Posted on July 25, 2011

Leftist Liberals Wrong to Say Diversity Is Our Strength

Steve Smith, Citizens Voice, July 22, 2011


Recently, former NFL player Harry Hamilton, who happens to be black, announced his intention to run for Luzerne County Judge. He cited the lack of diversity in the county courthouse as what sparked his interest in pursuing his candidacy.

We need to be perfectly clear that when people like Hamilton call for more diversity, they are being anti-white. If the courthouse was 100 percent black, would Harry see the need for more diversity? Would Harry Hamilton be disappointed that there were no white court officials? I highly doubt it .

Leftist liberals love to repeat the slogan, “Diversity is our strength.” Does that mean to them that companies, schools, and governments that are 100 percent white are weak? That sure sounds anti-white to me.

Steve Smith