative says:

    If we’re talking about a product that consists of bits and bytes and can be transmitted around the globe in nano-seconds, why do these people have to physically be here to do this work?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Right on, Uptown!

    Bill Gates want lax immigration laws, so he can keeping on importing low wage, high tech workers rather than employing Americans who would want higher salaries.

  7. John Engelman says:

    4 — Uptown wrote at 8:17 PM on July 7:

    Microsoft also likes HB-1 visas. Is Apple this bad on immigration?


    H-1B visas are not a left v. right issue. They are a employer v. employee issue. They mean higher profits, lower wages, and fewer opportunities.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The country’s influx of non-whites are becoming just like Microsoft products. Of marginal functionality, requires constant patching and fixes in order to to work properly, expensive to keep running, and non-functional within a few years due to planned obsolescence. Microsoft and minorities are the gift that keeps on giving.

  9. The Electronic Townhall says:

    During the 1992 Presidential campaign Ross Perot observed that “a

    general lack of accountability among elected officials and those in the bureaucracy was the one specific reason that the people in America suffered”.

    Mr. Perot then suggested that the best, and perhaps only, way to make government officials accountable was to include the citizens in the decision making process. He went on to note that this can easily be done with computers and called the proposed mechanism THE ELECTRONIC TOWNHALL.

    With this computer program every concerned citizen can indicate whether or not they agree or disagree with every law, policy and program on the books or that was being advanced. It can work for every level of government and in every jurisdiction. To begin it would be used on existing laws. The only exemptions would be the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    As the data is collected, a reasonable person would expect that the conscientious government officials would modify the laws, policies, and programs and make them congruent with the will of the people they are supposed to be representing.

    According to Mr. Perot, this, the harnessed experience and the combined intelligence of hundreds of thousands or even millions of citizens focused like a laser light on the real issues, will, as surely as night follows the day, perfect every law in our country and eventually it will right every wrong.

    Mr. Perot publicly announced his intention to give the people in America the ELECTRONIC TOWNHALL if he was elected President.

    But this modern concept for truly representative self government was so far removed from the business-as-usual-two-party-system that the talking heads and game show hosts yelled out that Mr. Perot was trying to destroy our Constitution, our government and our way of life.

    A reading of The Constitution shows that the founders specified the representation of one congressman for every thirty five thousand persons. Today we have one congressman for every 650,000 persons. None the less, and certainly not to be swayed by the facts, the media was so intensely negative towards the ELECTRONIC TOWNHALL that Mr. Perot was forced to stop talking about it.

    We now enter our fifth national election cycle since the introduction of the concept. No other person of national reputation or of significant influence has since picked up the idea, but the talking heads for both parties regularly stage “townhall meetings” where they talk of “reform” and “returning power to the people”. Thus they try to ingratiate themselves with those who share a favorable sub-consciousness towards the idea without actually adding to its manifestation.

    The allegedly politically astute continue to offer the people of America only one solution: “candidates with a sense of morality and respect for the Constitution who really understand true brotherhood, justice and democracy and who will do the right thing for us each and every time”. Many of these same people denounce the ELECTONIC TOWNHALL as “unworkable”. They claim we have a republican form of government, and that allowing the average citizen to pass judgment on public law is tantamount to anarchy.

    While we cannot make light of sincere individuals we must acknowledge the fact that regardless of who has been elected to public office the problems in our government get more complicated and our people continue to suffer.

    Could we possibly admit that our national situation, now being made global, is far too complicated for the President and the 535 elected members of the legislature to manage in our best interests?

    It appears that we need something besides business as usual.

    You, the person reading this know some of the things we need.

    Your friends, our fellow countrymen have their solutions too.

    But the only way to organize the workable ideas is to create a device that will enable all of us to simultaneously contribute our best thinking and most benevolent experience towards solving our most complicated problems. That device is THE ELECTRONIC TOWNHALL. Microsoft can piece it together by the end of business next week.

  10. george00 says:

    Yes and Warren Buffett gave The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation billions of dollars so Gates can finance the nonwhite birth rate all around the world. Great thinking Warren!

  11. Lakeview Senior says:

    Don’t forget that the Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship Fund(in the Billons)exists only to provide scholarships for minorities all over the world, and EXCLUDES CAUCASIANS. If you have the time visit their website. I don’t have it handy right at this time but you can Google it or whatever. It really makes me ill to think that this guy Bill Gates is held up to be such a wonderful benefactor but nobody talks about his hostility to his own race.

  12. white is right, black is whack says:

    As a Microsoft stockholder, maybe I should sell all my shares?

  13. GetBackJack says:

    Until Americans wake up and realize they now live in a corporatist-facist state, things will continue to get worse. Follow the money trail and you will see that those generous political contributions by corporations and business leaders to our elected officials is where our problems really lie.

    They are merely johns and prostitutes in business attire.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I know their tech support sucks.

    Why can’t they pay for a more stable tech department instead of giving billions to fund LGBT while handing off ‘older operating systems’ to a payperview environment where I can’t understand what the tech says and am looking at upwards of 60 dollars per call to roll the dice?

    I guess MSoft policies on pre-planned block obsolescence now extend to the human race as well?

    I wonder how many blacks will care about the latest features of Windows 8.

  15. A Comment from Australia says:

    Both the original post and the subsequent comments make quite interesting reading, I am learning things about MS in addition what all my IT colleagues have to say about that organisation and it’s products.

    When Anti-Trust action was proposed against MS some years back, I thought this seems strange, why would America want to destroy one of its most successful and innovative corporations? Now it seems that the founder of MS wants to do his part to destroy the America that allowed him to get to where he is today. Perhaps he is making sure that there will never be an Anti-Trust action against his company ever again, who knows?

    The founder of MS is obviously free to give his money to whoever he wants to and if the world becomes a better place because of his actions this will be good. But I have observed that whenever good things are given to these sort of people they usually turn round and bite the hand that feeds them!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Aussie in #15 brings up a point that may be of great importance. The fedgov complaint against Microsoft was the bundling of its web browser with Windows. Fedgov made a big stink for a brief period and Microsoft technically unbundled the products. Although Microsoft continued to ship the products together, Fedgov seemed happy. Perhaps it was a warning to Gates that cooperation with the liberal agenda would be appreciated by those who could injure him. He certainly has spent billions advancing liberalism, but perhaps his motivation is purely spiritual, I don’t know.

  17. Question Diversity says:

    15 A Comment From Australia:

    As much as I am loath to admit it, sometimes things are for the reason they seem to be, and sometimes the simplest explanation is the accurate one.

    The DOJ drug Microsoft into court for anti-trust issues for a really simple reason — Because Microsoft was (and admitted to) engaging in blatantly monopolistic and abusive anti-competitive behavior. The only reason the Courts didn’t split it into three (Windows OS, applications, hardware eg XBOX) is because there was a change in Presidential administrations while the case was going on, and Bush (see below) leaned on the Federal judge overseeing the process to tread lightly.

    There is this meme in lamestream conservative circles, including their foundations, think tanks and on talk radio, that Bill Gates was just some nobody from nowhere with nothing who Horatio Alger style converted a good idea into a multi-billion dollar corporation, and was minding his business up in the Pacific Northwest, a self-imposed long distance both as the crow flies and in mentality from the game of D.C. crony capitalism. Then one day, these “awful” Clinton-era DOJ lawyers whacked him on the head because he wasn’t playing the crony capitalist game with politicians.


    Bill Gates wasn’t some nobody from nowhere, his father (same name) was a D.C. superlawyer. The firm’s name is Preston Gates & Ellis, offices in both Seattle and on K Street. It is through the “Ellis” superpartner through which Bill Gates (both) has links to the Bush family, because he is a close Bush relative. Notice some of the political Bushes have the middle name Ellis.

    Now you know why President Bush 43 leaned on the anti-trust judge to levy no punishment in all essence.