Posted on June 3, 2011

Saggy Pants Banned on Fort Worth Buses

Tracy DeLatte, KDFW (Fort Worth), June 1, 2011

{snip} But a new code of conduct prohibits sagging on city buses.

Just like the requirement for a shirt and shoes, now those who want to ride The T actually have to wear their pants. It’s not a campaign. It’s The Fort Worth Transpiration Authority’s new policy.

The T said if a person refuses to abide by the rule they will be asked leave the loading premises. Otherwise they are considered trespassing.


But the two week old rule is catching some resistance.

“He just said if you can’t pull up your pants you can’t get on the bus, so I just got off. I mean, I’m not gonna pull up my pants,” said Jaquiasia Hall.

De’Shawn Miller doesn’t understand the problem with saggy pants.

“This is something we grew up into. That’s why they don’t tell us nothing about sagging. We gonna sag regardless. We ain’t disrespectful. That’s how we were raised,” he said.