Posted on May 5, 2011

Going Hungry in Berkeley for Ethnic Studies

Jonah Most, Berkeley Daily Planet, May 4, 2011

Hungry students and their supporters sit for the seventh day in front of University of California at Berkeley’s California Hall, after a futile meeting with University Chancellor Robert Birgeneau. The students asked Birgeneau yesterday to reinstate fired ethnic-studies staff members.

“We’re still here, we’re still fighting and basically, we’re not going anywhere,” said a weary-looking, third-year Native American studies major, Zoila Lara-Cea.

They are protesting cuts resulting from a comprehensive audit of university operations conducted by the consulting firm Bain and Company. The auditors recommended trimming two-and-a-half staff positions from the Ethnic Studies Department.

Even though cuts are distributed university-wide, “people of color are targeted first,” asserted third-year ethnic studies student Edward Rivero.

“This institution is very white-dominated,” added Luzilda Carrillo, a fifth-year student majoring in integrative biology and anthropology.


At UC Berkeley, cuts will mean reduced office hours and unanswered phones. The history and psychology departments face similar cuts.

However, Carleen Sanchez, vice president of the National Association for Ethnic Studies, said that the protest represents a broader cause.

“Ethnic studies are under assault,” she stated in a phone interview.

“Administrators do not recognize the importance of ethnic studies,” Sanchez continued. “Given our origins in civil rights, I think that that type of direct action and individual sacrifice is part of our history.” She emphasized, “A hunger strike is not silly.”


The students plan to continue their protest throughout this week.

36 responses to “Going Hungry in Berkeley for Ethnic Studies”

  1. Cal Student says:

    This “hunger strike” is six people sitting in front of California Hall smoking pot all day. I have also seen these people eating multiple chipotle burritos and pizza.

  2. Question Diversity says:

    I have good news for these students. If they want to study these “ethnic studies” courses, they can do that on their own. There’s no law or university regulation against them reading books and original source material on their own.

    But when an institution has to make a tough choices between academic programs, they’ll have to realize that “Native American Studies” is a lot less important than the chemistry department.

    Notice the consulting firm here is Bain and Company. I thought that name was familiar, because of Mitt Romney. Bain and Co. is based in Boston, and Romney was once a partner in Bain Capital, and former Bain and Co. partners started Bain Capital. But Romney came along later, and never was involved with Bain and Co.

  3. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    I started a similar program called Homeless Reserve Weekend. You leave the house Friday night with eight dollars and can`t go home again till Monday morning. It`s better to get aquainted with tough times now then wait for them to knock on your door with an eviction order…

  4. Anonymous says:

    “This institution is very white-dominated,” added Luzilda Carrillo, a fifth-year student majoring in integrative biology and anthropology.

    WOW! Where did they find this great Mestizo Einstein? (Did I spell that correctly)?

    Imagine that, the USA, historically, on average, over it’s existence, about 90% white, and a University, or a corporation, or the government, or a pee-wee football game, for that matter, is dominated by whites. Horror.

    Who dominates the Guatemalan Jungle? Let me guess…Guatemalans?

  5. sbuffalonative says:

    “Even though cuts are distributed university-wide, “people of color are targeted first”

    Well, they’re on to us. The jig is up. Best to admit our guilt now before the courts declare funding be restored.

  6. ice says:

    “This institution is very white-dominated,” added Luzilda Carrillo, a fifth-year student majoring in integrative biology and anthropology.”

    Ah, yes, way too white.

    You see that’s the problem. The institution is too white. That it has to reduce costs to compensate for reduced revenue doesn’t even enter into the picture. NO, not at all. The cuts are being pressed, because the institution is too white. And Luzilda just can’t stand whites, so this gives her a chance to spew her hateful, anti-white rhetoric.

    And, besides. She and her “people of color”….whatever that means….has been roaringly successful intimidating white weenies into submitting to non-white hateful demands, so why not continue on with the same tact?

    I’ve written many times that these non-white programs are going to go by the board as soon as the economic situation begins pressing universities, and that is EXACTLY what is happening.

    There will be more of the same in the coming months and beyond so I hope these dregs are nice and plump, because if they keep it up, next to them Barney Fife will look like the Incredible Hulk.

  7. Tony Soprano says:

    I know why these people are so upset that there will no longer be ethnic studies courses to be offered. I mean, how many of these nitwits could possibly get a truly useful degree in chemistry or physics?

  8. Tom S. says:

    Makes me want to go there and eat a nice steak and shrimp dinner in front of them, bringing along a fan so as to allow them to smell it also.

    *“This institution is very white-dominated,” added Luzilda Carrillo –

    Yes “Luzilda” and Mexico is VERY “brown-dominated”, so whats your point?

    *At the time, Dong and fellow students sought the creation of an entire Third World College devoted to the study of marginalized groups, but settled for a department.

    Well Mr. “Dong”, I’ve got great news for you. You don’t even have to bother “creating” a Third World College, there’s already plenty of them in your own home country, now you can go home and be with your family again! Isn’t that great! No more “White oppression AND a third world college! Whatta ya say!

    *Mexican American, Muños said he remembers “being a graduate student and not being able to find books on ourselves.”

    Those are kept at the police dept., they’ve got PLENTY of books on “yourselves” history in this country, and they’re updated hourly!

    *He added, “At that time we were an invisible people in this country.”

    And I’m sure I would be basically invisible in Mexico, except for the beggers, so whats you point?

    *“I’m feeling great,” she said. “I could go forever.”

    I’d be honored to sit there and verify that she lived the rest of her life – one, two weeks – without eating.

  9. Bill R says:

    UC Berkeley anti-ethnic? THE most liberal college campus in the US? Bull. How many staff cuts were made in other departments? We don’t hear THAT, do we? Only the two and a half positions in “ethnic studies”. Like spoiled children who demand toys when there is no money, having been given everything they asked for previously, ethnic demands NEVER cease and are NEVER based upon rational need or maturity.

  10. john says:

    Ethnic studies courses to be defunded? How dreadful! How many years back was it when “studying” various racial and ethnic groups became a new fashionable offshoot of sociology. I suppose it began when sociology itself finally was revealed as a hopelessly worthless collection of unsupportable and useless theories. So now we have ethnic studies, most often “studied” by the same ethnic groups who seek to define their own ethnicity and discover some all-new grievances to justify their “claims” on the rest of us.

    Of course, those ethnics studies majors who can’t find jobs as HR managers or staffers in some vast redistibutive government agency can always get jobs as teaching assistants in the field of “ethnic studies.”

    Ethnic studies is, purely and simply, a racket, a scam to justify

  11. Michael C. Scott says:

    “This university is very white dominated.”

    And just who does this Corrillo dingbat think built Berkely? Perhaps she could try explaining just what is preventing Mexicans from building their own universities… in Mexico.

  12. john says:

    To 9-bill r

    You are certainly right that these are spoiled children. I’m not sure if your upbringing was as humble as mine. But if I recall correctly, the thought of one of us going on a hunger strike was a laughable joke. Not only would the “starving” child’s food immediately be divided among the other kids, but the kids would also ridicule the starving child for his or her utter stupidity. My guess is that these kids have been well pampered their entire lives. Or at least they’re pandering to adults that pamper their children.

  13. Mr.White says:

    1 — Cal Student wrote at 5:40 PM on May 5:

    This “hunger strike” is six people sitting in front of California Hall smoking pot all day. I have also seen these people eating multiple chipotle burritos and pizza.”


    Gee… and all this time here I was thinking Cal was quite demanding academically. I guess majoring in Chicano studies with a minor in La Raza leaves plenty of free time to sit around and condemn Whitey, while getting stoned and eating pizza all day.

  14. Anonymous says:

    These students should get really brave. Their protest just hasn’t gone far enough. Why do a small hunger strike when there’s so much that could be done?

    There’s not one white student group at Berkeley. Not anywhere on campus or associated with Berkeley. Berkeley has dozens of student groups and professional associations specifically for students of color; black engineers, black journalists, hispanic united students, Asian activity center. Don’t forget, these special interest groups, dozens of them on campus or associated with Berkeley, they’re promoted as the embodiment of diversity. It Seems there’s a color that isn’t having it’s interests championed or it’s students represented on campus. Far from it. Neither at Berkeley or at any college in the nation, regardless of history of demographic. That’s no major hurdle, though, for brave, socially conscious students like these. If it’s necessary to have black, asian, and hispanic student groups on campus, as part of, and helping form the diversity agenda, surely it’s necessary to have these clubs for white students there too?

    With Steele resolve, the socially aware and right thinking students at Berkeley will soon have a white student group on campus, too. All it takes is one.

  15. TeaMan says:

    “Even though cuts are distributed university-wide, ‘people of color are targeted first,’ asserted third-year ethnic studies student Edward Rivero. ”

    He’s right. People of color *are* targeted first because UC Berkley can’t find a single White man teaching Chicano Studies that they could sack, instead.

    It’s a shame that “Mexican” isn’t a career field. It would get more coverage by higher education.

    Oops! My mistake. You actually *can* make a living as a professional Mexican! You don’t even have to have a degree…


  16. Greg says:

    What this proves is that white liberals are not excluded from being targetted by radical white-haters. Even in the most liberal place in the US, Mexicans and other illiterates will attack the good white liberals who are actively pushing for racial quotas, amnesty for illegals, and demonizing the white heritage of the United States. In the end, white liberals are useful idiots for the minority groups who have been brainwashed into thinking “white privelege” is the reason they are unhappy, poor, lazy, and stupid. Genetic and cultural (which stems from genetics) reasons escape their logical thought processes, the fact black-run Africa and hispanic-run Guatemala are worse off than places with even a small amount of whites holding things together should show anyone why things are the way they are.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Just a bunch of spoiled rich kids who want publicity to get their demands met. Maybe they should try holding their breath until they get what they want. Wonder if their families are glad they are spending tens of thousands of dollars so the kids can sit on stairs and protest?

  18. I Am the Devil says:

    Istead of a strike, why don’t they try to raise money? It’s always give me, give me.

  19. Vick says:

    Two and a half positions are cut amongst an entire array of layoffs throughout the school and this is proof of some sort of “white-dominated” conspiracy to oppress “people of color?”

    I’m laughing at you.

  20. 38specialady says:

    I am of Native American descent and, absolutely, cut this from the curriculum. I don’t know why people would take offense to this. I have been a student of human nature and have learned far more from that than from any classroom. Additionally, I think classes like this only serve to further divide people by expounding on the topic from a skewed, one-sided perspective. We need to get back to basics in our education, and that includes secondary education. My skills as a special education teacher are far more in demand. How do these classes really contribute to our society?

  21. BAW says:

    If there is a bright side to our current economic situation, a lot of unnecessary and even harmful stuff like this will likely be cut or reduced.

  22. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    The Berkeley Daily Planet is an insufferable, overblown rag — if it leaned any further to the left it would fall over.

    Here are a few stats about the UCs, Berkeley specifically, that these little pretend anarchists, their Fearless Leaders on the “ethnic” faculties, or the news media won’t bother to tell you:

    California students with parent income under $60K don’t pay tuition/fees… roughly half of all UC students

    The federal government, California taxpayers and UC.. write checks of up to $8K to students for their living expenses.

    If anyone should be staging a hunger strike, it should be ME, the beleaguered, overburdened California taxpayer that Geriatric Brown continues to threaten with higher taxes and fees on everything from tanning salons to car registration– we Whites who don’t fit into any of the categories that receive free tuition, scholarships and other perks, while OUR taxes keep these places open!

    So who’s really hurting? Whose parents are borrowing more? Who’s working more hours? The answers to those questions are the blocks of parent income from $89k-$112K, $112K-above, and $93K-$139K respectively.

    At the same time, these are the people who are providing most of the ‘return to aid’ money that funds UC grants.

    This institution is very white-dominated.

    This is a blatant, outright LIE. Berkeley in particular is dominated by anti-Whites from the chancellor on down. Whites are only important when it comes to funding the UCs, and this is becoming increasingly problematic as Whites and productive businesses continue to flee California’s onerous tax code and draconian business regulations. California is dead last — 51st behind Puerto Rico–for its business climate.

    Good luck Mr. Birgeneau! It is because of anti-White and limp-wristed policies supported by you and others of your ilk — such as calling for a repeal of Prop 209, and a demand for “more diversity” on Berkeley’s campus that you find yourself in the position you’re in.

    You’ll find no sympathy here, for you or the little pretend “ethnic” agitators that you feel are more worthy to attend Berkeley over vastly qualified Whites and Asians.


  23. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    Bobby Sands put his money where his mouth was. Waiting to see if these kids have to resolve to go all the way also… I doubt it.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hey, times are tough pal. I just got reduced in my teaching position. A position I take a lot of pride in because of its usefulness and actual contribution to society. Namely teaching trade skills to young white men. But hey, why prop up something useful? Why not take that money and flush it down the toilet towards closing some impossible gap?

  25. Charles B. Tiffany says:

    A Black buddy of mine from the Navy with an IQ of 142 [ eat your hearts out you white devils ] got a teaching job after he left my squadron.He was attending a big time Ivy League School to get a Doctorate in something called boolean geometry or some other arcane mathematical hocus pocus. As part of his Fellowship they had him teaching Afro-American studies to about 30 black kids who were taken into Old Ivy to darken up the place. He was upset because he wanted to teach them at least kiddie math. He told me he called his course napology. All his students did was sleep and grow their hair long. When grading time came along, even though the course was pass /fail he flunked over 70% of his class. He was called before the Dean of African Studies and asked to bring his tests. By some miracle the flunkees became passees.They told him later that day that his field did not require a dissertation and that he would be awarded his Doctorate within three months. Jimmy Carter was president and awarded the diplomas. President Carter told him, ” You have made the Navy proud ,son.” I asked him if he thought all these events were coincidences. He laughed as said, ” Being a house darkie ain`t bad if you are in the right house.” Last time I talked to him, he was on his way to Cern , the largest accelerator on Earth. He grinned his jack smile and said this is the biggest house of all.

    Charles B. Tiffany

    Kissimmee, Florida

  26. Anonymous says:

    …after a futile meeting with University Chancellor Robert Birgeneau. The students asked Birgeneau yesterday to reinstate fired ethnic-studies staff members.

    Some regular AR readers will recognized the name of the UC Berserkeley honcho, Robert Birgeneau, from back in January when Rep. G. Giffords and others were fired upon by a lunatic named Laughner in Tucson. Chancellor Birgeneau blamed the shooting on Arizona’s “intolerant” and “racist” SB 1070.

    Here is what the Chancellor said at the time:

    In the e-mail, sent Monday, Chancellor Robert J. Birgeneau [of UC Berkeley] condemned a “climate in which demonization of others goes unchallenged and hateful speech is tolerated.”

    He continued, {snip} “I believe that it is not a coincidence that this calamity has occurred in a state which has legislated discrimination against undocumented persons.”

    It’s all right here:

    In the Comments section of AR’s reprinting of the article (from LA Times), numerous readers pointed out that, no matter how hard Birgeneau (or any other white liberal) tries to pander to the brown hordes, it will do them no good in the long run. The browns, it was argued, will turn on self-hating whites like Birgeneau the very moment these whites outlive their usefulness to the brown cause.

    Well, my friends, the day when Birgeneau’s brown-skinned pets turn on their white benefactor has finally arrived — and it only took four months!

  27. ehunt says:

    Can anyone tell me where this hunger strike is. I want to

    take a extra large pizza over there and eat it while I listen

    to their complaints. Solidarity with the oppressed…I am

    all for it.

  28. S.L. Cain says:

    What are they complaining about? This entire nation is one large continuing education course in ethnic studies. I’m taking notes.

    However, I fully support these young persons-of-sloth in their protest. And if they choose to advance from hunger-strike to self-immolation, I’d be all for that too.

  29. Anonymous says:

    If these shiftless neo-hippy, wannabe freedom fighters really wanted to effect a change instead of sitting on their rears, they could begin a campaign to find funding for their programs by hitting up philanthropists, “community” business leaders, or just cold-calling for donations. They could even try to negotiate a low-cost compromise with Cal by possibly recruiting volunteers to teach classes (this isn’t exactly brain surgery, anyway). There are probably dozens of ways to handle this situation as to actually arrive at a solution. Have any of these been tried? Or did they simply run headlong with the first impulse to “take it straight to the streets.”?

  30. Anonymous says:

    #17 – I doubt many if any of their parents are spending the money. I bet most are on minority scholarships, grants, etc. And let’s not forget the student loans which will never be repaid.

  31. SKIP says:

    “Who dominates the Guatemalan Jungle? Let me guess…Guatemalans?”

    NOPE! been there, I think it is Cubans and the CIA! The Guatemalans dominate the Wal-Mart grocery shopping areas while the Africans dominate the check out stands.

  32. Bon, From the Land of Babble says:

    The auditors recommended trimming two-and-a-half staff positions from the Ethnic Studies Department.

    I have a feeling money will “suddenly” be found to save Ethnic Studies Departments given that they are a sort of pressure valve for Berkeley, et al.

    High school graduation season is rolling around and the local papers have been filled with the usual sob stories of “exceptional” Hispanics, from dirt-poor, immigrant families, the first one to go to college, off to (choose one): Princeton, Stanford, MIT, Cal Tech — even Berkeley!

    These students are mostly likely, in reality, fair to middling with blah SAT scores and are only considered exceptional because the government school they attend is completely dysfunctional with average CST scores around 2%.

    Most state they are either pre-law or pre-med. Ten minutes in Chem 101 or Rhetoric 101 should be long enough to convince them they have neither the background nor ability to compete with (and, John, it is a competition) Whites and Asians with vastly better educational backgrounds and 40+ more IQ points.

    Tom Sowell writes that at this point, when these students who were LIED TO about their abilities and ADMITTED to universities for which they are NOT qualified and faced with their own shortcomings, do one of two things: Either drop out or switch majors, often to “Ethnic Studies” — Chicano or Black studies, which should fuel their anger even further.

    These departments not only serve as pressure valves for disaffected non-White students but allow the universities to retain them so as not to be accused of racism or fostering a hostile environment. Because “racism” is the ONLY explanation allowed when “exceptional” blacks/mexicans drop out of universities. Imagine that: lefties accusing lefties of racism and hostility.


  33. SKIP says:

    I think they would get more attention if they would shoot themselves on camera!

  34. SKIP says:

    OH! OH! and U.C. Berkeley was ALWAYS a good place to ride to and find easy girls:)

  35. Bah says:

    “This institution is very white-dominated”

    Berkeley is majority Asian, but whites will be blamed regardless.

  36. Anonymous says:

    To: Zoila Lara-Cea, Edward Rivero, Luzilda Carrillo, Carleen Sanchez and all “Ethics-Studies” Students:

    The University of California at Berkeley was built, in part, by Missouri-born Phoebe Hearst, the mother of William Randolph Hearst; Massachusetts-born Henry Durant became its first president; the college was so named in honor of the Anglo-Irish philosopher George Berkeley.

    Fire all ethnic-studies staff members; deport all illegal immigrants and those who support them. God Bless (White) America!