Posted on July 20, 2011

Chicago Man Kills Another over Dripping Air Conditioner

Frank Main, Chicago Sun-Times, July 18, 2011

A dripping window air conditioner led to the execution-style killing of a West Side man, police said Monday.

Charles Sims, 28, shot Jimmy Parker eight times about 2 a.m. on June 2, police said.


Sims’ sister had complained to him that Parker dropped water on her from the window of an apartment building in the 5600 block of West Washington, police said.

But the water was simply condensation falling from an air conditioner in a third-floor apartment where the 29-year-old Parker was visiting a woman, Chicago Police Detective Anthony Noradin said.


She [Sims’ sister] also told her brother, who returned to the building and confronted Parker outside, police said. When Parker denied it, Sims punched him, police said.

Then Parker hit Sims, who allegedly pulled a 9mm handgun and shot Parker. Sims allegedly stood over Parker to finish him off, Noradin said.


14 responses to “Chicago Man Kills Another over Dripping Air Conditioner”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Clearly, the absence of advanced placement courses in schools serving underprivileged minority populations is to blame for this unfortunate, but wholly understandable modern urban misunderstanding.

    What we have here is a failure to communicate.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a coward he is. Starts a needless fight and then pulls a gun because he isn’t tough enough to win it. At least he got caught.

    One other thing. I read the comments in the original article and was very pleasantly surprised. I didn’t think a MSM paper would allow those types of comments and I am glad to see so many people waking up and being realistic about race.

  3. Seek says:

    The killing is a mating of inner-city conflict resolution “skills” and a lack of understanding of science. A tragedy? To some. For me, it’s simply nature asserting itself. Most blacks do not reason; they instead explode into violence and call it “respect.”

  4. Peejay in Frisco says:

    That is nothing compared to the case of a 15 year old black shooting and killing an 18 year old black because he was not moving down an escalator fast enough, this happened in SF a few years ago. He was recently convicted.

  5. Madison Grant says:

    A black woman looks out her window and water drips on her head. She looks up and sees an air conditioner overhead.

    Since blacks know nothing about science the woman has no idea that air conditioners cause condensation.

    Now a man is dead because of the fact that blacks have the world’s lowest IQs.

  6. Anonymous says:

    And these are the people with whom we’re forced by law to coexist.

    The day of reckoning is coming soon.

    Vive la résistance!

    Shannon and Christopher JAMAIS ENCORE!

  7. DrBilbo says:

    Respec’ … It waz all ’bout habbum’ respec’.

  8. American Son says:

    Amazing, isn’t it?

    A nubian queen gets upset becuase water landed on her. Tells her brother about it. Her brother proceeds to instigate a fight with the A/C’s owner, gets punched one time, pulls a gun, and kills the man.

    We are fed the line about equality, but day after day we are given examples of the opposite. While I will admit that not all blacks are this bad, the genetic makeup of these people should be enough to open intelligent eyes as to the general lack of impulse control, emotional control, and rational thought from them.

    It is absolutely stunning that there are White people that actually don’t believe what they see. They still prefer to go through life with the eyes of a child.

  9. rjp says:

    This didn’t make the TV news in Chicago …. because if black crime is not reported, it must not exist ….

  10. Spartan says:

    I live in Chicago. Just when I thought I’ve seen it all, this population manages to top it. Two weeks ago, one Black man slashed his best friends face because he burned his chicken. A week ago, some 20 year old Black beat an 80 year old man to death over his bike. Now this. The sad thing is that most people who have spent any amount of time aren’t shocked by this. When I went to Greece four years ago, I would tell my relatives of such stories and they accused me of lying.

  11. Shawn (the female) says:

    #3 Seek, you absolutely have something there – I’ve never thought it about respect in those terms (I tended to focus on the ludicrously overused and improperly used ‘disrespect’), but you’re absolutely correct. To blacks, respect is a synonym for violence and/or fear. Apparently fearing someone is giving them respect. Causing fear in someone is earning respect.

    However, they do have a masterful way of obtaining guns – they all carry at least one. Of course, they’re usually someone else’s.

  12. Duran Dahl says:

    This describes a genre of black crime referred to as “chicken-wing murders,” capricious killings that are so absurd as to garner a grim chuckle. Anyone living in a major metro area need only scan the Monday newspaper…or at least it was so in the near-past. No doubt, most of these crimes go down the “memory hole,” lest white folks get smart. Deepest, darkest Africa is no further away than your closest black neighborhood. Looking at African “art” tells you quite a bit about their soul.

  13. white is right, black is whack says:

    Yes, killing someone over and air conditioning unit can only be blamed on slavery or an entire race of people. Sure, they just need more money and more education and it will solve the problem…

  14. ATBOTL says:

    “When I went to Greece four years ago, I would tell my relatives of such stories and they accused me of lying.”

    In my experience, Europeans are unable to comprehend the depravity of black Americans(their own minorities are angels compared to American blacks).