Posted on April 25, 2011

Queens Turban Warfare

Perry Chiaramonte and John Doyle, New York Post, April 25, 2011

A holy war erupted yesterday at a Sikh temple in Queens–where worshippers wielding swords and cricket bats interrupted a prayer session to attack their rivals in a vicious power struggle, police and witnesses said.

Rival factions at the Baba Makhan Shah Lobana Sikh Center in South Richmond Hill have been bickering for months over control, authorities and members said.

The dispute reached a bloody climax yesterday when the infighting turned violent, accompanied by screams, taunts and death threats.

The alleged attackers–armed with at least one sword about 40 inches long, and another sword, according to a witness–were part of the old guard that had been recently voted out of power but refused to accept the decision, even going to court to challenge the election.


Police had been deployed outside the two-story center in case anything happened, but the violence broke out inside.

The attackers brought the long sword and at least one other blade, as well as a hammer, mallet and cricket bats to the temple at 101st Avenue and 114th Street at around 11 a.m., witnesses and police said.

Three people were reported injured, including a cop who tried to intervene, police said.


Seven people were arrested, including Harinder Singh, 47, who was charged with assault after allegedly punching a man in the eye. Others were charged with unlawful assembly, resisting arrest, rioting, and disrupting a religious service.


19 responses to “Queens Turban Warfare”

  1. HH says:

    Interesting – I watch several NYC newscasts daily, and I don’t recall hearing word one about this Sikh fracas. Once again, the media picking and choosing its stories according to the tenets of Political Correctness, rather than what is genuinely newsworthy. And as always, “diversity” proves to be “our greatest strength” again and again!

  2. highduke says:

    At least they keep the violence inside their own community. According to both a secular & relgious Sikh I’ve worked with: it’s really about money first, then public image and spirituality last.

  3. Adi says:

    Ask any Indian and they’ll confirm that Sikhs are one of most violent communities in India. That’s why they form the backbone of the Indian Army. Useful tribe for war, but a civic liability. Very impulsive and very violent.

    Do you think the geniuses in charge of immigration even think of this? or is the thought itself verboten?

  4. SF Paul says:

    I always thought that this was what Muslims do at their services.

  5. flyingtiger says:

    The joys of diversity!

  6. June says:

    Just saw this “scuffle” on TV. As long as this government continues to import third world natives, we will see more and more of this behavior. I’m quite certain hat our forefathers did not mean for this nation to be invaded by people who are still living in the 10th century or who come from terrorist countries, including the # 1 terrorist country now – Mexico!

  7. mark says:

    I just love diversity, don’t you? Never a dull moment.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I was baptized not far from there. If I were to return, I would weep.

    Sometimes I try to explain to immigrants -imagine returning to YOUR homeland and finding the language and religion was completely foreign. How would you feel.

    But you can’t point this sort of thing out to globalist, they will just say, are you saying whites never had gangs or fight? They just. don’t. get. it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    “Others were charged with unlawful assembly, resisting arrest, rioting, and disrupting a religious service.”

    but since its NOT whites doing it, they will all be minor offenses, like traffic tickets. The elite do not want to acknowledge that this sort of thing is even happening. Now imagine, if say one of those sikhs had raped a white girl and the remaining whites, in anger to the Sikh community’s support and protection of the rapist, stormed into the service? They would all be locked up literally for years.

  10. jimmymack says:

    How about the 12 yr old Canadian Sikh student allowed to keep taking kirpan dagger to school . It’s considered a sacred religious

    rite. Canadian supreme court ruled 8 to 0 in his favor. I hope for a new tenet in my faith making it religious to carry a glock

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is not the first time it has happened and it certainly won’t be the last time. More than 10 years ago, the same thing happened at a Sikh temple in Fremont, CA.

    Around the same time, there was a big controversy over the plan of Sikhs in the Bay area to build US’s largest Sikh temple in the nearby city of Evergreen. Those residents were worried rightfully about violence, in addition to it being an eyesore. For political correctness reasons, the plan was approved and the temple was constructed.

    As Adi writes, Sikhs are temperamental and prone to fits over their religion (much like Islamic fanatics). But thankfully, so far, all the major controversies have to do within themselves (at least after the 80’s).

    Sikhs are responsible for carrying out the largest mass murder within Canada’s jurisdiction, the bombing of an Air India 747 over the Atlantic which killed more than 300.

  12. white is right, black is whack says:

    More proof that diversity is our strength! (sarcasm)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Studd like this happens here in Canada all the time. Sikhs are well known here for their violence.

  14. Mike from not-Queens says:

    That Sikh center used to be an old Protestant church, I can’t remember the denomination. Then these throwbacks took it over. Later a fire gutted the place and they built this big Taj Mahal-type monstrosity, right in the middle of quaint single-family homes, some Victorian, which they also converted into two-to-four family dwellings, which burn down occasionaly because of their religious candles, overcrowding and piles of garbage in the back. I´d like to think the fire at the church was suspicious but it was probably for the same reason. Maybe two of them fighting knocked over a candle. Of course Manhattan libs, who always ignored the outer boroughs as ‘fly-over’ country, no doubt think that the neighborhood is now ‘vibrant’ and worthy of notice.

    It’s amazing how these deracinates worship anything third-world, especially in a turban (no doubt this also has to do with all the new age that’s so popular these days. A lot of it revolves around Indian religion). Once a couple of years ago when I was visiting some friends back in Queens I came across a perfect example. I was walking on Queens Blvd past Borough Hall when on the steps there was a small demonstration. Some dozen middle-aged whites, mostly women, were holding signs saying “Defeat racism. Respect our new neighbors” and chanting. Behind them, with their arms folded over their puffed out chests, were some of the smuggest looking Sikhs you would ever see, just taking in the scene. It seems that there was an incident where some Sikh got into a fight with one of the few remaining White guys left and the turban got his butt kicked. Of course it was written up in the Daily News as a hate crime and this prompted the demonstration. As I walked past one lady repeated to me what was on the sign and I told her “You know that as soon as they’re in the majority they will cut your throat”. She lost it. “You’re a RACIST! You ought to be ASHAMED of yourself!!” she yelled at me, practically in tears. I kept walking.

    Hey, you gotta have a little fun every once in a while.

  15. Up to my neck in CA. says:

    Did anyone think things would be different here?

    Stupid liberals think the second people set foot in the US, they automatically become good little law abiding citizens, who put the WHOLE communities well-being above their personal interests.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Without cops to brutally remind these people that they are NOT in Kashmir or India or Pakistan, they will never get the first-shock realization that their behavior is incompatible with the society they are in.

    Which will mean they will take to looking at -us- as the interlopers and demanding that we change to meet THEIR expectations of a decent society.

    All the while, good people like the Boers in South Africa and the poor whites in England are being reduced to living in ‘gated’ (electrified and otherwise ‘improved’ defensively) laagers and we do not see the obvious of multicult obscenity.

    “We’re too perfect, we must destroy ourselves to uplift the fools and morons who never made it, biologically or socially, to our point of evolution!”

  17. Mike from not-Queens says:

    Just a correction to my last post. I just looked up the photo of the center and it is not the one that used to be off of Atlantic Ave. but the one on 101st Ave. that used to be the boxing club, where guys used to train dreaming of the Golden Gloves. But I’m sure the Sikhs are saying it’s been there for generations. The rest of my post stands, though.

  18. Anynomous says:

    I live near the Fremont Gurdwara–Fremont PD has been there a few times in riot gear!

    Besides being non-assimilating, which is un-American and Anti-American, this self portrayal of being a “peace loving community” is nothing more than a charade. They are violent community.Period.

    The Sikh agenda is no different than the Muslims.

  19. Michael C. Scott says:

    Let’s not forget the Golden Temple incident (Operation Blue Star) in 1984, in which known political terrorists were sheltered by Sikh clergy at the Golden Temple in Amritsar and allowed to fortify the place. The Indian government eventually became sick of this and launched a commando-type operation to kill or capture the terrorists. When the fighting was over, 83 soldiers and 492 civilians were dead.

    Somehow I doubt it would ever occur to the Catholic Church to allow wanted terrorists to fortify the Vatican and resist Italian police attempts to arrest them (in fact, I think the 80 Swiss Guards at the Vatican would be a much bigger problem for the terrorists, who would probably be eager to surrender to Italian authorities; the Guards do have rifles, but the halberds they carry have rather more visual impact.)