Posted on July 29, 2011

Keeping Downtown Safe and Checking IDs for Pizza

DigTriad (Greensboro), July 28, 2011

Both the police department and multiple downtown associations are working to keep Center City Park safe. That’s after a man got attacked last weekend.

The attack happened when a large group of teenagers got together and it turned violent. Police said the groups have gathered for the past several weekends. As many as 400 people, mostly younger than 30, have gathered once the message spread through social media.


Downtown Greensboro, inc. will play symphony music in Center City Park this weekend in an effort to keep the park peaceful. The group will also double the number of security cameras from five to ten (but that was already in the works). They will also add more programs and events to attract crowds that don’t typically cause problems.


Some local businesses throughout the downtown are also putting new policies in place to keep teenagers under control. They’re asking young people for ID after 11 p.m. before they can buy anything. That’s when the downtown curfew beings for anyone unsupervised and less than 18 years old.


Workers say police visited the restaurant a few days ago and reminded them about the city’s curfew law.

Now they start checking people’s IDs after 11 p.m.


Across the street, a sub shop adopted the same policy after staff say they also got a visit from the police.


The goal is to discourage kids from hanging out downtown after curfew. Staff members actually don’t mind asking for an ID if it keeps them and their customers safer.


30 responses to “Keeping Downtown Safe and Checking IDs for Pizza”

  1. olewhitelady says:

    I guess the playing of classic music will keep the blacks away–from the concert that is. They’ll probably just mob some nearby quickie mart.

    Some mob robberies happen in broad daylight, and many are caught on video, so an after-eleven ID policy and a few more cameras will do a lot of good.

  2. Dwayne O. says:

    Gosh, I wonder what those teenagers could possibly have looked like? Perhaps they were white, blond Norwegians? Maybe they were redheaded, pale skinned with freckles, and blue eyed? Somebody help me out here. I ain’t got a clue.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Checking IDs will not stop a quickly assembled mob of black teens from attacking others.

    While the measures in this article are a good start, what they really need to do is install HUNDREDS of cameras, to discourage these attacks, since the identity of the criminals will be caught on film.

  4. NBJ says:

    This is just sad. As a teenager growing up in the early to mid 80’s, we always hung out at the local Hardees or the mall of course. Those businesses never minded us being there because we spent money, never attacked anyone and rarely fought among ourselves, and most certainly never shot at anyone. The only complaint “older” folk had was the heavy traffic we caused on Friday and Saturday nights. I’m sure you’ve guessed I grew up in a small NC town that was then probably 99% white. God I miss that America.

  5. ATBOTL says:

    This makes no sense. We all know that blacks only get out of control in the North. Blacks in Dixie are docile because they are scared of all the legally carried guns in states like SC.

  6. Mike Harrigan says:

    Seems like I’ve read of areas playing classical music to keep the “young” people away and it worked quite well. But how long before the playing of classical music is seen as racism towards minorities, specifically blacks??

  7. diversity=adversity says:

    Adding more programs and events to attract crowds of non-troublemakers will only result in black «civil rights advocates» screaming bloody murder. they will then say that putting up cameras is “rayci$$,” betraying the racial truths behind the violence.

  8. Len says:

    Classical music requires intellect , plain and simple . The rest follows.

  9. Greg says:

    Man, Imagine how all the YOUTHS will behave when Obama get’s asked to leave the WH.

  10. François says:

    «­The attack happened when a large group of teenagers got together and it turned violent.»

    Oh, yes, the usual kind of «teenagers» we are told about, by the mainstream press…

  11. Hirsch says:

    I have two really great fears after reading this article. The first is that any shop-keep might get the idea of defending his store and should then suffer a fate similar to Jerome Ersklind(sic), firing on his attacker and facing life in prison as a result of using self-defense as a recourse.

    Second, as we’ve seen in previous articles, blacks find the process of being forced to show ID (even to vote) to be an infringement on their civil rights similar to lynching or Bull Connor’s dogs. They will make lemonade out of these particular lemons, suing and goading the police until they can provoke enough reciprocal force to scream police brutality.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Boy, “KIDS” sure are a problem. You know, those “KIDS” do so much harm, we gotta track them, ID them and run them off.

    Who knew “Kids” were such rotten bastards?

    Most kids I see are basically alright.

    I must live in a different neighborhood, or world, huh?

    Pray tell, who are these bad “KIDS?’

  13. Swimologist says:

    “They will also add more programs and events to attract crowds that don’t typically cause problems.” Huh, watch out for those programs and events that “cause” problems. It couldn’t be black teenagers AT black events causing problems, could it?

    In other words, they’re going to have programs or events that don’t draw blacks.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Most white people do not like classical music either, especially the young. That limits someone who is trying to make a buck. Maybe he can not stand classical music himself. I nearly had my ear blown off the other day by a young white guy in the next car at the red light, and he had the windows up. He sure was not playing classical music. So sorry for those people trying to make a living.

  15. Harumphty Dumpty says:

    The attack happened when a large group of teenagers got together and it turned violent.

    Uh, “it” turned violent?

    What is this, “it,” exactly, Mr. Newspaper Writer?

    Some mysterious condition that springs up like a weather anomaly I suppose. Something that could be understood with Chaos theory perhaps.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Another Philly flash mob. Here’s the link…those “teens” again!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    What would be interesting is if they played classical music at some black expo or event. Can you imagine the whining by blacks then. Also, it doesn’t do any good to have alot of cameras if you are not going to prosecute those caught on camera.

  18. Anonymous says:

    In New Zealand, there was and is a problem with “youths” loitering at shopping malls. They tried playing classical music to get rid of them. This was pointless because the “youths” simply turned their boom boxes up louder.

  19. Who In Their White Mind? says:

    Now another story in the MSM is some restaurants in America not allowing young kids (toddlers & infants). It’s only a matter of time before some single black woman with 4 kids all in the toddler and infant range not being allowed access to said restaurant. Can you imagine the hooplah that will lead to? Al & Jesse, be ready to travel and set up your own camera men and make-up artists. Your 15 minutes won’t die yet. You probably can squeeze water frome the rock known as the race card for another twenty years.

    But on the bright side if the blacks sue for not being able to bring in “they chillens” I will be able to use that if my wife and young daughter are denied entrance. Make the black lawsuits work in our favor if you can.

  20. MusicMajor says:

    It’s “classical”, not “classic” – music. Technically, “classical” refers to the period during which Mozart and Haydn wrote. Before that was the Renaissance music, then the Baroque, and pre-Classical. After that was the Romantic, the Impressionists, and then the 20th century music and into contemporary serious music. And YES, playing any of the above tends to keep teens and young people (20’s) out of malls and shopping districts. Most of them are not civilized enough to understand or appreciate it; they want the blind pulsing of the rap or its equivalent. If there’s no “beat”, they can’t comprehend it. Kind of a sad commentary on the evolutionary state of today’s younger folk.

  21. Lakeview Senior says:

    Music soothes the savage beast….oops….savage breast I meant to say. We have those same kind of ‘teens’ here in Chicago. The come down to Michigan Avenue to shop at Neiman-Marcus, Bloomingdales just like the the other tourists that visit Chicago every summer. Yep, they don’t mean any harm either, they just like to travel in groups of thirty or more when they shop for sales at Burberrys and Sax Fifth Avenue stores. Now that we have about six Chicago Police officers on each corner along the Magnificent Mile (as its called hereabouts) their numbers have decreased. Must be they hit the limit on their credit cards. The media keeps us informed if they cause any trouble though as they did at the North Avenue beach on Memorial Day. The City closed the beach because it got too hot, not because some of the ‘teens’ got a bit frisky and started beating people up.

  22. Anonymous says:

    17 — Anonymous wrote at 5:25 PM on July 30:

    “What would be interesting is if they played classical music at some black expo or event. Can you imagine the whining by blacks then. Also, it doesn’t do any good to have alot of cameras if you are not going to prosecute those caught on camera.”

    Helicopters playing Wagner, helicopters playing Wagner! That’s what I want.

  23. Question Diversity says:

    The news has been all abuzz lately about the growing trend of “no kids under six” restaurants, vacation spots, airlines, etc. I think it’s largely a circumlocution for no non-whites allowed. That’s because the universe of parents who have children under the age of six, and the children themselves, is disproportionately non-white.

  24. Anonymous says:

    The only solution to this “teen” (read: black) loitering is SEGREGATION.

    The only solution to Black on White crime, miscegenation is SEGREGATION.

    The only solution to OUR survival is SEGREGATION.

    Or I might add, even better, is deportation. White lands for Whites only.

  25. sandy says:

    The reason we have so much black violence is that nobody, and I mean nobody, criticizes blacks for this problem. If the lefty media would be as hard on these hooligans as they are on Sarah Palin these goofs would be forced to shape up. We need to be criticizing blacks loudly from the highest rooftops. I don’t know if lack of the criticism is from being afraid to be called a racist or if it is by design. I believe it is the latter.

  26. steve2 says:

    Another thing they can do is give tickets for playing loud bass and rap music in their cars. A lot of cities don’t enforce ordinances and laws against disturbing the peace for whatever reason. If cops were aggressive about this, it’ll lead to a lot less thugs invading the area.

  27. MusicMajor says:

    Poster #22: Helicopters playing Wagner? That’s about right, considering the audience. Wagner has been aptly described as “a genius with no talent.” Anyone who has been unfortunate enough to have sat through a performance of even ONE of the Ring Cycle operas knows the truth of that comment. And it’s perfect for the ghettos.

  28. Anonymous says:

    “They will also add more programs and events to attract crowds that don’t typically cause problems.”

    I guess the Monster Of Rap concert is out, lol!

  29. TONY says:

    driving trough baltimore one day i observed two blacks killing a dog by torture it was bleeding to death and the blacks were laughing and dancing around it throwing sticks and bottles at it and laughing. since that time every time i see a black anywhere i get physically sick.