Posted on July 1, 2011

LAUSD Declares Homework Racist, Classist

Simone Wilson, L.A. Weekly Blogs, June 28, 2011

How to deal with the rude K-12 achievement gap in Los Angeles? District officials have a new solution that should be pretty popular all-around.

Based on the theory that homework is more likely to be completed by kids with a secure home life and involved parents–aka, the white middle class–LAUSD is forcing teachers to cap homework at 10 percent of a student’s grade, beginning next month.

“The policy is intended to account for the myriad urban problems facing the district’s mostly low-income, minority population,” writes the Los Angeles Times today. The LAUSD memo is more cryptic:

“Varying degrees of access to academic support at home, for whatever reason, should not penalize a student so severely that it prevents the student from passing a class, nor should it inflate the grade. . . . While some students do not have the opportunity to do homework while away from school thus failing to return assignments, for others, it is difficult to be sure that it was the student who actually did the work.”


L.A.’s decision to ease up on homework has ignited a small firestorm among educators across the country, seeing as this particular issue is at the core of America’s current K-12 reform movement.

Of course, it’s easy to say less busywork the better, and students are undoubtedly stoked to hear it. Efforts to level the playing field between the coddled middle class and minorities without the same resources (quickly becoming the majority in L.A.) is noble as well.

On the other hand, we have the young, renegade “Teach for America” mantra–one that has also rubbed off on the Bill Gates charter-school circle. If schools hold working-class minorities to a lower standard, reformers argue, they’ll continue to perform at that level.

One TFA friend immediately Tweeted to us:

“Holding low-income black and Mexican kids to a lower standard of learning (when many are already behind) is racist/classist. Also, kids may choose not to do homework, but ALL are capable and can make time to, regardless of situation, if we expect it of them.”


50 responses to “LAUSD Declares Homework Racist, Classist”

  1. Anonymous says:

    When I was in high school, my algebra I teacher told us if we got an A grade on our tests we did not have to do homework. He realized homework is for those who need more practice to properly learn the subject. I got all A grades, so I did no homework. When I took algebra II the next year I got nothing but A grades on my tests, but got a D on my first report card. I asked the teacher about it, and she told me that homework was two-thirds of the grade, and I had not done any. I told her that homework was for those who needed more practice to get it right, and my test scores proved I had full comprehension of the subject. I also told her that I did not intend to do any homework as I considered it a waste of my time. I never did any homework, continued to get test scores of A, but she would only give me a B on my report card. Since a B was enough to keep my parents off me, I didn’t care, and I guess she got some satisfaction since I would not obey her and waste my time doing homework where it was not necessary. Instead I could use the time on some subject where I did need to study.

    So I don’t think regular homework should be part of a student’s grade. (Outside assignments like reports, something we did, but may no longer be done, should be part of the grade.) However if a student does not fully comprehend the subject it is necessary to spend more time on it, and that time is homework. If students do not do homework when they need to study more, their grades will reflect that. So failure to do homework when it is necessary for a particular student will result in a lower grade for that student. It will not matter whether homework is counted or not.

    It the case in Los Angeles it seems the very students who need to avail themselves to more study are the ones least likely to do it. God forbid that anyone would expect these people to do anything to try to learn. Their ignorance will of course be the fault of everyone but them.

  2. Question Diversity says: — Los Angeles Times version of that story.

    Would you hire the man in that picture and any company he could own to do janitorial services for you and your house or business? Other than the obvious reasons why not, read the caption — He implicitly admits to being a homework cheat. Which is a wonderful thing to tell the world when you’re trying to earn people’s trust to let you and your people come into their homes and businesses.

    If homework is such a “discriminatory” hassle, then actually having to attend classes is the same hassle. Why bother to make them do anything? Just give them all high school diplomas as a privilege of turning 18.

    As you can read from the L.A. Weekly version, giving homework is racist and not giving homework is racist. Therefore, doing anything at any time is racist. “Racism” as a word is meaningless.

  3. Home School Booster says:

    Good! The more inept public eduction becomes, the more Whites will turn to home schooling. Public schools cannot improve while drowning in blacks and browns. Private schools are usually only one step behind public schools in multicultural PC indoctrination, but homeschools are freedom.

    Home school co-ops are growing in popularity all over the country. While some families can’t afford to have a parent stay at home to teach, they can cooperate with those that can. Schooling can also take place at night, on the weekends and during the summer.

    Whites should band together to provide family schools taught by the neighborhood stay-at-home-parents, with supplementary lessons by tutors. Send the teenagers to community college and they’ll graduate high school and an Associate’s Degree at the same time.

    Home is where the heart is, and also where the anti-white establishment cannot tell you what to read. Don’t be afraid to ditch the system – just think how efficiently your child will learn when he’s not spending hours watching Jamal and Jose disrupt class!

  4. Sureesh says:

    Why is it ALWAYS a white vs. minority issue?

    No one ever mentions that Asians spend more time on homework than whites. In fact, we have white families moving out of our heavily Indian and Chinese neighborhood because the local schools give too much homework and academic standards are too high. On the average, children of Indian and Chinese immigrants spend twice as much time on homework than whites.

    Yet, all we hear about is is the white-minority gap and how minorities fare poorly in school


  5. Anonymous says:

    I suspect most middle class white kids get more out of their homework than they do sitting around the classroom listening to the teacher struggle with the NAMs (non-Asian minorities). Now there is NO SUPPORT for objective learning for white kids stuck in Los Angeles classrooms. Or maybe I should say, “sentenced to Los Angeles classrooms”!

    That begs the question…why not skip the classroom and just learn at home? White kids could probably do better just reading the textbooks in their nice, quiet bedrooms. Maybe cyber charters & computer learning are the way to go for public school whites? Better yet, get your kids out of public schools!

  6. ice says:

    They should waive any homework requirements altogether for blacks, because schools do not base passing grades on anything other than the student showing up for class….and often times that isn’t even a requirement.

    And the legislature should also pass laws that stipulate no jail time for blacks if they’re caught selling under 45 tons of coke. That will have the added benefit of putting more money into the inner cities and keep blacks gainfully employed, as well as reduce incarceration costs.

    Later on the council might consider a new tax setting up a benefit package for drug dealers in the event they’re out of work so they can draw unemployment, if their drug contacts run out of product for a prolonged period of time.

    Once they come up with one good idea, even better possibilities seem to pop up all on their own.

  7. Bernie says:

    There are no whites in LAUSD so not sure what they are talking about.

    I did predict a decade ago that even after whites are gone (or a tiny minority) we will still be blamed for the failings of blacks (notice she calls us ‘coddled).

    Our people have already been chased out of these schools so it is no matter for us.

    We have more important issues to worry about than whether blacks can keep up with Asian and Arab students (for the record, they cannot).

  8. Reformed says:

    The first thing that I saw was a Family Circus parody. It shows a blonde haired white male child doing lots of homework. It says “Someone Kill Me.” Whoever would do that task is not said so you will have to draw your own conclusion.

    The caption is…

    “Homework is for Crackers.”

    Lovely. Could the opinions and bloodthirsty agenda of Blacks in America be any more clear?

  9. Ben says:


    I would think they would want to push with more homework?

    Practice, Practice, Practice.

    So who is right? Is it racist because certain groups don’t pass? Or it is racist to hold certain groups to lower standards. Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

  10. Conrad says:

    I tend to agree. If homework is given out in equal amounts and graded equally blacks and browns will not be able to keep up do to their lower intelligence.

  11. John Engelman says:

    I lived in downtown San Jose, California when the it was flooded by impoverished Vietnamese war refugees. Whenever I went to a public library after work or on Saturday it was full of Vietnamese children and teenagers doing their homework.

    It is reasonable to assume that both of the married parents of these children worked, had little time to help them with their homework, and had limited English skills, so they would not have been able to help very much if they tried.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Longitudinal studies of students in the UK have found that blacks already spend more time studying and doing homework that whites (who do less than all other ethnic groups) but their academic performance is still lower than whites.

    “On average Indian, Black African, Pakistani and Bangladeshi pupils were more likely than White British pupils to have high educational aspirations, to have a positive academic self concept, to complete more homework, to plan for the future and to have a positive attitude to school.”


    Adding the full range of pupil, family, school and neighbourhood factors could account for the low attainment of Bangladeshi pupils, and around half of the low attainment of Pakistani pupils, but could not account for the low attainment of the Black

    Caribbean and Black African groups whose scores were significantly lower than expected.”

    Longitudinal studies of students in the US have found that blacks actually benefit much more from homework than whites and that by increasing the amount of homework they are given it could reduce the black – white achievement gap.

    By taking this route of reducing homework they could end up with the opposite effect of what they desire.

  13. Mike H. says:

    “Holding low-income black and Mexican kids to a lower standard of learning (when many are already behind) is racist/classist. Also, kids may choose not to do homework, but ALL are capable and can make time to, regardless of situation, if we expect it of them.”

    Close, but no cigar. Holding them to higher standards would not magically raise their IQ to be able to reach those standards.

    It would be like giving every Australian Aboriginal every educational advantage available – it’s highly unlikely even a single one of them would be able to understand high school level physics (unless their average IQ has been revised from the 60ish~ I remember it being at, in which case I apologize profusely for my out of date information).

  14. Mr.White says:

    Are there any “white kids” left in the LAUSD?

  15. Spartan24 says:

    I have to agree with students not being given large amounts of homework but not for the stated reasons. Kids in elementary school should not be given homework period. When I was in the 3-5th grades I would often have a couple of hours of homework a night, most of which was merely busy work and grade boosters. For example, a typical fourth grade evenings worth of work often consisted of 30-50 math problems, some sort of extended spelling/English work, a long set of science questions and a few social studies handouts. Mondays were the worst since they involved alphabetizing a long list of spelling words plus looking up definitions. After all of this was done the work had to be copied onto another sheet of paper since the teacher making the assignment was very exacting with how she wanted the work to look when it was turned in. Most of the time the homework assigned took 2-3 hours or even longer. A few times my dad would feel sorry for me and after I had completed half the math problems correctly he would do the rest of them since often it would be well past a sane bedtime for a 10 year old and I would be nodding off by the time that I would get to the math problems. To make a long story short- most of this was simply busy work and extended an already long school day. Extensive homework assignments are one reason that I am a big proponent of home school- parents understand what their kids need more work with and where their strengths lie so that hours of meaningless busy work can be avoided.

  16. Economist says:

    “No one ever mentions that Asians spend more time on homework than whites. In fact, we have white families moving out of our heavily Indian and Chinese neighborhood because the local schools give too much homework and academic standards are too high. On the average, children of Indian and Chinese immigrants spend twice as much time on homework than whites.”

    You have ever considered that the reason White families are moving out of your neighborhood is because it is full of Asian foreigners, not because the local schools give too much homework? I went to a high school that was almost entirely White and Asian but nearly all of the best students were White.

  17. zone says:

    Took a Psychology course at a state college to fulfill credits needed elsewhere for an EE degree. There was one African American in our class. We had a midterm, final, and a few quizzes. Was surprised while passing in my midterm that our African American, instead of handing his in, was told he could take his home and “just turn it in next class”.

    Maybe it is just what they are calling homework that is different.

  18. crystal says:

    There are certain school subjects such as math, accounting, and foreign languages where homework is essential to learning the subject. There is really no way to get around it. You must do the homework to learn the subject.

  19. Francis Galton says:

    If you can’t properly raise children, you shouldn’t have children. People who can’t help their kids learn through the high school level, should not have children.

    But they are. So what should be done about it?

  20. Preparation H-Bomb says:

    Knowing LAUSD, they don’t want homework because it takes so much of their precious TIME to grade it!!! When I was a teacher, it took at least 2 hours each night to grade the homework. These lazy bozos don’t want to be bothered. College grads today are so ignorant it is pathetic; I just tried to read a book written by a college grad aspiring author, and the horrific errors in grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure were so numerous I gave up halfway through. It looks to me like education, period, is racist – only because the blacks and Mexicans are too busy watching fights and gangbangers to GET an education. That’s their choice, and they pay the price.

  21. SF Paul says:

    This just boggles my mind. Homework is a VERY integral part of educating children. I always had homework growing up in the 60’s and 70’s. It helped me learn and my parents made sure no TV until homework was done. The kids who did not do homework got bad grades. Homework and studying after school are part of the proper education of a child. In todays system making children be responsible and learn is racist. God help the USA when these children come of age and are running the government!

  22. Oldwhitedevil says:

    In college, the norm is two hours of homework for every hour in the classroom. I applied the rule and my GPA was around 3.75 (B+ or A-). So, if they are going to be that lean on the kids, what’s going to happen when and if they get to college with their lack of imposed discipline? I wouldn’t expect more than a C- or D average. Stupid idea.

  23. GenX ANZAC says:

    So the two groups who are lagging behind and who’re the causes of “the achievement gap”, will get to catch up by doing less study.

    Huh how does that work?

    I wonder if in some future day, if doing your own home based work will constitute cheating.

    Why don’t the liberals just come out and say what they’re really thinking, that “NAM’s make really (#*!) parents”.

    But no, that would be impolite (too honest) and contradict the whole naive “minorities are just like us” ideal.

    Instead of confrontation we get the current gutless version of the constant and indirect, racial self flagellation. Liberals think that the way to teach minorities how to parent, is by example i.e. by punishing their own kids in the hope that the minorities will follow, but since liberals have no kids of their own, the next best thing to do is to punish your White children.

    I get the feeling that liberals (aka the communists) would love to take all children of colour off their parents and raise them themselves Obama style (who must be the poster child for left wing supremacist ideas).

    Ah yes, liberals are just so wise and are so morally superior to us all, they’ll show everyone how their progressive moral supremacy will beat any backwards thinking tribal affiliations by first attacking their own genetic families in house ‘White supremacy’ (their name for us) be it real or imagined.

    After cannibalising their own physical body for outsiders via promoting zero (White) population growth, adopting alien babies, promoting extreme female careerism, homosexual lifestyles and by ostracizing any and all forms of White preservation, then those who do manage to have children have to warp them by raising the girls to think they’re boys and the boys as girls while arrogantly encouraging us all to do the same.

    After working on their own self destruction, the suicide cult of progressive liberalism thinks that after leading all other ethnic/tribal groups to the edge of the post racial volcano, that after embarking in their own gesture of voluntary group identity sacrifice, that all other ethnic groups will follow the morally superior progressives by letting go of their group strength.

    When in reality the minority groups will encourage us Whites to give up our power, but have their fingers crossed and are hiding their laughter at the naivety of the idea, “yeah sure you guys jump in the fire, we’re right behind you”.

    It wouldn’t be so bad if the progressives just wanted to act like lemmings and extinguish their own evolutionary destiny, but unfortunately they want to take us all out with them. (horror movie clip)

    It’s all about the power; War is too bloody a way to get the power, when it’s so much easier to trick the people into lying down and simply handing their power over. White South Africans were tricked in this same way, now they get taunted by the black communists on how they “lost the War”.

    It’s not all over yet though and as long as we think and plan inter-generationally, the meek won’t necessarily get to inherit the earth. Usually after a flood, famine follows.

  24. olewhitelady says:

    Race hustlers and other liberals have to constantly come up with excuses for black and Hispanic failure. Whether they claim that giving homework is racist or not giving homework is racist, it’s all basically the same: call whitey a racist and let him deny it or just shut up.

    I’ll say it again: give the ghetto and barrio schools to the blacks and browns and forget them.

  25. WASP says:

    White parents are going to have to learn to be less responsible…I guess.

    I suggest white parents start listening to rap music, start having 70% of their children out of wedlock, and spend more time in prison and on welfare.

  26. Jack D.R. says:

    Minority oriented schools, where ever they are located, do very little in the realm of pure education for many reasons (lack of discipline, classroom control, levels of intelligence, interest in the subject, etc.). The minority child gets the benefit of the racist concept (I, and mine, have been mistreated) while the European American/European child gets the brunt of the racist concept (I, and mine, have mistreated others); this concept is pretty much parroted in public school institutions. Now, should the minority student graduate K12 and enroll in university study, should the university assign “outside of class” assignments?

    Years ago, homework was put in motion to make the student (European American/European child) think and connect with his or her educational subjects (history, English, math, etc.) away from school. This promoted contemplation relating to thought processes (cognitive awareness). Also, homework was geared to help facilitate and encourage and put forward self-discipline. The perception was, the educator designated the assignment to be completed, and therefore, the assignment will be completed.

  27. Thomas Udellon says:

    I guess this works adequately enough for the NAMs because when they get out into the real world, these black and hispanics will also be cut a break by their employer too, due to disparate impact quota needs. Only the white and asian kids get screwed by not being properly prepared by the schools, but who cares about them?

  28. Question Diversity says:

    23 Gen X ANZAC wrote:

    I get the feeling that liberals (aka the communists) would love to take all children of colour off their parents and raise them themselves Obama style (who must be the poster child for left wing supremacist ideas).

    Didn’t they try that with Australian Aboriginals already? From what I tell, the same lib mentality which started the “lost generation” (as they now call it) is slobbering all over themselves to apologize for having done it to begin with. It was “racist” to let Abos raise their own children (“raise,” such as it is), and it was “racist” to take their children away to raise them in a better (whiter) environment. So DIYDDIYD — “Racism” means nothing.

  29. Ziwtra says:

    I have noticed that a lot of commenters on Amren are proponents of home schooling. While I agree that this is the best way to keep one’s precious kids out of anti-white indoctrination camps and out of thugs, I don’t think that this is an ideal whites should strive for. Children must learn by experience to interact with and to compete against each other, and I don’t think that home is the proper place for this where kids rather live in isolation with their parents, especially in suburbs. I notice that even a huge number of young whites exhibit communication deficits. Keeping kids at home most of the time and sending them to the wild free world later will make them unprepared for their capacity to cope with different kinds of people. I would consider race-separated schools as the ideal solution to aspire, but I am aware that they are currently almost impossible to establish legally. Similarly to what #3 has proposed, I am a fan of home school cooperations, where classes of 5 or so students are held in alternating houses (and taught by alternating teachers) within a neighborhood network. I guess the cost of equipment and supplies that would be required for subjects like Physics and Chemistry is much easier to bear than the unquantifiable cost of being exposed to a ghetto culture in normal schools. This cooperation method would soften the disadvantage of isolation in an individual home schooling.

  30. Miss Whitey says:

    #4 — Sureesh: There is no way that White people are moving out of your neighborhood because their White children have too much homework. They are moving out because Indians and Chinese can be intolerant of them and the education system is below average. I have had my own experiences of Asian intolerance towards me.

    Are you saying that you want the media to highlight the Asian/Non-Asian minority discrepancies in intelligence and homework completion? They will not do this because the media is constantly and falsely inferring or directly stating that it is White peoples’ fault that non-Asian minorities cannot function in a classroom and that White people should feel guilt and shame regarding this issue and give more and more money of their money to help the “oppressed” Non-Asian minorities.

    Perhaps in the future Asians will be guilt tripped by the media for non-Asian minority failure. However, I don’t see happening this in the forseeable future.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I wonder where the message that the “competition is global” went. Assuming that the people in LA want to have something resembling a middle class life, the denial of the need to learn in order to be able to be paid well seems to have disappeared.

    Perhaps what we are dealing with is the desire for a simpler time and place, in other words, the lifestyle of a Mexican village. I don’t hate people for wanting a simpler life but it is impossible to have a richer life under those premises, unless one is very lucky.

    Also of course is the question of how hard-working people can be coerced into supporting the loafers.

    Ultimately, since physically moving the Mexicans out of California seems politically unlikely (given the possibility of mass violence)the only solution seems to be 1)secession or 2)revolutionary change into a totalitarian system which could commandeer resources to the “poor” sectors. Since it seems the trend in the USA is to the latter I wouldn’t be surprised if, in response, there would be a virtual emptying-out of the middle class in CA, something resembling that which happened in Cuba post Castro.

  32. Old White Jim says:

    As I have said before, we need to issue high school and college diplomas to Blacks at the same time we issue their birth certificates. Under the present rules Blacks aren’t required to actually earn degrees, so why don’t we just skip all of the window dressing and games and give Blacks PHD’s at birth so that our public education dollars can be spent on Whites and East Asians who are educable and our teachers will no longer be required to have a background of bouncing in biker bars.

  33. john says:

    Clearly the law itself is racist, since blacks are arrested wildly disproportionately to their total number in the general population.

    The clear solution to this disparity is to rescind all statutes against armed robbery, embezzlement, murder, auto-theft, kidnapping, vandalism, assault, shoplifting, etc.

    Only then will these disparaties be properly addressed.

  34. AvgDude says:

    Next thing you know, calculus will be declared racist because too many blacks and hispanics don’t understand it.

  35. TheLustful says:

    In the case of homework, I think, yes, it can be useful as a learning tool; but today, as in most schools, homework consists of a bunch of busy work that does not apply in any way to learning a subject; it meanly allows the teacher to feel that they are, in some auspicious way, furthering their student’s education. In the liberal age–which we currently sit–it is not preposterous for the government to claim that they are doing it for the African Americans. Yes, they have poor home lives, but what about low-class whites? What about them? Does the government feel they owe something to this black class of people? Or, does the government merely want to advance its citizens? I believe the former.

    As is in its inherent nature, politicians want votes. And, in passing the laws that allow for the advancement of the minorities, the politicians will gain the votes of those previously mentioned. A child will not learn from repetitive sheets of paper–which is what homework essentially is. The reason kids today have such a low attention span is not because of T.V., video games, or other stimulants; it is because we are more intelligent than that of our older, less feasible parents; we represent an age of growth and prosperity, and we see no need in performing tasks on a piece of paper; it bores us to no end. We would rather SEE the problems solved, not depicted on a piece of paper with numerous abstract variables. For evidence of this propensity to like SIGHT, look at the world today–there are so many sights for one to see; one likes to see the final product of an invention, not the intangible photocopy of it.

    This article predominantly discusses the issue of minorities in America. While it applies a shimmering coat of caring for the youth of America, it only serves as an agenda for politicians–more facilities for the minorities means more votes for a prospective candidate. As far as homework is instilled into a student’s mind, the education system will continue to fail. I, having just graduated high school, am a qualified source in the argument, because I am a part of the new age, and I know how I enjoy to learn; homework isn’t one of them.

  36. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    Looks like the first effort to ameliorate the homework issue failed!!

    LAUSD is forcing teachers to cap homework at 10 percent of a student’s grade, beginning next month.

    This is the latest effort to staunch the number of Fails teachers dole out and students receive, and it is not the first “policy” that has been implemented to raise the dismal GPAs of LAUSDs NAM students, who make up 84% of enrollment.

    A number of years ago, many large LAUSD schools enacted something called “block scheduling” where classes meet (depending on the type of block schedule) anywhere from 85-100 minutes. The longer periods were not implemented to extend learning time; they were put into effect so students could do homework in class, as few to no NAM students in the LAUSD do ANY homework of ANY kind EVER (and were therefore failing).

    I wouldn’t be surprised if, in response, there would be a virtual emptying-out of the middle class in CA, something resembling that which happened in Cuba post Castro.


    This has already happened as productive Whites flee California for states with a lower tax burden and better quality of life — maybe a state that doesn’t pander to illegal immigrants and afford them special rights and privileges over Whites.

    Are there any “white kids” left in the LAUSD?

    –Mr. [email protected]

    Depends on the meaning of “White.”

    According to the LAUSD own data (and I wouldn’t trust ONE WORD they said), Whites make up 9.5% of the LAUSD. I believe this figure is FAR too high, BUT, given the LAUSD’s definition of “White”: whites: Having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East or North Africa, I am not surprised.

    (Note the small “w”, with capitalization for every other racial group).


  37. Preceptor says:

    I, having just graduated high school, am a qualified source in the argument

    Just graduated from high school you say?

    You are not in any way, shape or form “qualified” to comment on or set policy for the educational system or any other system in this country.

    A child will not learn from repetitive sheets of paper—which is what homework essentially is.

    No, it isn’t. Homework is practice to review and master skills sets taught in the classroom — skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic. As the old joke goes: How do you get to Carnegie Hall? PRACTICE. That’s what homework is, practice. Great pianists and tennis players didn’t master their trades through osmosis; they succeeded via hard work and practice, and lots of it.

    The reason kids today have such a low attention span is not because of T.V., video games, or other stimulants; it is because we are more intelligent than that (sic) of our older, less feasible (sic) parents.

    You are even more naive than I thought. More intelligent than your older, less “feasible” parents? Uh, could you define that for us?

    You mean those of “lesser intelligence” who came before you and put a man on the moon using slide rulers? Or invented the internal combustion and jet engines to “get you places”? Or created the technology that runs your computer and gaming system and the electrical grid that powers it? Or labored until they found a vaccine or anti-biotic that allowed you to live past childhood?

    Those dumbbells? Yeah, right.

    You are young and naive, minimally educated and have no life experience.

    Come back and when you’ve left the cushy universe of education, made your way in the working world for a few years, have grown up a bit and polished your grammar and rhetorical skills.

    Then you’ll be a bit more qualified.

  38. Urban Teacher says:

    I find myself in agreement with 1 — Anonymous 5:49 PM on July 1.

    Only test scores should count towards the grade (which is the way I teach). Homework is optional in my classes, though I tell the failing students that, perhaps, they should consider doing it.

    The real problem is government schools. There was a higher literacy rate when there were no government schools (and, of course, the population was mainly of European descent).

    There was no reason for the government to take over schooling, other than to control the people.

  39. Anonymous says:

    I attended public schools in the 1940’s & 50’s. Homework was required, but was not a factor in students’ grades. Not submitting homework assignments meant a reduction in grade, i.e. a ‘B’ became ‘C’. In any case, students who did no homework generally failed, and when 16 quit school to pursue their destiny.

  40. Crystal says:

    To#30 Miss Whitey: Asians value education and are willing to spend money on SAT and ACT prep courses to make sure that they get high enough scores to get into the best universities. Asian parents spend a lot of time making sure that their kids complete their homework every night. Other minority groups do not do the same and the parents do not care whether their kids do their homework or not.

  41. mark says:

    Where did the concept of the future go? I used to take college courses in what was called (very 80’s) “Futurology.” What is being sacrificed in California and elsewhere when racial identity politics prevails is Realpolitik, that wonderful German word that is self-defining : a worldly non-contemplative stance that embraces aggressive nationalism even if that means losses for any other country ( friend or foe). Israel is an exemplar of Realpolitik in action. It is not surprising given the time and place in which Zionism was born.

    Everyone with a brain gets that the USA is fighting a very long war in order to set up and maintain a monopoly capitalism in the Mideast. The Chinese call our policy “hegemonic”, and by so doing indicate they take us seriously in the realm of foreign policy. This is the age of Realpolitik if there ever were one.

    I cannot understand how those colored people even partially educated in the matter of the modern world can not be aware that this is not any longer the time when politicians can beat a drum for social justice. There isn’t the money inside the USA and there are too many enemies outside it. Who isn’t productive will be jettisoned in the not so distant future, not because we are cruel but because we are committed to survival.

    We are now an anxious nation and in no mood for coddling the deficient.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Segregation would solve this problem. Black schools run by blacks will define what is normal or acceptable. Same with white schools run by whites. Integration results in this sort of chaos.

  43. jdavis says:

    As a result of our great governments inability to issue brains their goal is to destroy the existing brains, get them all down to one level…it’s working.

    Isn’t out government wonderful?

  44. Anonymous says:

    LAUSD Declares Homework Racist

    And using the word ‘racist’ is Marxist.

  45. The Guru says:

    I am so surprised that no one has brought up NAM’s not having any problem participating in sports and excelling in it. I still wonder when and how whites will fight back. I hear a lot about IQ’s etc but don’t hear anything about working towards a solution. Am I neadeling for the umpteenth time? yes I am.

  46. Jack says:

    “Efforts to level the playing field between the coddled middle class and minorities without the same resources (quickly becoming the majority in L.A.) is noble as well.”

    What a pathetic comment and a great example of what is wrong in our country. Somehow people who go out and EARN a better life are now “coddled.”

    But, let’s put that aside for the moment.

    Our family is solid upper middle class.

    Here is how our children are coddled.

    They must:

    Complete all schoolwork and maintain a GPA that is consistent with their ability.

    (They are enrolled in a tough private school and do loads of work.)

    On top of normal schoolwork they are expected to complete my reading list of the most important books.

    Help with all daily chores every day (dishes, laundry, lawn care, animal care etc.)

    Attend church with the family every Saturday unless hospitalized.

    They are not allowed any unsupervised time period.

    Are only allowed 1 hour of tv, pc games etc and only after everything else is done.

    This is the school year, during the summer they are working 8 hours a day for the family plus must keep up their reading.

    What exactly is your definition of coddling, Simone?

  47. Who In Their White Mind? says:

    Poster #8- Whenever you see a black slanted circular or any print of the “derogatory” term “Cracker” look at it as a term of racial pride for us Whites. That was a term used on poor Southern Whites (I am one of those, and it is not poor or Southern). But if blacks are too stupid to differntiate Whites & choose to paint us all with the same brush, okay I’ll take it.

    I know of a guy on my golf league who actually has the word tattooed on his arm. He said it goes back to when he was a kid in high school. Some blacks were harrassing him. He said heck with it. So he got it marked on his armI never really understood why blacks in my area (Cleveland, Ohio), would want to frequent a restaurant called The Cracker Barrel. Us crackers must be doing something right, huh. And to another poster: I always capitalize White & Asian, but not black. I will caps Arab and Hispanic, because it is proper grammar. That’s about it.

  48. Anonymous says:

    A big problem with assigning homework in some urban schools is the increasing dysfunction of American home life and the extent to which some parents will resort to abuse and even violence as a means to get the child do do his homework–especially parents who haven’t learned enough to understand the assignment themselves. While most states have laws making it mandatory for teachers to report even suspected child abuse, many, many don’t. To some extent this is commendable because the laws lend to Therapeutic State abuses and horrendous examples of innocent parents being traumatized to establish their innocence. But it also gets to include teachers who just don’t want to take responsibility when abuse is starkly suggested. As the society disintegrates, homework gets intertwined with things we wish not to see.

    For those of us who’ve worked in “public” schools–who’ve seen the sausage being made–the demography of the attendance center is basic and the racial make up is fundamental to that fact of life. Much of “public” schooling affords a very poor and perverse atmosphere for socialization and has an almost goose-stepping enthusiasm for anything undercutting traditional Christianity. Other public school attendance centers offer good

    socialization possibilities not easily attained in home schooling.

    Home schooling is best indicated for homes having good socialization alternatives ( Church, neighborhood, Scouts, clubs, 4-H, etc. ) so that pulling children out of “public” school does not cause undue isolation . But there is no

    reason that in rural schools or small town schools

    there can not be a “mix” of formal school attendance and home school work, some students showing up at regular school as little as three hours a day. If laws can be modified to make part time “public” school attendance compatible with full sports particpation in “public” schools, that will be real progress. Micro-miniturization of technology and the consequent possiblities for “monitoring” homeschool work from the “public” school and conversely engaging in “public” school work from home—this should create major breakthroughs once the current society starts collapsing.

    A major contributing factor to “public” school dysfunction in the primer years of schooling is the feverish disregard in America of biological differentials in rate of relevant maturation between males and females. This likely extends also to gender specific differences directly relevant to reading instruction? The huge disparity represented by the vastly greater numbers of males than females having early reading problems is largely political iatrogenesis stemming from disregard and persecution of the relevant psychological science

    of individual differences.

  49. Michael C. Scott says:

    Yet this is the same California that still has pretensions to status as an international player in high-technology industry.

    When do we get to declare California an independant country so we can begin bombing it?

  50. Bobby says:

    For people unfamiliar with Los Angeles here is some background. The L.A. school system is controlled by the most leftist bureaucrats one could possibly imagine. On a weekly basis they discuss the most outrageous and stupid things. I know because the meetings are televised. You can’t watch these for too long, because they create indigestion and heartburn, combined with a sense of hopelessness.

    The ignorance,vacuity,lightheartedness,and just plain unconcernedness, that characterizes the way the whole system is run, is impossible to convey to normal people with educational concerns. All of this goes on in a background of impending bankruptcy and financial disaster. Questions like, should a certain candy bar be removed from the vending machines? Should apples and bananas be free? Truth be told, it’s all part of the disaster we call California.

    I read the other day that some California congressman was putting forth a proposal to break-up California into two states. He had a map of the new area, and one part was to be Southern California and its counties, the other Northern California. I wasn’t surprised to notice that in the “new” Southern California, all present counties of Southern California were to be included, except, you guessed it, Los Angeles County, where the L.A.U.S.D. is.

    To a lot of folks in Southern California, L.A. County is considered hopeless. A lost cause. This is interesting, because the elite in L.A. County, consider it the seat of culture, with the Staples Sports Center, L.A. Philharmonic, Shrine Auditorium, L.A. Memorial Coliseum, the decayed place called Hollywood,and a number of fancy restaurants. But who is going to care when it is becoming more and more gang infested and third world? One guy was nearly beat to death at Dodger Stadium, etc.