Posted on May 23, 2011

Former Member of Mugabe Secret Police Granted Asylum in UK

Aislinn Laing, Telegraph (London), May 20, 2011

Phillip Machemedze, 46, came to the UK in 2000 along with his wife because he had “enough of the torture”, but waited eight years to apply for leave to remain.

He was originally turned down by the Home Office in March this year because he had committed crimes against humanity.

But on May 4, he was granted asylum on appeal under European human rights laws because a tribunal ruled he would be killed by his former Central Intelligence Organisation colleagues if he returned to Zimbabwe.

According to sources close to the case, he and his wife are living on social support benefits in Newport, south Wales.

An estimated 800 people were kidnapped or disappeared, 80 were killed and 90 more tortured in the run-up to the 2000 elections in Zimbabwe, which saw Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF beat the rival Movement for Democratic Change party by a slim majority.

The CIO, along with the police and armed forces, was widely blamed for the worst of the violence–and there are fears that it could be preparing another crackdown ahead of elections planned within the next year.

Mr Machemedze spent four years in the CIO and admits smashing the jaw of an MDC activist with pliers before pulling out his tooth and stripping another naked and threatening to force him to rape his daughters if he did not give information.

He also confessed to electrocuting, slapping, beating and punching “to the point of being unconscious” a white farmer suspected of giving money to the MDC, and to “putting salt into the wounds” of a female MDC member who imprisoned in an underground cell before being stripped naked and whipped.

But he claims he tried to leave the CIO and was supplying information to the MDC. He said his wife was tortured after he left the country, prompting her to leave behind their three children and follow her husband to the UK.

Mr Justice David Archer, of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber in Newport, said there was no doubt that Mr Machemedze was “deeply involved in savage acts of extreme violence”.

“Some were killed slowly and their bodies disposed of. He witnessed people with their limbs cut off. Other acts of torture were too gruesome to recount,” he said.

But he said that under the European Human Rights Convention, he himself should be protected from torture and threats to his life.

“Those rights are absolute and whatever crimes PM has committed, he cannot be returned to face the highly likely prospect of torture and execution without trial,” he ruled.

The Home Office has said it will not appeal the ruling.

9 responses to “Former Member of Mugabe Secret Police Granted Asylum in UK”

  1. Anonymous says:

    He’ll probably end up here eventually.

  2. Jaloc says:

    No asylum for European Rhodesians.

  3. Californian says:

    You know, under Ian Smith, such atrocities were not the order of the day. Yeah, there was the violence of fighting against the guerrillas and terrorists, but not this kind of systemic torture over politics. But the point seems to be lost. That you got rid of White rule, and you opened the door not to some magical liberation but to a barbaric regime.

    One wonders if White South Africans will be welcome as refugees in the UK?

  4. Sardonicus says:

    As I’ve mentioned several times before, I saw a BBC television segment some years ago about refugees from Zimbabwe who had been settled in Great Britain. The anxious liberal reporter made much of the refugees suffering under the brutal dictatorial regime of Robert Mugabe. All of the refugees featured in the segment were black with not a single white among them!

  5. capetonian says:

    As a person wo grew up in the former Rhodesia i remember very well the black attacks on farms and the order of the day was to brutally torture white farmers and their families before brutally executing them and resorting to the real savage act of cutting the limbs off babies and leaving them to flop around in anguish. No the white man is not welcome.

  6. Yorkshireman. says:

    I recall that in Canada (a couple of years ago) there was outrage from blacks when a White man, born in africa, described himself as african when applying for entry as an immigrant. The outpouring of grief was because the blacks refused to recognise any White as african born. No doubt these same black africans now claim to be Canadian and see no irony in this. Obviously they will eventually prove they discovered the North-West passage whilst dodging icebergs during construction of the pyramids. African logic!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I sincerely believe a man is measured, at least in part, by the nature of those he allows himself to associate with.

    If this man is an acknowledged torturer, I would not want him or his to be anywhere near my family. Including my extended family of fellow whites.

    One could not make this man’s argument if he were Mengele but that is effectively what he is doing and he thinks he will get away with it, solely because he is black. The ultimate insult to our intelligence being that _Mugabe is still in power_ and thus this man ‘fears’ being killed by the very people that employed him.

    Justice Archer, please grow a pair, you have to man up and draw the line somewhere.

    Zimbabwe is not our problem. Nor are the depravities of it’s inhabitants against each other.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I sometimes wonder how thick white nationalists can be.

    The REASON why there is no asylum for white from rhodesia yet the very worst torturers who are black are taken in, no questions ask is that Mugabe, for all his anti-british rhetoric, works for britain.

    You must understand, hundreds of years of experience has shown that there is simply no way that a stable civilization can be maintained by blacks. They are murdering, raping psychopaths. And they sit on untold riches.

    Stupidly, whites have built stable societies in africa and invited blacks to participate. But everywhere whites did not control, nothing but misery and death was the norm.

    So, relatively recently, the european and asian nations decided that the best way to get their greedy hands on that wealth was to indulge and foment the natural murderous rapacity of blacks… ridiculous proportions. They underwrite various strongmen who are allowed to do as they please, as long as they recognize in private (they can whatever they wish in public) who their masters are and allow them to pillage the wealth there (in return for a privately lavish lifestyle).

    Whites in rhodesia and south africa were simply in the way.

    What to do about it. Well, you can leave. I’m sure these people would like nothing more than for you to stop being a problem and just disappear. You can negotiate (ie, we’ll leave for a hefty bribe and restart somewhere else). Or you can join them. Separate yourself completely from all blacks and specialize in certain specific high tech skills that make it more profitable to rape africa. For example, they harvest oil. A white country could get rich refining that oil nearby for them.

    The caveat is, you can’t let blacks in at all. These people are afraid of black nationalism and empowerment. Impossible for them to build themselves, they could get it from a white upper class that takes care of them.

  9. capetonian says:

    I must comment on something in Yorkershireman post. I saw a video documentary of some white guy claiming that the blacks are actually Egyptians? After tears of laughter i settled down to thinking and believe me that only bought on more laughter. I say if you can find me any black that can train me in the art of pyramid building i will pay 1 billion pounds cash without hesitation, this knowledge would be priceless so i would consider it a bargain purchase. I dont have the money but my bet is safe. I have seen my share of blacks destroying rather than rebuilding so i am not convinced of their pyramid construction skills.

    As the Mugabe’s Phillip Machemedze, he did what his genetic makeup told him to do “kill, torture, steal and be dumb” He is still in the UK after 11 years?

    “The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing”

    A question i really hate is this : “why is Mugabe still there and no one has taken him out?”

    Answer :”because the British and other One World Government rulers allow him to be there, after all he did as instructed by them “Destroy the whites even if hurting your own, you will be well rewarded”

    Of course the war he definitely didnt win is flaunted as having been won just because our liberal white “friends” used the might of the world to force elections and thus opening the gate to chaos.

    Phillip Machemedze made his own choice, just a pity he will not pay for it along with Mugabe. Sad isnt it?