Posted on July 27, 2011

Flash Mob Robbery Occurs at Victoria’s Secret Store in Georgetown

Will Thomas, My Fox DC, July 25, 2011

D.C. Police detectives are investigating a theft at a Victoria’s Secret store Monday afternoon located inside the Shops at Georgetown Park.


Similar incidents have occurred throughout Georgetown and other parts of the city and D.C. Police has officers patrolling retail districts on foot and on segways to be able to respond faster.

17 responses to “Flash Mob Robbery Occurs at Victoria’s Secret Store in Georgetown”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    I’m probably wrong, but at first glance, I’m guessing this was a Hispanic flash mob, or at least not a black one. I’ve never been inside a VS, but when I walk past one and glance inside, I never see any black women inside. I doubt VS merchandise is a highly coveted ghetto commodity, either in general or in that “secondary” ghetto market.

  2. olewhitelady says:

    How long is it going to be before all stores in upscale areas lock their entrances and admit people on a selective basis?

  3. Preparation H-Bomb says:

    I saw this report on Fox when it aired, and what isn’t shown here is the “flash mob” exiting the store. They did show their exit on Fox, and every one of the kids was black. This is the “something for nothing” black mentality made manifest.

  4. Anonymous says:

    So much for the “digital divide” where whites wring their collective hands over the too few computing devices minorities have. The tehroy is the digital gap equates to an opportunity gap.

    Leave to the inner city youths (code word) to take their digital devices, in this case cell phones, and use them in an anti-social manner to commit mayhem.

    In the middle east they use their cell phones to form flash mobs fomenting rebellion for the sake of freedom. In the US, inner city youths use cell phones to commit theft and unprovoked assault.

    Another great contribution to humanity along with “don’t snitch”, the punch game, and dysfunctional families.

  5. rockman says:

    Way back in the prewar era of Norfolk Virginia the bars and the local black folk were getting out of hand beating and robbing sailors stationed there. finally the navy sent in its enlisted men in civilian clothes and started on one end of town and worked through to the other end. They had baseball bats and axes. My father as a young sailor was part of this. It was pay back time. Then the enlisted men were sent back in uniform with machine guns on flat bed trucks to restore order in the ruins. the locals got the point. Same needs to happen with the flash mobs. nail them suckers in a trap. White folk are too easy to rob why respect them?

  6. Tim in Indiana says:

    “Young people are risk takers.” Funny, in watching the video, I noticed something else about them besides just being young.

    Why the “ageism” here? How come it’s all right to mention that they’re “young” but not to mention that they’re black?

    “They use social media to plan out their attacks.” It seems like blacks routinely use white inventions and technology to destroy white society. They use Twitter and Facebook to plan flash riots. They use automobiles as getaway cars (and as targets of theft). They turn modern subways into pools of crime. They insist that television be filled with false images of themselves. Is there any technology that they do not corrupt and eventually destroy?

  7. Urban Teacher says:

    This sort of behavior can be traced back to as early as 1992 when the marching band from historically black Texas Southern University went on what the press described as a “shoplifting binge” in, of all places, Tokyo Japan.

    There they managed to take $22,000 worth of merchandise, $18,500 of which was recovered.

  8. WASP says:

    No security video? So…. it looks like they are going to stop showing the security video now? I told ya! Security cameras are racist because they show a disproportionate number of blacks. lol

    It is scary stuff when the media starts covering up facts in the name of political correctness as the Chicago Tribune admitted to. I mean this is 1984 stuff.

  9. krn says:

    Certain banks in Philadelphia have installed an electronic entrance system which only allows one person at a time to enter the bank. A person who wants to enter the bank at first goes into a glass enclosed box which locks behind them, then after the first door is closed, a green light goes on and the second door to the bank is opened and the person can actually enter the bank. This system works in reverse on the way out. Only one person at a time is allowed to enter or exit. I presume the bank can shut down the entrance/exit system and trap a person in the glass box. This looks like a solution to the flash robs, sadly.

  10. OBSERVER says:


    1) Mall entrance fees. $5 to enter a mall. Hispanics and Blacks won’t pay.

    2) Mall membership fees. Have PRIVATE malls where only members can shop. Membership fees can be $500 per year but is reduced according to your purchses.

    3) Malls with dress codes.

    4) Malls for ADULTS only. This is very easy and can be done “in reverse”. Make the ENTIRE mall a bar, open bar, etc where you can walk about with your beers. Imagine one 250,000 sq. ft. “Outback” restaurant. You can walk about any restaurant with your drinks, so make the ENTIRE mall a restaurant and since they serve booze, the age is 21 unless accompanied by an adult. Since no adult black wants to hang around with young blacks, this will, by default, keep them out.

  11. Blaak Obongo says:

    In a perverse way, this is actually a good thing. Each time one of these “flash mobs” materializes out of the blackosphere, more and more Whites have their eyes opened to black savagery.

    Blacks and mestizos are well aware that we are at war. It’s about time that Whites woke up to that fact as well.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Reply to KRN;

    The problem is that this “solution” is very expensive and all those extra costs get passed on to the law abiding consumers.

  13. Anonymous says:

    “finally the navy sent in its enlisted men in civilian clothes and started on one end of town and worked through to the other end. They had baseball bats and axes”.

    No doubt this story is now in some textbook showing another example of white violence and oppressed people of color. And no doubt this ‘flashmob’ incident (or any other) wont be.

  14. Sheldon says:

    I hope this comment isn’t taken as racist because everyone knows being a racist is worse than being a murderer in America today but here is my non racist comment.

    I have seen many black females in my life but I have never seen one who could slip into something from Victoria’s Secret.

  15. Olive says:

    #4 anonymous–

    Don’t forget that taxpayers have been paying for “free” cell phones for the “disadvantaged”.

  16. Johnnyreb says:

    Future solutions: Clerk hits a button, all doors are electrically locked down. Trained mall security personnel enters by special key. Everybody on the ground. All detained til police arrive to make arrests.

  17. Batons and baseball bats are flying out of the window at Amazon in the UK since the riots began. Do you know we aren’t alllowed to carry self-defence weapons here? Women too, no Mace or anything similar. No, we have to depend on the police to protect us. You’d be buying bats and batons too, right?