Posted on May 2, 2011

French Football Suspends Official Over ‘Race Quota’

BBC News, April 30, 2011

The French Football Federation’s (FFF) national technical director Francois Blaquart has been suspended from his post with the organisation.

The move comes amid claims of a secret racial quota for trainees.

Senior FFF members were said to have secretly approved limiting the number of black and Arab players to 30% from the age of 12-13.

Blaquart and French national team coach Laurent Blanc said the comments were taken out of context.

A probe into the allegations made by French website Mediapart is expected to be completed within eight days.

Sports Minister Chantal Jouanno and FFF president Fernand Duchaussoy suspended Blaquart on Saturday.

“The suspension is pending the conclusions of an investigation led by the FFF and the IGJS [General Inspection of Youth and Sports],” Jouanno said in a statement.

On Thursday, Mediapart, citing sources within the FFF, said Blaquart proposed to enforce racial quotas to limit the number of players of black or Arab origin in youth academies.

On Saturday, Mediapart published a verbatim report of a meeting at which France coach Laurent Blanc, Blaquart, under-21 coach Erick Mombaerts and under-20 coach Francis Smerecki, among others, had a debate over players with dual nationality groomed in France eventually opting to play for their country of origin.

At one point Blaquart says there should be an unofficial policy of keeping down the number of mainly black and North African youngsters with dual nationality in French training centres.

Blanc is also cited as saying he is “very much in favour” of a quotas.

Mediapart’s editors say the report is evidence of blatant racism.

Blaquart told RMC radio’s website: “I cannot not acknowledge these remarks.

“They have to be put in their context. We acknowledged the fact that there were many players with dual nationality . . . we had to control the management of these players who might be leaving us. There is nothing more to it.”

Blanc strongly denied plans for any quotas on Friday, and on Saturday said he stood by his comments.

“I admit that some remarks made during a work meeting . . . taken out of their context, may be misinterpreted and, as far as I am concerned, I apologise if I have hurt some feelings.

“But I, who am against any form of discrimination, do not stand being accused of racism or xenophobia.”

FFF president Fernand Duchaussoy had also denied there were any instructions to limit the number of black or Arab players.

8 responses to “French Football Suspends Official Over ‘Race Quota’”

  1. Question Diversity says:

    The one positive from this story is that it demonstrates that the French are steadfastly against quotas and affirmative action. This applies not only to soccer, but to important employment sectors of the economy as well. While a few white people might not be playing soccer for the lack of quotas, it means that many more white people are working the jobs they should in sectors and areas that really matter, not having to worry about unqualified blacks and other non-whites in the same work environment.

  2. Jeddermann. says:

    “French national team coach Laurent Blanc”

    Translation in Anglais is Lawrence White.

    And there is a pic on the Internet showing French international team 1959, and French soccer team 2010. I bet every Amren reader can guess? Well, OH YES mon ami. As for the German team?

  3. Anonymous says:

    At one point Blaquart says there should be an unofficial policy of keeping down the number of mainly black and North African youngsters with dual nationality in French training centres.

    Blanc is also cited as saying he is “very much in favour” of a quotas.

    Mediapart’s editors say the report is evidence of blatant racism.


    Yep. It is racism alright! Bring out the gallows.

    And there should be more of it from the French, from the British and from White people here in the good ole USA. Why are blacks, Africans even called “French”. They aren’t French and never could be. As far as that goes they can’t be called Americans, either. An American used to be considered a White Free Person!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The French team should be 100% white!

  5. Question Diversity says:

    Speaking of French soccer, this little piece of “back in the day” news broke yesterday:

    I’ve said on these forum recently that KSM admitted to his American captors at Gitmo that he and his AQ gang wanted to pull off acts of terrorism at the 2002 Soccer World Cup in Japan, but backed off because they couldn’t get a ground network going in Japan. Sane Japanese immigration laws were the main reason. By contrast, there are big Arab/Muslim populations in southern France, so obviously there was a sufficient “ground network” to pull of terrorist attacks when France hosted the WC in 1998. Thankfully, those do-badders had a lot of stool pidgeons within.

  6. Mark says:

    I used to watch a lot of sports BUT and I know because I don’t bow down to the Saviour of the World the all Holy black I will be called a racist, but I PREFER to watch my own kind participate in sports events. I am offended by the way blacks rip a decent sport to shreds with their childish antics.

    I don’t care how fast a black can run or how high a black can jump, why is that wrong? Is it wrong?

    blacks seem to be the ONLY people who feed on intruding into areas where they are not wanted, using the white mans own laws to force their way into what was once decent and turning it into a crazed, tribal driven activity.

    I keep hoping that someday whites will say “we have had enough of these intruders” but I really don’t hold out that much hope.

    It’s kind of sad but oh so true.

  7. Strider says:

    I wonder how much of this is about Mr. Blaquart’s racial views and how much is about the team’s poor showing (and internal turmoil) at the last World Cup with a team that could have passed for the Ivory Coast side. Perhaps he and others in the FFF have finally figured out that black players simply aren’t worth the trouble, regardless of their raw talent.

  8. d=a says:

    Why is it “racist” for whites to want to watch White athletes but not black athletes? Is not the whole reason, for black athletes on a team, that black people have “one of their own” to watch? How is this not racist by the same standard as Whites watching sports for the White athletes? If blacks are not happy to watch White athletes as much as black athletes, then wouldn’t you say they are racist? As for the coach, I don’t think he is “raciss’ but he does care about the sport, and France. I find his comments to be quite sensible.