Posted on June 1, 2011

Woman Found Pushing a Trash Can of Body Parts Is Arrested As Suspect in Killing

Richard Winton, Los Angeles Times, May 31, 2011


Carmen Montenegro was taken into custody after Ontario residents in the 700 block of Holmes Avenue spotted her about 3 p.m. Sunday pushing a foul-smelling trash bin and alerted police, Det. Jeff Crittenden said. Body parts were found inside the bin, he said.


Montenegro apparently was trying to get relatives who live on the street to get rid of the body and had also tried to leave it in front of a nearby home, he said.

“She was trying to dispose of a body,” Crittenden said

The victim has not been identified.


The daughter of a homeowner related to Montenegro told a KTLA-TV Channel 5 reporter that the suspect is her cousin and that she came to the house Sunday with the body asking for help disposing of it. {snip}

4 responses to “Woman Found Pushing a Trash Can of Body Parts Is Arrested As Suspect in Killing”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I used to have a book titled, “What to do with a dead body”. It used to be sold by Paladin Press, but the title has mysteriously disappeared over the years.

    The primary theme of the book was that it was almost impossible to handle this problem, after the fact. Preparation beforehand was mandatory. The book was quite thorough in explaining what to do.

    Now, you may ask, what would a normal person, a non-criminal want with such a title. The answer to that is simple. Look at what happened to that poor man in Oklahoma City. Obviously, he was simply defending himself and others. Not only was he charged with the outrageous First Degree Murder, but a jury convicted him. The former needs political action to rectify. But the latter shows that the people living there are the real problem and the only solution is to move away. The pharmacist probably wishes he knew this about where he lived before this event happened.

    When society gets to that point, you need to have plans to protect yourself. There are more enemies than just the criminal who kicks open your door in the middle of the night. Because of this, the question, should I call the police or handle this quietly, on my own, becomes a legitimate one.

    Make no mistake, this makes you a criminal. But does that mean anything, morally, when society gets to this point? Risk analysis, not right and wrong become important.

    A bit of macabre humor with a not so funny set of issues to think about.

    Note that Oklahoma is supposedly a “stand your ground” state. But what the law says matters almost nothing at all, when a jury of your peers is wicked, stupid and insane.

  2. Jack says:

    To Anon 1:

    “…when a jury of your peers is wicked, stupid and insane.”

    I highly doubt he had a jury of peers as our founders intended.

    Modern juries are manipulated to destroy the power the jury has and leave the power of the judiciary unchecked.

    By the time they get through voir dire the jury is usually a dozen morons who have no idea what a jury is or what it is supposed to do.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not a lot to work with here but I would like to know if this woman has priors and/or a mental health record. The 1,000 yard vacancy of that stare and the self deprecating expression says there is something wrong there, beyond the booking photo. Maybe for quite awhile.

    The pathetic manner of attempted disposal of the remains indicates a rather low intelligence or a secondary pressing exigency (husband coming home soon etc.).

    The -dangerous- element here is how a low intelligence creates a low threshold for instigating such violence in the first place.

    Over something trivial or nothing at all.

    If you cannot foresee the public witnessing consequences of dragging a heavy, smelly, garbage can down the street in broad daylight; you may not see the dire outcomes from murdering someone for their EBT card or Disability check. Cellphone or car keys.

    Social cohesion _requires_ a sense of reward from the system for participation in a rules based society of self governance and self restraint. That is increasingly hard to provide to all classes in a world where 115 is the starting gate IQ for any real career as social mobility.

    Where lower class hispanics with

  4. Anonymous says:

    A few years ago it was decided that mental hospitals were inhumane and that the patients would be better off living on the streets, and that they would all faithfully take their medicines. Never mind that many of them were totally incapable of caring for themselves and needed supervision to make sure their conditions didn’t worsen into outright homicidal delusions, resulting in murder of ordinary citizens.

    This is the result.

    A lot of mental facilities WERE horrible places, but instead of throwing the patients out on the streets to prey upon the innocent, they should have fixed the mental health system so these people were treated, cared for and supervised properly.