Posted on June 7, 2011

Racist Who Filled Muslims’ Shoes with Ham as They Prayed in a Mosque Walks Free from Court

Daily Mail (London), June 6, 2011

A racist thug who stuffed ham into the shoes of Muslim worshippers at a mosque has escaped a jail term.

Jamie Knowlson, 30, also draped slices of the meat–which Muslims are banned from eating–on railings outside the mosque as his victims prayed inside.

He was then caught on CCTV hurling abuse at worshippers after they confronted him over his sacrilegious act.

Islam teaches its followers to avoid pig meat as it makes them impure and unclean.

Knowlson initially told police the stunt was a drunken joke but later admitted that he was fully aware of the offence his actions would cause.

He pleaded guilty to causing racially or religiously aggravated harassment and could have been jailed for up to two years.

But walked free from Bristol Crown Court with a suspended six-month prison sentence because he had returned to the mosque to apologise for his actions.

Sentencing, Her Honour Judge Carol Hagen said: ‘It is difficult to imagine a more offensive incident.

‘Not only the fixing of meat to railings but aggravated, in my view, that members of the mosque were inside praying at the time.’

The court heard that Knowlson, from Kingswood, Bristol, targeted the Al-Baseera mosque in the St Judes area of the city which is used by more than 2,000 Somali Muslims every week.

He crept to the mosque from nearby Redwood House homeless shelter on January 9 this year–putting ham in footwear and on railings outside the building as worshippers prayed.

CCTV footage showed him returning to the shelter, where he was confronted by the mosque’s caretaker Abdi Djmaa.

As Mr Djmaa returned to the mosque he heard shouts of ‘the next visit will be harder’, ‘bad meat’ and ‘girls’ coming from the direction of the building.

David Hunter, prosecuting at Bristol Crown Court, said it had been a premeditated attack specifically targeted at the Muslim community.

The court heard that shamed Knowlson had returned to the mosque to apologise after the hate crime.

Ian Halliday, defending, said: ‘This was a brutal, misconceived, drunken prank.’

He returned to the mosque and offered his apologies in person.

Knowlson sat in tears as he was handed a six-month suspended sentence and 150 hours of unpaid work.

A second man is due to stand trial in connection with the incident later this month.

After sentencing, Mubarak Mohamud, one of the three imams at the Al-Baseera mosque, claimed the inflammatory act had upset the Muslim community.

He said: ‘There wasn’t anger, people were more upset and shocked.

‘We don’t eat pork and we are banned by our faith from eating it, as it makes us impure when we are going to our prayers.

‘We don’t hate the man–we just suppose he doesn’t know us.’

Knowlson refused to comment after leaving court.

30 responses to “Racist Who Filled Muslims’ Shoes with Ham as They Prayed in a Mosque Walks Free from Court”

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s funny. I didn’t know muslim was a race. That aside; the UK is dead. The people refuse to deport all islamic trash and send them back to Crapistian.

  2. Hirsch says:

    I want to thank this journalist for setting me straight. A racist thug is not a black man who savagely beats or kills an innocent victim. A racist thug is a white male who places cold-cuts conspicously around mosques so as to give offense.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Do NOT fill my shoes with HAM, Islam I AM.

  4. Duran Dahl says:

    Wasting food is a sin in my heathen eyes.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “Sentencing, Her Honour Judge Carol Hagen said: ‘It is difficult to imagine a more offensive incident.”

    Oh really? How about having your little daughter pimped out by them after being raped by half a dozen or so? Or even being thought inferior because you are not Muslim, and therefore even you are subject to such rape and violence?

    “Knowlson sat in tears as he was handed a six-month suspended sentence and 150 hours of unpaid work.”

    I can only guess that they were tears of joy. Unpaid or not, it is probably the first work this indigenous Welshman from Bristol has had for some time, while his Muslim replacements have his and his fellows jobs. I hope it leads to paying work. I hope he eats ham regularly. I am going to have it for dinner tonight in his honor. (And the pig’s for that matter. Why do some people malign pigs so much?)

  6. Anonymous says:

    “A racist thug who stuffed ham into the shoes of Muslim worshippers at a mosque has escaped a jail term.”

    Dear racist thugs at the Daily Mail:


  7. Question Diversity says:

    Putting slices of ham inside shoes and cussing is all it takes to be a “thug” in Britain, if you’re white.

    I’m not laughing, though, I live in a country and a state where young men who sprinkled cotton balls on a sidewalk were made out to be dangerous hate criminals.

  8. NAVY says:

    Given the macabre crimes comitted by Muslims in England the punishment handed down to Knowlson was drastic.

    When a large percentage of Muslim crime is overlooked by the citizenry and the authorities, stuffing a Muslims shoes with dead pigs is the least one can do to gain attention.

  9. Wayne Engle says:

    Good for him! My only regret is that he apologized. At least he won’t have to serve time. Maybe next time he could slide pork chops between the pages of a few Korans.

  10. Anonymous says:

    It’s nice to have a story here give me an honest to God laugh. Oh, someone protect those poor mohammedans from lunch meat!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Why is Knowlson being referred to as a “racist”? Islam does not discriminate among racial groups in its teachings (as it does between sexes). Therefore Islam is racially neutral, so disrespecting Islam is not “racist”, blasphemous perhaps, but not racist. I guess in the liberal U.K., even proper English usage has been thrown under the bus.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The hypocrisy is pretty thick.

    It’s a well known fact that the major supplier of lubricants to NATO forces adds a small percentage of pig fat to all of its gun lubricants. Although no one will comment on this, the reason is obvious.

  13. Tom S. says:

    *Her Honour Judge Carol Hagen said: ‘It is difficult to imagine a more offensive incident.

    Oh really? Try watching someone having their head cut off!

    What a totally demented idiot this “judge” is. Its really frightening that someone with her mindset is a judge.

    *Ian Halliday, defending, said: ‘This was a brutal, misconceived, drunken prank.’

    Oh good god, this was some HAM IN A SHOE!!! How is that “brutal”? You too, Ian, need to watch someone having their head cut off. Now THATS brutal.

  14. AmericaFirst says:

    “Racist thug?” For what amounts to a practical joke? This in the country where true MUSLIM THUGS murder, rob and rape for openly racist anti-white purposes? Where muslims preach and demonstrate for the destruction of all freedoms, the British state and way of life? What have the muslims brought to Britain anyway, but violence, disturbance, hatred, and feeding off the welfare system? Of course, under the last two U.S. presidents, we have opened our borders to increasing numbers of these retro-bates.

  15. WR the elder says:

    I don’t think this was the best way for a man to express his opposition to the Muslim invasion. (Albeit the powers that be have taken away most other approaches, including the ballot box.) But I find it interesting that opposition to Islam, a religion that has adherents from most of the major races is always called “racism”. I guess that “racism” is deemed the ultimate crime, so the word gets applied in any context where they want to demonize somebody.

    Attacks on Christianity, such as the notorious work of “art” called “Piss Christ”, are never called racism.

  16. Christopher Nelson says:

    ‘It is difficult to imagine a more offensive incident.’

    Gee, I don’t know…. How about murder, rape, child molesting, child abuse, what the Koran says, terrorist bombings, beheadings, Christians thrown in jail for preaching, Christians murdered in the middle east, The constitution trampled upon, Obama as president, black crime rates, Etc. Etc.

    Now that all seems more offensive to me.

  17. AXIOM says:

    I’m just an Infidel but it would be kind of nice to shake

    Mr.Knowlson’s hand & buy him a pint.

  18. Sylvie says:

    “Sentencing, Her Honour Judge Carol Hagen said: ‘It is difficult to imagine a more offensive incident.”

    Well Your Honour, it’s a bit of a weird one, but I can easily ‘imagine’ many more offensive incidents than this one. Here’s one for starters, muslims routinely pack-raping young British girls and/or women (are they called ‘racist thugs’ in the Daily Mail?); here’s another one; groups of muslim ‘youths’ ganging up on and attacking a lone British male with often fatal consequences. As I said Your Honour, and sorry for talking out of turn, the ‘ham incident’ was a bit strange, but the ‘racist thug’ didn’t rape, kill or give anyone a permanent brain or spinal injury. Come to think of it, no-one got hurt at all; they just had to remove some ham from their shoes – and the railings.

  19. Allan says:

    To me as a Christian, the most offensive aspect of this story is the waste of good pork.

  20. Ryan N says:

    Her Honour Judge Carol Hagen said: ‘It is difficult to imagine a more offensive incident. Oh really!? I can think of a few, all the rapes and riots,drug and human trafficking and the total lack of respect that these people have for the country and people who allow them to enter. They rape our women and our culture, but this “honorable” #$*@! has the nerve to say throwing ham at a mosque is the worst offense imaginable!!!!

    Our British ancestors struggled and fought for thousands of years to keep our lands not so we could hand it all away.

  21. sbuffalonative says:

    It’s good to remember that in any future confrontation with these people, we can throw them into disarray with bacon drippings.

  22. Fr. John says:

    That’s the best news I’ve heard all day. When a piece of Oscar Mayer becomes a crime, it’s time to treat the ‘offended’ with ridicule, which is what this Englishman (who should be knighted as a hero) did.

    I am tired of ‘tolerating’ those who consider me to be an ‘infidel’ when it is they who are MY land, MY country, insulting MY religion, and MY personal space.

    I am embracing my ‘inner ham’ from here on out. And eating more pork at every available opportunity… after all, ‘it’s the OTHER WHITE meat.’ Just sayin’…..

  23. Anonymous says:

    What a pathetic loser. He does something childish, lies about being drunk, then grovels when he’s easily caught. Two years or even 1 day is too much. At most he should pay for any damage to the shoes.

    I would have respected him more if he refused to apologize, faced the sentence like a man, and told the judge and all and sundry that Islam is a threat.

    He’s not a “thug.” Burying ones daughter up to her neck and stoning her is thuggish behavior. Raping women for not covering up is thuggish. He’s a prankster. But he could’ve been an activist.

  24. Wulfstan says:

    Anonymous at 6.49:

    An “indigenous Welshman from Bristol”?

    You can be Welsh,or you can be from Bristol,not both. Bristol is in England!

  25. white is right, black is whack says:

    Gee, I guess placing pieces of ham on another’s property is far worse than beheadings, crashing airplanes into buildings, stonings, blowing up a newspaper because of a comic strip, etc.

  26. Patrick says:

    I wonder what the punishment to him would have been if he were in a country ruled by Sharia law.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Several AR readers have made a great point! What “race” is Islam? I thought it was considered a religion. The alleged “prophet” Mohammed habitually referred to Africans as “raisin-heads.” So, who is the real racist?

  28. Anonymous says:

    My momma told me that it’s rude to denigrate the religion of another. There’s no inconsistency in advocating the deportation of these Muslims, most of whom have no business in England, and insisting on civil treatment of them pending their repatriation.

  29. François says:

    I guess this man had really, really, had enough of seeing his native Britain becoming a place where a mostly Pakistani Muslim minority gets to reproduce its Third World way of life, and impose it on native Brittons. He snapped.

    Tony Blair has a great lot to answer for.

  30. REGOR THE RIGHT says:

    When is the non Islamic world going to wake up?

    This is war, Islam’s goal is world domination, we will have to convert or die.

    I would expect this in the UK or France where the people are subjects. But, it is happening in the USA too.

    A minister was jailed in Michigan to keep him from exercising his 1st Amendment right to protest in front of a mosque.

    Can you imagine what would happen if a muslim was banned from protesting anywhere.

    This is war , wake up people!