Posted on May 19, 2011

Costly Hairstyle Is a Beauty Trend That Draws Thieves’ Notice

Timothy Williams, New York Times, May 16, 2011

The thieves {snip} did not give the safe or cash register a second look.

Instead they went straight for what was most valuable: human hair. By the time the bandits at the My Trendy Place salon in Houston were finished, they had stolen $150,000 worth of the shop’s most prized type, used for silky extensions.

The break-in was part of a recent trend of thefts, {snip}.


The most expensive hair type–and the one in highest demand by thieves and paying customers alike–is remy hair, which unlike most other varieties is sold with its outermost cuticle layer intact. This allows it to look more natural and to last longer without tangling. Remy hair from Indian women is the most popular.

But remy hair extensions can cost as much as $200 per package and the average person requires at least two packages. {snip}


Not long ago, hip-hop songs and black comedians belittled women who wore extensions and weaves. No longer. {snip}


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wikipedia claims scalping was practiced by Native Americans, colonists, and frontiersmen; some Mexican and American territories paid bounties for enemy Native American scalps; scalping was practiced by the ancient Scythians of Eurasia; and the Visigoths, the Franks, and the Anglo-Saxons took scalps. It remains to be seen who is responsible for the My Trendy Place hair thefts and what background they might have. I’m guessing ancient Scythian.

  2. Curious says:

    Though this doesn’t need to be said, this seems to be a…shall we say, perpetrator-specific crime. I guess that makes the job easier for the police.

    Stealing expensive hair is pathetic beyond belief. I could guess it is the work of male thugs who have a waiting clientele, but it doesn’t make sense that they left the money. So what happened? I’m curious to know.

    I find these type of hair-related issues to be increasingly prominent today. It is worrying…these petty superficial issues turning into criminal activities.

    I have Persian-type hair; long, thick, black & silky. I once had someone offer to “buy” it from me.

    I live in a Black majority nation, we haven’t had those sorts of things here (only some fights between females where “weave” was torn out), & I really hope it stays that way. There are a lot of Chinese shops selling synthetic hair though, & lots of females wear it.

    Very interesting phenomenon.

  3. Crystal says:

    It is not just black women that wear weaves. So do white women like the Kardashian sisters.

  4. Tim in Indiana says:

    This was so good I had to go to the original article.

    I didn’t know these hair extensions were so popular until I saw the video of the parking lot brawl between the black women that left dozens of the things lying on the ground. I’m surprised someone didn’t snatch them up while the camera was still rolling.

    Priceless line from the original story “It is a style grown in popularity that transcends race and celebrity adherence. The market for human hair also includes cancer patients.”

    Cancer patients? Come on! The style doesn’t “transcend race” at all.

  5. Come Together says:

    “So do white women like the Kardashian sister”

    Maybe you’ve forgotten what white women look like.

  6. Crystal says:

    There is a charity called Locks of Love that takes donated human hair to create wigs for child cancer patients.

  7. Spartan24 says:

    Human hair wigs are popular and very expensive in certain segments of the Orthodox Jewish community but weaves and wigs are two different things. I remember the parking lot fight where strands of weave hair was scattered over the parking lot, there have also been comments on Amren about swimming pool filters clogged with the cast off hair as well as floating freely through the pool. As far as white actresses using weaves (White women usually call them extentions) I could see this for a film role and more than likely it is 10 to 1 black women who use this artificial hair.

  8. rjp says:

    I see parts of weaves laying on the ground almost daily in Chicago. Everytime I see one I want to vomit.

  9. Kenelm Digby says:

    Just how ironic is it that the group who moan and moan and moan about slavery are the biggest purchasers of the product of the human body of impoverished women in India.

  10. Alexandra says:

    On a somewhat-related note: Is there anyone else who’s gone into a Kmart and seen security tags on nail care items?

    It’s all about looks…or rather, “Look at me!”

  11. SKIP says:

    “scalping was practiced by the ancient Scythians of Eurasia; and the Visigoths, the Franks, and the Anglo-Saxons took scalps”

    HMMM I have never, ever heard of anything like that in my years of study of history, past and present. Where did you read of this or otherwise learn of it? No disrespect meant, I truly have never read of any such practices in ancient history, OTHER equally brutal things, but no scalping.

  12. Anonymous says:

    We hear a lot about “black pride”, but what does it say when blacks normalize wearing another race’s hair and pretending it’s their own?! At least 80% of the black woman I see around me wear wigs or braided extensions. The other 20% are mostly middle-aged or elderly women with chemically straightened short hair.

    I can’t imagine how demeaning it would feel to buy Chinese or Indian hair, spend hours having it braided into mine, then pretend I have the ability to grow it in the first place. It’s like a 5 yr old dressing up in Mom’s clothes – no one is fooled.

    It’s even worse that there is an entire “community” of women doing the same thing and then saying “Kim Kardashian does it!” as an excuse. Is Kim Kardashian the Rosa Parks of black hair?

  13. Anonymous says:

    6 — Crystal wrote at 9:40 PM on May 19:

    There is a charity called Locks of Love that takes donated human hair to create wigs for child cancer patients.


    Perhaps you posted that for informational purposes. But your first post was some non-sense about how a few Albanian reality show stars wear extensions, and therefore “white women do it too!” This makes me question your purpose in bringing wigs for cancer-stricken children into the conversation…it almost sounds like an attempt to deflect from the overwhelmingly black profile of extension-wearers.

    But, I must be wrong. No one could possibly use children with cancer wearing wigs to cover up the black female obsession with wearing Asian hair. “Kim Kardashian does it!” is a pathetic excuse, but “terminally ill children do it!” is completely inhuman.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Sexual Selection in a static, sedentary, society is at least as important as IQ or Ability. And that is more or less how women have always been, by gender role labor tasks.

    Contrary to contemporary populist belief, women are not made to be hunters or athletes. Whenever they are paired, like to like, in ‘top percentiles’, with equally high ranked males they are outclassed entirely.

    They have never been ‘best’ at anything but being the care givers and mothers of our world which is why exceptional males undertake the largest percentage of The Great Things that our culture has defined and built itself by.

    And well women know this because they find many of the male activities which we build mental agility and disciplined adherence to achievable goals to be repugnant, dirty and flat out HARD to do. On the level where the more you have to concentrate to do something, the less ‘fun’ it is.

    What feminism has done in liberating women is remove from them the nobility of -what- they do and replace it with a flat out social awareness of WHO they are. As purely pulchritudinous beings where that is the only thing they have left that is exclusively ‘theirs’. To fight like cats over.

    And increasingly they are finding that that is not ‘fun’ either. Because you are either in the top 20% or you are not a competitor.

    Black females have it the worst because they have so little to work with overall. For them, beauty care is a constant war. And it is NEVER ‘fun’. Because they are largely out of the game, even to their own men.

    And AFAIC The Kardashian Sisters are _not_ white.

    And never will be.

    It’s called dignity. And it’s something that whites have only when we choose to live it as we call it.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Locks of Love doesn’t actually use the hair donated to them to make wigs. I guess they lead people to believe that they do, because it sounds better, but Americans’ hair is entirely useless for wig-making. We wash it daily, curl it, straighten it, blow-dry it, etc. It’s damaged. The donated hair is sold to third parties, who do Lord knows what with it, and with that money (and cash donations) Locks of Love buys hair for wigs from places like India, where women don’t wash and style their hair the way we do.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’ve mentioned the following on AR before, on another thread. This is for poster # 2, especially–I have strawberry blonde hair, (long). More and more frequently, my 9th graders have threatened to cut it. I have taken to wearing my hair up, in a French twist. Do not give anyone reason to hurt you–be safe.

  17. Curious says:

    Poster # 14, & your poorly disguised, bitter rant against females being considered humans:

    Nice try with attempting to equate radical feminism, adhered to by only a few, to all the world’s problems. Last time I checked, men were solely responsible, as they have been throughout history, for initiating wars, corruption, etc.

    Are you a bit irritated that some women have begun to dish out to men a little of their own medicine? And this was only when they demanded their rights, basic human rights denied to them though they have contributed to civilization is EQUAL to that of men.

    I’m not an advocate for unreasonable rights/demands/treatment for ANYONE. That does not mean females should have their rights removed so males like yourself can easily satisfy their cravings for domination, and/or so you won’t have to actually earn your masculinity i.e. obtain it be default.

    You implying that females are inferior to men & using their absence from patriarchal history books due to patriarchal oppression is a typical misogynistic, MRA, PUA argument, & is NOT a solution to mend relationships between men & women.

    Perhaps your own insufficiency with females, a few misunderstandings or bad matches, coupled with your weak notion of manhood & contemptible view of females prompted your comments, which was barely related to the post?

    BTW, there are many men who have, & will continue to have, good relationships with women whilst persist with your petty whining. And these males & females are complementary, with the males (or females, for that matter) neither needing nor wanting a slave, or to oppress to obtain their masculinity.

  18. Curious says:

    Poster # 16:

    Your students threatened to CUT off your hair?!

    That is seriously disturbing…but I guess, certain types of Blacks do act in a manner such that I believe you completely. We have that type here of course, where I live. Everyone, even dignified Blacks, avoid them like the plague.

    I don’t blame you for taking precautions. You should make formal complaints until someone pays attention, or if possible, apply for a transfer. Maybe even write a letter to an editor if the above fail. Where in America do you live, if you don’t mind me asking?

  19. Curious says:

    Apologies for the grammatical hiccup in my post #17. Multitasking to blame..

    That should’ve been:

    And this was only when they demanded their rights, basic human rights denied to them though their contribution to civilization is EQUAL to that of men.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I teach in a school in Baltimore County. (Need I say more? We get a lot of Baltimore City border-jumpers.) I spoke to administration about one incident–after all,I consider this to be a threat. Administration, as usual, asked me if the student had scissors in his hands. If not, admin reasoned, he did not have the wherewithall to carry out his words–idle threat and posturing, essentially. Threats like this have happened several times.

    It speaks volumes about the mind-set of black thugs (it’s okay to make threats of this nature) and about the mind-set of liberal administration (nothing bad happened, so there was no *threat*).

    Hair is a big point of pride and jealousy (and power, if I remember correctly). We white folks just can’t grant people hair through affirmative action…so they will take matters into their own hands.

  21. Alexandra says:


    At what point were women’s basic rights denied? Do you even know what basic rights are?

    I am not only a race-realist, but a woman who is anti-misandry (I guess you could say gender realist).

  22. Gavroche says:

    to #13:

    The Kardashians are not “Albanian” at all, but ARMENIANS whose country is in the Caucasus and 1300 miles away from Albania…

  23. Anonymous says:

    The Kardashian’s Mother is Chris Jenner a White anglo American and their Father is Armenian, a pure White ethnic group from the Caucaisian mountians in south western Asia or southern Russia. Being girls, they look like their father. Women take after their fathers, men take after their mothers, law of genetics.

    Of all the Whites beset by Asians, muslims, turks, mongols, slave raiders and communists, the Armenians have been the bravest and most stalwart of all Whites. For 1400 years they preserved their White Christian Western civilization and ethnicity in a sea of turkish, central asian, muslim and then communist barbarianism.

    PS not all Armenians have tan skin and black hair. I’ve never met an Armenian with blazing Irish blue eyes, but many have fair skin, gray green hazel eyes and light brown hair. There is a Armenian female stereo type, stereotypical because it is so true. Dead White skin and black hair. If the eyes were blue one would think they were typical Irish.

    I’m really sick and tired of all these time travelers from 1935 Germany who think that Whites with dark hair, eyes and skin are not White.

    Reminds me of the ignorant black man I once worked with.

    He actually said to me that although my hair is light brown and my skin very White “your eyes are sort of grayish blue, not really blue so you can’t be all White. Maybe a little bit French?”

  24. Michael C. Scott says:

    “You can’t be all white. Maybe a little bit French.”

    –Anonymous (23)

    What race does this buffoon think native French people are?

  25. Anonymous says:

    There must be an epidemic of this kind of crime.