Posted on June 15, 2011

Belgium’s Flemings Push for Own Free State

Euronews, June 14, 2011

A group of Belgian right-wing politicians have again pressed their case for a Flemish state not joined with a Walloon state. As a protest against Belgium having no government for just over a year now, the Vlaams Belang party leader, Philip De Winter, briefly renamed the ‘Rue de la Loi’ in Brussels: ‘Flemish Street of Independence’. The police took his sign down.

De Winter said: “After one year of negotiations without any results I think it’s clear that there should be an alternative, and that alternative is the independence of Flanders and the independence of Wallonia. We need a Flemish republic because doing what we are doing now has no sense.”

There was some light pushing and shoving between politicians and police standing in the way of any more sign changing. Handcuffed protesters were carted away.

General elections last year failed to produce a new government and show-cased the divisions between Dutch-speaking Flanders and French-speaking Wallonia. This goes on. The Flemish separatists N-VA, led by Bart de Wever, hold the key to a deal.

Leader of the French-speaking Socialists, Elio Di Rupo is having another go at negotiating with the Flemish, who complain they are subsidising Wallonia in the south. If Di Rupo gets nowhere, there will be elections again.

Editor’s note: click through to the original article to view the video. Also, see here for the DVD of Filip De Winter’s talk at the American Renaissance recording session earlier this year.

20 responses to “Belgium’s Flemings Push for Own Free State”

  1. Justin says:

    The Belgians, French and Dutch alike, need to work together to tackle the elephant in the room: Islam. Brussels and Antwerp are overrun by Muslims. White Christian Europeans do not need to fight each other in these times.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m all for an independent Flanders. God bless them.

  3. Alexander from Flanders says:

    I hope my English is not to bad…but here I go 🙂

    I’m from Belgium (FLANDERS!!) and this is a good thing. My people have been fighting for freedom for hundreds of years, and it’s about time that we finally get our freedom and that we can decide our own fate.

    The Walloon state is an extreme left-wing craphouse infested with corruption. They work together with the Flemish left-wing and the liberals, and thus control the whole country, even though Flanders votes majority right-wing/conservative. Both sides have very different ideas about how to run the country (like immigration), and the whole thing is breaking down because of it. Sepperation is the only way to go.

    And let’s not forget the money transfers. Flanders loses miljards of euro’s to the walloon state. Money that should be used for our own Flemish people. The French side has been parasiting of the Flemish side for decades, and they keep sinking away deeper in depression (and corruption) instead of getting (economically) better. And they run the country…if you can believe it.

    Belgium is a fake country comprised of two very different people who are FORCED to live together. From the very beginning there were problems, and each year they become a little worse.



    België BARST!!!!

  4. highduke says:

    Ironic that the country that holds the capital of the EU is on the brink of disunity itself but since the EU is a tool for Islamization, the EU should fall apart starting with Belgium.

  5. Melinda Van Tijn says:

    And liberal Americans, who think that bilingualism in the US is necessary, can’t understand how language is so inseparably associated with culture. The Walloons and Flemings are proof that even groups of the same ethnicity still identify their nationality with their language, making them two very distinct peoples.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Reply to Justin:

    Sounds good, but you are NOT aware of all the facts. The FACT IS the Francophones ENCOURAGED Islamic immigration from the Maghreb (where French is commonly understood) to the Dutch-speaking (Flemish) parts of Belgium. They wanted to water down the Flemings, burden them with muslims and strengthen the French language in Brussels, Antwerp, etc. It was a situation similar to Canada, where the Francophone Quebecois block-voted for Trudeau, who then flooded English Canada with non-whites in much the same manner. Belgium, Canada and Switzerland all have a large Francophone minority. And they have all been much troubled because of it.

  7. Kan-Wil-Sal says:

    Yes Justin, but they need smaller independent states by ethnicity, if it becomes “just Europe” those politicians would argue the following: You are just a European, you are nor really part of any nation or you are part of a proposition nation. People need to keep there identity that is what makes strong Volke/Ethni and it includes language/ culture/ race/ religion, then they can work together to expel the Muslim and non white scourge.

  8. Anonymous says:

    While I do tend to be sympathetic to the Flemish, I must agree that Justin (above) is right. In the larger perspective, this is a minor issue. With the wolf of Islam howling outside the door, the Belgians cannot afford the luxury of squabbling amongst themselves over the issue of language. Unfortunately, this nationalistic issue is just a distraction that diverts them from a far worse problem that is looming in the background.

    Oh, but let me correct that. The wolf is no longer outside the door; the wolf is now INSIDE the door! Moslems infest the cities and occupy political positions in the government.

    And, btw, Belgian cities are chock full of primitive African blacks as well — even worse than the Moslems. Meanwhile, in the midst of this invasion, the Belgians are bickering over French or Flemish! Who cares?!? No matter which one wins out, they will ALL go under to the Afro-Arab assault that is about to overwhelm them.

  9. cpascal says:

    I hadn’t noticed that Belgium hasn’t had a government for the past year. Somalia hasn’t had a government in about 20 years. Yet somehomw, Belgium is managing to avoid the problems that Somalia’s having, ie, there are no Belgian pirates sailing around in the English Channel and hijacking passing ships. There aren’t any other countries which are having a problem with Belgian youth gangs attacking people in the streets, and all told, Belgium is still a safe and civilized place to live. Of course, the liberals would insist that it’s not possible that the countries’ ethnic makeups may have anything to do with this.

  10. Xenophon says:

    The Flemish don’t need independence. They need to join with either Holland or Germany. They are a Germanic people and should be under the protection of a larger group of their peers. This is the only long term solution. If they try to go it alone, the French will undermine them and cause political instability. It’s happened before.

  11. Anonymous says:

    To all of you who claim that the real problem in Belgium is Islam, do you think all the problems would go away if the muslims became christian? Or if they abandoned Islam and became ateists? I think not. We have tons of christian arabs in my nation and they are just as bad as their muslim brethen with regards to clan behaviour, gang rapes, organized crime, gang formings and much more.

    By not accurately describing the problem (its a racial problem, not a religious problem) you are compounding the problem, not helping solve it. We are not in an Islam Vs Christiany war. We are in a struggle for the survival of the native white people of Europe against hordes of incoming third worlders.

    Cultural nationalists, which is what you are, are aiding and abetting the enemy by reducing the racial heritage of the native peoples of Europe to a lump of customs that anyone can learn. Cultural nationalism is an offshoot of cultural marxism and not true nationalism.

  12. Brendan says:

    Belgium is basically the left-over Spanish/Austrian Netherlands from several hundred years ago. In other words, it’s a holdover from times when religion mattered more than ethnicity and the southern Dutch (i.e. Flemish) would rather live under a Catholic Emperor than the Protestant Calvinists running the Dutch Republic.

    As with the Austro-Hungarian Empire, now that the emperors are gone, it makes no sense to keep Belgium as is. Make Flanders independent or part of the Netherlands, and make Wallonia and Brussels part of France.

    The FACT IS the Francophones ENCOURAGED Islamic immigration from the Maghreb (where French is commonly understood) to the Dutch-speaking (Flemish) parts of Belgium.

    I’ve heard about this. Belgium, like France, keeps no statistics on race or ethnicity, but only language. The more conservative, Catholic Flemish were reproducing much faster than the liberal, agnostic Walloons and looked set to take over the country. The Walloons masked their decline by bringing in Arabs and Francophone blacks and calling them “French-speakers”.

  13. French analyst says:

    As Alexander from Flanders reminds us, Belgium is a fake country. To the French, Walloons are our brethren. The crisis is possibly a real opportunity to reintegrate soon our fine people into our nation. Nevertheless, and even in Flanders, a majority of the people still considers themselves Belgians. That is why Flemish and Francophone politicians advance cautiously.

    Otherwise, there are indeed less immigrants in Flanders, but I saw with my own eyes that the streets of Antwerpen are full of groups of Turks, Moroccans and Blacks at night. They are clearly not safe.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Belgium was an artificial creation of the British. They always used the Netherlands, Flanders and Burgundy as fronts for their continental troublemaking.

    Now that Britain is an impotent lump run by marxists and muslims, Belgium might was well go back to being autonomous provinces.

  15. Alexander from Flanders says:

    Some people in my country want Flanders to join Holland. To start a new country under the name DIETSLAND. They organise under the name VOORPOST and are active in both countries.

    I just want independence for my people. Maybe later we can start talking about forming DIETSLAND. But first we need freedom for ourselves, and a country for ourselves. Dietsland is just not very realistic at the moment.

    The current political situation is really crazy. I think that we have never stood closer to independence than today, and with a little luck and effort; we might just get it.

    For the past decades most Flemish political leaders crawled for the walloon side and the French speaking king of Belgium. They gave in to every whim and demand.

    More money from Flanders? Here you go.

    More immigrants for Flanders? Yes, we will take them all…

    More power for Wallonië? Certainly!

    Now we some Flemish people in parlement who do not bow down to every demand and whim. That is the reason for the current crisis. People are just sick of the arrogance of the French side.


  16. Anonymous says:

    11 — Anonymous wrote:

    “To all of you who claim that the real problem in Belgium is Islam, do you think all the problems would go away if the muslims became christian? Or if they abandoned Islam and became ateists? I think not. “

    Well, I think not too! Who here has said anything about converting them? That’s nonsense and you’re jumping at conclusions. Deportation to their homelands is the only effective answer.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Melinda #5: Not only do the Multi-languages add to division in a Country, i.e. Canada vs. Quebec, but here in Belgium the two factions are at least of the same Racial group. They are, of course, different Ethnicities, but racially, are the same.

    Now, turn it around to White Christian Europeans, opposed by Arab, Pakistani, and African Muslims, and Voodoo practioners. What then?

    All non-Whites need to be re-patriated to their home countries. They wanted Whites out of their Countries, and the entire Continent of Africa, so we want them out of our traditional homelands. Fair is fair.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Xeophone #10: The Flems should start by adding to their current population by inviting the displaced, and targeted, Boer Afrikaner, and White Rhodesians, to settle in Flanders.

    Here,positive things will happen. First, the Whites that built those former glorious Nations of Rhodesia and South Africa will take their Farming, Medical, Engineering, and Trade skills with them, back to their mother of Europe, to better the Nation of Flanders.

    Second, the genocide of pure White blood will stop, and the Blacks can then rightfully try and fend for themselves with the once bountiful farmland that is now being raped by them.

    A by-product of having former South African Boers and Rhodesians in Flanders is that they will bring back a firey Racial Awareness to our people, and make inroads in the Political system, which desperately needs an overhaul.

    The Flems joining the Liberal Netherlands will not be a solution to their current problem, because they will trade one Leftist votong group for another one.

    No, the Flems needs to have their own isolated Homeland where they can vote for their Right Wing beliefs, and be a Beacon, and an inspiration, to all other European countries that are struggling with the straightjacket of Multiculturalism.

  19. Keith Blankenship says:

    The Flemish should have their own country. The German part of Belgium, should revert to Germany. Putting together people who don’t really want to be together, have different languages, values and history really has little chance of success. If the Vlaams became part of the Netherlands, maybe they could tip the balance in the conservative direction. I am not anti-France, but I think that linguistic unity is almost a necessity under most circumstances. The last few hundred years of European history show the necessity of recognizing nations as being more than just political entities, but reflections of demographics, language etc.

    To Alexander- What are your thoughts on Alemannia, a similar concept to Dietsland for Elsass?

  20. Alexander from Flanders says:

    @Keith Blankenship:

    I don’t know much about Alemannia. It sounds more like a Germanic union between German, Dutch and Flemish people (we are all closely related, I’m part German and have family in Germany). And that’s about all I can say about it.

    Dietsland is as far as I know a union between the Dutch and Flemish people. We speak the same language. There is only a difference in dialect (like the difference in English spoken by an American and a Brittish person).

    But I don’t see Dietsland happening in the nearby future. It’s a possibilty, but a very-very small one. We could try to cooperate first in economic and cultural terms and see what comes of it, before starting another bad marriage. Dietsland is not something on the agenda of most people in Flanders (or even Holland for that matter). We just want seperation from the French side.

    The French side of Belgium will almost certainly join with France. Their economy is so bad that they can’t sustain themselves. In Wallonië they are already talking (in politics and think tanks) about the joining with France (that state of mind is very new, it’s another sign on the wall, if you know what I mean).

    The German part of Belgium was stolen from Germany after the war, and it should re-join Germany. Many young people in those areas are quite open about that re-joining. And Flemish people would certainly not be angry if they did leave. It’s not really an issue for anyone in Flanders.