Posted on June 8, 2011

Minority Kids Spend Most of Their Waking Hours Plugged In

Mary Brophy Marcus, USA Today, June 8, 2011

Minority children spend an average of 13 hours a day using mobile devices, computers, TVs and other media–about 4½ hours more than white kids, says a report out today.

The findings, from Northwestern University, are being presented to childhood and telecommunications experts in Washington, D.C.


Among 8- to 18-year-olds, Asian Americans logged the most media use (13 hours, 13 minutes a day), followed by Hispanics (13 hours), blacks (12 hours, 59 minutes), and whites (8 hours, 36 minutes.)


The report shows that compared with white children, minority youth:

•Watch TV and videos one to two hours more a day;

•Listen to music about an hour more a day;

•Use computers about 1½ hours more a day;

•Play video games 30 to 40 minutes longer a day.


25 responses to “Minority Kids Spend Most of Their Waking Hours Plugged In”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    A former and long time juvenile probation officer said here a few weeks ago that black juvenile crime is almost entirely a function of black juveniles being able to interact with each other. The obvious lesson being that “recreation” programs, even ones run by the police, actually make things worse. Taken in that light, this news is actually good.

  2. Jon says:

    The professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical quoted in the article said he “is also concerned about the content of media being viewed.”

    I imagine if they took this research a little further regarding the content being viewed, they would see that there is an even larger gap, concerning minority children and White children.

    I seriously doubt that black kids spend any significant time reading/watching anything newsworthy or educational on either TV or the internet.

  3. June Warren says:

    Being a former social worker who worked for many years with black children in rural areas, I noticed early on that these children spend very little time outdoors or doing school work. They spend most of their time playing things like “Grand Theft Auto” or watching BET.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “Listen to music about an hour more a day”

    — That’s a crock! The latino teens I am around all day cannot function without an Ipod earbud in their ear. I am serious. Most of the day they want their music. More.. More.. More…….

  5. Matt says:

    I see this all the time – Somalis, regardless of age or gender, simply cannot stop yapping away on their cell phones or using their ipods. The only people I see reading books on buses, for example, are white people. I think the reason non-whites gravitate to e-media devices so much is because everything is presented to you, without you really having to exercise your mental faculties. Reading a book, on the other hand, requires concentration, imagination (to conjure the scene in your mind), and demonstrated cognitive abilities – and we know which racial group has the best grasp of these skills.

  6. John Engelman says:

    It keeps them off the street.

  7. Anon says:

    I’m skeptical about the amount of computer time mentioned in this story. You would expect black students to be performing better in school on reading tests, given that computer use equals spending at least some time reading. Considering that Detroit schools report an illiteracy rate of 50 percent, those students shouldn’t be able to read any text on a computer screen at all, or type sentences into a computer, for that matter. You’re likely seeing statistics drawn only from the black middle class, not blacks in general.

  8. Follow The Light says:

    I tend to doubt that they are not using the computer for educational type things. You probably could take “computer” out of the equation and the numbers would be about the same.

  9. Brendan says:

    Maybe Europeans, having constantly invented technology for thousands of years, have also evolved to use it more in moderation than Africans or Amerindians, and not to abuse it as much?

  10. Roger says:

    Does this mean we can stop worrying about the “digital divide”?

    Remember a few years ago the usual suspects were wringing their hands that non-whites had less access to computers and the internet than whites and we somehow had to fix this?

    Now they got what they wanted and get the sense the usual suspects are worried again, this time because non-whites are spending MORE time online than white. No matter what the disparity, the diagnosis is always the same, non-whites have it worse than whites.

  11. GreatLakesState says:

    No wonder the corporate media and political class are excited by the browning. It’s built-in easily manipulated mass willingly plugging into the matrix.

  12. Shawn (the female) says:

    I have to take issue with this one. I rarely see ANY person under the age of 25 – including whites – actually looking ahead rather than head down, fingers blazing text messages. If they’re awake they’re texting. I caused a huge family rift last summer when my children and their kids visited from out of state. We see them no more than once a year for two to three days. From the time they arrived all grandchildren had their heads buried in their cellhones texting their friends, speaking no more than two words to us, their grandparents, after the obligitory hugs, who they obviously rated at the bottom on the scale of importance. After a while I told them to put the cell phones away; that the least they could do is actually SPEAK to and SOCIALIZE with their family members for three whole days out of their lives. It instantly started a fight and I made enemies of all grandchildren AND their parents. The grandchildren simply wandered outside and spent the rest of their visit either outside texting or sleeping. You may say I didn’t raise my children right – well, these are STEPchildren, who grew up (as opposed to being raised) at their biological mother’s house – not with me and their father. And they, too, are letting their own children grow up as they did with everything they want because it keeps them out of their hair. Thus is the condition of the white race.

    The biggest difference I see here is that whites actually buy their electronics.

  13. mark says:

    “Among 8- to 18-year-olds, Asian Americans logged the most media use (13 hours, 13 minutes a day)……”

    It looks like, in a couple of generations, the Asian American IQ will fall well below that of Whites.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Remove the reading comprehension as conceptualization from a social learning environment, treating all knowledge as visual or auditory based information and you may find blacks, with an equal to white rote memory and fairly high improvisational verbal language skills, in an advantaged position.

    Of course you will -not- see them shortcutting their way to fusion or genetic engineering a way up from a mean IQ of 87.

    But then we have the Asians for that.

    The problem is that, as society changes to ‘adapt to the needs’ of other culture groups, we risk losing that -mix- of skills and abilities which define whites. Because competing in other venues with other races will change us as much as them.

    And I think whites are well enough balanced that we should not destroy our culture definitions solely to stay in a media-driven game which seeks to force the mixing of social conditions as a precursor to genetic ones.

  15. Anonymous says:

    All these figures are essentially meaningless without the additional information of WHAT are these kids viewing. It could be educational, it could be non-educational, or it even could be ANTI-educational.

    Although spending 13 hours a day with TV, social media, etc, sounds to me excessive and detrimental, I’m willing to bet that the 13 hours consumed by Asian children is VERY different from the same amount of time spent by NAMs.

    But in any case, I’m glad to hear our white youth scores the lowest here. The Internet is a wonderful (white) invention, but there should also be OTHER things going on in a child’s life — like stepping outdoors, for instance. Or maybe even kicking a ball around.

  16. Baron says:

    These “youths”—the ones who don’t have a disdain for the printed word, anyway,—should read Jared Taylor’s “White Identity”. First, it’s a highly interesting read; secondly, they can read it while staying indoors all they want.

  17. MuayTyson says:

    One problem is it never says how the devices are being used. I lived a time in Korea arguably the most plugged in country in the world. The kids listen to their music and watch shows online but they also study their butts off. I can only assume that the Asian Americans in this study are doing the same as their Korean counter parts.

    Being plugged in is a double edged sword. This study is only looking at the numbers and the hours but not the productivity. Big difference in listening to your Ipod while studying a math text and looking at porn and violent video games all day.

  18. White Guy In Japan says:

    May be a red herring here. Asian-Americans spend the most time plugged into the Matrix yet their grades and overall academic achievements are much higher than African- or Hispanic-Americans.

    According to studies I have read, Japanese kids spending more time watching TV and playing video AND studying then their American counterparts.

    Something doesn’t add up here.

  19. Sureesh says:


    Matt wrote at 10:13 PM

    I take it there are very few Asian and Asian Indians where you live; we are more studious and more likely to read than whites. Just compare Asian and white test scores in the Bay Area, California. In neigbborhoods that are an even mix of Asians and whites, Asians are seen as the “smart ones” and whites are seen as the “slackers.”

  20. Anonymous says:

    As stated, it’s the content, not the hours, that counts.

    Blacks kids actually get worse at language while on the net, as they read and write nothing but their bastardized language, which, along with their lack of spoken English (what they speak isn’t really English anymore) creates huge problems in reading and writing at school.

    The young teachers let them write in their own lingo — and are greatly praised for it by administratotors — another reason not to push too hard for the end of tenure. The public doesn’t realize that those considered “most effective teachers” by their bosses are not the ones who are traditional.

  21. MarCo says:

    Do go on Sureesh.. The fact remains that Asians of any stripe are the recipients of White generosity-the disciplines you excel at are our inventions. All of them. Not to mention manifold entitlement programs, that you all take full advantage of. And the propaganda machines that are the government and the MSM aims most of their poison at white kids. Try to keep in mind that two generations of white Americans have been brainwashed into accepting second-class citizen status in their own country. Many of them are so far gone that they will welcome the destruction of their nation and culture, if it comes to that. Are there similar efforts in India or China to “embrace diversity” and sacrifice national identity to multiculturalism? I’ll wager your IT job at Cisco that there isn’t. In your arrogance, can you not see that the so-called slackers are the ones who’ve financed the system that now recruits South and East Asian people to move here and replace the workers now filling the queues at the local unemployment office?

    When is the tipping point going to come, that “Camp of the Saints” moment when you realize that the USA has become what you or your parents left behind? I’d laugh, if it all wasn’t so tragic.

    And BTW, I am a Bay Area native, San Francisco born and raised.

    I’ve seen my fill of Asians, thank you very much.

  22. Anonymous says:

    To Sureesh: You come on this site and always preach about how wonderful, studious and civilized Indians are, but you leave out a lot of important issues. You come from a highly Caste society where the difference in the class is very distinct. The poor ones live in filth and have very little. The ones that come to America are from the wealther class and they bring their self-rightous and arrogant attitudes with them. Your posts are always oozing with “I’m better than you.” American children have been brain-washed to believe they are the cause of all the worlds problems, so step aside and let a minority through. You have only come to America to take advantage of that fact.

  23. Togo East says:

    When Whites vanished from the Silk Road, India and China stagnated for 5,000 yrs until they eventually came back via the sea in modern times. The war against Whites, if successful, will be a catastrophe for the whole world.

    Book idea: From the Wheel to the Electron, Aryan gifts to Asia.

  24. voter says:

    Anon wrote at 10:49 PM on June 8:

    “I’m skeptical about the amount of computer time mentioned in this story. You would expect black students to be performing better in school on reading tests, given that computer use equals spending at least some time reading.”


    Time online doesn’t mean anything; it’s what they’re watching.

    From what I see in the library, the kiddies are all looking at cartoons… while the older ones are into video games and porn.

  25. Anonymous says:

    To Sureesh:

    If Indo-Pakistanis like you are so “wonderful” why do you leap at the first chance to leave the sub-continent to come to a white country? We both KNOW the TRUE answer. But you’ll never admit it.