Posted on June 21, 2011

America’s Red-Blue Divide Widens on Illegal Immigrants

Patrik Jonsson, Christian Science Monitor, June 20, 2011

America’s red and blue states are increasingly going in exactly opposite directions on the issue of illegal immigration–a testament to how difficult finding middle ground has become on the federal level.

Earlier this month, Alabama followed Georgia and, most famously, Arizona in passing sweeping anti-illegal-immigration legislation. In many respects, Alabama’s is the most comprehensive bill of the three, forcing schools to report how much they’re spending to educate kids of illegal immigrants, for example.

That same week, however, New York State followed the lead of Illinois and opted out of the federal Secure Communities program, which is designed to identify and deport illegal immigrants in US jails who are convicted of certain felonies. They have criticized the program as casting too broad a net, deporting even “busboys and nannies.” Several days later, Massachusetts also opted out, and California could be next.

As Washington has punted on federal immigration reform, states have become the laboratories to test new approaches. The picture that is emerging, though, is one of a nation divided against itself on the issue.


The result is a pattern that roughly fits the red-blue divide with the South and inner West opposed by the Northeast and West Coast. But the patchwork of immigration policy could have a silver lining: As states struggle with the issue, their efforts could provide starting points for more meaningful federal reform.


Just as 100,000 undocumented immigrants reportedly left Arizona last year, an exodus from Georgia has also begun. Farmers are struggling to get fruits and vegetables out of their patches, and stores in Hispanic neighborhoods are seeing sales slide.

In north DeKalb County near Atlanta, an area where 74 percent of residents are Hispanic noncitizens, bus depots are seeing brisk business as undocumented workers prepare to leave ahead of July 1, when the Georgia law takes effect. Media reports suggest some are heading back to Central and South America, but others are getting on buses heading for New York.


18 responses to “America’s Red-Blue Divide Widens on Illegal Immigrants”

  1. Eurobeing says:

    Don’t be so sure this is good news. The North used Irish immigrants during the Civil War. Don’t think those yankees won’t use the illegals as fodder for their interventionalism.

    This could really be bad as the balloon goes up how able are we to defend ourselves and our homeland.

  2. Luke says:

    Gee golly whiz! Has there been some kind of seismic occurrence that I missed, that somehow jarred millions of white heads out of millions of white hineys?

    Has the odor of white genocide somehow wafted up the nostrils of millions of previously race wimped whites, and finally – at long last – they are beginning to grasp just how serious and dangerous the consequences will be for them and for their children, if they allow our hostile elites to reduce them to powerless, subjugated minorities – inside the nation created by THEIR 100 percent white ancestors – and ruled over by non-whites who despise them and see them as sources to be financially plundered?

    Somehow, I have my doubts. Whites, from every shred of evidence that I see, are terminally stupid and seemed to have largely allowed our enemy to program them for self-destruction.

    Oh, and when I look at how many whites will stupidly allow their Christian and Catholic and Mormon church leaders to snooker them into embracing the genocide of their own race and the destruction of their own nations – as these church leaders did to the whites in the former Rhodesia, and as they are now doing to the whites in South Africa, I must say that I am amazed at how easy it is to get white religious people talked into committing collective suicide.

  3. Anonymous says:

    in the 50’s this country had a program, where workers from mexico, etc came to work then went back to their families once the picking season was finished. to encourage the returning to their countries, a certain portion of their wages were sent to their country of origin. it appears this country has retrogressed in every direction, whether immigration, education, politics, etc. creating chaos.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We now need to build fenses around New York, Massachusetts, commiefornia, and Illinois to keep the rabble contained. We must also evacuate all Whites from those areas. Lets gentrify the declining hispanic neighborhoods in georgia.

  5. Anglo Saxon says:

    In north DeKalb County near Atlanta, an area where 74 percent of residents are Hispanic “noncitizens”

    Noncitizens? Don’t you just love these Orwellian euphemisms?

  6. Anonymous says:

    tell the illegals that new york, massachusetts, and california taxpayers will support them and all their relatives. And one more thing, how about everybody who believes in the constitution, move to Alabama, Georgia, and AZ.

  7. Anonymous says:

    “Farmers are struggling to get fruits and vegetables out of their patches,”

    —- So why don’t those poor farmers pay americans a decent wage to pick the fruit. I don’t care if I pay 29 cents more for a dozen tomatoes if it means Americans get their country back. Give jobs to all those jobless “youffs” and college grads who can’t find a job!

  8. SKIP says:

    ” Media reports suggest some are heading back to Central and South America”

    Believe this, NOBODY is getting on a bus to Guatemala, Hondo or El Salvadore, they are getting on buses to Utah, NY, Colorado to continue their welfare and other freebies until the taxpayers in those states get mad and waiting until the number of ILLEGALS voting change laws and take over various states.

  9. flyingtiger says:

    Speaking as a citizen of Illinois, I want the nannies and busboys deported first. They are the most dangerious criminals.

  10. kgb says:

    others are getting on buses heading for New York

    Maybe they can shack up with the New York/Hollywood elite that’s constantly defending them. Why would any talent try and appeal to illegal invaders who send all their money back to Mexico? It’s not like they’re going to buy your DVDs.

  11. John Engelman says:

    If the divide continues to widen on illegal immigration it will be easier to test various theories on the social, economic, political, and environmental effects of illegal immigration.

  12. Fed Up says:

    THINKING Americans (not those stupidly parroting the “politically correct” line can see reality for themselves. That illegal parasites are indeed supported by American Taxpayers. To the tune of probably OVER $100 BILLION a year!

    That illegal immigrants and their older anchor babies really do commit all those crimes they’re perceived as doing.

    The problem is Liberal “thinking” can’t accept the TRUTH and thus Liberals will argue against reality to their dying day — in favor of illegal immigration.

  13. olewhitelady says:

    #1 Fed Up is exactly right, but the problem is that not enough Americans realize the gravity of the situation. No one would ever know, from reading newspapers or watching TV, that the very economic and social security of the nation is in dreadful peril from illegals. Unless one follows internet news and commentary concerning the threat–or lives in the midst of it–he could easily remain blissfully unaware.

  14. Jason C. says:

    “Red states are taking action while blue states are inviting disaster.”

    In other words, red states are doing something while blue states remain the same.

  15. Sardonicus says:

    It’s no accident that the states that were the center of “The Rebellion” are taking unilateral action against illegal lawbreakers. Many Southerners neither like nor trust our federal government. “Old times there are not forgotten”, look away my friends, look away…

  16. PatRiot says:

    In upstate New York, up to about 30 years ago, seasonal farm workers from Florida, almost all black, with black farm “bosses,” would come up to New York to work the farms and reap the harvest from July through September. Nowadays, most workers appear to be mostly Mexicans, and, I can assume, illegally here. (This is based on the numbers of arrests for DWI, rape and murder, etc. of illegal Mexican immigrants in the rural areas during the past few years.) The welfare mentality, and cheaper illegal labor, has destroyed any work ethic among American blacks. I blame the welfare state and greedy farmers.

  17. True Blue says:

    “…opted out of the federal Secure Communities program…”

    Where is the lawsuit from the Obaaaama administration for these states overstepping their bounds and determining immigration policy, or intruding into federal matters, much less obstruction of federal law?

    For that matter where is the DOJ in suits filed against ‘sanctuary cities’ for determining immigration policy? Oh yeah, I forgot, the DOJ is only interested in Attorney General Holder and Obaaama’s “My People”

  18. Anonymous says:

    Those states that support illegals have always done so to increase voter populations so they can receive fed transfers.

    NYC, LA, Chicago, Miami and many other large cities have abet populations to increase congressional seats and to ‘get the money’. This is hardly the plan the founders had in mind.

    It is not Constitutional to allow illegal aliens to enter let alone employ to increase population/representation and to receive fed transfers for such. This game has been put upon US and the citizens taxpayers for over 100years! The problem is it has become expotentially destructive and overcome US interests/cities. Additionally, the perpetual increasing gov transfers continue to increase: HHS, food stamps, medicaid, and with numerous Special interests money planted everywhere it can be drawn. A better plan for economic disaster could not be found.