Posted on July 5, 2011

Gas Station Looted Near Humboldt/North Before Mob Attacks Group in Reservoir Park

Jermont Terry and Jay Sorgi, WTMJ Newsradio, July 5, 2011

A group of friends hanging out at Reservoir Park in Milwaukee were attacked and robbed around midnight on July 4th, minutes after the looting of a gas station near the corner of North Humboldt and East North Avenues.

The victims have black eyes, staples in their heads and bruises throughout their body.

The victims said a group of nearly 50 teenagers came running down North Avenue early Monday morning.


But minutes before a group of teens looted the BP gas station a block away at Humboldt and North.

The surveillance video showed boys and girls snatching chips, beverages and entire display cases before running out of the store.

The victims believe those same teens attacked them.

“They were beating up dudes and girls they were kicking my sister they kicked her head they punched me and it was guys and girls,” explained a sobbing victim.


Some residents said this same group of teenagers have been running around the Riverwest neighborhood for weeks.

“I don’t want anyone to be badly hurt or killed because these kids have a problem,” said the resident.

Milwaukee Police have not connected the two incidents.

But a spokesperson said on Monday they are aware of two armed robberies near the park around midnight on July 4th.

[Editor’s Note: Click through to the original article to see a video with surveillance footage and interviews with victims and witnesses to the mob attacks.]