Posted on July 19, 2011

AFA Gets an Extra $1 Million to Tackle Diversity Issues

Tom Roeder, The Gazette (Colorado Springs), July 15, 2011

The Air Force Academy has a plan and a $1 million budget to make the school more diverse, but no numerical goal that describes what diverse looks like.

Adding more cadets from minorities groups to the academy’s population has been a goal for years. The Board of Visitors, the school’s oversight body, was told Friday that the school has a new plan, which includes diversity training for employees, stepping up minority recruitment and training “inclusion ambassadors” who will promote diversity at the academy.

“The good thing is we’re doing something about it,” said Lt. Gen. Mike Gould, academy superintendent.

The academy’s student body is 71 percent white, which is similar to its sister academies for Navy and Army, and close to the national population average.

But the academy wants to see gains in the number of black and Hispanic cadets on the campus, who make up a combined 16 percent of the student body, well below their share of the national population.


The Air Force put money into the academy program this year, adding $1 million to the program in 2011–doubling the academy’s diversity budget. Much of the cash is being spent on recruiting in black, Hispanic and Asian neighborhoods. The idea is that attracting more minority applicants will gradually grow the academy’s minority population.


20 responses to “AFA Gets an Extra $1 Million to Tackle Diversity Issues”

  1. GWS says:

    As a USAFA grad myself, I was always sickened by their and the Air Force’s catering to women and minorities. Every cadet and officer knew the score. Women and minorities were treated and promoted favorably compared to their White male colleagues.

    Shouldn’t people just compete on a level playing field? The military is a giant social experiment and the nation will pay the ultimate price for this foolishness.

  2. Jedediah says:

    I could never in good conscience advise any of my younger (white) male relatives to join the modern US Armed Services. Liberalism seems to be even worse in the military than in civilian society today

  3. Anonymous says:

    I served as a Marine from 1974 – 1976 in Washington D.C. One day, a black private received office hours for something, and at the hearing he stated that the only reason he was in trouble was because the company commander was a racist. I don’t remember what happened to the private, but the company commander (a Captain) was gone the next day.

  4. WR the elder says:

    For something that is supposed to be our strength “diversity” sure costs a lot of money.

  5. Playing Roots Backwards says:

    They are already transplanting livers, kidneys, hearts, lungs, faces and hands. It is only a matter of time until they add brains to the list, so they may be able to help out a few of those Black cadets with that million bucks.

    Whew! Won’t THOSE White organ donors be surprised.

  6. rjp says:

    Nothing is a black’s fault in the USN, everybody just pays. Anything though can be a White’s fault, and he will pay dearly. I saw a chance for a Gen Sep within 180 days and dove right for it.

  7. Cliff Yablonski says:

    When I was in officer candidate school we had a black cadet who somehow got selected over other more qualified applicants, he was so stupid it defied belief and he washed out early in training because he failed the first test and could not pass it after two remakes.

    What is the Air Force thinking?

  8. queequeg says:

    Personally, I believe this is an effort to dilute the number of skilled whites in our armed forces. Surely, the progressives and socialists in our government have correctly speculated that many white males in the elite units will not turn on civilians if ordered to do so. This marxist president wants no strong opposition to his “civilian defense force”(read Brown Shirts) should he gain a second term.

  9. rockman says:

    minorities and women are part of our society but they will not get favorable treatment by the enemy in war time. the unfit will rapidly be weeded out but at what cost to the country. it is fact that the German SS panzer armies picked areas of the allied front held by black divisions to attack in the battle of the bulge. They correctly evaluated the black units as weak and poorly motivated. After a token resistance the black units surrendered breaking open the allied front. A major crisis in WWII was created by thinking the black units were equal to white units. In the business world it has been my experience that women never produce effort equal to a man in the same situation they always fall back on the fact that they are women to evade work. in Russia women in WWII manned tanks and AA guns and were soldiers in combat but kids in Germany manned AA guns effectively that does not mean we should put kids in the military To achieve diversity standards will be lowered as always so that there will be two standards of admission on for white males and one for all the rest. Whats new.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I attended a university flight program with a black student. Of course they made sure and included him in ALL the promotional materials wearing his flight jacket and aviator sunglasses. I dropped out and got my pilot’s license independently because at the time I was more interested in my flight ratings than my degree. I heard later that guy got a four-year degree in flight operations without having received one single pilot certificate.

    I also flew with a flight instructor who told me that almost everyone has the aptitude to learn how to fly, it’s just that many people can’t get over the unnatural aspect of flying and the fear of it. But he did relay a story of one student who for one reason or another just simply could not climb or descend to a given altitude or turn onto a heading, no matter how many times they tried. This is day-one stuff. After about 10 flight hours or so they finally had to sit down with the guy and tell him maybe flying just wasn’t his thing. He was Somalian.

    So I guess there will be a silver lining for those aspiring to flight slots in flooding the AFA with affirmative action students: less competition for those slots. That’s one of those things you just can’t fake your way through.

    That is until the military has to start assigning flight slots according to affirmative action. That would be insane but I won’t put it past them.

  11. Deirdre says:

    I don’t understand why women would ever want to do a man’s job and why they would want to be in such an uncomfortable situation unless they are very manly and accepted as a sort of honorary man (like a woman in my husband’s firehouse who carries her full weight and after initial hesitation, was eventually accepted by them). There are very manly women who can do these jobs but not the average girl, and they shouldn’t receive any preference. If you can’t do the job get one you’re capable of doing. I’m sick of this social experimenting. Tired of minorities having to be coaxed and flattered into “accepting” jobs (Oh, thank you!) that white men might actually want. The FDNY is regularly accused of “not doing enough to attract minorities” and those are the very words they use in the news without any shame. Why should any organization have to “attract” anyone who wants a job? We have to sugarcoat every carrot on a stick to get these people to get off their rearends and be productive? This constant bleating on behalf of these stumps is so tiresome.

  12. HH says:

    Is there any legitimate, measurable evidence that a “diverse” military is an effective military? Is “diversity” shown, objectively, to improve fighting, tactics, etc? Are any from these “diverse” categories known, quantifiably, to possess unique skills that make them better infantry, better pilots, better technical support, better marksman, better leaders, etc?


    What then is our military doing worrying about “diversity” one way or the other? What exactly IS the mission of the US military? To create the greatest, most effective, most efficient possible fighting force? Or is it social-engineering in neat uniforms?!

  13. Anonymous says:

    These are the sick, diseased contortions of a nation and society in it’s death throes.

    No culture could be so deluded and misbehaved and survive.

  14. Mike H. says:

    Fascinating. Not the extra one million bit and other associated drivel – that’s just routine.

    What I’m referring to as fascinating is the fact that the Navy apparently has similar black/minority percentages despite the fact that they’ve been caught letting in flat out morons simply because they’re black/hispanic, with test scores hundreds of points lower than the white equivalent.

  15. Chromedome Brainstorm says:

    How long until one of these Affirmative Action Black pilots, while out on a training flight over the testing grounds, bombs some White suburban neighborhood by mistake?

    The USA probably could with-stand the negatives of diversity in the Army and Marines, because thank goodness we have a nuclear umbrella and a mostly White Air Force with many strategic bombers, but now that some of those bombers will be piloted by Blacks it appears the USAs strategic defense could be easily compromised by Chinese or Russians fighters and interceptors.

  16. June says:

    Today’s diversity is not strength. It is national suicide.

  17. Michael C. Scott says:

    In order for this to work, the AFA would have to dumb-down the curicculum by an enormous extent. This would ensure that the tuition-free college education would no longer be worth the required years of service to anyone capable of handling a real courseload, and whites would stay away from the academies; the more gung-ho taking the ROTC option at real universities, after which their reserve officer status would provide the armed forces an even greater excuse to avoid promoting whites than they already have. Instant diversity! It would look great for the establishment diversity propagandists, right up until we had to fight a serious war, with morons as the nation’s top brass.

    For an example of what happens with morons as battlefield commanders, Russia during the 1904-1905 war with Japan and then later during World War One had generals connected with the aristocracy who could not be removed no matter how chuckle-headed they were. During the Russo-Japanese war, the Russian Pacific fleet and then the Baltic fleet (after a voyage around Africa and Asia) were completely destroyed. The only admiral of any ability Russia possessed during the war with Japan was Admiral Makarov, and he was killed when his flagship, “Petropavlovsk” hit a mine, blew up, and sank. At Tannenberg in 1914, Russian Generals Samsonov and Rennenkampf blundered into a trap laid for them by the Germans, losing 170,000 men and 500 field guns. Rennenkampf and Samsonov had earlier been responsible for several disasters on land in the Far East in; the two actually came to physical blows after the battle of Mukden in 1905. Russia produced only one good general during World War One, Brusilov, but his success at breaking the back of the Austro-Hungarian army (750,000 men lost) in what is now the Ukraine in 1916 came too late and at too high a cost, as Russian offensive power was also effectively destroyed, with 1,400,000 men lost.

    With this increasing focus on diversity, I think the days when our academies could produce a Chester Nimitz, a George Patton or a Curtiss LeMay are long gone. Institutionalized incompetance is tolerable when it involves the post office, but not in armed forces – as the Russian example a century ago vividly shows.

    In related news, China’s first aircraft carrier, “Shi Lang” (formerly the Russian “Varyag”, a sister of “Admiral Kuznetzov”) is being put shrough sea trials this summer, with two additional near copies to enter service in 2015. These will operate Sukhoi-33s (navalized Su-27 “Flankers”, by any accounts a good airplane.) Does anyone really imagine that their armed forces are promoting Tibetans, Uygurs and other ethnic minorities just to boost the “self-esteem” of the less-competant members of said groups?

  18. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    “To attack in the Battle of the Bulge” -Rockman

    I had the priveledge of sitting next to an ex-POW from the Hurtgen Forest. So I turned him on to that HBO movie about it. In return he let me ask a few questions. How`d they get you? ” I was standing looking up at a jeep blown into a tree by an 88 shell with a GI boot hanging out of it dripping blood. Then I felt a gun in my back…” What`d they feed you?!? “Chicory peas and pine needle soup.” Whats your most vivid memory? “We were loading boxcars on the Eastern front with foodstuffs in Feb. 1945. to keep it out of Russian hands. Were were warned severly that to steal food from the mouths of German women and children meant summary execution. One guy didn`t get the message. They did a surprise strip search. The guy had White arms and legs under his uniform from going after flour in a boxcar. The guard put his gun to the guys head and then quick as lightening turned around and broke out all his teeth with his rifle butt. The guy crumpled to the ground and held about 25 teeth in his hand…”

  19. sedonaman says:

    “There must be tens of thousands of Americans consuming hundreds of millions of dollars every year enforcing, adjusting, tuning, regulating, and talking pure nonsense about the racial diversity that is supposed to be our strength.” — “The Myth of Diversity” by Jared Taylor

  20. Howard W. Campbell says:

    If George Patton were in the Army now, he would bail out as a Captain and go to work for Blackwater or some corporation that is on the move. Are there potential Pattons, LeMays, or Nimitzs out there, yes there are. But they will not put up with a PC military and usually leave after their initial service. I doubt we will ever produce a group of men like those from the USMA class of 1915 (the class the stars fell on). 59 out of 164 graduates that year were eventually promoted to General.