Posted on April 8, 2011

South Tel Aviv Residents March to Demand Deportation of Foreigners

David Sheen, Haaretz, April 4, 2011

About 150 residents of South Tel Aviv marched through an area of the city frequented by foreigners, demanding that the government take immediate action to deport all persons that are in the country illegally.

The demonstrators held a procession through Neve Sha’anan pedestrian walkway and Levinsky public park near Tel Aviv central bus station, where many refugees and other migrants of African and Asian origin socialize.

Police officers were present to ensure that tensions between the groups did not flare up into violent confrontations. A number of shouting matches ensued, but did not escalate, and no injuries were reported.

[A 17-minute video of these protests can be viewed at the original story.]

14 responses to “South Tel Aviv Residents March to Demand Deportation of Foreigners”

  1. jewamongyou says:

    Many American Jews moved to Israel in part to escape from the blacks. But it seems that every single nation on Earth must have a growing black minority (eventually to become majority). Governments are apathetic so it is up to the people to make life as uncomfortable for these Africans as possible in order to convince them to return to Africa where they belong.

  2. Jeddermann. says:

    This is a phenonenon that did not exist in Israel until recently. Foreign workers, many legal and many illegal. Performing work that was done by Palestinian Arabs who are now barred from entering Israel.

    Israel needs that cheap and abundant manual labor. Israel has become a pretty big player in the high tech market but still needs that low-level labor force.

    But with that low-level labor force comes the bad side too. Drugs, criminality, prostitution, etc. And animosity between the populations that is now resulting in “demonstrations”.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I viewed the video. I support the residents of South Tel Aviv for fighting against the invasion of illegal aliens. They have the right to determine whom they want to live with in their own country.

    The interviewer seemed shocked that the protestors were stating that there were differences between the Western culture and African culture.Of course there are differences between cultures and this leads to unrest(there are too many for me to enumerate).

    If the Jewish people don’t fight for their country, they may become a minority there.

  4. BJohnson says:

    >>>>1 — jewamongyou wrote at 11:30 PM on April 8: Governments are apathetic so it is up to the people to make life as uncomfortable for these Africans as possible in order to convince them to return to Africa where they belong

    The past Israeli governments policy of bringing the Falasha Jews from Ethiopia, is responsible for causing the influx of blacks into Israel. You cannot deal with African immigrants to Israel, unless you address the Falasha issue. Do you support the return of Falasha Jews back to Ethiopia, if it is the only way to make Israel into a country that is free of blacks?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think that Israel should be able to preserve its Jewish character. Diversity in Israel and pretty much everywhere else is always a bad thing.

    Watch this video of pro-white Israelis protesting South African multiculturalism and diversity:

  6. GenX ANZAC says:

    I’m guessing that the left-wing, liberal Jews have more influence in the United Sates, than their right wing conservative cousins.

    Maybe American anti-illegal immigration conservative groups should do more high profile consultations with groups such as this one.

    It would give the SPLC, ADL and the NYT little to complain about.

    Likewise the US pro border control groups should hire the Mexican southern fence planners and engineers to consult (with much fan fare) on how to, better build and secure your mutual border.

    Using Mexican expertise from their own southern border fence would make criticizing them hard without highlighting the Mexican government’s own hypocrisy.

    Fight fire, with fire.

  7. SoCA Realist says:

    So the Jews are willing to stand up and be counted as they openly demand all illegals be sent OUT of their state? Excellent. America needs to take a lesson from these folks, state by state. We can’t AFFORD to pay for illegals now (we never could, but stupid people forced us into it), and we need to pull the plug. Like the “Hispanic” in Bob Rivers’ Christmas song “Foreigners” (to the tune of Angels We Have Heard on High) says: “When you goin’ ta close the door?!?” As far as I’m concerned, we should have slammed it YEARS ago.

  8. olewhitelady says:

    When it was determined that Israel would be a haven for all the world’s Jews, possibly no one saw the danger in this statement. While the original Ethiopian immigrants might well have really been religiously Jewish, it stands to reason that many more who were not religiously Jewish would claim to be and would jump on the bandwagon. Many Russian immigrants have undoubtedly done the same thing, since Israel determined that one needed only one Jewish grandparent to claim the right of return. How well one could sift the facts out of the records of the USSR is anyone’s guess! Though these Russians have probably caused some cultural friction, I wouldn’t think they’ve swelled the illiteracy, crime, or jobless rates. Any black African, however, might well make for a different story.

    As I understand it, the Israelis have brought in people from Ghana and other African nations as guest workers only. If citizens are wanting them deported immediately, then I would assume these foreigners are causing a lot of trouble. Since they already have jobs, then the problem must be the crime that follows black populations worldwide.

  9. Anonymous says:

    7 — SoCA Realist wrote at 1:38 AM on April 10:

    So the Jews are willing to stand up and be counted as they openly demand all illegals be sent OUT of their state? Excellent. America needs to take a lesson from these folks, state by state.


    Do you honestly think the Jews in America would do the same? No way. They always encourage illegals and race mixing in America.

  10. Anonymous says:

    The story of the ‘Falasha Jews’ is interesting. Clerics decided that the Ethiopians were a “lost tribe” of actual Jews, and the airlift of thousands to Israel commenced.

    Buyers remorse kicked in when they found the blacks do not assimilate with Israelis, instead preferring to ape the behavior of American blacks in music, lifestyles, crime, and cultural tastes.

    Now the Israelis are stuck trying to manage a problem with emerging black birthrates, the consequences of which threaten the racial character of the state.

  11. Luther says:


    You think an influx of Russians won’t increase the crime rate? Really?

  12. Xenophon says:

    Not to worry. Their god will save them. He always does. Right?

  13. anonymoose says:

    There are solutions to this problem. One is to have real guest worker programs. The workers would be recruited and contracted. They would be given a lump sum when they arrived. They would be tracked through their various jobs if they are working as migrant workers. They would be sent home after the expiration of their contract, and given another lump sum when they as compensation for their hardships. The hardships are real, and those who suffer them should be compensated. But in money, not in the right to remain in the host country.

    Another approach would be get lazy young people and unambitious workers to fill these jobs. Underemployed new graduates could be given a guarantee of future entry level employment in return for performing menial jobs for some period of time.

    Young people also could perform these jobs as an alternative to military service in countries where still is universal service. It is not an impossible situation, just one where the middle classes are too lazy to conceive of a solution. And certainly too lazy and too self-indulgent to participate in the solution themselves.

    Of course, all of this might cost money. And it might not be a perfect market solution. But is losing your country and losing the possibility of having descendants who are like you a better alternative?

  14. Michael says:

    Very Important: The illegals are DIFFERENT than the Ethiopian Jews. These have semitic features, just dark skin. The protesters are protesting against the illegals from Sudan, etc who have no reason to be there.