Posted on July 22, 2011

McDonald’s Manager Accused of Punching Customer

WSBTV (Marietta), July 21, 2011

An arrest warrant has been issued for the manager of a Marietta McDonald’s after she punched a mother of two autistic boys in the face, Marietta police said.


The manager, Tiffany Denise Allen, told the woman that the twin boys’ service dog, Barkley, wasn’t allowed inside, police said. Allen was off duty.

The law, however, states that the dog is allowed inside.


The family was about to leave when Allen told them there were no dogs allowed, police said.

Schwenker explained that Barkley is a service dog, allowed by federal law in all public places including restaurants. Schwenker offered to provide proof of the permit for the dog, Marietta police said.

It wasn’t enough for Allen, they said. The tape shows her following the family around the McDonald’s, even down the hall to the restroom.

When Schwenker tried to leave, she lost track of one of the boys. In a panic, she threw her drink on the floor and it splashed on Allen, police said.

The tape shows Allen running after Schwenker in a rage, police said. Marietta police Detective Gwen Lewis told Davis that she has never seen anything like it.


53 responses to “McDonald’s Manager Accused of Punching Customer”

  1. Tim in Indiana says:

    I have observed this attitude on the part of black workers many times: a general disdain for the customer, the attitude that they are doing the customer a favor by waiting on them and a slavish devotion to “the rules” (when it suits them). In this video, you can see the manager going after the mother like a madwoman.

  2. AvgDude says:

    I hope she sues the hell out of McDonalds and Allen. What is wrong with black women anyway? Do they lack that special gene required to turn their knee jerk rage off? There isn’t a week goes by where there aren’t videos posted to the Internet of black women flying into a rage, committing vicious assaults, and demonstrating that they are completely lacking in the ability to calm themselves down.

    There was a video just posted today of two black women brawling on a subway train in NYC over a seat. One of the women had a baby in a stroller, and it rolled out an open door in the car onto the platform, and the women kept on fighting even after they were told the child was in danger of being separated from its mother. Eventually, everyone on the car tried to break up the fight, but one woman just wouldn’t stop. Even when it was clear the fight was over, and both parties should just walk away, she kept trying to strike more blows.

    There is something really really wrong in these people.

  3. Dutchman says:

    Typical reaction from the short time horizon black. She gets a little soft drink splash and erupts into violence. Blacks do this because of constant coddling and their own nature. Also their natural cowardice in attacking someone perceived as weaker. I wonder where the ‘hate crimes’ charges are? Everyone knows there is a racial dimension. If a White manager of a fast-food place punched out a black customer the UN would be in session by now.

  4. Mike from not-Queens says:

    I’m a little surprised by the news coverage. Of course they didn’t mention race but they were clearly sympathetic to the white woman, even showing a picture of her with one of her autistic sons. Otherwise it should have been: “Hate crime in McDonald’s! A white woman viciously attacked a hard working African-american mother by splashing a dangerous liquid onto the off-duty McDonald’s manager’s clothing. The incident happened when manager Tiffany Denise Allen approached Jennifer Schwenker and asked her politely to remove Schwenker’s large dog, which had been menacing the mostly African-american patrons at the restaurant. When Schwenker refused Allen quietly backed off, but an enraged Schwenker followed her and threw caustic soda at her, which caused such great pain that Allen waved her arms around wildly and accidentaly hit the white woman in the face. Hate crime and other charges are pending against Schwenker.”

  5. Tom In Illinois says:

    Forgive me everyone, if this gets way too long, but I must be honest with a mcdonalds experience I had roughly 4 years ago..

    I’ll never forget the time I was at a McDonalds, and it was the last time I truly ever went to one:

    I stood in line wanting to get a Mcflurry, about two customers back in line. I wondered for a bit why the place was so quiet, but after seeing a black teen just sit there, appearing like he never ordered anything, just stood at the food pick-up section of the counter and kept saying obscenities to the White manager, and the rest of the crew which was surprisingly dominately white with a couple of hispanics.

    he said M’fer, white boy, etc anything in the foul language dictionary, not loudly but enough to where anyone standing in line could hear.

    Instead of having the guts to send him out, I heard the manager say to a female worker to call the police.

    But here’s the best part! he actually told the customers, some with children between 3 and maybe 9, and myself still in line including to not pay attention to that kid over there cause he’s having a bad day…SERIOUSLY!?

    I finally got to the front and another female worker took my order for a mcflurry and decided to get mcnuggets, just to kind of excuse myself to see more of what that kid would say or do, he had to be roughly 13-15 and it was school hours by that time I realized.

    I happened to glance over at him, and immediatly he said “you got a problem with me white man?”

    I’m like, “Yeah, a problem with my temper dealing with you kind of savages in a family restaurant!”

    Everyone looked at me like I said the worst thing. Have we really gotten this cowardly to even the youngest blacks!?

  6. jewamongyou says:

    Why do white people continue to patronize McDonalds? This is an organization that believes in “365Black” – but not a single day of the year for whites. Folks, your McBurger is not that important. Boycott McDonalds!

  7. Beetlejuice says:

    This was a racial hate crime. The large aggressive black woman attacked the white female due to race.

    I couldn’t see the dog very well; service dogs usually wear a yellow vest denoting them as service dogs, but I doubt that would have mattered to the angry black woman. She saw a chance to assault a white and went for it.

    Don’t expect hate crimes enhancement of this assault and don’t expect the msm to widely report this incident, to them, it is already dead. We whites must get to the point where incidents like this mean an immediate pan-white boycott of MacDonalds.

  8. C says:

    @1 — Tim in Indiana: I have observed this attitude on the part of black workers many times… a slavish devotion to “the rules”..”

    Actually, I’ve observed the opposite: blacks uniformly think that the rules don’t apply to them. But, you know, they’re right: the rules don’t apply to them–they get everything they want even when they misbehave…

  9. GreatNorthWoods says:

    As far as dogs are concerned, many blacks don’t like them anyway. And if they do have them, it’s more often for protection and intimidation. This usually means pitt bulls and Rottweilers, either mean or black, just like their owners.

    We’ve always owned tea- cup sized toy poodles and the only guff I’ve ever received in one form or another, have come from blacks. Negativism, ranging from indifference, to I don’t want those dogs on my property.


  10. Awakened says:

    1 — Tim in Indiana wrote at 7:28 PM on July 22:

    I have observed this attitude on the part of black workers many times: a general disdain for the customer, the attitude that they are doing the customer a favor by waiting on them and a slavish devotion to “the rules” (when it suits them). In this video, you can see the manager going after the mother like a madwoman.


    Tim, this attitude is reserved specifically for Whites. What’s amazing is how someone like this could be hired in the first place. And make no mistake, she’ll be hired again somewhere.

  11. SF Paul says:

    Detective Gwen Lewis said she had never seen anything like it. This surprises me as I thought that police officers spent a lot of time around blacks.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The video is astonishing, but not surprising. The pure violent rage the manager showed from the beginning is a black characteristic. While their men may blow into dangerous psychotic rages over small things like this, black hair trigger rage displays seem to come mainly from the females.

    You’ll never see out-of-control violent rage like in other races outside mental hospitals. The woman appeared to be her mid 30s to 40s, so this wasn’t a youthful temper tantrum. She was even holding her own young daughter while chasing the white family around. I wonder how much of it was “showing off” for her black co-workers? Black women seem to admire viscous violence directed at rivals (especially around men or “she dissed me” accusations).

    They truly are not like us.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I am not trying to promote horrible videos, but, as was mentioned here a week or so ago, there is (maybe still is) a video on the ‘net of two African men who were beaten senseless and then set ON FIRE, totally immolated, by their fellow Africans…reportedly for stealing potatoes. It occurs with that senseless, rapid- fire, animal-like speed that black violence always flows with. One minute, incoherent babbling, no action, the next, WHOOSH! Flaming people.

    It is gruesome, but I watched it three times, learning not to flinch, so I could get a better, deeper understanding of what Africans really are. There’s nothing like the horrible truth to give one vital perspective.

    This shows some of the depths of their instincts…just natural to them; depraved to us, but it’s their everyday nature.

    Please brace yourself, and consider watching it.

    Of all things , it was on some hip hop site, and blacks were basically AMUSED at the scene…again, it lets you know, from those joking comments from AFRICAN AMERICANS, just how casually blacks view (and commit) atrocities. It’s fun and games to them.

    A relative side note, is to look for videos where South Africans chase each other around and literally hack people to death with machetes , and notice that not more than a hundred feet away, little black boys run around and play, laughing, and flashing sweet, innocent (looking) smiles, all amused by the cameras, and the mayhem. Again, all fun and games. They , and their adults are exactly as Rudyard Kipling described them “…Half devil, half child.”

    As innocent as Hyenas…without guilt, for their actions are natural to them, and they must NEVER be judged as people. (So said Kipling, and he knew first hand…it is ever-true!

    They are a breed apart. Ignore this at your mortal peril. The smiling boys who appear so sweet will rape a tiny girl, and cut other boys to pieces. If they survive to adulthood, their murderous ways simply continue until they are gunned or hacked down by their momentary foes.

    I’ve seen a LOT of this. It is very real. Youtube alone is enough to give you a picture of Africans to keep your eyes wide open for your betterment. Watch and learn.

    BE AWARE. STAY ALIVE. Don’t let blacks get in your space. Have eyes in the back of your head. Develop keen senses. Learn to effectively defend yourself. Move away from all blacks. Look past them, avoid at all possible times. Don’t show fear, never expose any weakness.

  14. Soprano Fan says:

    The federal budget deficit, al-Qaeda and North Korea’s nuclear missiles.

    Name three things easier to deal with, than a mad black woman.

  15. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    ” A Slavish devotion to the rules when it suits them, etc. etc.” As a thirty five year veteran of the food service industry I have to say that Tim in Indiana`s break down of the “service encounter” is as correct and well articulated as any I`ve ever seen…

  16. cpascal says:

    This is the second story within the past few months about a white customer being violently attacked at a McDonald’s. Although McDonald’s used to be one of the most successful restaurant chains, it will probably gain a reputation as a dangerous place to be. Maybe the 365Black advertising campaign had something to do with it. It’s a shame to see this restaurant chain being ruined by blacks, as has happened with so many neighborhoods, cities, schools, and other institutions.

  17. Vito Danelli says:

    For what it’s worth, here’s my armchair psychoanalysis of certain black women. I’m basing this on work experience.

    Many black women really want the stable marriage with a HUSBAND who works, etc. It really bothers them when the brothers date white women. Plus there’s the “power trip” aspect, too. Anyone can allow “authority” to go to their head, but blacks, particularly black women, turn into tyrannical bullies.

    I’m flashing back to a time when I had a black female manager. Talk about blatant double-standards on work assignments, and when challenged on it, I(!) was the one with “issues”.

  18. Wes P says:

    I’ve got to agree with poster #1. Whenever I go to a restaurant to eat, I’ll intentionally try to avoid service by blacks (to the point of where I no longer go to some restaurants I used to patronize when a significant amount of the staff are now black). I’ve just had too many times when they’ve caused me trouble or treated me or others differently for being white. In some cases, they make up rules; in other cases, they fail to adjust rules to meet special circumstances, like refusing to give me a new meal or refund my money, when it was first prepared wrong, etc. In one fast food restauraunt, I observed a black cook playing with food that was going to either a white or Asian family (as no other groups were in the restuaurant at the time) and the other black workers were laughing along. Needless to say, I never patronized there again. This is on top of my own experiences going to public school in a city that was about 1/3rd black, and the day to day observations of how blacks behaved and treated whites.

    Things like this made me realize how much nonsense we have been fed about the past race relations in the US, the old narrative of the evil white man and the poor innocent black. To the extent that whites avoided dealings with blacks in the past, avoided eating with them, avoided business dealings, etc., they had very good reasons for doing so.

  19. The Excalibur says:

    In one fast food restauraunt, I observed a black cook playing with food that was going to either a white or Asian family (as no other groups were in the restuaurant at the time) and the other black workers were laughing along.

    This is a good time to complain to the corporate office — and be specific, very specific, without mentioning race. Tell them the exact time and dates of your experience and what you saw done to the food in the back. Mention also that you will NEVER set foot in one of their establishments again and that you plan to warn everyone you know. Tell them you are going to call the local health department. This will get the head office’s immediate attention.

    Also, there are many online review/complaint venues where you can post your experience. I use expedia and priceline a lot (prefer expedia) and read the reviews average travelers have posted about hotels, restaurants, etc. There are enough on there that it’s not just one person who had a bad experience one day with one particular business, or an axe to grind — scan down the reviews.

    I always do and it 100% affects where I stay and eat when I’m traveling. I’ve heard these reviews can make or break businesses and determine whether expedia or priceline will continue to carry them.

    We whites mostly can’t complain out loud without being called names, but the Internet has given us a powerful voice and means to fight back against the injustice and violence that is being leveled at us. Now DO IT!

  20. Anonymous says:

    6 — jewamongyou wrote at 10:25 PM on July 22:

    Why do white people continue to patronize McDonalds? This is an organization that believes in “365Black” – but not a single day of the year for whites. Folks, your McBurger is not that important. Boycott McDonalds!


    Until I came to Amren, roughly 1 month ago, I had no idea about the 365black website. I myself refuse to give my money to them now and actively speak out when someone I know says they are going there, to my surprise most of the people I speak up to are willing to listen. ( all of my friends are white but not all share my views to my extent but as Jared Taylor said, and this isn’t verbatim but my own words to the effect “try to inject into conversation lightly until you see how much further info you can give without alienating your listener”

  21. Anonymous says:

    An afterthought as well as advice for my fellow Amrenners I can’t speak for the rest of America but when in the southern states avoid the 24/7 I.H.O.P. (International House of Pancakes) in any city down here after 12:00 A.M.

    These are gathering spots for the the blacks after being out all night drinking and shootings as well as other violence have been frequently documented over the past years.

  22. Oops, the brainwashing wore off... says:

    This kind of behavior, which I’ve seen as well, has been beautifully described as “fattitude”.

    I actually encountered it just yesterday, in a less toxic form, about ten miles south of the location mentioned here. Two hefty “sistahs” made it clear they had better things to do than sell me a large iced tea. (This was at the Wendy’s at Six Flags amusement park–I boycott Mickey D.) Eventually one of them had to acknowledge I was at the counter. I’ll never go back there of course.

    Just more of the same.

  23. Kingoldby says:

    Speaking as someone who has worked in a McDonalds I offer this advice to any that will take it.

    Never eat in a restaurant where the food is prepared for you by someone who is black.

    I truly can not understand how people can happily eat food served to them by blacks. Do they really not understand what it is they are eating? Do they really trust the hygiene standards and attention to care of the black staff? Do they really believe that there will be not deliberate contamination of the food?

  24. Justin says:

    Typical ghetto behavior. What more needs to be said? These people are not like us at all. All of us on here know the score, but your average White American needs to see more incidents like this to open his/her eyes.

    As for McDonald’s, how about we just stop eating there? McDonald’s is the “Detroit” of fast-food now, truly the bottom of the barrel. Let the Blacks have it, along with the chronic diseases that come with eating that type of food.

  25. olewhitelady says:

    #9 GreatNorthWoods is correct. Many blacks do not like dogs. I have a relative who watches a lot of TV shows about animal rescues, and he told me that a lot of the abusers are blacks. I would never give a dog, cat, or any pet to a black.

  26. Anonymous says:

    “the only guff I’ve ever received in one form or another, have come from blacks. Negativism, ranging from indifference, to I don’t want those dogs on my property”.

    You forgot pretending to be scared of them or disgusted as to play indignant. Perhaps, perhaps, your dogs are too small and you only get the disgusted reaction.

  27. Anonymous says:

    A lot of blacks are just looking for an excuse to pick a fight with a white person. Especially one they think is weaker then them. Being in a position of authority gives them this excuse. As always be wary around blacks.

  28. S.L. Cain says:

    Why is the manager not dressed in a uniform like the other employees, and why is she walking around the joint with a baby in her arm? Do McDonalds managers routine treat their estalishments like day-care centers? As these places are no longer part of America, I’m not sure what the local customs are.

    I wouldn’t patronize a McThug-Burger if they paid me to.

  29. Mr.White says:

    6 — jewamongyou wrote at 10:25 PM on July 22:

    “Why do white people continue to patronize McDonalds? This is an organization that believes in “365Black” – but not a single day of the year for whites. Folks, your McBurger is not that important. Boycott McDonalds!”


    Great question, especially considering McDonalds openly supports Hispanics and blacks to the detriment of white Americans. McDonald’s openly flaunts our labor laws by hiring illegal invaders from Mexico. Occasionally, they get raided, but not nearly enough given the level of their lawlessness in this regard.

    Besides the food is terrible!

  30. Howard W. Campbell says:

    I have avoided McDonald’s like the plague for years. Maybe, if it is a Mickey D’s in a really white area and the crew is mostly to all white, I might venture in. Personally, I am very partial to Chick-fil-A. Even the few minorities that work there actually treat you like a person, not a nuisance. You get what you pay for and I am willing to spend a little more to avoid dealing with minorities.

  31. Tom says:

    I was standing in line at a pharmacy and there were 3 Mexicans in front of me. They were all waited on and when I stepped up to the counter everyone vanished or was suddenly busy. I waited until a customer drove up to the drive thru and then was helped before me (Mexican) I waited until the Mexican clerk was finished and then called her over and asked her just how long she and the other clerk were going to make me wait? Things got worse until I finally asked for the manager who came over and as I was talking to him and I mean calmly but seriously about what happened I looked up to see this Mexican manager smiling at the clerk, who was practically laughing. We live in a mostly Mexican area and really its been unbelievable.

  32. Arizona is the Future says:

    To 31 Tom:

    You mention the conspicuous racism practiced by non-Whites against Whites in commercial establishments. I hear you. Go elsewhere. Money is power. I refuse to spend my money at institutions where I am mistreated because I am White. Be proactive. Don’t give them your money. Don’t give them your attention. You and your people built this great nation. Remember that always.

    And as far as visiting a nasty McDonalds and having lessers prepare my food, I don’t. I cook traditionally White American/European cuisine for myself at home. It’s cheaper and healthier.

    Let us all spend our money judiciously. When we give any amount of money to someone, we are empowering them. If non-Whites hate us, let’s see if they also hate our money with the faces of the dead White men on it.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Same kind of no-service (I had an appointment time) at a Phillipino doctor’s office–I was the only White person in there, the rest who came and went while I sat, were Philippino…laughing and joking–I needed something done that was very important, otherwise I would have walked out. It’s not just the illiterate, uncultured, etc. who are racist and rude, but also the educated. P.S. This was in Baltimore.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Well, whether people realize this or not, a lot of Whites voted for this sort of thing when they voted for Barry Soetoro and the Democrats. I have always noticed that whenever a Republican is elected Blacks get a grip and control themselves better only to “act up” anytime a Democrat wins. That Democrat being “of color” has only made things worse. Would you like some fries with that? Vote Democrat again.

  35. Cliff Yablonski says:

    In Los Angeles, circa 1968, I was in High Scool, getting off the freeway in Compton, wanted to stop at a McDonald’s with some friends.

    My more aware buddy said “JESUS look at where we are and who is in the store!”.

    Lesson learned.

  36. Victor says:

    In my area most McDonalds have 80 to 95 oercebt black employee’s and I have never forgoten the Joy Jesse Jackson said they had when he worked in a fast food place SPITTING into the white partons food.

    In our area many people call Walmart / Wallyworld and McDonalds / blackDonalds.

  37. Spirit Wolf says:

    GreatNorthWoods –

    Yes, and they’re the ones who make pit bulls and rotties look bad, because they’re the ones TRAINING them to be mean, usually by abuse. I have had APBTs and have known many rotties, that were as friendly and obedient as any other dog, often more so. But they were raised in white Windsor, not black Detroit.

  38. Abdul Kareema Wheat says:

    Once more the Bell Curve proves the disparity in not only IQ but temperament of most blacks today. Face it…it’s in their crummy DNA.

    Infantile, juvenile, immature, ignorant and incorrigibles.

  39. Joek Loth says:

    It is truely unfortunate that in 2011 we still have very ignorant black, NOT african, people who like to behave with a tribal mentality. Thanks to obama, its only gonna get worse. This stereotypical behavior makes it harder for proud and dignified black people like LTC.ALLEN WEST to be viewed as positive. Even though he is a standup guy. Presidental material.

    I went to a 40% black 50% white 10% other, high school. We had our share of black trouble makers, but not like today. I was a minority in the army (black and hispanic leadership), I have been RIPPED OFF many times by blacks, one way or another but I treat/judge people on a individual basis (unless its an ALL BLACK FLASH MOB!!) by the content of their character.

  40. Ted Tuba says:

    Forget the word racist. Anyone who has ever lived in an area where there were a lot of blacks knows dealing with them on a reasonable level is a losing game.

    NEVER argue with one, try to walk away if you can but be very observant of what they are doing, it takes exttreme violence on your part but once they feel threaened they run like the cowards they are.

    If you don’t plan to do Extreme Damage to them Do Nothing At All they are animals and they will hurt you if they sense you are weak.

    As far as the blackDonalds attack if the woman had a guide dog she is legally blind and this is any blacks dream target, a white person who seems not able to defend themselves.

    blacks seem to be brewing up a war with non blacks and they might not like the way that turns out if they do?

  41. Willy says:

    Wake up white Americans.

    Don’t you remember Jesse Jackson laughing as he told of spitting into white peoples food when he worked in a restaurant as a boy?

    Do you think THEY have changed,what white person is so hungry they will eat where it is mostly blacks behind the counters do you think they operate in the same PC correct world that us foolish whites do?

  42. To Tom #31 says:

    Wait until they become the majority race in your hometown in fact anyones hometown, then you will see their true nature and it’s not good for a white man?

  43. Anonymous says:

    Blacks are bullies. They smell the weakness of whites of both genders.

    They try to intimidate whites and then you wonder why whites are attacked?

    It used to be the opposite. What happened whitey? You fight fire with fire force with force. Dont back down. Fight back. They are nothing but big fat black hot air ballons.

  44. BAW says:

    6 — jewamongyou wrote at 10:25 PM on July 22:

    “Why do white people continue to patronize McDonalds? This is an organization that believes in “365Black” – but not a single day of the year for whites. Folks, your McBurger is not that important. Boycott McDonalds!”


    I second that, jewamongyou. I think it’s because that white people who grew up with McDonalds in the 60s, 70s, and 80s remember it as a far different place than it is now; a place that didn’t allow that sort of thing. I remember reading how Ray Kroc sought to differentiate McDonald’s from numerous other burger chains in the 50s by making it “family friendly,” namely by setting it up to be unfriendly to the hoods and riff-raff that frequented drive-ins then by dispensing with carhops and only hiring clean-cut young people.

    McDonald’s has, like Disney (another American institution that is a shadow of its former self) succumbed to political correctness and the focus on nothing beyond pushing up the stock price and next quarter’s profits. They’re both still going on name recognition, but what’s behind the name is no longer a guarantee of wholesomeness.

  45. Girlish says:

    Black women have the absolute worst attitudes. They are so emotional and flip out over the most petty, trivial things. I don’t have a problem with the men who seem pretty laid back, just the women. I feel sorry for any man who marries a black woman.

    I remember on VH1 they had the Flavor of Love series and the Rock of Love series. They were the exact same show, except one was black and other was white. The girls on Rock of Love were for the most part gentle, beautiful, and free spirited. The girls on Flavor of Love were extremely rude and disrespectful for no reason, ugly, tempermental, obnoxious, angry, and childish. One girl Larissa Bootz Aurora was an extremely mean and nasty girl who targeted an Asian girl for bullying. Of course the Asian girl was extremely timid and lithe. Maybe it’s because black women have more testosterone than white women.

    I had a black boss who was a tyrannical bully. She was loud, scrawny, and ugly with a short afro. She looked and acted like a man. She fired me then called me back the next day apologizing and begging me to come back. I went back and she humiliated me at a staff meeting. So I left and never looked back.

    I keep black women at arm’s length. I have no black female friends. There are rude obnxious white women like Camille Paglia and Ann Coulter but that’s rare.

  46. Anonymous says:

    28 — S.L. Cain wrote at 4:07 PM on July 23:

    Why is the manager not dressed in a uniform like the other employees, and why is she walking around the joint with a baby in her arm? Do McDonalds managers routine treat their estalishments like day-care centers?


    The article says she was not working at the time.




    40 — Ted Tuba wrote at 7:23 PM on July 24:

    …As far as the blackDonalds attack if the woman had a guide dog she is legally blind and this is any blacks dream target, a white person who seems not able to defend themselves.


    She had the dog because she has TWO autistic children, not because she is blind.

    PLEASE, people, READ!

  47. Anonymous says:

    I know whites who have come to the front of the line and they are the only one in the line. Once at the counter, before an order can be given, the black server goes somewhere else — the coffee machine, the fries….leaving the white to stand there a long time. Maybe they hope the white will give up and leave.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Regarding the comment above about the “Irreverend” Jackson boasting about spitting in White people’s food, anyone who drives to FLorida via I95, take some advice and bring sandwiches and drinks. Avoid any of the fast food restaurants at the exits of 95from Md. to Miami. They’re almost exclusively by Black teenagers; the same ones one would expect to see in a Flash Mob. The “restaurants” are usually dirty and the bathrooms are disgusting.

    On one occasion after spending a night in a motel in Eulonia Ga. I pulled off 95 in Florida at the exit for Fernandina Beach located on Amelia Island. We went to a McDonalds there and were pleasantly surprised to find that it was completely staffed by young WHite teenage girls who charmed us with their Southern politeness. It was like a breath of fresh air. The restaurant was spotless as were the counter people and the manager also White was constantly visible.

  49. Anonymous says:

    I would like to add to the warnings given here by others, please, please be sure to keep your dogs as far away from blacks as you can get.

    I had an incident last week, not far from Marietta, GA, where my young dog suddenly pulled the leash handle out of my hand and scampered away. He wanted to play, he ran over to some children attending an outdoor movie at a town park. All the children were black. They scattered and screamed immoderately. But I recovered the dog within seconds and walked away.

    I was then accosted by a black man nastily accusing my dog of leaving a “mark” on his six year old daughter, who had provoked my dog’s attention by markedly irrational screaming and running.

    At no time did my dog jump on any child or bite anyone, although I was accused of that later.

    I was bullied, harassed, screamed at and demonized, and my dog, already upset by this time, was called “psychotic” by the man. I was screamed at that my dog was unsafe on or off leash.

    The black man lied to me that if I would give him my driver’s license, I would never hear from him again. He might take the child to a pediatrician on Monday. He threatened to call the police if I did not. He was, now I know, lying.

    So now on top of everythin else, I have an identity theft concern.

    After I left, I was told a black woman with him, perhaps the mother, staged what I believe was a racially-motived extravaganza, where hordes of police, animal control, and paramedics were called to attend to the tiny scratch.

    My companion who observed this, was stalked and harassed as she walked back to her car. I was then pursued by the police, who would always say, we understand your dog bit a child. I would have to deny it each time, along with denying my dog jumped on anyone. He doesn’t jump up on people.

    Then the following week, I was forced by the county to place my healthy, vaccinated dog for over a week of rabies quarantine at my own expense, because of the lunatic stench raised by these blacks over a tiny scratch of undetermined origin.

    This isn’t the only recent incident I have seen, by the way. Several months ago I saw a black female bring her children to an off-leash dog run at another nearby park, and get this, outrageously send the children into the dog run, one at a time, for the sole purpose of provoking dogs into chasing them. My dog is one that will give chase if someone is running.

    This was entertainment to them!

    So, in conclusion, I would like to add to the warnings given here by others, make sure you keep not just yourself, but especially your dogs far away from them, too. These people just should not be allowed around dogs, and if they are around YOUR dogs, you and your dog will wind up paying through the nose one day.

  50. Anonymous says:

    I walked out of a Super WalMart (the one with grocery store) in a formerly all-white suburb of Baltimore because the stock clerks had gang tats, and didn’t look terribly clean. There’s a brand-new Safeway in the same Baltimore county suburb that I refer to as the “ghetto Safeway”–disorganized, slightly dirty, staff is rude and “not from ’round here”, music is loud and gettoesque. I refuse to go to either of these establishments–bad vibes from the black help. I wonder what their income statements look like–they obviously don’t have white customers in mind, and, basically, that’s that the population is, mostly.

  51. IrishBloodEnglishHeart says:

    About 10 years ago, a friend travelled down from Scotland, and we met in London. We were going to a party in another part of London, and took a train. We had to change stations at a very black area. My friend was hungry, and despite my objections, he decided to go to a McDonalds across the road from the station. My friend had hardly seen more than half a dozen blacks in his life, and never more than one on their own, and was in for a surprise when we entered the “restaurant”. We were the only White folks in there, the place was heaving with blacks, all screeching and hooting their orders over each other, trying to outdo each other with volume. There was no line or queue to speak of, and I was wary of us pushing in front of some “yoot”, and becoming a crime statistic. I looked at my friend, he looked at me and we scarpered out of the door. Outside my friend said “I’ll wait and get something to eat at the party. I’m not THAT hungry”

  52. Otto says:

    I am a 65 year old retired Navy Seal.

    Last year in Chicago I was approached by 6 youths as they call them today.

    They told me they wanted my money and my watch and then they were going to teach my white a** a lesson for walking near their turf.

    Fortunately for me my homemade walking stick is a 3 1/2 foot length of rebar steel which is one of the most effective wepons on the planet and since these young tigers wanted to play I showed them a few tricks that I had learned over the years with my rebar assistant.

    I thoroughly enjoyed out little 5 minute game time and I think they did too as they lay on the ground crying like little girls.

  53. Up to my neck in CA. says:

    To Anon # 49,

    Google “Ghetto lottery”, the black woman “attacked” by your dog and the mother who was having her children enter the dog run was just looking for winning tickets. After all, we whites are all rich and need our White priviledge and money taken away from us. They are ALWAYS the victim, never the suspect.