Posted on May 25, 2011

Austria Far-Right Tops Opinion Polls

AFP, May 20, 2011

Austria’s far-right Freedom Party, the FPOe, would win the most votes if there were a general election this weekend, according to the results of a new opinion poll released Friday.

The FPOe would secure 29 percent of the votes if there were a general election on Sunday, overtaking for the first time the Social Democrats with 28 pecent and the conservative People’s Party or OeVP with 23 percent, according to a poll by the OGM institute on behalf of the daily Kurier.

The environmentalist Green party and another far-right party, the BZOe, would each win 13 percent of the votes.

The current coalition government under Social Democrat Chancellor Werner Faymann, which took power in December 2008, is made up of the Social Democrats and OeVP parties in a power-sharing deal.

The head of the OGM institute, Wolfgang Bachmayer, attributed the FPOe’s current strength, not only to a wider disillusionment with politics, but with the current coalition government in particular.

Furthermore, “the showings have undoubtedly been influenced by the current debate over the statements by Erste Bank chief executive Andreas Treichl, the euro crisis and the Greek debt crisis,” Bachmayer told the newspaper.

Erste Bank chief Treichl triggered a storm of controversy this week by saying politicians were “too stupid” to understand the economy.

And FPOe leader Heinz-Christian Strache has been campaigning for months to kick Greece out of the eurozone.

Quizzed as to whom they would vote for if they could elect the chancellor directly, 24 percent of the poll’s 805 respondents said they would choose the current chancellor Faymann, 18 percent the current deputy chancellor Michael Spindelegger and 16 percent would vote for Strache.

The FPOe came second in local municipal elections in Vienna last October, winning 26 percent of the votes. The ruling Social Democrats finally opted for a coalition with the environmentalist Greens.

A poll at the beginning of May suggested that 43 percent of the population wanted the FPOe to participate in the next national government following the next general elections in 2013.

The far-right has already been in government in Austria: the FPOe under its charismatic leader, the late Joerg Haider, was the junior coalition partner with the conservative OeVP between 2000 and 2006 under then chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel.

16 responses to “Austria Far-Right Tops Opinion Polls”

  1. Tim Mc Hugh says:

    29,13 etc. etc. etc. Sometimes I think they inflate the numbers to make everybody think that other people are pulling the weight that they won`t have to by voting , or, or deflating the numbers to make people go “What`s the point in voting anyway…” Hmmm

  2. Brendan says:

    So… the FPÖ would get 29% of the vote, and BZÖ another 13%? In other words, the “far right” in total is up to 42% in Austria?

    If they keep this up, we could see an FPÖ-BZÖ coalition government in the next decade or so. Especially since those Austrians who vote “far right” are just about the only ones having children. BZÖ firebrand Ewald Stadler, a staunch Catholic who chewed out the Turks on a viral YouTube video, has six.

    Sure, we hear about Muslims displacing Europeans, but a big part of the Left’s problems in Europe is the fact that their largely atheist voters are being displaced by other Europeans.

  3. Question Diversity says:

    The head of the OGM institute, Wolfgang Bachmayer, attributed the FPOe’s current strength, not only to a wider disillusionment with politics, but with the current coalition government in particular.

    Semantically, this is very near the usual canard establishment talking heads parrot whenever a hard or “far” rightist individual or party does well in opinion polls or actual votes — That it was nothing more than a “protest vote” against “mainstream” parties. Except all these people doing nothing more than “protesting mainstream parties” somehow coincidentally vote for “hard” or “far” right parties and candidates. You’d think some of these “protesters” against the “mainstream” would accidentally vote for a hard or far left party or person every once in awhile, a la a blind squirrel finding an acorn on occasion.

  4. Dutchman says:

    Austria is heading in the right direction, but start having kids! It’s nice to see that 29% would vote for the FPOe and another 13% for the BZOe. Both described as ‘Far Right’. While still far from heady optimism, I’m becoming more convinced that change White attitudes may come more from our traditional homelands than from USA/AUS/NZ/CAN(though I also view these as traditional homelands!)

  5. Dario says:

    Oh Jorg Haider! How you are greatly missed! Nice to know that at least your movement has survived you. May you rest in peace.

    Most certainly this also means that the Freedom Party will entirely swallow the votes from Haider’s old BZO party (he had a split with FPO before the last general elections).

    I hope Italy is next! Yes, I know most will think that the Northern League is that party – but in truth, it isn’t. It’s anti-immigration campaign isn’t as strong as is sometimes led on, and they only tend to represent the Northern half of the country, although they are attempting to expand South.

    How I would love for a real, Italian nationalist force to emerge come 2013!

  6. ATBOTL says:

    The Freedom Party has actually moved right since the Haider days.

  7. MS says:

    I wish I was fluent in German. Austria may end up the best place for white people to live.

  8. Seneca the Younger says:

    Wow, we JUST talked about this in my international business grad class, like less than an hour ago. My professor said how she thought it would make international business harder and would be worse for everyone, particularly Austria. She also went a typical liberal anti-hate speech about similar results in France with Marine La Pen (hope I spelled that right). She really seemed to take it personal, too. Can anyone guess where she is from?


    I raised my hand in class and gave her a piece of my mind and we had a two minute debate which she had no response to. This was after I checked my grades and saw that it was mathematically impossible for me not to get an A unless I got lower than a C on the final.

    You should have seen me in ethics last semester. When we got to civil rights and affirmative action my professor (liberal white lawyer, not jewish) stopped calling on me after I answered his first three questions. Haha!

    One thing to take away from this, smart kids KNOW what is going on. Very few students disagreed with me, even most of the blacks except one. He challenged to a fight in front of everyone and I said I’d meet him outside after class (he never showed). Even when I did some subbing at a local high school, some white students told how they didn’t associate with the few token blacks and wanted to start a Euro-centric club. The principal told them no and I told the kids to sue.

    People, no matter what color usually, will not challenge you and even respect you when you tell them why you believe something and do not apologize. I have told several blacks that I had classes with that I wouldn’t want to live next to a black or date a black girl. They seemed mad for about 10 seconds. After I told them why and refused to apologize they were cool with it, they even invited me to a few parties and got along in study groups.

    The bottom line is, there is still hope and have a spine.

  9. European dream says:

    I might move to Austria. It is a toss-up between there and Denmark. I do hope the FPOe and the BZOe stand together against the social democrats and OeVP and the Green party. I pray they win! FPÖ & BZÖ FTW!

  10. Kenelm Digby says:

    Anti-immigration, nationalist parties are making good, solid progress on the European continent,(but, alas, not Britain), and they have largely succeeded in terms of changing the whole debate.

    The previous policy of the Euro-elites in advocating uncontrolled massive third world immigration has been moderated and is slowly, but surely losing the argument and being exposed for the pack of lies that it is.

    The European nations that have embraced anti-immigrationism and nationalism are by and large nations with a long history of having a cultured, educated and intelligent populace (ie they are generally north or central European).

  11. Sardonicus says:

    “How I would love for a real, Italian nationalist force to emerge come 2013!” Dario

    I would too Derio! However, the situation is much better in Italy and Austria than the United States. We really don’t have a party to represent white interests in America other than the wimpy plutocratic and stupid Republican Party.

  12. nokangaroos says:

    I would not put too much weight on that.

    The BZÖ is the neoliberal spin-off Haider founded in his latter days, and they have no basis whatsoever (outside Carinthia, that is).

    The FPÖ was helped by the ban on the NVP (i.e. national people´s party) i.e. there is nothing to the right of them.

    Plus, the people are fed up with politics as usual (red-black coalitions go sour quickly even if there is no alternative) and with EUphoria (i.e. having to bail out the southern reaches and having to accept anyone with “European” papers).

    Faymann is singularly uninspiring.

    And yes, 30% is about what I estimate as the FPÖ´s potential.

    But no one takes HC Strache seriously. Ewald Stadler is good and has name recognition. But the only one I would take is Andreas Mölzer, Haider´s erstwhile chief ideologue. Unfortunately he is not only hung up in the European Parliament but also lacks the sex appeal (grumpy and unshaven).

    So, an actual vote would work out vastly different.

  13. Anonymous says:

    “How I would love for a real, Italian nationalist force to emerge come 2013!” Dario

    I would too Da

    rio! However, the situation is much better in Italy and Austria than the United States. We really don’t have a party to represent white interests in America other than the wimpy plutocratic and stupid Republican Party.


    It is easier for them in Europe where everyone is (traditionally at least) assumed to be white; therefore it doesn’t have to be said.

    Being an Italian or Austrian automatically means white and European. Not quite so in America, where the word “American” no longer necessarily means white (as it once did). Now, an “American” can be absolutely ANYONE. Europe is heading in this direction too, but they haven’t reached it yet.

  14. Ben says:

    @ Seneca the Younger

    Did the same sort of thing. Had a “sociology” professor who wouldn’t stop talking about how great diversity was. Now this loser surely didn’t live among those diverse peoples.

    Now I don’t agree with Mr. Taylor’s every argument but I pointed out the fact (in class) that diversity causes wars, tension, and ultimately conflict. Which he made the apologist argument that integration is key. The class went on.

    I mean the same guy went on about the reason why Caucasian men had higher suicide rates was due to the loss of power. He said it in some smirk way, even when was white. I didn’t say anything about it because it wasn’t worth it.

    The key though as you said is not to apologize or back down.

  15. Mike H. says:

    Jörg Haider will be missed. Honestly my biggest problem with him was how, for whatever insane reason, he thought Wolfgang wouldn’t stab him in the back the last time his party swept the polls.

    His death in a car accident was entirely too coincidental as well, and I don’t believe in coincidences.

  16. Fritz says:

    My Grandfather imigrated here from Austria in 1922. When I asked him why he ever left such a beautiful country to come here, his response was,”you can’t eat the scenery.” Why Grandpa, why?