Posted on July 7, 2011

40% of Michigan Babies Born to Single Women, Study Finds

Chris Christoff, Detroit Free Press, July 6, 2011

The percentage of babies born in Michigan to unmarried mothers rose significantly during the last decade, but fewer teens are giving birth, a new study shows.

About half of all births from 2000-09 were to mothers eligible for Medicaid, the government health insurance program for low-income people, according to the Kids Count Michigan report by the Michigan League for Human Services.

The trend is troubling because babies born to unmarried women are more likely to live in poverty, said Kids Count in Michigan director Jane Zehnder-Merrell.


The study also found:

• The percentage of African-American and Hispanic births has grown; births to Hispanic mothers rose 35% though they represent 7% of all births.

• About four of every five births to African-American women were to unmarried mothers, compared to one of every three for white mothers.


18 responses to “40% of Michigan Babies Born to Single Women, Study Finds”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Statistics for comparison, in the early part of the 20th century, White out of wedlock births were ~2%, Black were ~20%. Note 20% was the number for Sweden; ~5% for England; Catholic countries which prohibited divorce, ~10%.

    The current 33% for White Michigan women and 80% for Black Michigan women represent liberal progress.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In terms of support, the “father” ends up being white taxpayers. Who are then in physical danger once the babies grow up.

  3. Longterm Observer says:

    Well, what a surprise! Duh-twah is 95% black (or close to it); black women found out as soon as the giveaway programs of the ’60’s took effect that they could make more by having babies than their husbands could make at a legitimate job. Exit the black husband, RIP to the black family, and howdy to black women having 10 or more kids, all with different fathers. LaTwatta rides again! Now the giveaway programs are regarded as entitlement by black women. The black men (after spending the sleeping hours with the woman of their choice) are busy out selling/dealing drugs. What a convenient arrangement. And liberal whites are the ones who made it all possible.

  4. Anonymous says:

    • About four of every five births to African-American women were to unmarried mothers, compared to one of every three for white mothers.

    Births to white women doesn’t necessarily mean white babies, unfortunately. There’s no mention of the father’s race. Given what I’ve seen of Michigan, a substantial fraction of the “white” illegitimate babies were probably sired by non-whites.

  5. Uniculturalist says:

    Do the math. If the percentage of illegitimate births statewide was 80% for black women and 40% statewide, then unmarried black women account for half the total births in Michigan.

  6. Middle American Jew says:

    Parts of Michigan, and certainly Detroit, should no longer be counted as being in America. It is some foreign land – the bastard child of Africa and the Civil Rights Movement.

    Can you say “Fourth World?”

  7. Anonymous says:

    Blacks know better than to trust modern family law.

  8. cpascal says:

    One frequently hears talk on what can be done to alleviate childhood poverty, but few people want to admit that if adults who are living in poverty would stop having children, childhood poverty would be greatly reduced. The only children living in poverty would be those from better-off families who fell on hard times, and in many cases, this is only temporary. If half of Michigan’s babies qualify for Medicaid, that means that half of the babies are being born into poverty or close to it. The vast majority of them will never mange to get out of that, and no small number of them will grow up to become violent criminals of some sort. It would be a good idea to introduce programs which pay people to be sterilized, as is being done in some places in India.

  9. Ciccio says:

    I thought this is due to welfare programs only, it may be part of it but only part. You have all heard about the current drought in east Africa, the starving millions. Here is why they starve. From 2000 to 2010 the population of Kenya has gone from 30 to 41 million, that of Ethiopia from 65 to 90. Nobody knows about Somalia but it will be similar. These are people who have no welfare whatsoever unless sent by the west in extremis. They also have very little arable land, have never had abundant rains and at the best of times their agricultural output is poor. I have just been reading a horror story, the UN population projections. For Ethiopia they predict 170 million by 2050. In 1950 it was `18 million, that same sort of rate in the US in that time span would would put the US population for 2050 at 1.5 billion. Yet nowhere in that 200 plus page report do I hear warnings this is unsustainable, you are killing the planet, no, all I hear is I got to feed those poor starving bastards. Germany is in of the leading countries in alternative energy, in the last thirty years they have actually managed to reduce their consumption slightly and increase their forests by a million acres whilst their population increased by 2 million, most of them immigrants from the breeder countries. Pakistan on the other hand managed to increase their population by 79 million and chop down half the remaining forests in the same time. Despite this all we hear how the west using “Our” resources.

    There is of course one simple solution. We go green. Real green. Let nature take its course, nature red in tooth and claw.

  10. Anonymous says:

    #5 – Your math is incorrect. 40% born to single women statewide means than 60% of births are to married couples. We don’t know the percentage of births to black single women compared to births overall in Michigan, without additional facts.

  11. Anonymous says:

    All due to the lack of shame and our welfare programs all made possible by our white liberal bleeding hearts. When shame goes away for having babies out of wedlock and making babies out of wedlock by irresponsible black males, the rest of us will pick up the tab lest the white liberals call us “racists”.

  12. ATBOTL says:

    “Births to white women doesn’t necessarily mean white babies, unfortunately. There’s no mention of the father’s race. Given what I’ve seen of Michigan, a substantial fraction of the “white” illegitimate babies were probably sired by non-whites.”

    A couple of years ago, there was some government report about birth rates which showed that just over 10% of babies born to white mothers have non-white fathers. So what ever the official birth rate is for whites, it’s essentially 10% less. This fact substantially narrows the gap in birthrates between white Americans and white Europeans too.

  13. AmericaFirst says:

    In upstate NY the illegitimacy rate is – and has been for the past few years – around 80% for blacks and Hispanics. And yet, wherever one may stand on the issue, the so-called conservative right railing against a law permitting gay marriage as the death knell of traditional values and proof of a complete breakdown of the family and society NEVER mentions what has been the way of life in these ever-increasing populations, which breed criminality, violence, welfare dependency (who pays for all these kids?), making the center areas of most cities no-go zones for whites and families of any color. The black “family” has been on a major decline since Moynihan came out with his report in the early 60s, at which time 25% of black children were illegitimate, but its not politically correct to mention that, I guess. What is the bigger danger to our entire society, both long-term and short-run? (One of my particular peeves is the moral outrage the Catholic Church musters against gay marriage, but actually promotes what is much more likely to destroy our nation: illegal immigration.) I’m not gay, but that issue is minor to me compared to unfettered illegal immigration, the loss of civil liberties due to political correctness in failing to adequately profile (especially muslims, etc.) at airports, an increasingly socialist(ic) economy, etc.

  14. WASP says:

    To 9 — Ciccio wrote at 9:58 AM on July 8:


    With the dumbest people having the most kids, the killing of the planet will accelerate.

    The future will be like something out of a science fiction movie. And I think it will happen sooner than the experts predict.

  15. Anonymous says:

    All of which proves one thing to me: There is always going to be a given percentage of the population who are _born_ with a genetic deficit that prevents them from competing as equals in an ever more sophisticated working environment.

    So why won’t anyone ‘do the study’ which shows:

    1. How much we lose by creating make work positions.

    2. How much we lose by creating an employment system based on

    maternity payments to low IQ society members.

    3. How much we would lose if, instead of funding a ‘service

    economy’ which nobody wants to participate in and

    a broodmare program for sub-90 IQ populations, we simply

    gave them a decent, sterile-after-one-kid lifestyle of X-

    many hundred dollars a month?

    There are economies of scale here. Buy one big screen TV and internet support for a year and you are looking at the better part of 2,000 dollars. Buy an apartment complex a broadband wifi hookup with ‘community services’ ranging from food delivery to full cable and why would they want to leave their own little world to flash-mob something?

    _Especially_ if one of the conditions of their gilded cage existence was no crime, no drugs, no kids?

    We cannot bandaid this problem with NCLB. We need _time_ to do the genetics work to bring people into the 21st century on an IQ driven basis. Is it beyond consideration that 1-2 generations of (reducing population counts overall) free load not worth the price of community safety and superior economic modeling?

    These aren’t Turks in Germany. They are American Citizens. We cannot simply dump them at the edge of town and point towards Canada or Mexico.

  16. SID SARCASTIC says:

    These black females are much like flowers and the black males are much like the honey bee.

    The bee spots a flower he lands on it and new life begins.

    Honestly White America you don’t have to be a genius to figure out blacks do not want to live as whites – blacks in America prefer to live as their African Roots do in Africa.

    Whites have told them how special they are, they didn’t come up with that fantasy, we told them. blacks who can barely read or write hold government jobs at good pay for doing who even knows what? After 50 years of AA with little progress why aren’t these people hanging their heads in shame?

    I think it might be a good idea to offer them $10,000 cash if they get sterilized after no more than two children. $10,000 is much less than paying to feed and care for these kids from birth until prison.

  17. Californian says:

    Well, again, we have to look at this as a dysgenic experiment run by (mostly white) liberals. Promote the welfare state and the sexual revolution as a means to wreck the traditional family. Then create massive bureaucracies to preside over the wreckage.

    Blacks have their responsibility in this debacle, of course, but we have to also consider how white liberals are to blame.

    The current 33% for White Michigan women and 80% for Black Michigan women represent liberal progress.

    And this will become worse as each generation carries on the proclivities of the previous. Talk about the disintegration of society!

    The thing is, there seems to be no sign that these trends will turn around. But then again, the desired end-state may just be the reduction of society to a mass of atomized quasi-serfs, dependent upon bureaucracies and believing that bread and circuses is democracy.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I have seen it myself, what you’re all saying. I live in a nice suburb of Atlanta and yet I cannot go anywhere without seeing blacks, coming in from other lower income areas to hang around in our parks, shop in our grocery stores, and just generally being an eyesore and pain in the ass. (I’m talking about the kind that hang on fences and swing from basketball goals.) I wasn’t a racist until I moved to the black mecca of the world. It’s not even safe to walk down the street in broad daylight in downtown Atlanta with all the homeless crackheads crowding every corner, and black bums harrassing passerbys. It’s truly sickening.

    My husband and I bought our home in 2009, and it’s quickly turning into a “welcoming of blacks” area, with the schools quickly going down in quality, not-surprisingly. To add icing to the cake, i work at a state agency and I get to see every day all the “special treatment” these lazy blacks are entitled to. If there’s a bogus job with a high salary that generally requires nothing in the form of responsibility, accountability, or presentation skills, you bet your ass that job will be filled by a “person of color” – this country is going to go straight to hell unless we change our “coddling” of the minorities and stop encouraging their breeding frenzy.