Posted on June 3, 2011

Pubs Bar African Nationals in Bangalore

Hindustan Times (New Delhi), May 31, 2011

Pubs and bars in Bangalore are denying entry to nationals from Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and other African countries citing security reasons, as the common belief is that all ebony-skinned people are ‘drug peddlers’, ‘scamsters’ and ‘trouble makers’. Bangalore has a sizeable student populat ion from the African continent–20-somethings from countries as diverse as Cameroon and Nigeria, Ghana and Tanzania. However, at most of the city’s hep clubs, all dark-skinned people are strangely ‘Nigerians’ and to be avoided, though they don’t say it out aloud.

At most of these bars and pubs, blacks are generally frowned upon. In most cases, a group of black males, unaccompanied by women gets responses varying from a polite–“sorry, prior reservation needed” to the outright rude–“please leave”.

At one of the sports bars, which had the most number of complaints, the head of marketing said it was “security reasons” and not racism that made them discourage blacks from coming. Besides, the bar’s other clients were uncomfortable with black-skinned people around, he said.

One of the local papers carried out a sting operation in four of the city’s major hotspots – Xtreme Sports Bar, Indiranagar, Athena, The Leela Palace Time, Xtreme Sports Bar, Kammanhalli Main Rd and Fusion Lounge, Brigade Road and found that Afro-nationals were indeed not allowed in by the officials citing varied reasons like “private party” and “stags not allowed”.

19 responses to “Pubs Bar African Nationals in Bangalore”

  1. sbuffalonative says:

    “Pubs and bars in Bangalore are denying entry to nationals from Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and other African countries citing security reasons, as the common belief is that all ebony-skinned people are ‘drug peddlers’, ‘scamsters’ and ‘trouble makers’.”

    It’s amazing how perceptions of Africans are universal.

    Could it be that African behavior is universal?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to see Sharpton or the NAACP fly over and try to do something about that one.

  3. Bernie says:

    Only whites pander to blacks. All others basically have Jim Crow laws to protect themselves from black pathologies.

  4. Mike H. says:

    Funny, I thought “white racism” was why blacks had such horrific criminal behavior.

    I don’t recall there being that many whites in India.

  5. Charles Hastings says:

    We should have such freedom of association in the U.S.

  6. rh says:

    I was surprised to realize that even my home town in Southern India has been infiltrated by black drug peddlers. These people seem to do the same thing no matter where they are. This wasn’t the case a decade ago when there weren’t any blacks in my town !

  7. olewhitelady says:

    By now, it should have become obvious to one and all that it’s not dark skin per se that causes negative attitudes toward people of sub-Saharan African heritage. It’s not because some of them are descendants of slaves or colonial subjects or folks who lived under Jim Crow. It’s simply because too many of them behave badly.

    I live near a WV city that has a population of about 40,000, with 4% blacks. At least 2 downtown bars have been closed in the past few years because of black violence that led to, in one instance, a cop shooting a black dead. And these weren’t black joints or biker bars where a couple of blacks just wandered in. They were mainstream affairs where groups of blacks came looking for trouble. Needless to say, most of the existing bars there now are country–where the good ole’ boys are as likely as the blacks to be packin’.

  8. SNAviatrix says:

    “to the outright rude—’please leave’.”

    What’s rude about that? They said “please”.

    Gandhi also disliked blacks, and for good reason. He spent time in South Africa and saw how they behaved.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Well judging from what I have read in the papers or have seen on t.v. I do not doubt this one bit. In America you cannot do this period. You cannot ask a person of ” ebony ” skin to please quite down or act with respect to those around you. If you do you are a target of liberals and their friends. Africans that have immigrated to England and the other parts of Europe are said to be worse.

    It is not first hand information but, it is gathered from reading about instances in the print media. It is also found on social sites. I do not want to go there and see for myself. It is scandalous that another nation is as bad or worse than the U.S. when in comes to protecting certain members of society. Those members are giving a pass no matter what they do.

    It is scandalous the welfare scams that go on in other places as well as the U.S.

    It is scandalous the way the media covers up for the anti white hate crimes that happen in the U.S.

    I do not know if I agree totally with the Indians but, I bet it sure does solve a few problems. Anyway if they segregate the Africans, maybe the Africans will take matters into their own hands and weed out their own trouble makers instead of waiting for the authorities to do it for them. If they shun those who act like animals the others will see this and not want to act in this way. Maybe black America could give this a try.

  10. Anonymous says:

    “(T)he common belief is that all ebony-skinned people are ‘drug peddlers’, ‘scamsters’ and ‘trouble makers’.”

    Even in Bangalore people are smarter about “ebony-skinned” people than the average, White American.

  11. Wayne Engle says:

    If you read some of the comments posted with the original story, you’ll find that many Indians feel just the same way we do about blacks’ behavior in public.

    I seem to recall that at the Beijing Olympics (was it 2008? I think so), when it was time for all the people to start arriving for the games, the police went around to all bars located within the vicinity of the Olympics site, and ordered the owners not to serve any Mongolians or blacks during the games, on pain of heavy fines (or perhaps worse, it being a Communist dictatorship). Appears the Chinese, also, had had problems with rowdy behavior by blacks (and Mongolians).

    I believe I saw that news item on the AmRen website. It most certainly wouldn’t have been reported anywhere in the mainstream media.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Sad thing none of you are seeing: India is another ‘color continuum’ country like Mexico where the lighter skinned you are, the more social mobility you can ultimately achieve.

    Yet with few exceptions in the north of the country, there are NO pale skinned Indians. Only gradations of brown and a lot of bleaching creams.

    They have resorted to racial stereotyping because they have lost the war to have a nation of one people, with controled birthrates and high social achievement.

    Nobody realizes how precious racial homogeny is until they don’t have it and must create caste` based racial exclusion systems to isolate privilege in a sea of those whose presence ensures (high TFRs low educational standards, enormous corruption) that resources will ALWAYS have to be unfairly apportioned.

    Never forget that this-

    Mumbai 1

    Mumbai 2

    Mumbai Inhabitant

    Is the place and the face of India. The one nation on the planet which will have 3 BILLION people in it, by 2060. In a country of 1.26 million square miles. Roughly the size of Mexico.

  13. Brendan says:

    as the common belief is that all ebony-skinned people are ‘drug peddlers’, ‘scamsters’ and ‘trouble makers’.

    This is misleading. South Indians and Sri Lankans are as dark as the Africans, but, they’re actually a type of Caucasian like Europeans. It goes to show that race is much more than skin color, as a lot of liberals try to have you believe.

  14. Dutchman says:

    Yes, not just American blacks, but African blacks are also dangerous. Two nights ago I was using the free WIFI at a local coffee shop here in the US. I finished up around 8PM and was walking home when I decided to stop at a pharmacy to pick something up. Just as I reach the door, two ‘gangsta’ types appear just behind me and follow my closely into the store. I could tell by their accents that they were from Ghana. I think they were interested in the lap-top bag I carried over my shoulder. Well I decided an offense is the best defence, so I stopped abruptly, turned, and looked right at them. They were younger and taller than me, but they quickly side-stepped to avoid a collision. One might ask if I was being a bit paranoid, but In my ‘diverse’ city I have seen this nonsense so many times I’m now as experienced with Africans as Sir Richard Francis Burton.

    While I checked out the two blacks lingered around the front of the store and then headed outside, without buying anything, and were likely waiting for me. So I headed out the opposite entrance, thus showing why our ancestors have built great civilizations while their ancestors are living in one-story huts. I’m not stupid or gullible like they think I am, so dumb not to split up and watch both exits!

  15. Peter K says:

    This article was obviously written by a Western educated Indian who had been indoctrinated into buying the leftist mentality. Despite many Indians being darker than AfrAms, most that I have met absolutely despise Blacks.

    When I was a teenager, I had a job working in an Indian owned dry cleaners and for some reason they hired two Black females to work in the back (I worked the front counter). It didn’t take long before they got into a screaming match that lead to a fist fight (the fight was over a Black man, of course). The cleaners was a family owned business and I witnessed the father scold his son, who ran the place, that he should have never hired Blacks and that he could never hire them again. From then on, all the back room workers were Mexicans.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Almost all non-whites who are NOT black, deeply despise blacks and look down on them. Most white Americans have no idea of this, of course. It is masked by political correctness and by the demographic reality that whites are (for now) the majority community. Travel around OUTSIDE the west and you’ll soon see what I mean.

  17. olewhitelady says:

    #14 Dutchman, you make an excellent point of which all whites should take heed. Look menacing people in the eye! Blacks especially tend to be cowardly and are looking for an easy mark, a victim who’s distracted and unlikely to react quickly enough to fight back. When you suddenly confronted these men, they could have attacked right then, but didn’t. But, apparently being less than bright, they hung around instead of seeking other prey. I believe you did the right thing then by leaving by a different door. I would have called the cops if necessary or phoned for a cab and told the driver to pull up close to the door. Always avoid dangerous looking people if possible, but don’t act weak or frightened if you do!

  18. Mick says:

    With blacks it seems as if INTRUDING where they are not wanted is the main game they play?

    Maybe they just have trouble with blacks over there because a small percentage of plantation owners in America held blacks as slaves and now the only way they can get over it is if we send reparations to them?

    Once the white population is castrated all will become 3rd. World?

  19. James says:

    And you all believed that Indians were all tolerant, progressive people. India is the most racist country on earth. Why are we allowing them in to take our jobs?