Posted on May 31, 2011

Fights Break Out at Carson Beach

John M. Guilfoil, Boston Globe, May 31, 2011

Fights broke out among rival gang members on Carson Beach in South Boston yesterday and spilled out across the city, triggering a massive law enforcement response from at least five agencies to stem the violence.

Police said the gang members are part of a group of more than 1,000 youths who have used social media sites like Facebook to plan unruly gatherings on the beach on three of the past four nights. The beach falls under the jurisdiction of the State Police, who have been unable to prevent the violence.

The response yesterday resembled crowd-control tactics reserved for major sporting victories.


Yesterday, the beach, located steps away from the South Boston State Police barracks, attracted thousands of families and other Memorial Day revelers gathered for the unofficial start of summer. While the majority of the crowd was peaceful, the unruly youths again gathered at the beach and in nearby parking lots.

Three state troopers responded around 5:30 p.m. to the first report of a fight. When they arrived, they were confronted by about 1,000 people, Procopio said.

The troopers called for backup. State Police streamed in, State Police Special Tactical Operations teams and Boston SWAT teams arrived, and the Boston Police Department activated its Emergency Deployment Teams, which brought officers into South Boston from all over the city. State, Boston, Boston Housing, UMass, and Transit Police responded, for a total of more than 100 police officers.


As the crowd broke up, hundreds of the unruly youths boarded the Red Line at JFK/UMass Station. Some went north; some went south.

According to Transit Police, a group of young people ended up at Downtown Crossing and started a fight in the station that spilled onto the street. Clashes were also reported at other stops.


The groups have been larger and rowdier than even veteran South Boston troopers remember.

“Veteran troopers assigned to the State Police barracks for a couple of decades have never seen as large a volume of kids that were there tonight,” Procopio said.


21 responses to “Fights Break Out at Carson Beach”

  1. Frank says:

    Here are people who really know how to celebrate a sacred holiday!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t see any of these incidents mentioned on the news. But thankfully Drudge has them all. I was hoping Beck was going to talk about them on his tv show today. Unfortunately, his show was dedicated to a foreign country for the 2nd (or 3rd) week in a row. A Houston police officer was murdered by an illegal who crossed the border at will.

  3. Wayne Engle says:

    Yet another color-blind reporter, who can’t tell for the life of him what race the hooligans were. South Boston historically has been heavily Irish and VERY heavily White, but I suspect the advocates of glorious rainbow diversity in City Hall have found a way to force numbers of black residents down South Boston’s throat.

    Or, perhaps the black thugs were all from other parts of Boston — can you say Roxbury? In which case, it’s surprising the White toughs of South Boston didn’t confront them. Or perhaps they did; it’s hard to tell, with a news story which leaves out so much pertinent information.

    And finally, what race were the citizens enjoying a day with their kids at the park, who the “youffs” were annoying? Again, no hint. But I’d guess they were White. Total dishonesty on the part of the Boston Globe!

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is actually two separate, distinct, events. The first was at about 4am when the driver of the black vehicle shown in the video hit a bicycle cop and then panicked. Officers chased him for about 3 blocks before they put the vehicle out of commission.

    The second happened an hour later and involved a grey Mercedes which somehow broke the lockdown cordon, tried to run a blockade and also had it’s engine shot out as it snowplowed a patrol vehicle. Nobody died in that one.

    Of course the ACLU and NAACP are all up in arms, chiefly because it took about a minute of convincing-a-stubborn-fool in the black car to get out before his final refusal drew a lethal response.

    Considering one of their own had just been run down and two more had had to spill their rides to avoid being so, that was actually pretty respectable.

    Things to remember here:

    1. 300,000, largely black, party goers, drawn to a hip-hop scene is an orgy waiting to become a riot. You can delay it, you can skim off the top. But it’s going to get ugly.

    2. These officers are running alternating, 12 hour, shifts for two days. It’s punishing work because of the weather than the general hostility of everyone to you.

    3. The town residents absolutely **hate** this affair because, as one said, “We can’t close the gate at Disney Land and go home at the end of the day, we _live here_.” It is done purely to chase revenues as many places make their entire years profit margin, this weekend.

    4. While things had been calmer, you still had a massive crowd out until the 5am closing time of the clubs. And cops have taken as many as 73 firearms from people in past years. So there isn’t much tolerance for abuse.

    I hesitate to say this but Miami is an ethnic slum. Between the boatloads of Haitians, the established Cubans and the increasing Mexican and CA crowds, there is not a lot worth saving there, for whites.

    If you’re a LEO in that city, heaven help you because it’s not going to get better until it gets a lot worse. Shutting down this one event is like bandaiding the plague.

  5. Seek says:

    Ah, yes, youths! They’re not blacks. They are youths…”teens.” Shame on me for thinking in racial terms.

  6. Anonymous says:

    That’s spelled: youffs, not youths.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Blacks are getting worse and worse (if that is even possible) as we can see from all these articles on Amren today. Unless we rid America of these people and ship them back to Africa, we will have an absolute country of hell.



  8. Wayne Engle says:

    Anyone who wants to access will see that while there are hundreds of comments posted about this story, a huge percentage of them have been deleted by the newspaper. Apparently every one that dares to point out the truth: That these were black “youffs,” at least for the most part.

    But I notice that the occasional White liberal reply to those deleted posts, using words like “racist haters,” etc., is carefully preserved for everyone to see. Appears that the Globe has a glaring double standard, doesn’t it?

  9. BO_Bill says:

    Spring is breaking out everywhere.

  10. Tim in Indiana says:

    Police said the gang members are part of a group of more than 1,000 youths who have used social media sites like Facebook to plan unruly gatherings on the beach on three of the past four nights.

    Why is it that whites use such technologies for discussing things like saving the spotted owl, preventing global warming or other such feel good projects, while blacks all too often use it for planning out things like their next riot? And what ever happened to that wonderful role model they have in the form of Barrack Hussein Obama? (Never mind. rhetorical questions.)

  11. rjp says:

    North Avenue Beach in Chicago was shut down yesterday at around 5PM for a heat emergency due???? It was only 88 degrees.

    Funny though, when I went to the store about 7PM and saw bunches of thug undesirables on the corners congregating and more police patrolling the Gold Coast than I have ever seem, something seemed odd.

    None of my cop friends were guarding the building I work in today but I will get the true story because beaches don’t get shut down for heat, and black on white violence in tourist areas and the beachfront has steadily increased ever since Obama was elected.

  12. Anonymous says:

    You ain’t seen nothing yet. As the white population dwindles in cities and suburbs, there will be no controlling these ‘youths’ at all.

    Make sure you live in a distant neighborhood far away from any mass transit lines, because in five years we will be having full scale insurrections like they have in mexico with the drug gangs who openly challenge the government and control large areas of land. Our ‘crips’ and ‘bloods’ and ‘ms-13s’ will break out real soon. It will be like a zombie movie, but the zombies will be gang members and their ‘peeps.’

  13. Anonymous says:

    Times have changed. In 1977, police arrived in force to escort blacks to Carson Beach. Now they come to remove them.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Boston is perhaps the most segregated large city in the country. Blacks tend to stay in their quadrant (south of downtown, toward the ocean). The Cambridge-Harvard-Allston-Brighton faculty/student district has just enough minorities to make the liberals feel good about where they live, but most of the rest of the metro area is very white, and all except the Cambridge-Boston-Brookline core area have a definite Irish-Italian working class flavor to them. Nearly everyone in greater Boston is instantly aware of what “Carson Beach” “youths” and “Dorchester” mean.

  15. Too Easy To Predict says:


    and 2012, 2013, etc., and forever until we do the right thing and send them all back home to get their restorative justice in Africa.

    Black “youth” violence will never subside. We don’t have enough police, and the judges all release them for time served because dey mammys say “He a’ways done been a good boy.”

    Judges are all the products of the law schools that teach transformation and change. Keeping blacks in jail isn’t the kind of change that promotes social justice.

    Have you seen the news that violent crime isn’t as high as the experts predicted? It’s because so many blacks are in jail where they belong, put there by older White judges. Tough sentencing works- when blacks are in jail where they belong, they aren’t robbing, raping, and murdering White Humanity, which is their first priority.

  16. Anonymous says:

    It will soon be at the point where the military will be required to keep order.

  17. Who In Their White Mind? says:

    That really tells you something, when a veteran officer says it hasn’t been this unruly in years. Southie has always been a poor urban neighborhood. But it used to be poor Irish. Now you have Africans, more specifically, Somalians, Caribbeans, & black Americans. They ALL have a higher birth rate than Whites, so yes, the mobs of unruly “youths” will be bigger. For that you need bigger defenses.

  18. Anonymous says:

    If you notice most of the time they just call them “kids”.

  19. whiteraven says:

    “Fights broke out among rival gang members on Carson Beach in South Boston yesterday and spilled out across the city, triggering a massive law enforcement response from at least five agencies to stem the violence.”

    Whenever blacks from the general black community create mayhem in mobs it’s always referred to as “gangs” or “gang-related,” by the leftist press.

    They’re telling us to not get up in arms ourselves over the growing black violence, so they slant these kinds of situations to appear as if it is only the black criminal elements that are the perps, and they do not involve anyone that could be considered within the mainstream black community. That way, you see, whitey won’t have an excuse to start arming in preparation against the fast growing menace to his safety and security, which could develop into racial conflict on a grand scale.

    The only problem with distorting reality to depict the criminals as gang members is that anyone astute enough to take note is going to conclude that if these people are gang bangers, they comprise a HUGE number of people from the black population, and that in itself is a problem of large proportions, especially since there isn’t even one gang member who isn’t armed.

    You know, the psy-ops process is similar to that used by Hollywood when they try to fool everybody into thinking the blacks on screen are brilliant scientists and the like, while the whites are stupid and evil. Of course, the problem with that is that people see the difference every day in real life, so the brainwashing techniques don’t take hold, except for a small segment of the lower echelon types.

    Soon, the bumbling fools won’t be able to lie enough, because the situation will advance to the point where these kinds of things occur almost constantly. Reality has a way of straightening things out.

    Black violence will continue to worsen all on its own. These people are predisposed to crime and violence all over the world…not just here. Africa is even worse.

  20. Shawn (the female) says:

    Every day in this country the ‘safe zone’ for whites shrinks faster than the national debt rises. So many things we used to do, places we used to go, events we used to enjoy can’t be a part of our lives anymore. At minimum, any enjoyment is gone due to never-ending disruptive, rude swarms of these cretins; and at maximum a danger to our very lives. We keep building, creating nice areas and are forced to let these cretins come with us, then we’re forced to leave it all to them; to use and destroy what we build while we move on and build again.

    Then the cycle starts all over.

  21. Anonymous says:

    South Boston was always a rough place. Whites there were always notoriously mean to outsiders, even to other whites. Drinking and violence was common place, but it mostly consisted of drunken fist fights. There was also the Whitey Bulger presence. He was a ruthless Irish gangster who would harass innocent local businesses with extortion, violence, etc. The violence level in South Boston was on par with black neighborhoods, but it was somewhat safer for whites. It was never a peaceful neighborhood, but now the entire country is exploding with horrific violence. The violence of the past seems like “Mayberry” compared to what is going on now.