Posted on July 25, 2011

Leftist Liberals Wrong to Say Diversity Is Our Strength

Steve Smith, Citizens Voice, July 22, 2011


Recently, former NFL player Harry Hamilton, who happens to be black, announced his intention to run for Luzerne County Judge. He cited the lack of diversity in the county courthouse as what sparked his interest in pursuing his candidacy.

We need to be perfectly clear that when people like Hamilton call for more diversity, they are being anti-white. If the courthouse was 100 percent black, would Harry see the need for more diversity? Would Harry Hamilton be disappointed that there were no white court officials? I highly doubt it .

Leftist liberals love to repeat the slogan, “Diversity is our strength.” Does that mean to them that companies, schools, and governments that are 100 percent white are weak? That sure sounds anti-white to me.

Steve Smith


14 responses to “Leftist Liberals Wrong to Say Diversity Is Our Strength”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    Advice for Mr. Steve Smith: The next time he hears someone spout that platitude, ask them to explain why or how “our diversity is our strength.” Most of them will wind up defining diversity, maybe only one in a hundred will come up with something that sounds like a real answer.

  2. Mr.White says:

    There is no such thing here in CA as a “100% white,” anything, including our “diversity” rich government. Nonetheless, I get his point and it’s well taken….

  3. GetBackJack says:

    Thank you, Steve Smith, for doing something the other 200 million won’t!

  4. Madison Grant says:

    The author hits the nail on the head; the p.c. brigades only demand diversity when an institution is majority white.

    They never complain about the NBA, the NFL or the rap music industry being too homogenous.

  5. HH says:

    The Diversity = Strength cannard, is the single greatest falsehood foisted upon the Western world in centuries at least! It was, in various ways, the relentless promotion of this idea that led to my complete racial awakening some sixteen or so years ago. When your government, your businesses, your entertainment establishment, and your media all begin to peddle an idea so oviously FALSE as the Diversity = Strength mendacity, it cannot be a coincidence, and it also cannot be anything but a concerted effort to harm YOU, as a White person! The moment that “clicked” for me was the proverbial “light going on in dark room” moment that soldified what I had always suspected, and changed my whole way of thinking.

    Anyone who says or believes that so-called Diversity is a strength, is a liar or a fool – it is really that simple.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ignorant whites.

    Do what white teachers used to make students for ages but not allowed anymore do and write a 1000 times as follows:





  7. Ted says:

    Why does this surprise any white person on the planet?

    We are the ones that filled their heads with lies to make them feel better about themselves.

    Oh you were Kings and Queens in Africa, you invented almost everything and white men stole your ideas, you developed languages and whatever.

    Now our black President is telling us: 80% of Americans don’t think taxes are high enough, they want them increased !

    Ever notice they Never Cut Back on anything. Mrs O is still enjoying those million dollar vacations on the taxpayers back.

    Oh I forgot they are SPECIAL.

  8. Alexandra says:

    Diversity is strength, eh?

    I’ll just add that to:

    War is peace

    Freedom is slavery

    Ignorance is strength.

  9. The Bobster says:

    Advice for Mr. Steve Smith: The next time he hears someone spout that platitude, ask them to explain why or how “our diversity is our strength.” Most of them will wind up defining diversity, maybe only one in a hundred will come up with something that sounds like a real answer.


    When libtards spout that mantra at me, and I ask how disorder can possibly be a strength, the best that they can come up with is that it provides them with so many great exotic restaurants. My retort is that you don’t need 50 million Mexicans in this country to have a few eating places. Besides, 100 years ago, Americans used to go overseas to become chefs specializing in preparing these dishes. And they were far better at it than some peon who thinks he can cook like his mamacita.

  10. vistavision says:

    When considering diversity, think of your own hand. If you had to grip an item, or defend your life, do you have more power with your hand open with its fingers diversed or spread apart or with your hand in a fist? Diversity is the difference in a slap and a knock-out punch. It is useless for everything put making the smallest point.

  11. on the lam from the Thought Police says:

    Because liberals cannot demonstrate the advantage in having a large third world population, they make dangerous to discuss black and Hispanic crime, illegitimacy, and academic performance.

  12. Anonymous says:

    If diversity is strength, why did the Austro-Hungarian state dissolve? Why did the USSR breakup into fifteen states? Why did Yugoslavia crash into chaos and violence? Why did Czechoslovakia split in two? Why are there the “troubles” in Northern Ireland? And why is there so much peace, social harmony and so little crime in non-diverse Japan? If diversity is “strength”, shouldn’t Japan be an extremely weak and backward country?

  13. Anonymous says:

    The Original Poster is reaching to draw lines between unconnected ideals.

    First, you have made NO assertion to the opposite, and provided no historical or factual frame of reference. If this statement was your closing argument in a court of law, you would have lost the case. I suggest finding some facts to form the base of your argument.

    On a side note……”happens to be black”. I deem it necessary to quote the late, great George Carlin here in regards to the phrase “happens to be black”…….

    ” Was his Mom black? ”


    ” Was his Dad black?”

    “Why, yes, he was!”

    “Then where the hell does the surprise come in! It would be a shocking happens to be if he just happened to turn out Norweigan!”

    PS….happens to be is a useless phrase. 😉

  14. ChemE says:

    One possible argument in favor of an all-white institution or an all-black institution is that such institutions increase the diversity (i.e. variance) among such institutions. Colleges, for example, especially those that have been historically white-dominated, are always trying to increase diversity by increasing the numbers of their minorities to “look more like America”. However, if all colleges end up with the same racial composition, then there would not be any diversity among them. Diversity within the colleges would be increased at the expense of diversity among colleges.

    It is interesting to compare the viewpoints of ecologists with those who advocate reducing the proportions of whites in any institution they can influence. Several years ago ecologists in New England expressed alarm when describing the influx of non-native species of birds into New England, threatening native species. The ecologists argued that it was reducing diversity because the bird demographics in New England were starting to look more like those of other areas of the country. (Note: it could have been some other form of wildlife, fish or trees, for example – I don’t remember now.) Interestingly but not surprisingly, no one drew an analogy to human racial replacement.