First Tea Party, Now Tequila Party–A Latino Effort to Get Out the Vote

Lourdes Medrano, Christian Science Monitor, May 25, 2011

Simmering frustration among Latino voters has prompted a tea party-style endeavor that’s intended to boost the political influence of America’s fastest-growing minority group.

“We want to motivate Latinos to vote,” says Belinda “DeeDee” Blase, spokeswoman for the fledgling National Tequila Party Movement, which has adopted a nonpartisan stance. “[Democrats and Republicans] don’t take us seriously because we don’t vote consistently.”

Through rallies and concerts in at least 20 states, the group wants to mobilize Latinos to vote in record-breaking numbers in the 2012 election. The idea is to issue a wake-up call to both parties–Democrats for taking the Latino vote for granted and Republicans for pushing policies that adversely affect the Hispanic community.


The number of Latinos eligible to vote went from 13 million in 2000 to 21 million in 2010. But just 31 percent of Latinos cast a ballot in the recent midterm elections, compared with nearly 49 percent of whites and 44 percent of blacks, according to a Pew Hispanic Center survey.

The tequila party wants to change that equation and make Latinos an attention-getting voting bloc, says Ms. Blase, who is also president of Somos Republicans, a national advocacy group based in Scottsdale, Ariz.

To expand the tequila party effort in various states, Blase plans to tap into the existing structure of Somos Republicans. And some Somos Republicans representatives have already formed alliances with Democrats and Hispanic political activists that could help advance the tequila party’s goals, she adds.

The effort comes amid diminished enthusiasm for President Obama among Latinos even as he renews his courtship of this group, which political analysts say is crucial to his reelection. Polls show that Latinos, who vote mostly Democratic, have grown weary of the president’s lack of progress in securing immigration reforms. The record number of deportations under the Obama administration is another sore point.



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  • sbuffalonative

    National Tequila Party Movement

    I suspect if I linked Hispanics with tequila I would be called a racist.

  • Question Diversity

    Tequila Party? Aren’t we supposed to avoid stereotypes and bigoted imagery and word choices? After all, that’s why the “Frito Bandito” had to be retired a long time ago.

    The record number of deportations under the Obama administration is another sore point.

    Propaganda. There are almost no real deportations. Read this post by “Margaret” here at AR to find out why:

  • Blaak Obongo

    “Simmering frustration among Latino voters has prompted a tea party-style endeavor that’s intended to boost the political influence of America’s fastest-growing minority group.”

    Let’s see — when White people band together to pursue their own interests, they’re “Racists” and “far-right cranks.” When mestizos do the same thing — and in an explicitly racial manner that’s denied to Whites — it’s just ever so delightful.

    Frustration is simmering, all right. But it’s among Whites, where the controlled governmedia somehow never think to look.

  • BannerRWB

    Latinos will use or abuse the Republican and/or Democratic parties as much as they can UNTIL they achieve a plurality of the vote. Once they reach majority, they will create their own party and basically just forget everyone else.

  • Randolph Carter

    I’m not so sure this is what Jefferson and Madison had in mind when they drew things up.

  • Anon

    Most Latinos come from countries only ‘democratic’ in name, and they understand little about the responsibilities of a small-D democratic citizen. Nor do they have much emotional commitment or cultural ties to United States, or have much interest in its future.

    What’s more, many Latinos only care about their job, and barely know the names of their representatives in Congress. Many of them are also poorly educated and have little grasp, concept, or interest in public issues. They are, for the most part, persons with barely more than a grade school education. Don’t expect them to read the Federalist Papers.

  • Anonymous

    Mezcal is the best thing to ever come from Mexico!

  • Tocharian Wanderer

    What next – the Stirfry Bamboo Party for asians?

    Or the Fried Chicken Party for blacks?

  • Cousin Charlie from TN

    This notion of a “race” called hispanic or latino is just so false.

    Tequila, as known by us, was not an invention of this mythical “race”. Spanish settlers, or colonizers, if you prefer, perfected this. Spain was and is a European white nation; at the time of American discovery at the forefront.

    The Spaniards absolutely did mix with or interbreed with the “natives” they encountered. Also they passed on language and religion. That doesn’t qualify that progeny as a “race”, in my opinion. More like a “mishmash”.

    The Spaniards failed epicly and their American “empire” went to weeds after a few centuries. Hence the “hispanics” or “latinos”, the dregs of that failure.

  • olewhitelady

    It seems to me that Hispanics are already being paid too much attention by both major parties. That’s why both are riding the fence on anti-illegal-immigration measures.

    If I were a hardworking, law-abiding Hispanic-American, I would be as fed up with criminal, welfare-seeking aliens as any white or black, and any Tequila Party I was associated with would seek redress of grievances related to this.

  • Anonymous

    The Democrats pay lip service to Hispanics over illegal amnesty and there are two reasons for this. The White liberals are on the verge of being outnumbered by their minorities and are wary of any political gains by Hispanics. Minorities are not liberals and only play the game as long as it’s advantageous to them and the liberals know this. The second reason is blacks are rightly afraid they will be displaced by a group that outnumbers them by a significant margin. An amnesty will mean that many districts that are marginally black will change hands once the non citizens can vote.

  • white is right, black is whack

    Dear GOP:

    When are you going to get it? Most blacks and most hispanics hate whites and what to see our destruction. They don’t care how many blacks or hispanics you like or how many you have hired, etc. They don’t are. Quit pandering to them. Ignore them, along with the white elite liberals.

  • Anonymous

    Minorities are not liberals and only play the game as long as it’s advantageous to them and the liberals know this. says poster #11.


    Now who told you that minorities are not liberal? Of course they “play the game” to get what they want, BUT they are as marxist and anti-White as they come. They are NOT our kind of people and never will be. Don’t go sugar coating.

  • white is right, black is whack

    So the Tea Party was racist since it was mostly white conservative Americans who want smaller government, but now it’s not racist to only get votes of blacks and latinos simply because they are black and latino? When will conservatives get it? Nothing we do or say will stop liberals and nonwhite interest’ minded-people. Their calls for ‘equality’ and a ‘level playing field’ are black and latino supremacy in disguise. Their calls for ‘civil rights action’ are a disguise to take whites’ money and possessions. Again, when will white conservatives learn?