Obama to Speak to Annual Conference of Hispanic Civil Rights Group National Council of La Raza

The Washington Post, June 15, 2011

The White House says President Barack Obama plans to address this year’s conference of the major Hispanic civil rights organization, the National Council of La Raza.


The president of NCLR, Janet Murgia, said Wednesday that Hispanics will want to hear from Obama on a range of issues, including those on which he has yet to take action.

Obama has been heavily criticized by some in the Latino community for his failure to move immigration reform, which he promised in his 2008 campaign to tackle in the first year of his presidency.



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  1. Tom S. June 17, 2011 at 6:06 pm #

    Its a sad day when an American President is accountable to the National Council of “The Race”! I also expect several GOP presidential hopefuls to also pander to them before the 2012 election ( Newt already has ), and those that do will immediately be crossed off my list.

    It is well past time that Whites also have an organization that looks out for our interests.

  2. Hirsch June 17, 2011 at 6:21 pm #

    No need to fear. Remember what our cultural shepherds have told us and have faith. These people want nothing except to assimilate and join mainstream society, just like the Polish, Italians, or the Irish. Except that the other groups brandished American flags as well as those from their respective homelands; and their posterity were almost guaranteed to be college-educated by the third generation; and they didn’t bring with them previously eradicated diseases like leprosy; and they didn’t insist on speaking only in their former languages or dialects and insisting that when they were given service that their inability to speak standard English be accomodated; and they weren’t pouring into the country at the rate of 700 passenger planes per day (see State of Emergency by P. Buchanan); and they weren’t talking about tearing off a chunk of the nation and creating a new homeland with a new identity.

    Aside from the minor quibbles I listed above, though, we have nothing to fear from these people.

  3. Anonymous June 17, 2011 at 7:15 pm #

    Can you imagine Obama speaking at a white rights event? Me neither.

    He will tell them what they want to hear….Whitey bad, brown people good…there is an election coming after all.

  4. E Pluribus Pluribus June 17, 2011 at 7:20 pm #

    Obama has never wavered in his passion to reward those who enter the U. S. with a “path to citizenship.” For example:

    “Nobody in the Senate, other than maybe Ted Kennedy, has been more consistent in saying we need to have a pathway to citizenship for those who are undocumented, already here . . .” (Obama in his interview with Univision [Spanish language TV network] anchor Jorge Ramos, CNN Transcript, May 30, 2008):


  5. Anonymous June 17, 2011 at 7:34 pm #

    An open question to all AmRenners, many of whom understand the machinery of US Govt better than I:

    We all know that Obama would LIKE to hand out passports (and also EBT cards and AmEx Platinum cards and Frequent Flyer cards and Get Out of Jail Free cards etc) to the “12M” (more like 20M) illegal “Undocumented Democrats” (h/t VDare.com) from South of El Border. We all know the Marxist-in-Chief would LIKE to do this — but how realistic is that he COULD do it soon enough to legalize a significant number of new voters in time for the next election?

    Given that govt usually moves at a snail’s pace, what would be the timeframe involved if Obama were to grant the !Amnistia! that we all fear? November 2012 is only 17 months away. Isn’t it already too late?

    If so, it means that — regardless of whatever “promises” about “immigration reform” that Bill Ayer’s biracial BFF makes to los Razistas — he won’t be able to put it through, in any way that would be meaningful at the polls, in time to guarantee his re-election on the mestizo vote alone. It means that Obama will need to secure his second term from (more or less) the same bunch of folks (incl. 45% of whites) who sent him to the White House in ’08.

    (Except, of course, that a large chunk of that 45% of whites have by now seen the error of their ways, and will NOT pull the lever a second time for their tarnished messiah.)

    So, it seems to me, that regardless of what Obama tells Senora Murgia and her brown-skinned Spanglish-speaking storm troops, he won’t be able to actualize it in time to save his bacon at the ballot box.


  6. Question Diversity June 17, 2011 at 8:24 pm #


    Many illegal aliens can and do vote, especially in political jurisdictions friendly to them because they are run by Hispanics or leftist whites. However, those are almost entirely in safe blue states, states that any Democrat will win.

    What Obama is hoping for with this strategy is that he makes so many promises that it’ll impress enough legal citizen voting Hispanics such that the Hispanic votes he would lose in 2012 compared to 2008 (simply because the Republican will be stronger in 2012 compared to John McCain in 2008 — Hispanic trend mirrors white trend), stays with him — that small slither might make the difference in him keeping several states in his column, and not drifting over to the red side.

    Translating all that into English: Florida.

    I think it’s a stupid strategy on his part, because we’re talking a margin of 5% of the Hispanic vote, which is around 10% of the electorate nationally (varies state by state), but like you said, he won’t have as many white votes in 2012 as he did in 2008 (whether the Republican will be able to sway them remains to be seen, but even if an Obama-voting white working class voter in, e.g. Ohio or Pennsylvania or Indiana doesn’t vote Republican in 2012, his or her not voting Obama is in essence a half a vote for the Republican). Even now, a white voter has way more leverage over the national body politic than a Hispanic voter, all other things being equal (which they are not).

    However, what might be smart about it is that preventing a 5% swing in the Hispanic vote just might save Florida for Obama, and maybe Axelrod thinks there’s a fair chance that 2012 just might come down to Florida. Hell, there’s recent precedent for that!

  7. BannerRWB June 17, 2011 at 8:50 pm #

    5-Anon: “An open question…Thoughts?”: I do not see what difference it makes. If they pass amensty now, later, or not at all, but continue our current policy regarding the illegals and non-White legal immigration, the U.S. is destroyed. I am willing to admit short-term defeat, in that due to the socio-political reconstruction of our culture and national ethnic makeup over the past 50 years, White America has been defeated. We will need to construct a new philosophy of nationhood which is not based upon economic growth at all costs, but which allows for the maintenace of our numbers and keeps a place for us in the world. The sooner we reach that point, the better, and hopefully we can do it without bloodshed. Should we reach the point of national breakup, whatever space we have will have to be large enough to maintain a viable nation-state, as once we close it off, everywhere outside the wire will eventually be absent of Whites and the inhabitants will more than likely be hostile to us. Additionally, I have no illusion that a majority of Whites have any desire for segregation or separation, and I doubt the U.S. Government would even consider allowing Whites a seccessionist nation. Neither do I understand the desire or drive by the White majority governments of the world to continue the policy of White disposession, displacement, and eventual genocide. I know this doesn’t address your specific question, but these are my thoughts, in general, on the subject.

  8. Mr.White June 17, 2011 at 9:19 pm #

    5 — Anonymous wrote at 7:34 PM on June 17:

    “So, it seems to me, that regardless of what Obama tells Senora Murgia and her brown-skinned Spanglish-speaking storm troops, he won’t be able to actualize it in time to save his bacon at the ballot box.

    Thoughts? ”


    Your analysis is indeed well thought out, except for one minor detail and a major one at that. We are dealing with illegal invaders, which means the legal right to vote or the rule of law is irrelevant. The way the invaders see it, they have nothing to lose by casting an illegal vote and everything to gain. In fact, their entire existence in this country is based upon breaking the law. What’s one more law to break, especially if by doing so, you might be rewarded with amnesty? It’s a no brainer! You’ll vote and take your chances.

    Besides, it’s not like this administration would dare prosecute someone who came to this country merely “seeking a better life,” just because they wanted to participate in the political process. Don’t you know it would be “racist” to deny them this opportunity!

    In any event, Obama knows this as well as anyone. In fact all politicians know illegal invaders will vote in sufficient enough numbers in order to make a difference. Why else would they continue to pander to these criminals unless something was in it for them, both at the state and federal level?

    In any event, that’s my two cents, for what it’s worth.

  9. Anonymous June 18, 2011 at 9:04 am #

    Perhaps Obama will speak at the next Amren conference. Amren is a far less inflammatory and far more scholarly organization for “an honest discussion” of race.

  10. Anonymous June 18, 2011 at 9:06 am #

    La Raza translates to The Race. Imagine a white organization names “The Race” having any POTUS, be they white or black, speak at its gatherings.

  11. LOUDMOUTH57 June 18, 2011 at 10:25 am #

    The Mestizo population of Mexicans in the United States must be having a ball as well as a good belly laugh.It must be a real blast watching Democrats, Republicans, whites and blacks kissing the hide quarters of the Mexican population and at the same time politically putting the final nail in the coffins of both the black and white races of people in the United States. As black and white people jump from one foot to the other trying to appease the Mexicans, I wonder what the Asian population is thinking?

  12. June June 18, 2011 at 10:56 am #

    Let me get this straight…if you break into our country, laugh at our laws, present false or stolen IDs to obtain employment, give fake names and game the welfare system…our President welcomes you? Did I miss something? Perhaps having every US President since Eisenhower do the same thing?

  13. Jake June 18, 2011 at 11:44 am #

    Obama is in full campaign mode on the Taxpayer dollar again courting Latinos, legal and illegal again peomising some type of amnesty to millions.

    However, Obama has been heavily criticized by some in the Latino community for his failure to move immigration reform, which he promised in his 2008 campaign to tackle in the first year of his presidency.

    Obama can say and do anything he pleases without fear of any negative response from the Obama press, our Constitutional Watchdogs.

  14. Anonymous June 18, 2011 at 2:24 pm #

    “A Judicial Watch investigation reveals that federal funding for a Mexican La Raza group that for years has raked in millions of taxpayer dollars has skyrocketed since one of its top officials got a job in the Obama White House.

    The influential and politically-connected National Council of La Raza (NCLR) has long benefitted from Uncle Sam’s largess but the group has made a killing since Obama hired its senior vice president (Cecilia Muñoz) in 2009 to be his director of intergovernmental affairs.

    Ignored by the mainstream media, Judicial Watch covered the appointment because the president issued a special “ethics waiver” to bring Muñoz aboard since it violated his own lobbyist ban. At the pro illegal immigration NCLR, Muñoz supervised all legislative and advocacy activities on the state and local levels and she was heavily involved in the congressional immigration battles that took place in the George W. Bush Administration.

    She also brought in a steady flow of government cash that’s allowed the Washington D.C.-based group to expand nationwide and promote its leftist, open-borders agenda via a network of community organizations dedicated to serving Latinos.Among them are a variety of local groups that provide social services, housing counseling and farm worker assistance as well as publicly-funded charter schools that promote radical Chicano curriculums. Judicial Watch published a special report on this a few years ago.

    This week a JW probe has uncovered details of the alarming increase in federal funding that these NCLR groups have received since Muñoz joined the Obama Administration. In fact, the government cash more than doubled the year Muñoz joined the White House, from $4.1 million to $11 million.

    Not surprisingly, a big chunk of the money (60%) came from the Department of Labor, which is headed by a former California congresswoman (Hilda Solis) with close ties to the La Raza movement. Since Obama named her Labor Secretary, Solis has launched a nationwide campaign to protect illegal immigrant workers in the U.S. Just this week Solis penned declarations with Guatemala and Nicaragua to preserve the rights of their migrants.

    The NCLR also received additional taxpayer dollars from other federal agencies in 2010, the JW probe found. The Department of Housing and Urban Development doled out $2.5 million for housing counseling, the Department of Education contributed nearly $800,000 and the Centers for Disease Control a quarter of a million.

    Additionally, NCLR affiliates nationwide raked in tens of millions of government grant and recovery dollars last year thanks to the Muñoz factor. An offshoot called Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC) saw its federal funding nearly double to $18.3 million following Muñoz’ appointment….”


  15. Anonymous June 18, 2011 at 2:29 pm #

    Congress Asked To Pledge Respect To Latinos

    Amid heated immigration debates, members of Congress are being asked to sign a pledge acknowledging the economic, civic and cultural contributions of Latinos and opposing “irresponsible and inflammatory rhetoric” that “dehumanizes” them.

    The contract is part of the “Pledge for Respect” campaign launched this month by the politically-connected National Council of La Raza (NCLR), which bills itself as the largest Latino civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States. The influential Mexican group receives millions of federal tax dollars annually to promote its leftist, open-borders agenda and has hundreds of branches throughout the nation.

    NCLR leaders regularly attend congressional hearings as well as White House meetings and President Obama hired one of the group’s top officials (Cecilia Munoz) to serve in his administration. The commander-in-chief even violated his own lobbyist ban to make Munoz director of intergovernmental affairs even though she supervised all legislative and advocacy activities on the state and local levels for the NCLR, which is headquartered in Washington D.C.

    With that said, this isn’t merely a publicity stunt for the powerful NCLR, which is pushing the respect campaign as part of this year’s National Latino Advocacy Days. The idea is to reinforce that the Hispanic community is an integral part of the fabric of America, according to the group, which is also using the opportunity to denounce politicians who use Latinos to exploit xenophobia for political gain.

    The contract also forces members of Congress to promise that they’ll meet with advocates and leaders from the Hispanic nonprofit (that would include the NCLR) and business communities to hear their perspective on the “issues.” That way they could find a common ground based on “shared values and interests.”

    To launch its respect campaign the NCLR enlisted a Los Angeles hip-hop band named after the Aztec astrological symbol of the monkey (Ozomatli). In a public service ad, members of the musical group claim that some candidates for public office have called for landmines on the U.S.-Mexico border and microchips to be implanted in undocumented immigrants. Others have used “stereotypical and menacing images of Latinos in their campaign ads.”

    The message goes on to say that elected officials and states have fashioned “extreme draconian” proposals against the immigrant and Latino communities, including the elimination of ethnic studies programs in public schools, forcing publicly-funded hospitals to ask for patients’ immigration status and stripping U.S. citizenship from children born to illegal aliens. “It’s time to tell Congress that we won’t stand for this anymore. We need to know who is with us and who is against us! “


  16. diversity=adversity June 18, 2011 at 9:56 pm #

    The minorities have the power because every time Whites decide to do something in our own self-interest, like passing laws, they throw a fit. Every time one of their own does something bad, they stand by him and blame Whites. What if Awake Whites threw a fit over every meeting that La Raza, or blacks, have and scream from the rooftops that it isn’t fair because the AR conferences are shut down? What if we made our case of stereotyping Awakened Whites as “discriminating racist bigots” being the racial stereotyping it is? What if we go ahead and have our conferences and shout though bullhorns at the antifa’s shouting through bullhorns at us? If we make our message loud and clear, the media will have a hard time pretending the Youtube videos don’t exist.

  17. Anonymous June 19, 2011 at 12:44 am #

    Hilda Solis, Obama’s Latina Labor Secretary, carefully crafted a message attempting to hide the fact that the U.S. Department of Labor has changed from an American government agency that protects American laborers to one of an organization with an exclusive agenda to protect illegal Latino workers. Of course, Solis thinks that by using politically correct jargon, we are too dumb to notice her true intent:



    Hilda Solis, stating in 1996 to a voter registration group “We are all Americans whether you are legalized or not.”

    video link: http://goo.gl/Y6drE

  18. rockman June 19, 2011 at 1:47 am #

    We must ask ourselves seriously do we have a culture worth defending and preserving intact as a distinct American culture. Are our values and historical perspectives worth preserving? We are subject to a low key invasion by a foreign peoples who while they do not have purple hair and orange eyes they are yet a foreign people who are bringing their culture and way of life here and are not blending into society. If they wanted to do that La Raza would not exist in the first place. La Raza is the concept of a greater Mexico expanded at the expense of the US regarding land mass. My own experience with La Raza was that La Raza studies was facing budget cuts at the college I attended. Protestors attacked the incoming freshmen during registration with pipes and knives. Grown Mexican men attacked high school girls and kids putting some in the hospital, the slow runners. This brutal skull busting was not in the national media The police took over half an hour to arrive to clean up the injured. That is La Raza folks as i saw it first hand.

  19. Mick June 19, 2011 at 2:55 am #

    “As black and white people jump from one foot to the other trying to appease the Mexicans, I wonder what the Asian population is thinking”?

    —————————————————————————————————They are doing what we should be doing, worrying about their own kind, that is what they are thinking.

  20. Jupiter7 June 19, 2011 at 9:43 am #

    Ok, so remember when you are in a debate with an immigration enthusiast (race-replacement enthusiast) state emphatically that Barack Obama openly promotes the racial agenda of a Hispanic organization called The Race-an organization that openly promotes the racial interests of Hispanics…and a major part of Barack Obama’s and La Raza’s very public racial agenda is the race-replacement of the Native Born White America majority through massive post-1965 nonwhite immigration. This is the intent and the main goal of post 1965 nonwhite immigration policy. There are no economic, cultural ,demographic and environmental-ecological justifications for post-1965 immigration policy…if it is to be justified exclusively in the terms of the racial interests of the Native Born White Majority.

    This is what Jared Taylor must say in all of his public appearances..for it it is the absolute fundamental truth about post-1965 immigration policy.

  21. Walt June 19, 2011 at 10:50 am #

    No. 2

    No American holds an American flag and a second flag of his homeland. America IS our homeland!

  22. GERRY June 19, 2011 at 12:59 pm #

    If Obama is going to address The National Council of LaRaza to help them promote the Hispanic agenda then he needs to address the next American Renaissance conference to promote the white agenda. This would go a long way in showing that he is not the racist bigot that we all think that he is. OOPS! I think it’s more like the racist bigot that we “KNOW FOR A FACT” that he is.

  23. June June 19, 2011 at 4:33 pm #

    Am I the only one who would like the US to be an isolationist country again? That is, after all illegals and their supporters leave.

  24. Bon, From the Land of Babble June 20, 2011 at 9:24 am #

    Anonymous #15 writes:

    Congress Asked To Pledge Respect To Latinos.

    If any congressman/woman deigns NOT to sign such a racist decree, he/she will be immediately declared a Latino-hating racist and White supremacist — which then will be blasted across the front pages of the papers and blared out through the alphabet channels.

    I hereby pledge NEVER to support any politician who signs this proclamation.

    Anonymous #14 writes:

    A Judicial Watch investigation reveals that federal funding for a Mexican La Raza group that for years has raked in millions of taxpayer dollars has skyrocketed since one of its top officials got a job in the Obama White House.

    Pathetic!! And what is even more pathetic is that the Repub pols won’t touch this (to them) hot potato with a 10ft. poll!! (although look for them to sign the “latino-respect” pledge!!).

    This is EXACTLY the type of information that needs to be disseminated far and wide to the White voter base, talked about, confronted, asked of EVERY representative in Congress, especially if he/she represents White districts — repeatedly asked and the pol himself “outed’:

    I object to my hard earned money used to fund racist organizations such as LaRaza and NCLR!! Is this OK with you? If yes, why should I support your using MY money that goes to clearly White-hating groups? If no, what do you plan to do about it?

    You can be sure the LaRaza-loving msm will NEVER ask the pols anything of the sort.

    Tell Everyone You Know and Spread the Word — you can be sure the msm won’t!