Posted on June 6, 2011

Teen Mobs Suspected in Downtown Assaults

Jeremy Gorner and Andy Grimm, Chicago Tribune, June 6, 2011

One man was smoking a cigar Saturday night on a bench in the Streeterville neighborhood when his evening was interrupted by a group of young men who robbed and beat him. Another man was parking his motor scooter outside Northwestern University’s downtown campus when the same group apparently made him their next victim, police said.

Police believe the group of about 15 to 20 youths in their mid- to late teens also was responsible for two more attacks moments later along the lakefront.

At least seven people thought to be part of the group were arrested Saturday in connection with the robberies and mob action, a crime that has become a problem in Streeterville, the Gold Coast and the Magnificent Mile, authorities said.


Dvonte Sykes, 17, of the 7500 block of South Normal Avenue was charged with two felony counts of robbery and one count of mob action violence to person and property.


Two other youths, Trovolus Pickett, 17 and Derodte Wright, 18, were charged in connection with a robbery on the 300 block of East Chicago Avenue, police said.


The latest incidents in Chicago apparently started about 8:20 p.m. Saturday, when a 68-year-old man from Washington state was sitting on a bench smoking a cigar in the 300 block of East Chicago Avenue as the young men approached, authorities said. The group beat him, robbed him of an iPad and BlackBerry and fled the scene, authorities said.

What authorities believe was the same group also approached a 34-year-old man as he parked his motor scooter outside a building on Northwestern’s downtown campus along East Chicago Avenue, just west of Lake Shore Drive. One of the males in that group threw a baseball at the victim’s face and knocked him to the ground, and several others allegedly punched and hit him multiple times.


88 responses to “Teen Mobs Suspected in Downtown Assaults”

  1. Anonymous says:

    “sitting on a bench smoking a cigar” or takintg an evening stroll, or (for children) plyaying outdoors are no longer safe activities, in the new Black-Run America.

    Instead, Whites must always, always be afraid and wary. We are forced to run quickly from our car to our house and lock the doors. We are forced to stay inside, and spend massive amounts of money to reinforce our windows and doors. We can no longer go to malls or resturants or parks, or ride public transport.

    It is even imposible to move away to a safe neighborhood, away from the masses of African thugs who make life miserable for us. Our government is at this very moment moving hundreds of thousands of Urban Blacks and immigrant Africans to previously White towns and even rural areas. The quiet,safe, peaceful neighborhoods and childhoods in which we grew up are gone, thanks to our government and the Leftists-multiculturalists.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    These black thugs are no different than the ones that existed 50 years ago. There are just so many more of them because white folks don’t defend themselves or each other. This is why Bull Connor and Lester Maddox kept blacks away from themselves and other white people. Separate the races before we have a bloodbath.

  3. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    “Tennis players, Dog walkers and families” The clips of people going about their daily business reminded me of those news reels of Pearl Harbour at peace. While the swarm forms up and begins the attack. Or maybe Eloi waiting to be called to “dinner.” And the lady at the end, “I think it`s just common sense to take extra precatutions at night.” Shes telling herself it`s okay to go to Defcon One and over ride the anti-racism jamming after dark!! Hmmm Interesting times and and an interesting new phenonenom.

  4. Aux Armes Citoyens says:

    This has GOT TO BE the 5o,0000th wake up call to White America.

    The people interviewed are suggesting that people be vigilant in certain areas which is a code word for anywhere that Mau Mau are present which of course is just about everywhere!!!!!!!! What they are saying is don’t go out anymore. Just stay in your homes with the doors locked. Don’t even go to work anymore. It’s too dangerous. You need to storm the offices of your pansy, pandering, gutless White politicos and demand that they speak up publicly and that if they do you will support them and let them know that if they don’t act, You will take it upon yourselves to deal with this threat and to steal a MAU MAU exression “By any means necessary”.

  5. Reb Side of the Tracks, Whites Only! says:

    Good. We hope to see much more of these “justifiable occasions of acting out against systemic racism and endemic institutional bias against the beloved communities of color”.

    When wealthy Whites are attacked in Chicago, you know that some Whitey liberal elites who always confess an unending devotion to Rosa Parks, Integration, Equality, MLK, Civil Rights, Anti-Racism, Diversity is our Strength, Multicultural Sensitivity, Radical Hospitality, Welcoming Inclusivity, Affirmative Action, and Social Justice just got a little of their over-supply and unjustly horded unearned White Privilege beat out of them.

    But the good news is, when the “teen” black mobs terrorize Whitey in Chicago, are actually beating some Race Realism INTO the rich Whitey elites, giving them a teaching moment of re-appraising why they live as far away from blacks as possible, and why the send their beautiful White daughters to the least integrated private schools they can afford.

    But down here in Dixieland, we receive these stories with a real joy. All across our beloved South, “national” cemeteries are full of the bones of Illinois soldiers who never outran Rebel bullets. They fought so that the blacks could get their Emancipation and their fair share of the American Promise. Now the ancestors of these dead yank soldiers who fought to “save the Union and free a race” are robbed, raped, and murdered by the beloved Diversities.

    We embrace social justice when it comes to us as poetically as these black “teen” mobs deliver it.

  6. MuayTyson says:

    Funny, I couldn’t read the comments section this seems to happen a lot with these stories. Sometimes the paper just closes the comment section other times the comments just don’t work. Why do I feel this is an attempt to close the comments with out “closing” the comments sections?

    Does anyone else have this problem?

  7. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    “Dad Tried To Warn Me But I Didn`t Listen Dept”

    I now know what they meant about saving for retirement, investing wisely and living below my means. It was so I wouldn`t have to spend my Golden Years trying to verbally prompt and motivate Dvonte, Trovolus and Derodte to pull their own weight beside me at Burger King. Regret leaves a worst taste in my mouth than microwaved lettuce…

  8. sam d says:

    Devont, Trovolus, and Derodte. Let’s just be thankful they showed their pictures or we would have never known they were black.

    These kinds of black on white mob beatings are caused by black on white hate which permeates their communities, as well as the radical leftists on television and in the printed media. Too, we don’t want to forget the entertainment industry’s contribution to depicting these types as good and true, with the potential to be statesmen, scientists, doctors and other professionals. In other words they show us just EXACTLY the opposite of reality.

    My friends, it’s getting much worse out there. It was always bad, but now it is unequivocally getting worse.

  9. olewhitelady says:

    As I’ve said before, there are no longer any safe neighborhoods in the U.S. In the past, whites kept an eye out for strangers in their midst, and any non-white who wasn’t known to work in the neighborhood was cause for alarm. Blacks knew they were as likely as not to be picked up by the police if they dared to enter a white area. Now, many whites just avert their eyes due to fear or the desire not to appear politically incorrect.

    Did anyone doubt that at some point black criminals would brazenly invade upscale neighborhoods and assault people in broad daylight? Now, it will be interesting to see just what the rich and powerful do about it!

  10. Fritz says:

    BOLDER every single day BOLDER, more violent, expressing their deep racism in the most sadistic of ways.

    I live in a state where I can legally carry and use a concealed weapon and I think when the criminal thinks of attacking someone he always has to ask himself is this potential victim ARMED?

    In Chicago the only people who are fully armed are the police who seem to do little before, during or after one of these events and the criminal. The innocent victim is not allowed by law to defend himself in a manner that would be appropriate for a given situation.

    blacks seem to be a major problem almost wherever they live and they are very sure that whites are afraid to defend themselves when attacked. The criminal has all the advantages and the INNOCENT VICTIM has none.

    Thomas Jefferson and Lincoln warned us many years ago but we were to weak and foolish to do anything about it, Now What?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Two of them have dead eyes, one of them has psycho eyes. All three of them have names that could have predicted their failure.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I love the young woman’s “I think it’s just common sense to be more careful when you are walking after dark…” comment.

    Lady, you could be John James Rambo himself and if someone throws a baseball at your face and then jumps you with 15-20 of his best ghetto friends, you’re toast.

    Guns won’t matter. Martial arts won’t matter. They will wait until you are close, come out from concealment on all sides at once. And if you -have- a weapon, take it from you and use it against you, after distracting you long enough to put you on your knees.

    This is why ‘the white (and asian couple, no racists here!) oasis that makes Chicago’s engine turn over’ code implied in the daylight video of the park is really just an illusion.

    And why we don’t have a hope until we can put something at our backs that is known-quantity, _non ethnic_. Because hispanics are just as bad.

    Forget WWII or Desert Storm. People who haven’t read of warfare on the scale of the classic era (Marathon, Thermopylae, Plataea, Brundisium, Cannae, Adrianople) have NO IDEA what this country is setting itself up for in terms of mass population wars based on food, water and apparent ‘privilege’.

    You can beat that kind of mass warfare. The same way Crassus defeated Spartacus at Bruttium: with fortifications and prepared fires across a terrain choke. Still, it is the _sheer scale_ of the assault you have to look at: with 12,000 dead slaves and 7 dead Romans.

    With 300 million unhappy neighbors, it could get that bad here.

    It could potentially get a lot worse.

  13. White, Jewish, and Proud says:

    One doesn’t need pictures of the suspects in order to infer their race. One only needs to hear their comic book names: Devonte, Derodte, and Trovolus.

  14. Anonymous says:

    This is absolute thuggery. I used to live at 710 North Lake Shore Drive when I was a student at Northwestern.That area is very upscale. It’s close to the beach and about 4 blocks away from the Miracle Mile. It is horrible that people can’t feel safe anywhere!

  15. Tom S. says:

    Not one mention of the race of the attackers or the victims, but WE knew before ever seeing the pictures didn’t we? In the liberal media they’re always “youths”, “teens” and the best of all “young men”. In a sane world it would read “pack of black thugs attack/rob local Whites”

  16. Dutchman says:

    Maybe I’m just more aware, but it seems these incidents are increasing. The other day I came across an remark from Gedaliah Brown on the 2008 election. He predicted that the election of Barak Obama would result in a rise of violence against Whites due to the Black sense of entitlement. They all expected Obama to make a direct wealth transfer from Whitey, and with this windfall not forthcoming, they have cut out the middle man.

  17. Conrad says:

    Good! These wealthy whites ought to find out how it feels. A little of their treason coming home to them.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I got to the line “15-20 ‘youffs’ ” and knew what the culprits would look like. The first 2 have the feral, defiant, could-care-less half-lidded eyes that so many of these young thugs have nowadays. The third actually looks as if he might have some comprehension that he screwed up and could be in big trouble now.

    I hope they really do get stiff sentences, but I rather doubt they will. They will be charged as juveniles once their mommas get up in court with tears in their eyes and tell how they were planning to go back to school and get a job, and pay child support for the 1 or 2 babies that “desperately” need their daddy….

  19. HH says:

    This whole rash of events now reads like a script from start to finish. All the buzzwords and euphamisms are front and center, “youths,” “Teen mobs” “young men” and all of that. Yet not a WORD about the racial make-up of these “youths” is ever mentioned! White America WAKE UP – we are under attack, and our enemies have taken the gloves off…so should we!!!!

  20. john says:

    Any white city dweller in this country without a concealed carry permit and the skills and willingness to take advantage of it deserves whatever befalls him.

    And if he lives in an area in which he can’t get one he should move.

  21. Middle American Jew says:

    A picture speaks a thousand words – although I don’t think these three stooges know even a hundred words.

    Take a look (if you can) at the photos and you’ll see the end of America looking back at you. Can you even imagine how much has already been spent, and what has yet to be spent, on these destroyers of civilization?

    Our tax dollars, I’m certain, have paid for Trovolus and his bros to reach this prime of age mindless anarchy. Yes, you have paid the bill – starting the day they were born – for all those free breakfasts and lunches and child care and ER visits and juvenile counseling and court cases and probably a kid or two at this point and so much more.

    Where’s the thanks?

    We are truly living in a society gone mad because no sane society would accept this outrage on a regular basis. How many programs for gifted white children have been cut to pay for these characters? Any nation that allows such evil has no respect for itself.

    Worse, think of the millions more like Dvonte and whatever crazy names they have and it’s obvious the US clock is close to midnight.

    A simple start would be to cut the anti-white social programs and welfare, use the money for more police, and then wait until the blacks riot as they realize they may have to work or behave or both because the gravy train has been permanently derailed.

    At that point, whites will be able to practice legal self-defense, and the courts will be overwhelmed by such a white response there will be a cultural shift acknowledging things have changed.

    Basically, it’s called a revolt.

    Otherwise, get used to the future mayor of Chicago, the honorable Derodte Wright.

  22. Anonymous says:

    These mob attacks have been occurring with greater frequency. Over Memorial Day weekend, a public beach had to be closed due to unruly youths harrassing people, but the police and local politicians lied and claimed that extreme heat necessitated the closing. Elsewhere in the Chicago, numerous shootings took place. Bottom line: almost all of the unlawful conduct was the work of black criminals. In terms of the beach closing, the police were outnumbered and, by and large, failed to arrest anyone.

    What makes these two reports unique is that it is the first time that the politically correct media has acknowledged the race of the criminal defendants.

  23. Anonymous says:

    This is not all that far from the beach the city was forced to close down over the memorial day weekend.

  24. Anonymous says:

    You ain’t seem nothing yet!

    It is going to end up with all out warfare.

  25. Bandmo says:

    On “Stossel” Sunday night, Fox news, the wise black man said “legalize drugs and Black crime will stop”. They will have to legalize everything in order for black crime to stop.

  26. Sjambok is the answer says:

    Dvonte, Trovolus and Derodte. “Names” like these are a sign of a deliberate and ostentacious rejection of american norms and values. Small wonder that they were raised to be bigoted racist thugs.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I’m a old white guy and I may have to start carrying a gun to protect myself from maurading “youths”. I don’t really want to, because the left is trying their hardest to criminalize white self-protection against minorities. God help us, I think our civilization is doomed.

  28. coaltrain says:

    Sad as it is yes this will continue and increase.Todays black youth have been taught they are superior, they are owed everything by whites they have been empowered and encouraged by The Nation of Islam. theres probably not A direct link but The Black Muslims are in the neighborhoods laughing and demeaning whitey. These young men

    have A very low chance of being convicted of anything other than a misdemeanor action . Given our present administration ,and our affirmitive action attorney general the feds are not going to be involved.You know someday white people are going to be enlightened

    about whats in store for them. I believe in the Boy Scout motto

    Be Prepared.

  29. summer says:

    Stupid names to go with stupid-looking faces.

  30. Anonymous says:

    When is the last time you heard of a group of white kids attacking an old black person? It happens… but not very often.

  31. Ken says:

    It seems we fatten these blacks up making them strong and healthy on welfare and it destroys their ambition. If they were a bit hungrier then they would be working and trying to get ahead instead of carousing around for tits and giggles.

  32. Chicagoan says:

    The story understates the scope of this. It mentions a group of 15-20 “youths”. However, that’s just one group; there have been an endless number of these ghetto groups all swarming in the same general area simultaneously for maybe a two mile stretch. We’re talking about many hundreds of gangbangers all over, maybe two hundred on one block alone in a prominent shopping area. All are swaggering and looking for action, doing things like knocking people off bicycles, mugging people, etc.

    This has been going on elsewhere in this country and seems to have taken a sharp uptick since Obama got elected. I wonder what the connection is?

  33. Paul says:

    I think we should be happy that these ‘Teens’ were even apprehended.

    I forsee a time in the future when these crimes will be so prevelant that the cops won’t even bother.

  34. Ben says:

    @ Aux Armes Citoyens

    “This has GOT TO BE the 5o,0000th wake up call to White America.”

    It is not a “wake up call” when the media doesn’t show faces and labels them as just “teens” on the video.

  35. Chicagoan says:

    I noticed some goofy statements from earlier commentators which claimed that the whites beaten up were probably “wealthy”. Not every white person walking down the street is wealthy, nor are they necessarily liberals. You know no more about them than the black muggers. One victim of the night was a tourist from Japan, hardly a Yankee/wealthy white/liberal. More like ordinary people.

  36. Anonymous says:

    I have a sickening feeling that we are going to have more of this kind of thing the entire summer. Everybody knows what the common denominator here is, yet absolutely nothing will be done about because any meaningful action will result in charges of “racism.” That’s how pathetic things are in 2011 America. The sad part of it is that Chicago (which is a city I still love) attracts a lot of tourists during the summer, and news of these flash mobs will have an enormously negative impact on tourism and business. I’ll gaurantee you, this kind of thing would not have been tolerated in Chicago a few decades ago; it would have been dealt with, and it would have been dealt with harshly.

    About the only thing that can be done, as far as I can tell, is to pass laws that allow people to carry concealed weapons. That’s it. I’ve never been particularly fond of guns and other weapons, but I’m 100% in favor of using violent means to protect myself and my family if necessary, and I will not hesitate to do so. Liberals would scream bloody murder, but I’ll tell you something: even the dimmest of these black “youths” will think twice about attacking an innocent white person when they become aware that there’s a possibility the person might put a bullet in their skull.

  37. Follw The Light says:

    I believe a Mr.Goetz of NYC “took precautions” a quarter century ago. All Whites must do the same and be heroes and protect the innocent.

    I think some of the hardworking, taxpayers who are liberal Chicagoans are awakening. They are still groggy though. A splash of cold water will get them up and rarin’ to go. It has started.

    I’m sure others will have commented, but where did THOSE names come from?? I think they are misspellings of the original intent.

  38. Sonya says:

    Interesting 15 minute segment from a local Chicago radio talk show. Much discussion about what really happened when the closed the Chicago beach due to “heat”.

    Apparently it was a “flash mob” thousands of black thugs are believed to have flocked the beat and police were witnessing mob beatings without the manpower to stop it. THey were really concerned it was going to become “horrifying” which is why they shut the beat and them the lies started.

    Other articles say this story (above) was also a flash mob.

    Radio clip here:

  39. Aye, There's the Reb says:

    If da yoofs of Chicago must go on rampages in the rich-folks parts of town, could they PLEASE do it in Bill Ayers’ and Bernadette Dohrn’s and Rahm Emmanuel’s neighborhoods? PLEASE?

    Maybe we can convince Ayers and Mayor Rahmbo to take up smoking cigars while sitting on park benches.

  40. Tim in Indiana says:

    Look at the opening “poster frame” of that video and you see an idyllic looking, sunny day and a tree-lined street with modern skyscrapers. Who would have imagined fifty years ago that the future held out cities that, despite their appearance, were rapidly becoming unlivable?

    I must say I’m dismayed by some of the comments on here, however. What good would a concealed carry permit have done the young man who was hit in the face with a baseball, no doubt thrown with unerring aim by a feral predator with no other useful skills whatsoever? The victim never knew what hit him. Regarding the comments of this being a case of “rich white people” getting what they deserved, we know nothing of the kind, and I find such remarks contemptible.

  41. flyingtiger says:

    I shouldn’t laugh, but I cannot help it. The wealthiest and most liberal part of Chicago is being invaded by urban youffs. Now they will feel the fear that others have!

    Two news commentators. They came to the conclusion that new unemployment of their parents are causing this! The MSM is so clueless.

  42. Julian Lee says:

    “Funny, I couldn’t read the comments section this seems to happen a lot with these stories…Does anyone else have this problem?

    Yes, I couldn’t either. And it does seem to happen a lot with the comment sections following these stories. Reality denial by “news media.”

  43. John Engelman says:

    It may not seem like it, but the crime rate has been in pretty steady decline since 1980. The reason is not because we have gotten to the root cause of crime by eliminating poverty and racial inequality. It is because the prison population has tripled since 1980. Also, the kind of females who have the most abortions are the same kind that are most likely to raise violent street criminals. They are poor, unmarried, and they have low IQs.

    What we need are more, longer, and nastier prison sentences. Aid to Families with Dependent Children should be replaced with free abortion on demand.

  44. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    I found the Black or biracial newsman reporting the story to be well versed, articulate and very watchable. I wonder if the professional in him dies a little each time he mouths the words, “teens”, “youths” or “Mobs”… He may be a team player but he ain`t stupid.

  45. Tom Iron says:


    No, this is just the modus-operandi when a black takes over. We saw the same thing in NYC when the world class moron, David Dinkins got elected as mayor. He went so far as to order the police to stand asside to allow riot by blacks against the Hasidic Jews to proceed without interfereance.

  46. olewhitelady says:

    Muay Tyson #6:

    I also have sometimes had no luck trying to get comments sections to load on other websites. Since sites sometimes scrub comments, it does sound suspicious that there’s difficulty in accessing them. As race-realist comments increase, some sites may well just dispense with these sections.

  47. Anonymous says:

    These whites will never learn. I guarantee they’ll go back to their Starbuck ways, proudly driving up in their electric cars with Paddy O’bama stickers still prominently displayed on the bumpers. And while amongst their like minded buddies, sipping their expensive hot water, they’ll discuss how they can’t wait for 2012 to vote again for the O’bama.

    At the same time they’ll roll their eyes at the Republican field of candidates and make their knowing pronouncements about how horrible Palin is. No evidence will be offered of course as to why she is so evil, it’s just something that is known. Known by enlighten people like themselves, and late night comedian philosophers.

    These people who were attacked would rather die than admit to even the possibility they were attacked because of their race. After all they love MLK and voted for O’bama. Some may have journeyed to South Africa and marched with oppressed blacks against evil white Apartheid.

    No, their admission or even a slight thought that they were attack by black racists is something to odious for them to admit. These were only misguided and deprived African-American “yoooooths” justifiably expressing anger at racist white America.

    By the way, as far as concealed carry is concerned, forget it in Chicago. This is the city in open defiance of the second amendment ruling against them by the supreme court in a recent case.

    That ruling against Chicago by the Supreme Dorks, was only 5-4. In O’bama’s second term he’ll appoint one or more additional hack “justice” that will rule the other way. Thus, presto, their goes your second amendment rights. Republicans in the senate, as usual, will be too gutless to fight these disastrous judicial appointments.

    Look for Susan Bolton of Arizona 1070 fame to be on the short list. Bolton is so stupid she can’t write a coherent and understandable ruling. Perfect for the high court.

    Basically she said that she couldn’t go along with the key provisions of the Arizona law because it would overwork federal employees. (poor babies)

    From the Christian Science Monitor: “The number of requests that will emanate from Arizona as a result of determining the status of every arrestee is likely to impermissibly burden federal resources and redirect federal agencies away from the priorities they have established,” Bolton wrote.

    In other words she just made up an excuse to make a political ruling. The ninth circus did the same on appeal of 1070 saying in part that Mexico didn’t like the law, thus it was unconstitutional.

    These dumb white elites in Chicago most certainly agree with the confused and half literate Bolton and would welcome such idiocy to the Supreme level.

  48. rjp says:

    Regarding the events, they occurred just off the beach that was closed on Memorial Day. The beach has been closed once more since then. I expect a closing tonight or tomorrow.

    Part of Chicago’s problem is that it is very “metro sexal douche bag” and gay. Easy targets and the gang-bangers know it. They also like tourists. Michigan Avenue (Mag Mile) robberies became much more frequent a few months after the election of Obama, and blacks in general became much more aggressive and began acting with a greater sense of entitlement. Generally the violence occurs very near points which have straight access to the west – aka where the cribs are.

    I quit going down by the beach a few years ago even though it is less than 200 yards from my apartment. It has been a situation waiting to happen for a few years. Mobile media was just the boost it needed.

    As for Dvonte, Trovolus, and Derodte, the news reports that they were charged as adults. Don’t look for that to stand. Nothing will happen to them, and yesterday may be the last we ever hear about them – the media and people in general quickly forget — WHICH IS WHY THESE THINGS ARE OCCURRING.

  49. Anonymous says:

    “At least seven people thought to be part of the group were arrested Saturday in connection with the robberies and mob action, a crime that has become a problem in Streeterville, the Gold Coast and the Magnificent Mile, authorities said.” An unprovoked gang, over the course of several incidents, targets those of another race — wouldn’t that be grounds to declare a “hate crime”? Or is that only for incidents where blacks are the victims? Or more accurately, where a white is the alleged prep? Imagine if a single white guy over time attacked black people peacefully enjoying a park?

  50. elitist says:

    My heartfelt apologies to Southerners.

    I grew up in Massachusetts, brainwashed to think that the South was like “To Lill a Mockingbird,” full of noble, dignified, restrained, long-suffering blacks and crude, ignorant, smelly white crackers.

    Of course, Massachusetts had its share of feral, psychotic blacks as well, but they tend to be confined to ghettos – and despite Boston’s reputation for ultra-liberalism, two of the dominant white ethnic groups, Irish, Italians, were tough as nails and did take crap from the blacks.

    I am not a racist, and have no problem with blacks who behave decently – anymore than I want to live next door to white thugs!

    I’d rather have a sophisticated black scientist living next door to me the white crack addict.

    But the black race seems to be in spectacular decline, and not only are there no “undiscovered Einsteins” lurking in the ghetto.

    A terrifyingly huge proportion of ghetto blacks seem to be severely retarded and clinically psychotic by white standards.

    Frankly, I think everyone having an IQ below 85 or so should be sterilized before they have children.

    That’s about 10% of whites, but a rocksolid majority of blacks – so I guess there’s no way out of this downward spiral…

  51. Heap Big Smart says:

    Who names their own children Dvonte, Trovolus, and Derodte? Those sound like made-up Star Wars names.

    “Chancellor Palpatine, Mace Windu…may I present the honored representative from Tattooine, Derodte Trovolus.”

  52. Anonymous says:


    I’m in general agreement, but the “pro-life” people will eat you alive on the subsidized abortion issue. It’s interesting that “conservative” pro-life activists have welcomed into their ranks Alveda King, a niece of Martin Luther King, a woman given over to constant fuming over a “genocidal” white plan to eliminate blacks.

  53. mark says:

    And of course the City of Chicago’s law makes it practically illegal for a law abiding citizen to own a firearm.

  54. George says:

    Many whites enjoy the culture of city life. That is why whites have built great cities around the world. Blacks have destroyed city culture for whites. Whites now flee city life for the safer suburbs.

    I fled city life for a place out about 25 miles from the city that has been taken over by blacks. This city now has three of it’s neighborhoods listed among the top ten most dangerous places in the US. The county that I moved to was only 7 percent black then. It is now 18.5 percent black. My voting district was redrawn so that it took in four of the most heavily black populated counties in the state. My congressman, and I say my congressman rather loosely, is now black and he votes in congress for black and hispanic issues. I am not represented by this man and I have told him so. At a town hall meeting he called us whites racist.

    In the city that I live near daily killings, robberies, muggings, carjacking, smash and grab robberies of stores, all are just routine daily happenings.

    Mr. Obama was suppose to bring us together. I don’t see that happening.

  55. Who In Their White Mind? says:

    Poster #5- You are one of those low IQ people that we frown on here using the AR blog. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt since you are White, I’m assuming. I am an Ohioan and from the North, yet I don’t share the belief of “yanks”, as you call us. I forgot, you Rebs are so perfect. Is that why you guys have the worst health in the country, the lowest high school graduation rates in the country, the most inter-racial violence in the country.

    And there’s a BIG difference between wanting blacks to be free of slavery and wanting them to sleep with White women. I shouldn’t have to explain the differences. And those other statements are factual. Just Google it. You’ll see that Southern cities are cess pools for “multiculturalism”.

  56. Shawn (the female) says:

    The original article mentions that there have been a LOT of these types of attacks lately; several of them on that weekend alone. Mob mentality has been adopted at breakneck speed by blacks as their new method of destroying what’s left of the fabric of this country. We’ve seen an evolvement of black crime into a new style, which people ‘like us’ (meaning whites with even half a brain) have been warning about for years. Not only is it tons of fun for them, they are almost guaranteed to get what they want and they have much less chance as an individual getting caught.

    As a side note, I saw the sweetest little Ruger .380 over the weekend and it will become mine shortly. As posters have mentioned, one handgun against sudden surprise mob attacks isn’t the answer, but the statistics for the single or pair of black attackers are still going strong, and that I CAN defend against.

  57. jdavis says:

    Don’t they have wonderful, hope filled eyes as they fulfill their aspirations here in this once great country?

    The distance between these men and the nfl star just leaving jail (burress) is measured in miles, not character, nor motivation. This is a lost and amoral society of sociopathic men who will victimize everyone they can, forever.

  58. Anonymous says:

    You wicked bigots! Why if Chicago had more afterschool programs and parks, the youths hurling baseballs at crime victims might be pulling down million dollar salaries and complaining about it all as professional athletes.

  59. anon says:

    Americans are all over the world [fighting] meddling in other countries affairs for pease and all sorts of good things,while back at the ranch the core has rotted out.The only country that I know of that was defeated without a battle and that goes for your northern neighbor.WHITE MAN AWAKE

  60. Anonymous says:

    “Down here in Dixieland, we receive these stories with a real joy. All across our beloved South, “national” cemeteries are full of the bones of Illinois soldiers who never outran Rebel bullets. They fought so that the blacks could get their Emancipation and their fair share of the American Promise. Now the ancestors of these dead yank soldiers who fought to “save the Union and free a race” are robbed, raped, and murdered by the beloved Diversities.”


    I understand your anger. But stop to consider that those Illinois soldiers did not go to war because they WANTED to. They went because they were FORCED to. Most of them has no choice about it. Such has been the story with all our wars.

  61. Anonymous says:

    “Down here in Dixieland, we receive these stories with a real joy. All across our beloved South, “national” cemeteries are full of the bones of Illinois soldiers who never outran Rebel bullets. They fought so that the blacks could get their Emancipation and their fair share of the American Promise. Now the ancestors of these dead yank soldiers who fought to “save the Union and free a race” are robbed, raped, and murdered by the beloved Diversities.”


    I understand your anger. But stop to consider that those Illinois soldiers did not go to war because they WANTED to. They went because they were FORCED to. Most of them has no choice about it. Such has been the story with all our wars.

  62. Loo says:

    These are the White hating Black thugs, the future battering ram of Black Bolshevism, that our tax money is paying to breed more of. This is ‘state sponsored dysgenics’ in the USA, and the portent of a very ugly “future” for the dwindling White population.

  63. WASP says:

    I am a strong believer in dysgenics.

    Humans, especially blacks are getting dumber with each generation because you don’t need a brain to survive anymore. And because black females seem to be pretty careless about who they make babies with.

    These mindless attacks will get worse as time goes on. Carry a gun and join the NRA

  64. Michael C. Scott says:

    Poor Dvonte, Trovolus and Derodte! They would doubtless be heading for careers as a brain surgeon, an aerospace engineer and a nuclear physicist, respectively if it wasn’t for the horrible, racist white society which has unfairly inflicted life in a city with potable water, electricity, good roads and modern sanitation upon them. Thugs like these know that white society does not need them, and it’s driving them absolutely crazy.

    As an aside, I wouldn’t bet on the Chicago gun ruling being reversed by a later SCOTUS, Anonymous (46). The Supreme Court almost never rehears a case on which it has earlier ruled.

  65. Cliff Yablonski says:

    Give the white man a pile of rocks he will build fantastic cities and fly to the moon.

    Give the black man that same pile and he will use them to bash in someone’s head and take all their stuff.

  66. underdog says:

    When are some “teens” gonna do Hyde Park?

    Bill Ayers?, Bernadine Dohrn?, some cleric, dean, or professor from the Catholic Theological Union or Lutheran School of Theology or

    McCormick Theological Seminary (Presbyterian) or Meadville Lombard Theological School (Unitarian) or maybe a curator from the DuSable Museum of African-American History?? How about it boyz??

  67. Anonymous says:

    RE#6 Muay Tyson-

    McClatchy owned Raleigh News & Observer and The Charlotte Observer disable reader comments or gum up the works all on stories like this all the time–it’s SOP. It’s a MSM disease.

  68. Jay says:

    Poster #1 said: “Our government is at this very moment moving hundreds of thousands of Urban Blacks and immigrant Africans to previously White towns and even rural areas.”

    – You don’t know how true and profound that statement is! It seems everywhere I go now, in areas that were 100% white just 5-10 years ago, now is like 20% black and 40% latino.

    Another poster mentioned that he thinks this ‘mob’ attack stuff is going to be bad this summer. My friends, this year will be remembered in the future as the year it all started to come apart. This year of 2011 is the start of a steep decline. The mobs of ‘youffs’ have seen that they can get away with this thing. Social media is spreading this practice and ideas about faster than you can imagine. The monster is out of the box, so to speak, and you will see amazingly horrific attacks on whites all over the place from Seattle to Chicago to Boston. Mark my words.

  69. Anonymous says:

    What the he!! use is “being vigilant when” when they will stalk their prey for miles. Just how is the average White or even young military combat man going to prevail against the standard mugging team of 3. Always, always be wary of 2 or 3 black men in a car after dark. The usual tactic is 1 in front, 1 in back and 1 driving the get away car.

    Everyone in Chicago knows full well who to be vigilant about. It has been known for 70 years. But nothing will be done.

  70. Anonymous says:

    “I think it’s just common sense to be more careful when you are walking after dark…”

    So what do you do from the middle of October to the middle of March when is is dark before you get home from work ms liberal?

    This is standard liberalism. Liberal victims of black rapists and robbers always blame themselves. “I should have spent $15,000 more and bought into a condo building that had an underground garage instead of the alley carports in my building.” “I should not go to bars or movies or any entertainment that ends after 5/pm” “I shouldn’t take the bus or subway” On and on the liberals go blaming everything but their beloved blacks.

    There are actually safe neighborhoods where the neighbors look after themselves the way Whites used to do. For instance the Filipino neighborhood of REdondo Beach Ca. They live in extended family crowded conditions so there is always a retired person who can stay at the window all day. As soon as they see a black driving or walking by they call the police.

    They tell the dispatcher that the blacks are tampering with cars, harassing children, going to front doors and trying to break in etc. They give the license number and describe the car.

    So the police stop the blacks and question them. Lots of blacks have outstanding warrants to many get hauled off to jail. Those who don’t have warrants soon learn to stay out of Redondo Beach.

    The Aremenian, Persian, hispanic etc immigrants do the same in their neighborhoods.

    Result? In 2011 the city of Los Angeles had the lowest murder rate since since 1967.The media totally refused to acknowledge that the low murder and crime rate was caused by the fact that blacks are moving to other areas. Watts, Compton, Inglewood are being reclaimed by civilized hispanics.

    Call the police. Claim the blacks are auto tampering which is trying to open car doors. Describe the car and give the license plate. Claim the blacks are trying to lure children into their car. If they are on foot claim they are entering yards and trying to open doors and windows.

    If they are hanging around the 7-11 parking lot, claim there is a drunken brawl going on.

    It’s the ony way.

  71. Anonymous says:

    “Over Memorial Day weekend, a public beach had to be closed due to unruly youths harrassing people, but the police and local politicians lied and claimed that extreme heat necessitated the closing”

    Yeah right. The temperature was 80 degrees at high noon and cooler at the lakefront because of the wind and cooling effect of the lake. Chicago is run by the unholy coalition of the Rahm type SPLC ADL liberals, billionaire Pritzkers who fund him and the black voters.

  72. Anonymous says:

    The elite are concerned that the black thugs may affect tourism revenues.

    Mob attacks create a sensitive issue for city officials eager to boost tourism and convention business

    Garry McCarthy “I think it reflects badly on Chicago,” said Dr. Jack Singer, 68, a Seattle oncologist who was one of two victims in town for a convention of cancer specialists at McCormick Place. “I’ve been coming to the convention every year, and this is the first time I’ve felt threatened downtown.”

    The outbreak of random violence along a busy stretch of Chicago Avenue and the lakefront creates a sensitive issue for city officials eager to boost tourism and convention business.

    “No matter what, we have to remember this isn’t just about downtown residents, but our tourism economy,” said Ald. Brendan Reilly, whose 42nd Ward encompasses most of the downtown business district. “Perception is reality in tourism world. There are economic consequences if people think downtown isn’t safe.”

    Reilly said Monday that police need more resources to deal with the influx of “hundreds of thousands” of people flooding downtown and the beaches on weekends.

    Five youths were charged Monday in the crimes, and acting police Superintendent Garry McCarthy praised the department’s response. He said there is no need for people to be afraid to walk around downtown.

    “I think our reaction to it has been quick, it’s been swift and it’s been very effective,” McCarthy said outside his confirmation hearing at City Hall.

    The attacks occurred around 8:30 p.m. Saturday. Moments after a group of teens wrestled with Singer over his iPad and BlackBerry, members of the same mob attacked a 42-year-old doctor visiting from Japan. That doctor was beaten and robbed of his iPod Touch while walking in the 700 block of North Lake Shore Drive, authorities said.

    “He looked like he had no idea what had happened,” Singer said of the Japanese doctor, who rode with him in a squad car while helping police search for the assailants.

    Both physicians were in town for the annual convention of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, which entered into a 10-year deal with McCormick Place in 2010. The five-day event typically brings in more than 30,000 doctors, vendors and other specialists from around the world.

    Police sources said they have been aware of large groups of teens causing trouble along North Michigan Avenue for at least the last year. One source said the fear is the attacks could become more frequent as the weather gets warmer.

    While there have been reports nationwide of shoplifting and other crimes carried out by “flash mobs” coordinating their efforts through text messaging, the attacks Saturday did not appear to be coordinated by any social media, police said.

  73. Fritz says:

    For the record, the comments in #10 attributed to “Fritz”, were not posted by this Fritz. #10, find a name of your own.

  74. Anonymous says:

    Michigan Avenue was once a magical place to walk after dinner. I stopped going down there years ago because it bacame nothing but Hustle Avenue. Ever corner has someone hustling for money or selling cd’s or some kind of trinkets. Aggressive panhandling is the norm down there.Now you have these flash gangs/mobs blitzing citizens. This is what happens when you downsize you police department and replace them with traffic aids.This is what happens when you tell your police not to be the police and threaten them if they try to do their job. This is what happens when you have a Mayor for 20 plus years who has no backbone and sells the city off bit by bit. This what happens when you reduce the level of you society to the thugs that are causing the problems. This is Chicago, designed by the democrats who have had control for decades. Chicago politicians have always been more concerned about offending the criminals than helping the true citizens. Welcome to Chicago, the Fall of the Roman Empire.

  75. Anonymous says:

    friend of a friend of mine had his jaw broken by these thugs. He has not come foward yet despite my insistance. This individual watched another individual get punched right before he was attacked. They were not robbed, merely attacked for “fun” -or whatever reason you come up with. This is the behavior of animinals and should not be tolerated. There are many more people who were victims then just the 6 that the news is reporting. These guys need to go to jail for a very long time. It takes a sick mind to want to just attack random people for no particular reason.

  76. Anonymous says:

    Hope the doctor from Japan returns to his country and spreads the good word about our “youths” and “teens”. Just got back from there and South Korea. Both are wonderfully safe places due to one obvious commonality- an absence of blacks. We live in a rapidly disintegrating hellhole in this country due to low IQ groups and third-worlders in perpetual custodial care who are addicted to hyper-violence and low to no impulse control. And our failing companies, government and industries must hire them as we increasingly cannot compete on the world stage.

    The banks must loan to them so defaults and the requisite bailouts skyrocket. It’s so obvious yet one in the good ole US of A cannot say the emperor wears no clothes. Can’t be a racist. Enjoy your robberies, rapes and murders, America! And pay your taxes. You are subsidizing your own demise.

  77. Anonymous says:

    No need to worry. These mobs are just Obama’s “Civilian Militia” that he talked about during his presidential campaign. Remember? They are just doing some dry run exercises.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Excerpt from the Trib story: “The outbreak of random violence along a busy stretch of Chicago Avenue and the lakefront creates a sensitive issue for city officials eager to boost tourism and convention business.”

    Perhaps that explains why the Chicago Tribune, as the voice of big business and other moneyed interests in the city, has consistently downplayed these wilding/smash mob stories and removed reader comments about the incidents, most notably the closing of North Avenue beach due to “heat”.

    It’s sad when longtime Trib readers have to elsewhere (including university websites and bloggers like Second City Cop) to find out what really happened and to engage in meaningful give-and-take on what to do about it.

    Does the Trib still have an ombudsman? If not, why not?

  79. Anonymous says:

    This will bring downtown back to the ****hole it was in the 70’s,I usually go downtown a few times a year from the burbs with my family for shopping,siteseeing and entertainment, I have not gone this year after being harassed last year in front of Water Tower Place. It’s time to stop worring about thugs rights and start kicking some **s,giving them a hug is not going to work,come on Jesse,Al,Fr. Phfleger you can come out from hiding and do something you cowards.

  80. Anonymous says:

    The philosopher Eric Hoffer noted that “the mystery of our time is the inability of decent people to get angry.” Like Aristotle, Hoffer argued that the “phenomenal increase” in violence and crudity in a culture is a product of a majority population that is less “confident of its values” and has “less faith in its destiny” and therefore is less likely to feel anger at those in the minority who undermine civilized standards of conduct.

    For Hoffer:

    “The American man in the street is now infinitely less pugnacious, less ready to take offense and hit back, than in the past. We used to fight in the streets, in saloons and on the job. You had to watch what you said lest you have your teeth knocked in. But just now the majority of Americans are afraid to open their mouths. . . They are afraid to get angry.”

    “We need people,” concluded Hoffer, “who will explode in anger at foulmouthed insults and threats.” Our entire culture and way of life may in part depend on it.

    “In all times there are people who cannot grow up, and there are times when whole societies begin to think and act like juveniles.” — Eric Hoffer

  81. J. View says:

    John Engleman makes a huge mistake when it comes to believing official pronouncements that crime hasn’t increased much. Crime rates are ever soaring higher. Officials merely lie and say it isn’t so. Here in Los Angeles they kept telling us that crime was at its lowest rates since 1957! Then the truth leaked out that officials were cooking the books and that crime was actually at horrifying levels.

  82. Anonymous says:

    My Solution? “The PURPLE SPOT”

    A purple spot means this is white/europanic american area. Obvious third worlders, hispanic illegals, or blacks are simply not allowed. These areas can start small and expand to include shopping districts/etc

    Key to the spot is zero tolerance. No houses may be bought, no rentals given to other than white americans. A defense squad must be staffed and ready and coordinated by cell phone.

    I’m certain a few mass marches by blacks into these areas will be tried. but these can be driven out in the same way you stampede cattle.

  83. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to Chicago, 2011 – the result of 50 years of “community organizing’, affirmative action, Head Start, special set-asides, welfare, free school lunchs, free tuition, free scholarships, minority tax-breaks, Section 8 Housing, Food Stamps, Medicaid, Midnight basketball, after school programs, pre-natal programs, Black tutoring programs, Black job-training, reduced transit fares, home energy grants, free phone service, and a thousand other Minority Programs in the Chicago area, pushed and managed by Obama, Jessie Jackson, Farrakhan, and Bill Ayers. And all of these “community organizing” and Minority programs were paid for by Billions of Dollars of tax money and corporate donations from Whites. They took money from YOUR FAMILY and gave it to ungrateful BLACKs.

    And what is the result of 50 years of White unerestanding and generosity? What did Obama, Jessie Jackson, Farrakhan, and Bill Ayers accomplish in south Chicago during the last 40 years — with Billions of Dollars of our money? The result is a city of dysfunctunal, non-productive, sociopathic Black thugs who hate Whites.

    It is time that productive and civilized Whites started looking out for their families, instead of Black families. I say 50-yrs of free ride is over.

  84. Anonymous says:

    This has been going on too long. It is time to fight back. WE as citizens have the right to defend ourselves the government has NO right to interfere. Blacks makeup about 14 percent of the population and commit over 80 percent of all violent crimes. They like to use the “our people were enslaved” comment all the time. Yes it was horrible but it was a long time ago and our country has learned from that. There have been other races that have gone through horrible experiences but you don’t see them roaming the country like rabid dogs. They are making themselves look bad and if it keeps up and they want a war…we will win… guaranteed

  85. SNAviatrix says:

    #52 – That’s why I’ve been saying again and again, mostly to deaf ears, that big-government social conservatives, ESPECIALLY the militant anti-abortion types, are just as bad, if not worse, than any warmongering neo-con or greedy Wall Street banker. Those anti-abortion fanatics shriek and howl about a non-existent “genocide” supposedly against blacks (no one is forcing blacks to get abortions), but deliberately ignore the REAL genocide that is ongoing against whites.

  86. SNAviatrix says:

    #55 – Thank you. Some people need to be reminded that this is a pro-White site, not a pro-Confederate site. Contrary to the lies told by the controlled Bolshevik media and “education” system, most Union soldiers were not abolitionists and most of the ones that were wanted to free the blacks and send them back to Africa. The typical Union soldier did not want this multicultural disaster that has befallen us.

    I would say that the rich Southern plantation owners were the real villains. Instead of using paid white labor to pick their crops, the greedy plantation owners imported unpaid labor from Africa, race-replacing the white man and denying him employment. It’s no different than greedy business owners today using cheap Third World labor instead of hiring the white man and paying him a fair wage. Those Southern plantation owners were just as evil and traitorous as any Newt Gingrich big-business type today, and blacks are just as non-native to America as any current Third World immigrant. The blacks were brought here by rich, traitorous white elites for the purpose of race-replacing the free, independent working white man and therefore have no more legitimate business being here than a Mexican or a Pakistani.

    And fools will STILL fantasize about a white-black alliance against Asians and Hispanics…Come on. We can solve our mestizo problem without the Mau Mau’s help.

    Any time one even STARTS to think about a white-black alliance, he or she should remember Knoxville and Wichita. And now Chicago too.

  87. Question Diversity says:

    Before I proceed, it looks like Mr. Pickett (center mug shot) is wearing some thing that extends relatively far up his neck. At first glance, it looks like a military uniform, maybe a military academy uniform. Can anyone with access to “inside baseball” Chicagoland gossip confirm or rebut?

    86 SNAviatrix:

    True, all of it. However, I hope you understand why many conflate the pro-South cause and the pro-White cause. Though I should say it really wasn’t until immediately after WWII, and President Truman started making serious “civil rights” noise (please accept my apology for foisting him on the entire country, BTW), that Southern symbols and the pro-White cause begin to be so closely associated.

    In some parts of the antebellum South, South Carolina especially, the political elite, largely slave owner dominated, were comfortable with extending the voting franchise to some blacks. Mainly because the economics of slavery in SC was different from that in the rest of the South — Many plantation owners didn’t live on the plantations, opting for seaside permanent residences in and around Charleston. Therefore, “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” if you know what I mean, and they wanted some of their black slaves to vote because they thought of their votes as an extension of their own political power, because they though they could control their own slaves’ votes.

    And ironically, (maybe not so much), SC was the first to secede, and the first bullets fired in the WBTS were on an island visible for Charleston.

  88. save our youth says:

    first and foremost may GOD help us all i am praying for the victims as well as the young teens and the teens family this is an issue that goes way beyond racism. we are losing our youth to drugs weed e pills crack and all the other drugs that are on the streets. i live in the south surburbs and every store i go in sells weed bongs weed bags crack bags weed brownies and loads of other things to intice our black youth to smoke or use some kind of drugs these things are colorful and kid friendly exactly what the companys going for. and its a damn shame when is some body gonna make a program geared toward rehab for our youth drug testing should be manditory for kids with lose of intrest in school home life and emptyness and i feel that a parent cant do it them selves most of the kids dont have their fathers around due to the same circumstances when they were young drugs. we need more attention to try to help them get off drugs and yes weed is a drug start there and then and only then can we see a change. the goverment allows these drugs here and allows the stores to sell the blunts and bongs along with the bags so i feel the goverment needs to held accountable for our youth problems we are not gonna be around long as a race if we as blacks dont wake up and band together to save our youth come on my people our children deserve a hell of a lot better than we have shown or given them