Posted on June 24, 2011

Ex-APS Official: Hall Ordered Destruction of Documents Tied to Cheating

Alan Judd and Heather Vogell, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, June 21, 2011

Superintendent Beverly Hall ordered the destruction of investigative documents that detailed “systematic” cheating on standardized tests in the Atlanta Public Schools, according to a former high-ranking district official.

Hall also instructed subordinates to omit “adverse findings” from a new version of the report and then publicly cited the revised document in an aggressive rebuttal of the cheating allegations, the former official says.

When she protested, the former official says, her supervisor said the district had the right to “sanitize” the investigation and that “the matter was closed” because Hall “had directed that all other documents be destroyed.”


The inquiry’s conclusion coincides with Hall’s departure after 12 years as superintendent. Amid the cheating scandal, she announced last fall she would not seek an extension of her contract past its June 30 expiration.


Deerwood was among the schools that showed suspiciously large gains when the AJC analyzed the CRCT re-test in the summer of 2008. When the newspaper asked about the increased scores at Deerwood and another school, district officials said they saw no reason to investigate and were satisfied the gains were “valid and defensible.”

Questions about Deerwood surfaced again a few months later when a state examination launched in response to the newspaper’s questions found unusual numbers of wrong-to-right erasures on answer sheets for the school’s summer re-tests of students who had failed in the spring.

Within a month, Hall sent a letter to state officials saying that the district’s internal and external investigations found no cheating.

“The portion of that investigation focusing on the ‘cheating charge’ is completed and concludes that there is no evidence, no basis in fact, that someone actually altered students’ answers,” Hall’s letter said.

In a December 2010 interview with the AJC, Hall admitted the letter was incorrect. The district had not conducted an internal investigation, and the external inquiry–by Atlanta attorney Penn Payne–wasn’t completed until weeks after Hall sent the letter. Hall said her aides assured her the letter was accurate when she signed.


14 responses to “Ex-APS Official: Hall Ordered Destruction of Documents Tied to Cheating”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    This is why you can’t tie money for public school district and pay for public school teachers to student performance, especially in black and Hispanic districts. It only begs cheating.

  2. OBSERVER says:

    I wonder if other information was left out? What is the demographic makeup of the School? Tell us. How many Jewish, Asian or Arabic students cheated? I’m sure white privilege is why no students have been reprimanded.

  3. JuneWarren says:

    Public schools, especially ones dominated by minorities are failures. In our town we have three EXCELLENT private schools: one Catholic, one Protestant, and one secular prep. Nearly 100% of their students graduate and maybe 2/3 or more go on to college. The annual tuition for these schools averages $4200 per student. THAT”S RIGHT! These schools spend $4200 per student. The overwhelmingly black local public schools spend over $10,000 per child and overall they are utter failures.

    To give you an example of the difference, one of the local private schools purchased a surplus public middle school and converted it into a K-12 school serving about 650 students. The total cost was less than $1-million. Most of the work such as painting, landscaping, upgrading athletic fields, etc. was done by parents and students. At the same time a new public high school was built for nearly $40-million! It serves about the same number of students. After a couple of years this NEW school ranked at the absolute bottom in graduation rate for the entire state!

    Of course our public schools could improve if they just hired Beverly Hall, she has a shortcut PLAN that works every time!

  4. SKIP says:

    ” pay for public school teachers to student performance, especially in black and Hispanic districts. It only begs cheating”

    The only thing that begs cheating is hiring blacks to run anything. Hiring blacks to run stuff may be PC, but the financial malfeasance is always the same and when caught, nothing happens as they are allowed to keep the money and retire and still get more money! Soon to end though, then the really bad stuff starts.

  5. Madison Grant says:

    To Question Diversity (#1):

    When Dubya brayed years ago about how his No Child Left Behind act would withhold $ for schools that failed to close the achievement gap I told eveyone I knew this would lead to massive test fraud.

    Every once in a while a clueless liberal will pen an article about the gap narrowing without realizing it’s due to cheating or the less dishonest teaching strategy called “teaching to the test”.

  6. Anonymous says:

    They all cheat. I used to be a teacher and let me tell you academia and the union operatives are some of the most dishonest and ignorant people I have ever encountered.

    We are all equal, even if you have to change the test scores to prove it.

    I can fix the cheating on state tests instantly. Have all the teachers from school A administer the tests at school B. In other words, teachers switch schools on test day. They will have to reason to cheat. Problem solved.

    But the union will not allow it.

  7. Shawn (the female) says:

    The female shown is not (by a long shot) Beverly Hall of Atlanta Public Schools. The real Beverly Hall resigned her position, transparently described as ‘retiring’ coincidentally, immediately after the scandal broke about the massive test corrections done by teachers and administrators. The real Beverly Hall

  8. Anonymous says:

    JuneWarren wrote at 6:41 PM on June 24:

    Public schools, especially ones dominated by minorities are failures.


    June, increasingly, “public schools” aren’t even schools at all.

    Here in Colorado Springs, on this very June day, I saw a giant banner (in SPANISH and English on the wall of an elementary school a few blocks from my home: It read:


    That’s not a school. This is SUMMER! And yet taxpayers are paying for illegal mestizos and blacks from the cities Mestizos ran them out of, to come and have lunch every day.

    Mom and dad don’t have to feed their kids…the residents of Colorado Springs, mainly the homeowners….mostly white, will pay to feed every kid 18 or younger who shows up.


    No, this is dispossession and replacement, but whites have to pay for it, and dig their own grave before jumping in.

    By the way, I noticed lately that even the heavy equipment operators on road repair crews are starting to be exclusively mestizo.

    Even a year ago here, the heavy equipment operators were all white. At least those construction Jobs still had some value, and were available to Native born whites. But that, too, has gone away. I suppose these jobs now pay peanuts. Why else would companies and government entities hiring said companies opt for substandard labor. Look for a rise in deaths and accidents, because I notice all mestizo crews operate quite haphazardly, regarding safety.

    No flagmen. Hell, they don’t speak English! No one looking up or around for traffic. Driving heavy machinery out into the street in front of moving cars. Workers ambling into traffic without looking up. Skulking across the street like it’s drunken siesta time. But what would one expect from people who hail from countries that are largely lawless, where people drive on sidewalks, and swig from bottles of hard liquor while at the wheel, in the middle of the day?

    Oh yeah, and now we pay for their many kids to come have lunch at our “schools.”

    We lose the jobs to them, we have to suffer their gangbanging murder and rape, they soil our neighborhoods with blaring music and trash, and we feed them.


  9. Wordy Anonymous says:

    The annual tuition for these schools averages $4200 per student. THAT”S RIGHT! These schools spend $4200 per student.

    The cost is far more than that for white parents.

    We must pay the tuition for expensive private schools PLUS taxes and bonds tied to our property to pay for schools mexicans and blacks go to for free — schools our own children cannot use.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Could anyone with legal knowledge discuss if the actions of Ms. Hall constitute obstruction of justice. She destroyed or caused to be destroyed documents which would have probative value in Federal legal actions (e.g. fraud and conspiracy) against the school district and individuals employed by it. Obstruction of juctice is a white collar crime for which white men have been sentenced to years of imprisonment.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Atlanta school story with “harsh” comments from “lurking racists” still undeleted. Enjoy while you can, and be glad that some of our ideas are getting into plenty of minds that would otherwise never encounter us and our Race Realism.

  12. Anonymous says:

    You see more “minority” heavy duty machine operators because under Obama, most government contracts not given to cronies and insiders go to “minority” firms.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Not our problem. Don’t you see? The more blacks/hispanics/others fail, the more money is thrown at them, the sooner they will fail on their own merits.

    Whites meanwhile, ever the first-leapers, will be the ones to privatize, hopefully within community groups to maintain poor-white inclusion. Trade work benefits, mow lawns, teach/coach part-time. But get white kids out of The System, as fast as you can with local State vouchers. And _let them fail_.

    It will be then that the country will fragment into the can dos and also rans. And with a bevy of bright, white, youth and an exchequer that cannot spend more because the kitty is empty, _we separate_.

  14. factchecker I says:

    Picture is of Colinda Howard (the complaining subordinate), not Beverly Hall (the scheming boss).