Posted on July 7, 2011

Blacks Ruin Fourth of July in Baltimore; Media Censor Race

Unamused, Unamusement Park, July 5, 2011

Since late last night (July 4), another unremarkable story with no race angle at all has been floating around the Internet. The Baltimore Sun has one of the earliest reports: “Man stabbed to death, child shot in Inner Harbor after fireworks.”

Violence erupted in separate locations of the Inner Harbor Monday night despite a heavy police presence for the holiday, with a child shot in the leg and a man fatally stabbed shortly after the fireworks ended.

Earlier in the day, a man in his 20s was shot twice inside a parking garage around 2 a.m. after a long-running feud was reignited. He survived the attack.

This violence was “a significant disappointment” for Baltimore police, whose “elaborate July Fourth safety plan… involved several hundred state and city officers patrolling Baltimore’s streets, monitoring surveillance cameras and tracking one another via GPS signals.” In fact, Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III was so confident in his planning,

[he] held a news conference Monday evening to quell fears that the downtown area was dangerous, telling reporters that arrests were imminent in the morning incident and that he believed there were “sufficient resources” in place to secure the Inner Harbor for the Independence Day celebration.


The story does not mention race, so for example, the stabbing victim was an “adult male,” who got into a confrontation with a “group of individuals”; two more “individuals” fell into the water and were rescued by the BPD Marine Unit; “several juveniles” were arrested for carrying knives; and police enforced the curfew by clearing “young people” off the streets after 11 pm.

Tonight (July 5), WRBL News reports that “a photo of the suspect in the killing was taken by cellphone” and “city officials were hoping to quickly capture the suspect,” yet the photo is neither shown nor described. In particular, the story does not mention race. The Baltimore Business Journal is similarly uninformative.

The Baltimore Sun’s follow-up includes a video in which Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (who is black) condemns “these people who engage in these terrible and senseless acts of violence” as cowards whose behavior will not be tolerated. Neither the story nor the video mentions race. However, the video does briefly display a photo of the suspect. WBAL has more photos (below), plus a video of a large number of African Americans “celebrating” the Fourth of July in a not-unthreatening manner.

Suspected of stabbing a man to death with a broken bottle on the Fourth of July. Source: WBAL.

One witness reports a “moving mob” (or something kind of like it).

Jean Holzhueter, who lives within walking distance of the Inner Harbor, has attended the New Year’s and Independence Day fireworks for many years, but she said that Monday was the first time she felt unsafe during the festivities. … “It was kind of like a moving mob,” Holzhueter said. Although police responded quickly, she said, Holzhueter was afraid she would be pushed into the water by the expanding crowd. “It was just scary how fast it grew.”

Fortunately, a man who gets paid to make Baltimore look good sets us straight.

Added Bill Gilmore of the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts: “You need to march along. You can’t let an incident like this deter your Independence Day celebrations. You can’t let the actions of a few people affect the good work and entertainment of the public at large.”

Reporting is sooooo much work

Let us apply our usual racist tricksearch Twitter for “harbor, black” and other interesting combinations of words (e.g. “somebody got stabbed at the harbor”) to see what the mainstream media could not be bothered to report.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of relevant tweets I found from the night in question, not including re-tweets. I’ll keep it simple: name, race, time, and tweet. Notice how early people (well, black people) detected trouble (from black people). For comparison, the stabbing occurred shortly after 10 pm (ABC2) and first aired on the 11 pm news.

  • _ViolaLoves, black, 8:57 pm: “At the harbor too many black ppl lls”
  • dbeats11, black, 9:24 pm: “Never again will I bring my black ass down the harbor on 4th of july”
  • TeamWonnyBitch, black, 10:02 pm: “Dannng! Black ppl never cant do/get nothing right… On my way up the Harbor turning all the way around because they shut it down. *Shrugs”
  • Marleyy_, black, 10:03 pm: “Shit got wild down da harbor black people is wild cant have alotta dem inda same place
  • AyyLera, black10:06 pm: “The harbor is a coon fest…what is with thisblack mob stuff its crazy.”
  • OozieBangz, black, 10:10 pm: “Damn, Somebody Got Stabbed At The Harbor Already ?! Smh [Shaking my head] Black People <<<“
  • Duh_Toy, black, 10:13 pm: “Somebody got stabbed at the innor harbor!#notsuprised
  • dozens of tweets (and retweets) almost identical to Duh_Toy’s, all by black people, such as TinyyTerror at 10:23 pm: “So somebody got stabbed at the harbor? Idk [I don’t know] why people acting so surprised.
  • x__JuicyShaa, black, 10:23 pm: “Wow someone got stabbed at the harbor , too many black ppl there at once .”
  • _SunnyMonroee, black, 10:25 pm: “somebody got stabbed at the Harbor , we cant have NO type of fun nowadays without someone dying
  • bubblecheekz614, black, 10:26 pm: “Seen 6 fights so far at the harbor wtf is wrong with black people
  • Scuda3, black, 10:29 pm: “I hate black people dey dont never know how to get along ppl tryna have a good time at the harbor and you wanna jump and stab dem #smh”
  • JetTrippyMane, black, 10:35 pm: “kill somebody got stabbed and shot at the Harbor tho….lol NIGGAS smh
  • LoveIsDeadXo, black, 10:40 pm: “That’s so fckn sad , ppl getting shot up & stabed at the harbor that’s the result of too many black ppl in a restricted area -______-“
  • MallyRe, black, 10:57 pm: “You cant do SHIT with black people young…niggaz gettin stabbed at the harbor and shit”
  • FreedomWars, black, 10:58 pm: “Somebody Got Stabbed At The Harbor -____- Black People ! Smh”
  • Yeahh_ItsMia, black, 10:58 pm (right on time for the 11 o’clock news): “@_LoveeBuqq its on the newss . . And someotha people got shot and stabbed black people for you
  • Kyraa_Sasha (black), 10:59 pm: “See First The Zoo,Then The Carribean Festival,& Now The Ha

    rbor. Why Y’all Black Kids Gotta Be So Ignorant! Smhh” (re-tweeted by 14 other black people, mostly women)

  • LoveMee_HateMe, black, 11:01 pm : “Heard shit went down , down the Harbor . smfh Thats exaclty why iStayed my black ass here in BelAir . Shiiddd”
  • YouWitTheFace, black, 11:02 pm: “I’m LMAO At My TL Because Every Year Somebody Got Beat Up Or Stabbed Down The Harbor For Like 5 Years In A Row.”
  • inked_skin_tone, black, 11:02 pm: “Smfh I knew a damn 4 year old shoot wtf #black people don’t know how to act
  • Weeenta, black, 11:04 pm: “Woah buddddy. There is black people everywhere at the harbor!”
  • ForeverrSimone, black11:26 pm: “ah 4 yr old boy got shot & somebody was severly stabbed at the harbor ? this is fucking ridiculous ! i hateeee black people ,” (immediately re-tweeted by three other black women)
  • NaeJackCity, black, 11:34 pm: “Yo its still hella niggas dwn the harbor !”
  • PieVSTheWorld, black, 11:34 pm: “Somebody got stabbed n killed, someone else shot, and my SON was down there smh. Baltimore can’t have shit w/o niggers fuckin it up
  • therealMikeyLo, black, 11:36 pm: “niggas got stabbed to death and a 4 year old got shot and killed down da harbor ! #shitreal”
  • meechie222, black, 11:37 pm: “@_Veeeeeee ch

    eck fb [Facebook] aboutalll the “black ppl” saying yea I was holding my own down the harbor ..fightin and all dat stuff”

  • IKeepAMistress, black, 12:14 am: “I see why white people think so low of blacks. Like seriously black people can’t just go to a nice place like the harbor and act right”

There are hundreds more like this from the same night, all saying basically the same thing:

  1. the Inner Harbor was full of black people last night
  2. the black people started fighting, one of them stabbed someone to death, and one of them shot a child
  3. point 2 is disappointing, but not surprising, given point 1

In a way, this is good news. Many ordinary black people — unlike their leaders and unlike most white people — are willing to say what we should all be thinking: black people, compared to white people, are innately violent and criminal, and you can’t put too many of them in the same place without someone getting killed. Harsh, I know, but this is the only theory that fits the data.

When the media won’t tell you the facts about black crime, go straight to the source: black people who are fed up with it themselves.

11 responses to “Blacks Ruin Fourth of July in Baltimore; Media Censor Race”

  1. OBSERVER says:

    Typical. This is so predictable. Maybe it isn’t news to the media. Maybe they EXPECT blacks to behave this way so it really isn’t news worthy.

    Now, when WHITES do this (so rare) it IS news and the media is all over it. Since whites are more civilized, there is more interest and more shock when we do this. It is expected of blacks, so where is the shock anymore?

    When I read any story about “gang” violence or rape, I automatically assume BLACKS are involved. The media doesn’t have to mention it. They know we know. wink wink.

  2. Bernie says:

    While white liberals are often truly naive about race, those tweets show that blacks know the truth as much as any AR reader. They just don’t like it when non-blacks notice too.

  3. Question Diversity says:

    This is an AR post for the ages. I’ve always said that nobody knows black people better than other blacks. Black people who have political and governing responsibility over other black people, even if the governing blacks are proud of their careers opposing Jim Crow, segregation and apartheid, will salami slice their way back to Jim Crow and seggy and apartheid one law and ordinance at a time.

    For some reason I’ll never know, some up and coming rapper on Twitter decided to follow me awhile back. I told him to look at my tweets and my blog to make sure he knew who I was all about and the kind of “bigot” I am, but he told me that he knew and didn’t care. So I followed him to be cordial, but my eyes usually skip his tweets. A few weeks ago, after the “Coventry” black wildings in Cleveland (he’s in Cleveland), he tweeted something along the lines of “black people don’t know how to act SMH” in reaction.

    Notice urban politicos always trot out more cops and more cameras as the be all and end all solution to violent crime. They didn’t do very well in this instance.

  4. Wayne Engle says:

    Yet another exhibit for the “Don’t let ’em gather in a mob” series on blacks. I’d never heard of that website before, and will bookmark it as obviously I’ve already done with AmRen.

    Baltimore is yet another of those eastern cities plagued by senseless, often deadly violence committed almost entirely by blacks. Perhaps if websites like this one and the one bearing this article keep publishing the details that the mainstream media wants to hide, White America will finally wake up to the peril it faces.

  5. Follow The Light says:

    Wow! Are those tweets for real? I find it hard to believe that many Blacks have that attitude about their own AND willing to advertise it. If these are for real, then there is hope. It is these people who follow the Whites but would be quite capable of running their own communities.

    This is a topic that needs more reporting and research. This could be part of a major breakthrough in race realism.

  6. Senior White Citizen says:

    This is pathetic. Why don’t we just turn the Marines loose on these black idiots and let them do what they do best? We’d drop the troublemaker population real quick all over the country if we did that. These problem black people are no good to anyone, even themselves.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Brilliant blogging by Unamusement Park — whom I am glad to see getting recognized by AR. But then, it’s a mutual admiration society between Unamusement Park and AR: the former’s home page carries a picture of Jared Taylor (along with other Race Realist luminaries as Darwin, Galton, Arthur Jensen, VDare’s Peter Brimelow, and, uh, the late Amy Biehl.

    Do pay a visit to the Park, you’ll be glad you did:

    Unamused himself is apparently in his mid 20s. StuffBlackPeopleDon’tLike’s “Paul Kersey” is apparently around 30. These are young, smart, dedicated RRs who give me hope for the future. When I read writers like these, I think all is not lost for the white race after all.

  8. White, Jewish, and Proud says:

    This is a really good article. Too bad most of America will never see it.

    However, I’m heartend that race is, indeed, creeping into the national media regarding the outrages and mayhem caused by feral black all over the country, particularly in urban America.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Until things shake out, to put it one way, whites will need to use their resources and intelligence to avoid this sort of horror. I’ve already seen it occurring.

    Here’s an example.

    For the the July 4th weekend fireworks my girlfriend and I avoided the “public” displays. We live in a large midwestern city – and not a place known for civilized black crowd behavior. But this applies to any city.

    First, avoid all publicly (read: FREE) sponsored events. Whether it’s July 4th or Memorial Day or whatever. Avoid close-in suburbs and any place near a bus or train line.

    Next, find a pay-to-enter event. We went a large race track that had an excellent fireworks display (set to music) but it costs $10 to get in. They easily had 10,000 plus in attendance – it was 98%+ white. Not one problem despite 40 minutes of loud noise and bright colors.

    Essentially, move all these events to less accessible areas and charge to get in. That is a guaranteed way to virtually eliminate black problems.

    I know the inherent concerns. First, we pay for these “public” events we can’t use. Also, this comes down to a “black-free” tax we have to pay. But in the current climate it remains both necessary and legal. Lastly, some less well off whites will suffer. We have to acknowledge that fact and help in some way

    All city festivals should be gated and have an entrance fee. If the city doesn’t go along, then have the group(s) sponsoring the event hold it privately.

    This should become the norm.

    What will happen is that the cities will eventually find these “festivals” to be more trouble than they are worth – simply excuses for black barbaric behavior. Blacks couldn’t care one iota for what is being celebrated – July 4th being a good example. If something is free and is touted as a “celebration” they show up.

    Furthermore, whites should stop attending or tacitly promoting these city festivals that draw black crime or where it is known that large numbers of blacks turn out. That means less money to vendors, etc…and the market itself will force these little uprisings out of business.

    Whites have way more may power than we care to admit. The NAACP cannot respond to all of these changes at once and certainly not to one-off events like fireworks displays. By the time they figure out what to do the event is over. In addition, the NAACP and their enablers only have so much money. We can bleed them dry as they yell and scream because it will cost $15 to get into Irish-Fest when it used to be free.

    It may be a new form of Jim Crow so I propose we call it Dr. James Crow, II – it sounds better and has a more moneyed ring to it.

  10. John Engelman says:

    It is reasonable to assume that these “individuals” were not Chinese immigrants, or Hasidic Jews. Even poor Southern whites from the back woods do not behave that way.

  11. Anonymous says:

    There seems to be a panic/sense of hopelessness on AMREN that the White race is headed for extinction because it won’t fight back against black violence. But as one black girl said to me in 1989–“Black people don’t stick together.” The tweets in this story prove her right. Blacks aren’t a tight, organized force marching toward victory; rather they’re a disorganized mob (distrustful of each other) with no strategic plan.