Posted on June 13, 2011

Police ‘Covered Up’ Violent Campaign to Turn London Area ‘Islamic’

Andrew Gilligan, Telegraph (London), June 12, 2011

Victims say that officers in the borough of Tower Hamlets have ignored or downplayed outbreaks of hate crime, and suppressed evidence implicating Muslims in them, because they fear being accused of racism.

The claims come as four Tower Hamlets Muslims were jailed for at least 19 years for attacking a local white teacher who gave religious studies lessons to Muslim girls.

The Sunday Telegraph has uncovered more than a dozen other cases in Tower Hamlets where both Muslims and non-Muslims have been threatened or beaten for behaviour deemed to breach fundamentalist “Islamic norms.”

One victim, Mohammed Monzur Rahman, said he was left partially blind and with a dislocated shoulder after being attacked by a mob in Cannon Street Road, Shadwell, for smoking during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan last year.

“Two guys stopped me in the street and asked me why I was smoking,” he said. “I just carried on, and before I knew another dozen guys came and jumped me. The next thing I knew, I was waking up in hospital.”

“He reported it to the police and they just said they couldn’t track anyone down and there were no witnesses,” said Ansar Ahmed Ullah, a local anti-extremism campaigner who has advised Mr Rahman. “But there is CCTV in that street and it is lined with shops and people.”

Teachers in several local schools have told The Sunday Telegraph that they feel “under pressure” from local Muslim extremists, who have mounted campaigns through both parents and pupils–and, in one case, through another teacher–to enforce the compulsory wearing of the veil for Muslim girls. “It was totally orchestrated,” said one teacher. “The atmosphere became extremely unpleasant for a while, with constant verbal aggression from both the children and some parents against the head over this issue.”

One teacher at the Bigland Green primary school, Nicholas Kafouris, last year took the council to an employment tribunal, saying he was forced out of his job for complaining that Muslim pupils were engaging in racist and anti-Semitic bullying and saying they supported terrorism. Mr Kafouris lost his case, though the school did admit that insufficient action had been taken against the behaviour of some pupils. The number of assaults on teachers in Tower Hamlets resulting in exclusions has more than doubled from 190 in 2007/8 to 383 in 2008/9, the latest available year, though not all are necessarily race-related.

Tower Hamlets’ gay community has become a particular target of extremists. Homophobic crimes in the borough have risen by 80 per cent since 2007/8, and by 21 per cent over the last year, a period when there was a slight drop in London as a whole.

Last year, a mob of 30 young Muslims stormed a local gay pub, the George and Dragon, beating and abusing patrons. Many customers of the pub told The Sunday Telegraph that they have been attacked and harassed by local Muslim youths. In 2008 a 20-year-old student, Oli Hemsley, was left permanently paralysed after an attack by a group of young Muslims outside the pub. Only one of his assailants has been caught and jailed.

Even during meetings of the local council, prominent supporters of Tower Hamlets’ controversial directly-elected mayor, Lutfur Rahman–dropped by the Labour Party for his links to Islamic fundamentalism–have persistently targeted gay councillors with homophobic abuse and intimidation from the public gallery.

The Labour leader, Josh Peck, was attacked with animal noises and cries of “Unnatural acts! Unnatural acts!” when he rose to speak. The Conservative leader, Peter Golds, was repeatedly heckled as “Mrs Golds” and a “poofter”.

Mr Golds said: “If that happened in a football stadium, arrests would have taken place. I have complained, twice, to the police, and have heard nothing. A Labour colleague waited three hours at the police station before being told that nothing would be done. The police are afraid of being accused of Islamophobia. Another Labour councillor said that the Met is now the reverse of what it must have been like in the 1970s, with a complete lack of interest when white people make complaints of harassment and hatred.”

In February this year, dozens of stickers appeared across Tower Hamlets quoting the Koran, declaring the borough a “gay-free zone” and stating that “verily Allah is severe in punishment.”

The Sunday Telegraph has learned that during a routine stop-and-search at the time police found a young Muslim man with a number of the stickers in his possession. He was released without charge on the advice of the Crown Prosecution Service. Police also had CCTV images of a second unidentified Muslim youth posting the stickers at a local railway station, but refused to release the pictures for several weeks.

Peter Tatchell, the gay human rights campaigner, said: “The police said no-one was allowed to talk publicly about this because they didn’t want to upset the Muslim community. We’ve made very clear the difference between the Muslim community as a whole and these particular fundamentalists, and the fact that the police wouldn’t publicly say what they knew was an absolute disgrace.”

When the CCTV footage was finally released, in early April, the culprit was quickly identified as 18-year-old Mohammed Hasnath, who last week pleaded guilty to a public order offence and was fined £100. Jack Gilbert, of the Rainbow Hamlets gay group, said a more serious charge should have been brought. “The vast majority of the community saw the material as threatening, but the police were not willing to accept it as threatening,” he said.

Hasnath’s “interests” on his Facebook page include Khalid Yasin, a hate preacher who describes Jews as “filth” and teaches that homosexuals must be killed. Yasin has spoken at least four times since 2007 at the East London Mosque, Tower Hamlets’ most prominent Muslim institution. Although the mosque claims to be against extremism, discrimination, and violence, it has hosted dozens of hate, extremist or terrorist preachers and also hosted a “Spot The Fag” contest.

In the same week that it issued a press release condemning the anti-gay stickers, the mosque was also due to host a “gala dinner” with Uthman Lateef, a homophobic hate preacher.

The mosque is controlled by a fundamentalist group, the Islamic Forum of Europe, which says that it is dedicated to changing the “very infrastructure of society, its institutions, its culture, its political order and its creed . . . from ignorance to Islam.”

The IFE’s community affairs co-ordinator, Azad Ali, is chairman of the Muslim Safety Forum, an organisation officially recognised by the Met as its “principal [liaison] body in relation to Muslim community safety.” Mr Golds said: “This relationship may explain the police’s feebleness.” The IFE also has close links to the Tower Hamlets mayor, Mr Rahman.

There is no suggestion that any mosque official has been personally involved in any act of violence or intimidation. However, in an email obtained by The Sunday Telegraph, one IFE activist, Abu Talha, used the name of the group to threaten a local Muslim woman who ran a dating agency.

“I am asking you kindly to stop these activities as it goes against the teachings of Islam,” he wrote. “Let me remind you that I have a huge network of brothers and sisters who would be willing to help me take this further…If by tomorrow you haven’t changed your mind … then the campaign will begin.” The dating agency has now closed and the woman has left the area.

Mr Ahmed Ullah said: “There has been a gradual increase in these kinds of attacks, that’s for sure.” A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: “When any allegation of crime is made to us, we investigate appropriately. We will always take action against hate crime in accordance with, and within the confines of, the law.”

20 responses to “Police ‘Covered Up’ Violent Campaign to Turn London Area ‘Islamic’”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nothing like spitting in the face of those English men who died in war in vain for their glorious Empire.

  2. highduke says:

    Muslims and to a lesser extent E.Europeans haven’t been self-castrated with fear-mongering over ‘extremism’ like feminized Westerners bc there’s a time for hard-working honest Men when getting physical is justified and not doing so is pure cowardice.

  3. Kingoldby says:

    It is an irony that it is the social ‘progressives’ and gay rights campaigners who are the first to call for ‘multiculturalism’ and the associated open borders demographic assault that are the first to suffer from the consequences of this assault.

    Turns out that they miss it when the society they despise so much is dismantled as they demanded. I almost pity the fools.

  4. olewhitelady says:

    In the case of the teacher who was beaten nearly to death for teaching about different religions, I previously read that the cops had bugged the perps’ vehicle because they were under suspicion for terrorist plotting. They were heard planning the teacher’s attack, which it took them more than one try to accomplish. They were nailed after the crime because of their statements on tape. So–why didn’t the cops pick them up for conspiracy to commit a felony before the teacher was attacked? This is ominous indeed!

  5. Texas Rebel says:

    Isn’t diversity a wonderful thing? Welcome to a third world future.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Uh-oh, the muzzies are really skating on thin ice now. Nobody is going to blame (or punish) them for assaulting or even killing a few White people, especially White Christians for the glory of Allah. However, assaulting or even insulting homosexuals, er, I mean ‘gay people’ is going to cause a serious backlash and some serious law enforcement effort. The muzzies are going to have to learn that in a Politically Correct Multicultural society they are not the only protected specie.

  7. Vick says:

    This brand of Islam that our kin in Europe are dealing with seems vile and nasty indeed. Most of all it seems utterly incompatible with a Western European-style democracy.

    I foresee some kind of showdown. How can it not be inevitable?

    As this extreme Muslim population grows they will either impose their will on the rest of the society, or demand autonomy apart from that society, or the host society will be forced to reject them and clear them out. Pluralism/multiculturalism/diversity simply don’t seem possible with such an intolerant bunch.

  8. Tom says:

    They whine, they threaten, they always attack (usually helpless innocents) in groups, and then try to sneak away afterwards (often disguised as women). Islams warriors, – spineless cowards and very much less than men. Thanks to a disasterous, self destructive immigration policy Great Britain is very much on the brink, but the Internet is making the truth impossible to hide. Liberals and multiculturalists can spout their “lets-all-get-along” rhetoric all day long, newspapers and the msm can skirt around not offending minorities, but at the end of the day you can’t hide from facts, and the facts are piling up and decent people are, for the first time, starting to notice in significant numbers.

  9. Kenelm Digby says:

    The London borough of Tower Hamlets where these attacks occurred is ovrwhelmingly populated by Bangladeshis.

    The Labour Party has courted the Bangladeshis as a vote farm and has , over the years, given them privelege after privelege, fetishised them , cherished and nutured them (and in the process casting adrift the traditional Labour constituency of working class White ‘Cockneys’).

    The pea-brained lefties of Labour tried to form one of those lovely ‘rainbow alliances’ with Bangladeshis, gays, blacks and other favored pets, wih of course White men singled out as the enemy, in true Democrat Party style happy-clappy brainlessnes.

    Only that there is a fly in the ointment.The most favored pet,the Bangaldeshis, have turned nasty and have started attacking another the pet, the gays.

    Poor lefty is all in a tizzy, he doesn’t know waht to do, meanwhile his menagerie is tearing lumps out of each other and on the verge of tearing throats out.

  10. Yorkshireman. says:

    Government grants totalling £113,000 have been paid over the past few years to the Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation, which runs a nursery and a primary school in Tottenham, north London and a primary in Slough, Berkshire. The foundation’s lead trustee and “proprietor” of the Slough school is Yusra Hamilton, a leading member of Hizb ut-Tahrir and wife of the group’s main press spokesman, Taji Mustafa. The public money – from the labour Government’s Early Years Fund – was paid to help run the nursery school and two Islamic primary schools where children are taught key elements of Hizb’s ideology from the age of five. In a previous statement, the labour Home Office have claimed that “Haringey Council had decided to suspend its allocation of Early Years Funding by local taxpayers to the schools concerned, pending an investigation.” Hizb regards integration as “dangerous” and says that British Muslims should “fight assimilation” into UK society and opposes all involvement with the “corrupt” state. It wants to create a global Islamic superstate, or “caliphate”, initially in Muslim-majority countries and then across the rest of the world. The former prime minister, Tony Blair, proposed to ban the group and the Conservatives have said that they will do so now they are in power. Other trustees of the Shakhsiyah Foundation who are Hizb members or activists include Farah Ahmed, the head teacher of the Slough school, who has written in a Hizb journal condemning the “corrupt Western concepts of materialism and freedom”. On their website, the schools say their “ultimate goal” and “foremost work” is the creation of an “Islamic personality” in children. The creation of an “Islamic personality” is a key tenet of Hizb’s ideology. The schools’ history curriculum states that children are taught that “there must be one ruler of the khilafah [caliphate]”. The schools’ website says that “in the glorious history of Islam… the Sharia was the norm”. Children are taught Arabic from the age of three. A former teacher at one of the schools has spoken about how they were set up as a “great way of creating Hizb ut-Tahrir propaganda”. She said the schools were started by a group of female Hizb members and activists but that the group had also brought in some non-Hizb staff. The former teacher said: “The concept behind it was to allow the school to speak for itself and then to lure [pupils] in through that doorway.” Houriya Ahmed, of the Centre for Social Cohesion think-tank, said: “This suspension of funding is very welcome. It is quite wrong for the British state to be funding groups that want to destroy it.” The Shakhsiyah Foundation has previously denied that it is a Hizb ut-Tahrir operation and have said it involves “Muslim women from a wide variety of backgrounds.”

  11. Jack in Chicago says:

    Can some Brits and Irish folks please explain to us how Northern Ireland/Ulster divided up in to warring para military groups of two White Christian people, with just different church denominations but Whites in England allow this Islamic invasion/terror to take over without any real physical resistance? Why can’t Northern Ireland/Ulster groups/organizations branch out in to England?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile, Simon Sheppard of ‘the heretical two’ remains in custody. Did he beat a man into paralysis or blind a man? Did he threaten someone with death? Did he kill anyone, destroy any property, or cross the street against the signal? No, this British man published a web site (hosted in the United States). The site was deemed hate speech and Mr Sheppard has been in custody since.

    In a better world, there would be no hate speech laws. Not against and not against Muslims who preach murder from the mosque. But violent actions would meet swift and sure justice. In this world, publishers go to prison and thugs walk free.

  13. Tom UK says:

    Thanks to a fundamental failure to grasp the lessons of the 20th century, Europe is once again merrily headed down the road to bloodshed.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The only group I know of for whom the term “homophobia” really has meaning.

    The area has a muslim mayor. which accounts for the behavior of the polics. It goes beyond fear of accusations.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The average Bangladeshi IQ is 81. Nuff said.

  16. Orion Blue says:

    A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: “When any allegation of crime is made to us, we investigate appropriately. We will always take action against hate crime in accordance with, and within the confines of, the law.

    Let me see now, how would this work?

    “When any allegation of crime is made to us, we investigate appropriately.

    Complaints by the Colonisers are given full attention and every subtlety is employed to ensure that anybody who expresses an opinion against this hostile takeover is hounded and castigated for thought crime.

    Meanwhile, anybody objecting to both verbal and physical intimidation – if they are members of the indigenous population who have a right to be here – will be ignored or counter-threatened with thought crimes by the Labour Party’s police farce.

    How about the second sentence?

    We will always take action against hate crime in accordance with, and within the confines of, the law.

    The hate crime here being when the indigenous population objects to their own race replacement, rather than the aggressive colonisation and imposition of primitive, stone age and fundamentally incompatible ‘values’ (deranged superstition possibly bordering on the clinically insane), against the native population.

    It is worth remembering here, that “… action against hate crimes in accordance with, and within the confines, of the law.” Is a telling sentence, here. Firstly, action against hate crimes in accordance with the law means refusing to recognise ethnic hatred and hostility towards the larger population and that secondly, action against hate crimes within the confines of the law, means that it is never likely that the judicial system wil be capable of recognising crimes against the majority population, since their secular religion demands that the ethnics are victims and the majority are perpetrators in all instances. Somehow I do not see that changing when the replacement levels put us in a numerical minority.

    As regards the complaints and fawning apologies by the likes of Peter Tatchell; I cannot begin to see how he failed to see this coming. Tatchell and his coterie are perhaps the most expendable in this multicultural rainbow coalition he helped to bring about.

    As regards why the police act with such pusillanimity, I can only hazard a guess that it is straightforward fear of more terror attacks in this country by a sizeable (and growing) population that – by their own tacit admission – the authorities are wholly powerless to police.

    They are clearly afraid of the next 7/7 happening sooner rather than later. Maybe they would like to be drawing their pensions before the next attack happens on their watch?

  17. Mike H. says:

    I have no sympathy for the English.

    You have the BNP. Vote for them.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Muslims have been attacking Europeans for decades now, ever since immigration started in the 50’s. These attacks in include bullying, assault, robbery, rape, muder, and gay bashing. It keeps getting worse as the immigration flood gates stay open. You must know that there are decent, moral people in Muslim countries…but most of them stay home. Those who come to Europe are often violent criminals who want to prey on white women and leach off of the system. Any anti- immigrant party official, such as BNP or Sweden Democrats will be shouted down, assaulted, spat upon…often by ethnic Europeans. The have a miniscule percentage of the vote, and even that appears to be decreasing. As white women are being brutally raped every day in Europe, why don’t Europeans spit on pro-immigration liberals? I don’t understand that.

  19. Johnny English says:

    The “pusillanimity” of the police in this instance is not really so very hard to account for, Orion Blue. The upper echelons of what used to be referred to as the Police Force and is now known as the Police Service have been colonised by “graduates” of the change agent (masquerading as an “educational charity”) Common Purpose. You might care to pursue these links:

  20. Johnny English says:

    To Mike H. @#17

    Yes, we have the BNP.

    Many of us (myself included) do vote for them (even if we disagree with some of their policies unrelated to national identity and immigration).

    But you’re assuming, of course, that we have free and fair elections in England with truly secret ballots, no voting abuses, and that the votes are counted honestly.

    We don’t. Maybe you should have some sympathy for us after all.