Posted on May 18, 2011

Student Admits to Writing Hate Graffiti at Birmingham’s Seaholm High School

Ron Savage, WJBK-TV (Detroit), May 17, 2011

The shocking graffiti was painted on a boy’s bathroom wall at Seaholm High School in Birmingham.

Five Seaholm students, all African-Americans, were listed by name and the message included “the N-word need to be lynched.”

A Birmingham police investigation along with Seaholm High has culminated with an 18-year-old male student admitting to bathroom graffiti. While charges of ethnic intimidation have been approved by the Oakland County prosecutor, the male student has not yet been arraigned.


Students are perplexed. The male making the admission is African-American.

“Some of the people we were talking to said that it was a little over the top and that it was just one kid who was . .&nbsp. African-American. It was just not even racist whatsoever,” said Seaholm sophomore Felix McCarthy.


The messages of hate were also written on paper and were anonymously slipped into African-American teachers’ mail slots and African-American students’ lockers.


Students also told us they’re trying to learn and make the messages of hate a teachable moment.

“If you hear a kid says like a slur, stop them and be like, dude .&nbsp. . don’t say that. We want more awareness in the school. They want more awareness in the school because the graffiti’s the extreme, but it starts at a basic level of just making jokes about racism or even towards gay people. It’s all just offensive and has to stop,” said Seaholm senior Jeff Butler.

Birmingham police and the Oakland County prosecutor told FOX 2 they expect to charge this 18-year-old student with ethnic intimidation on Wednesday.

14 responses to “Student Admits to Writing Hate Graffiti at Birmingham’s Seaholm High School”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    I agree. It is a teachable moment. But they’re not learning very well, otherwise they would be contrite about racial hoaxes.

  2. Julia Strykker, der Dixie Gal! says:

    He will be given a full ride minority diversity scholarship to a majority White Christian University as a tribute to Odessa Wolfolk, who will congratulate him for “acting out to draw attention to a pervasive and virulent problem of White racism”.

    Look for a local government building to be renamed in his honor.

  3. Anonymous says:

    One reason for so many hoax hate crimes by blacks is that they are projectionists.

  4. Peejay in Frisco says:

    Has anyone who went to an integrated school NOT seen racist graffiti in than bathroom stalls?

  5. Anonymous says:

    For the life of me, I don’t even know how they can carry on this ‘white racism’ thing any longer. When blacks move in, the whites relinquish the land to the blacks and get out.

    What more can black people want? They invade white areas, get the whole town or city in less than 10-20 years, and then when they have total control of the land, business and city government, they keep whining about white ‘racism’ even as they spearhead another invasion into yet another white area.

    Same thing with latinos. I work in a 95% latino area. (The 5% is chinese.) I mean this area is huge and goes on for miles in every direction. Most of the latinos I know pass the whole day and never hear a word or English nor have any interaction with any white person, nor even see one, save for a few brave souls like myself who venture in for our jobs.

    When the white people are effectively gone, how can you keep this boogeyman-like charade going? And if they don’t want you to follow them, though they take no action to prevent you from following them, doubly what can you say bad about white folks?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I teach in a mostly black school. The students often refer to each other and themselves as N word.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It’s time to strike the phrase “Teachable Moment” from the English Language.

    It’s meaning has been hideously twisted, and it has been hijacked by a class of idiots.

  8. SavetheWest says:

    He will ultimately claim that it’s Whites that he hears those things from. There will be sensitivity training required throughout the whole school. Ethnic intimidation charges will be dropped because he’s black. He will start his career pursuing many a White female who are eager for something new, & naive to black aggressiveness.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I will bet two weeks pay that not even one white student in that school is the slightest bit angry over what this student did. They have been fully indoctrinated. They cannot see that the nature of this hoax was fully intended on getting at least one, hopefully many white students in trouble with the law. The goal of the hoax was to brand innocent white students and submarine their futures before they can even get started. The hope of the hoax is also that a white student, falsely accused, would get beaten (taught) to a pulp. Of course the beating would be justified. At bare minimun a white student, falsely accused, would have his/her name tarnished in the NATIONAL PC media. Not one white student in that school understands the true motives. That makes me want to barf.

  10. Brett Stevens says:

    In mixed-race situations, people feel nervous about whether or not they belong there.

    One way to find out is to see how the community reacts to certain hot-button actions like this.

    In any case, this individual would be happier in an all-black school, like the white students would be happier in all-white schools.

    Diversity always fails.

  11. patthemick says:

    You know it’s funny to me. I hang with a pretty aware crowd and we will tolerate just about any opinion as long as the presenter doesn’t mind us verbally shredding it with logic. On White sites I’ve seen obvious trolls tolerated for months in hopes they would come around and none of my gang have been arrested for anything much less toothless threats of violence.

    Liberal sites though wont tolerate comments that aren’t politically correct and yank them just as fast as they can and most of the toothless threats seem to always be hoaxes.

    Why do Liberals call themselves tolerant saints and bigots like me intolerant?

  12. Alexandra says:

    Birmingham, aka Snobbingham, one of Detroit’s wealthier suburbs.

    I went to Ferndale High, and I remember a similar incident (this was back in the late 80s, early 90s). Seems that stuff like that is worse than murdering someone.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Here is an interesting side note from an article in a web site called Birmingham Patch (

    “Larson (school superintendent) said, throughout this process, the district has been working closely with Birmingham African American Family Network, the NAACP, the Anti-Defamation League and a consultant from the University of Michigan to help develop programming specific geared toward addressing racism among students.”

    The fact that the most publicized instance of “racism” at Seaholm was a hoax seems to make no difference.